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Hairstyle products by Hairbello www.hairbello.com Styling cream: #MUSTANG by Mariano Di Vaio - shop here https://bit.ly/2GqfczR Hairspray: #THUNDER by Mariano Di Vaio - shop here https://bit.ly/2GqfczR Hairdresser: Roberto Moretti Song by Mura Masa - Who is it gonna B
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Text Comments (259)
Hrithik Raj (4 days ago)
What is the name of this model...
music video (7 days ago)
Aaqib Uqaab (9 days ago)
Well one thing I can say is that, your hair stylist loves you very much.....
3199e Judaism (9 days ago)
Nice hair
Martin Richter (14 days ago)
Hotness overload.
Jatin Mulagund (1 month ago)
Barber points at the comb Mariano smiles What the fuck is Goin on
Samone Molett (1 month ago)
He is so fine ❤️
Rabin Gautam (1 month ago)
Not being gay but this guy is handsome as hell....
Ishaan singhal (1 month ago)
Loved this hairstyle 😍
Ankit Singh (1 month ago)
Fuck... This guy is on another level❤
Nikolai Vasilevich (2 months ago)
Противные педики.
Hamza Chetoui (2 months ago)
How to have this haircut: 1- Be handsome.
Explore World (2 months ago)
Perfect hair style ❤️
hassan ahmad sheikh (3 months ago)
They look like gays 🤣🤣
Subham Kumar (3 months ago)
Only the use of blow dryer 😂😂😂
Denis Angione (3 months ago)
Sonia Ghiselli (4 months ago)
Ma si è ritoccato la bocca e il naso???? Comunque nn è l italiano più bello del mondo
Je Santana (4 months ago)
Hair Very good mariano.
Global Entertainment (5 months ago)
Je Santana (5 months ago)
Incridible hair!
Johnny Ricci (6 months ago)
the hairdresser is an artist I can see that, but in all honesty, he had a wonderful opportunity to change his style with that beautiful long hair he had. the pompadour style is overkill,, ive seen this hairdresser do the same cut on mariano in three different vids, all the same, except they differ a little in length. this was his opportunity to change the style completely by leaving the hair fall and shaping it. oh well. Mariano, se mai vuoi qualcosa di diverso, ma bello, vieni fare un giro in Canada, montreal.
Frank Greco (6 months ago)
Anushka T.s Chikku (6 months ago)
It's not haircut, but it's all about how to pamper your hair.
Aneta Kamila (6 months ago)
You look nice 😍
Imad Louizi (6 months ago)
Ti amo tu moulto bello I like you
Antonio Rottigni (7 months ago)
obbiettivamente i capelli sono troppo lunghi e gonfi..
Ikbal Enan (7 months ago)
Really???...How can a dude look so perfect...Looking great!!!
Kathryn Pasteur (7 months ago)
Great hairstyle ! That is a classic look now, but still so fresh with the back cut like that! Love it!
G (8 months ago)
Looks like crap. This barber is overrated
Amal Soman (8 months ago)
Pure hair cutting skill
Joaquin Phoenix ` (8 months ago)
My Hair will be definitely not like yours :(
HTSoon (8 months ago)
What color do you choose for the highlights? You've got amazing hair man, you are blessed.
Niraj Anvekar (8 months ago)
sir I liked ur cut soo much nd I liked this song also plz say me which song it is
Mittan Mitra (8 months ago)
Veryyy cool hairstyle.....
Slimen Bensalem (8 months ago)
I lov u bro so much
Aakash Thakur (8 months ago)
fuck man
smudge82ad (9 months ago)
The truth is out of the bag. You are a big bully, exploits people, has unprofessional business practices. You can never hide the truth forever. You could have navigated the world with a little bit of integrity, kindness and respect. You are not gods. Money isn’t everything. Fame is nothing. Stop exploiting people!
so fake people
V J (9 months ago)
Wow you look great with longer hair
весьма модно ребят
Pedro Silva (9 months ago)
One RKB (9 months ago)
It's looking great... 👌👌👌
Misty Rose (9 months ago)
Model is awesome
HAQ SE BOLO (9 months ago)
Love u sir from india
Joginder Masih (10 months ago)
nice camera man
72mustangfb (10 months ago)
Mariano has enough hair for 3 men, I need some! women can't grow hair that thick!
ZENG D MOKKEL (10 months ago)
Nathan Di Vaio is still more handsome than him
Manoj Manu (10 months ago)
I want learn more
James (10 months ago)
What is the difference between cut with a sissor vs machine?
Earth Water (10 months ago)
His hair is not even that good😂 in my opinion don't get mad and his Hair gonna fall off all that blow drying and not once did he use heat protection
Kingshuk Monsur (10 months ago)
Are he brown??
Amaan Ullah (10 months ago)
Aww great tutorial tell us about beardstyles ...
Meme Nene (10 months ago)
play with his hair lovley i wana play to
Kevin Hsu (10 months ago)
this is boring
Hakar Zeway (10 months ago)
گووت ڤئری
Dilara Çalışkan (11 months ago)
Agent (11 months ago)
His hair is so straight, shiny & full of volume. Even the color is nice! And Mariano is a naturally beautiful man. It really doesn’t matter what hairstyle he has.
Ado Mourad (11 months ago)
3lach lala nta mhani mariano
mohamadzadeh jalil (11 months ago)
😍 Wow
Igor Kitanovski (11 months ago)
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Sakshi mehra (11 months ago)
I have not seen your video sorry for that Mariano. 😥😥😥😥😥
Tadhg Brady (11 months ago)
Hey Mariano- Do you think you can put a workout video together based on your gym schedule?
Davide Gandolfo (11 months ago)
beato te, io ho i capelli di merda.
Ethan Hunt (11 months ago)
Video editing skills and the whole video left me astonished......Just wowwwee
ORXAN Velizade (11 months ago)
BUJANG PEGARI (11 months ago)
I ❤️ i like u mariano di vaio your big fan from malaysia
Hamza Ali (11 months ago)
I have noticed that you have some really cool timepieces. I was hoping if you could do a watch collection video.
Akshay M (11 months ago)
Wow... amazing hair stylist 💛
Juan Gomez (11 months ago)
What do I tell my barber if I want to get this haircut?
Aesthetic AJ (4 months ago)
Show him this video he will assist you accordingly
Aditya Mishra (11 months ago)
I want that haircut 😊😊😊😊😊
Subhan Qureshi (11 months ago)
hairstylist himself changed so much from the first video you made with him..
Altamash Sayyad (11 months ago)
Awwwwwesome 😍😍 Long hairs loved it...
Hardik Chaudhary (11 months ago)
Who's the barber
Edoardo Meloni (11 months ago)
hc viner Roberto Moretti
Marcos Hadellyno (11 months ago)
Gentemmmmm vamos criar um grupo de zap para os fã dele eu amo esse homem quem tiver ou souber me adiciona por favor 094992147305
modding Fever (11 months ago)
My idol ♥️👑♥️😘♥️❤️😍✌️ love uh always😘
Luiz Cedrico (11 months ago)
Hino de cabelo !
Alexander Cula (11 months ago)
How do you take care of your hair ?????
Dhruv Modi (11 months ago)
Please post a shower routine
krystle D'souza (1 year ago)
You are stunning 💕👅
CLASHER KING (1 year ago)
Hey man...i have a question...how to style my hair without a blowdryer?
Waw ilove you
anfibisimo (1 year ago)
Dude´s a prick
maria clara (1 year ago)
Kestrel Dadomi (1 year ago)
Adorei!! Magnifico!!
miguel ruval (1 year ago)
i like this kind of videos but what i can't stand is the fake laughs
kaavya modi (1 year ago)
please post a shower routine
Красавчик! А у мастера руки золотые!!!!
Nauman Peera (1 year ago)
It's just awesome
Steve From Minecraft (1 year ago)
What type of hair does he have ??? Straight , wavy??
Долг lover (1 year ago)
Jesus Alvarez straight most likely
Harmanlifestyle (1 year ago)
Really good haircut, not a normal haircut as other hairdressers this is pure skills!
Jayson Morel (1 year ago)
i followed you on Instagram before seeing that you had a YouTube chanel, i thought you are a model lol ( sorry for the mistake, i'm french and i start in English 😘)
Kukoc (1 year ago)
Stavi meglio con i capelli piu corti...troppo lunghi...ingestibili e senza forma
Deniz Karagöz (1 year ago)
Anasını sikti saçın
David Daniels (1 year ago)
Im straightening my hair JUST so I can do fun things like this! Can't wait!!!
Долг lover (1 year ago)
David Daniels remember the heat protector my brother
Lucie Luz (1 year ago)
watch Sergio Carvajal's story on this Italian low-life #support Sergio and don't let jerks like this continue to get away with taking advantage of other people
Stewart Granger (1 year ago)
pretty cool, looks like the hairstyle of my uncle lul
Bilal Ach (1 year ago)
I've the same kinda hair, anf just to tell everbody and the truth is, that hair is good only for a few hours at home, but once you get out, it'll get all messy and ruined, either with the overall weather or with walk, cuz once you start moving your head, it' ll get ruined.
Долг lover (1 year ago)
Bilal Ach Ever heard of hair spray? High hold hair spray...
RAJA Ali (1 year ago)
This time I don't like your haircut video

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