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Literary Theory & Criticism: Crash Course for UGC NET English (Part 1)

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Having sleepless nights , horrifying dreams of literary theory not letting you to be at peace? The most dreaded topic of NTA UGC NET English is literary theory but it is not that difficult as it seems. As the saying goes the toughest are the easiest to conquest ,Literary theory also is easy to conquer. All you need are a few tricks here and there . So to be friends with literary theory be a part of our crash course and conquer the most dreaded enemy of UGC NET English 'Literary Theory'. Struggling to find NTA UGC NET/JRF English coaching near your home? Join India's finest online coaching for NTA UGC NET/JRF English Literature only at https://www.arpitakarwa.com/ Our NTA UGC NET English Online Course includes 800 Audios, 200 PDFs, 300 Mock Tests. The Course also covers all states SET/SLET syllabus. NTA UGC NET English Online Course Details: https://bit.ly/2GOA6J4 NTA UGC NET Course Video (10 Minutes) https://bit.ly/2wGZc9w NTA UGC NET Detailed Course Syllabus: https://bit.ly/2WVRRi4 Quick Revision PDFs on Most Important Topics: http://bit.ly/2HaUp6N Mock Test Series for NTA UGC NET English: https://bit.ly/2C85Jjy Demo Audios & PDFs: https://bit.ly/2wol3Tg Result of our Students: https://bit.ly/2LFwkJc Arpita’s Educational Qualification: https://bit.ly/2UJSLkb Solved Previous Year Papers of NTA UGC NET: https://bit.ly/2U5OrYe Follow us to receive GoNETQuiz & latest UGC NET updates: Whatsapp: 7976603731 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arpitakarwa.ugcnet/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arpitakarwa.ugcnet/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/arpitakarwa/ Telegram: http://www.t.me/arpitakarwa #LiteraryTheory #Criticism #EnglishLiterature
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Text Comments (315)
Anjali Sharma (2 months ago)
Thnx for such a grt lecture mam👍
Shakeba Siddiqui (2 days ago)
Such a great bundle of knowledge you are lil girl. Love n touchwood.😙
Sheetal Rathore (4 days ago)
Jamal Yunis (4 days ago)
very helpful, great job until you started mixing hindi with english, but still awsome 😊😍
Najma Nk (6 days ago)
Wonderful presentation.. very useful. Thanks a lot
sakshi arora (8 days ago)
Great way to teach and make students understand ..very helpful
Rakshit Jaiswal (12 days ago)
thank you ma'am
Farhat Soukaina (12 days ago)
Thank you a lot this was so helpful <3
Huma Zeb (13 days ago)
I wanna kill the haters
Kulwinder Singh (13 days ago)
Awesome Presentation
Shaheen Qamar (15 days ago)
Tku mam very nice explanation
Arslan Arif (19 days ago)
I love u mam
Farman hashmi (20 days ago)
Very good madam ....that is why what is necessary to be discussed...thank u
Please mam that movie name
Lisa Mayuri (21 days ago)
Very helpful mam... Thank U so much for your lecture
Payel ghosh (24 days ago)
Thank you ma'am..your videos are very helpful.. thanks..... ma'am can you plzz give a video on "deconstruction" theory...it's hard to understand...
zaid luqman (26 days ago)
Good explanation... But try to add some decent animations instead of yourself standing to deliver the lecture to make it interesting.
RESHMI R (26 days ago)
very nice n helpful. in this you have mentioned about one animated movie. can u give me the link please
Sindhunair. pkd (27 days ago)
Such a valuable explanation...i read somewhere online where someone wrote a review that Arpita teaches as if she is teaching school students, well! that is not at all a bad thing, if it helps to understand some concepts i would say that, that is the best help someone can offer! I really appreciate the way of her teaching, she makes everythng so clear in which many gets lost understanding wen they try to read it or interpret it in a complex way! Thanks Arpita for giving a simplified version of Literature topics!
Ranolia Rajesh (29 days ago)
Nice description mam👍👍👍👍
Bareera Abid (29 days ago)
u made my world...…..u r just awesome...…..I listened to ur video in 3 to 4 hours
Mona Khan (1 month ago)
Pl classism and romentism p vedio banaye
Feba Susan Cherian (1 month ago)
Ma’am Please make a video on Narrative theory.
Akanksha Pandey (1 month ago)
Nice explanation mam thanks
NILKAMAL PATRA (1 month ago)
That's very nice lecture on theory and literature,I appreciate you mam
Ankit Rao (1 month ago)
Construvtive analysis
arzoo fatima (1 month ago)
Must say...very very nicely elaborated..
GANESHKUMAR R (1 month ago)
Really super mam, it will be very useful for future generation
ra amer (1 month ago)
ASHLI KIRAN (1 month ago)
Really superb..wishes from kerala
sobia tanveer (1 month ago)
Miss please make some videos on philosophical school of thoughts
shipra rai (1 month ago)
Ma'am plz give your whatsup number In order that i listen your audio lecture
Lisum Nyorak (1 month ago)
Thank you 🤗
Ashish Srivastava (1 month ago)
Found it really impressive....
Sujeet Kumar (1 month ago)
Few Indians can speak non irritating English.You are one of them.
Pradip Somkuwar (1 month ago)
nice arpitaji very nice
nanthini krishna (1 month ago)
How to learn for net exam .. give idea for that
nanthini krishna (1 month ago)
It's very useful mam thanking you
Seteule Daime (1 month ago)
Well explained ,worth watching..thankyou so much
chitranjan chouhan (2 months ago)
Very nice lecture madam
Sweta Chaudhary (2 months ago)
impressive way to teach mam. may God bless all of us with the same witt as u have...and also use it.
X D (1 month ago)
Ha bahini....shi kahat hiv
Rashmi Medhi (2 months ago)
Thnku ma'am
rincyjibu (2 months ago)
Very easy and clear cut method of teaching from low level to high level.Thank u.God bless u more
premanand Chakma (2 months ago)
Thank you ma'am for helping me out through this incredible lecture. I'm from Arunachal Pradesh, learning in TYBA English literature.
diljaan punjabi (2 months ago)
Whether it be irony or paradox or tension or texture these alone or together do not a poem make ? Plz give me ans of this question
usman ali (2 months ago)
i need to write a research paper on any contemporary piece of work using literary theory .. plz suggest any work...help me out plz...its my first attempt.
Miki Priyadarsani Mishra (2 months ago)
feminisim ..moderneism..structuralism etc ki v mcqs vidio de dijia
Arpita Karwa (2 months ago)
Thank you for your suggestion. We have listed it down and will definitely make a video on it soon. Happy Learning, Arpita Karwa Whatsapp: 7976603731 (Office Timings- 10 am to 6 pm)
Miki Priyadarsani Mishra (2 months ago)
ecocritism ki kuch mcqs vidio dijie
Arpita Karwa (2 months ago)
Thank you for your suggestion. We have listed it down and will definitely make a video on it soon. Happy Learning, Arpita Karwa Whatsapp: 7976603731 (Office Timings- 10 am to 6 pm)
Vandana Vij (2 months ago)
u r doing a awesome job
Arpita Karwa (2 months ago)
Thanks :)
Arati Patil (2 months ago)
In easy words ...very useful thank u so much
Arpita Karwa (2 months ago)
Thanks :)
Farman Zaidi (2 months ago)
Arpita Karwa (2 months ago)
Thanks :)
Aleena Alamgir (2 months ago)
I don't usually comment ...thanku so so so so much
Arpita Karwa (2 months ago)
Seema Rai (3 months ago)
Can u give some lecture on archetypal criticism
Arpita Karwa (2 months ago)
Hello, Thanks for your question. We would like to answer it in detail on whatsapp. Kindly whatsapp your query on 7976603731. Team ArpitaKarwa.com Office Timing: 10 am to 6 pm
suhasi raj (3 months ago)
Hello mam can you give a lecture on human liberalism
Arpita Karwa (2 months ago)
Thank you for your suggestion. We have listed it down and will definitely make a video on it soon. Happy Learning, Arpita Karwa Whatsapp: 7976603731 (Office Timings- 10 am to 6 pm)
bgurunath patro (3 months ago)
Please.... upload every day mam...... I m slowly getting confidence day by day.......to get success in my career
Arpita Karwa (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for your inspiring compliments. I am really overjoyed to hear that you liked my work. Happy Learning, Arpita Karwa Whatsapp: 7976603731 (Office Timings- 10 am to 6 pm)
Anil Kumar Aksha (3 months ago)
Very imp video ...but can u suggest any good book for literary device and terms ??
Wonderful .. time worthy video .. thank you for clearing the concept so easily ..
Atiqa Sadaf (3 months ago)
❤❤❤❤ awesome
KRITI RAJ (3 months ago)
Can't afford your classes fee which is in your website😭😭😭what should I do
Arpita Karwa (3 months ago)
Thank you for contacting www.arpitakarwa.com. In order to help UGC NET Aspirants, we have uploaded various free content on our website. 1# We have uploaded solved previous years papers of Paper 1, 2 and 3 from year 2012 on our website 2# You can also find list of 700 important writers which you must study for UGC NET English- http://arpitakarwa.com/module-1-british-literature 3# You can watch video on "Must Read Books" in order to know the books which must be studied for this exam- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxSt73pueI0 To know more about our Online Audio Course, fee structure,enrollment procedure- Watch this video- https://bit.ly/2wGZc9w Visit this link- https://bit.ly/2wycNDt Happy Learning, Team ArpitaKarwa.com Whatsapp: 7976603731 (Office Timings- 12 pm to 6 pm)
Geethanjali kolanu (4 months ago)
analyse point (4 months ago)
This is really helpful
SARAS CHAURASIYA (4 months ago)
very exciting video mam.
senorita__ .sabina (4 months ago)
Thank you very much for this amazing explanation!
Krish Saranya (4 months ago)
Emamuddin Rahmani (4 months ago)
The best explaination succintly
Rameen Ahmed (4 months ago)
Yr seriously your lecture is so easy to understand... Excellent explanation of the topics..
tanuja katoch (4 months ago)
Its really a worthy mam, your way of describing is very nice and simple.. It helps a lot.
pIsces khAn (4 months ago)
so easy so interested..thank you!
Madhusmita Paullo (4 months ago)
Thanks mam the way of teaching is very impressive
Sheeshpal Singh (4 months ago)
Thanks a million trillion, Mam! You make us understand very well method.
rohit singh chauhan (4 months ago)
Thanks..... You are really a good explanator
Amelou Mehmood (4 months ago)
Hi Arpita Ma'm Again here is Syed from Islamabad, Thank you for this marvelous lectures I have understood it absolutely, and you have cleared my concept about these theories Stay Happy Ma'm
Tech Pro (4 months ago)
The way you teach is quite amazing ...easy to understand ...pretty much helpful...Thanks ...
Rasathy Viji (4 months ago)
Thanku mam for all beauty full videos and syllabus
Manohar sony sony (4 months ago)
Mam great
Barma Prassu (5 months ago)
U r illuminating knowledge. U r blessed, v r Booned. Keep up d good work madam. V feel proud of u as literature students. Thanx a lot.
Niladree Swain (5 months ago)
Thanks a lot madam . Now I understood the structuralism and post structuralism . God bless you
waqar Daniel (5 months ago)
Ma'am I wanna ask you a question . And this question is my problem...
Arpita Karwa (5 months ago)
Anchal Bhati (5 months ago)
vry nyc way to understand
Saleema Bhat (5 months ago)
Mam thank you for your lessons intresting please mam upload some vedios of folk literature. MEG 16.
Arpita Karwa (5 months ago)
Thanks for the suggestion. We`ll make a video on it soon.
Anupam Naik (5 months ago)
Good work
Renu Bala (5 months ago)
Superb mam .... upload one video mam everyday ...your videos are very helpful who don't afford paid course .....keep on mam🙏
surjeet sharma (5 months ago)
The best thing that i found that u didn't showcase yourself nd gave important knowledge keeping the humbleness in ur speaking style... i enjoyed every bit of it...
surjeet sharma (5 months ago)
Far better than others... loved it
kranti Sharma (5 months ago)
Truly devoted to your style
Rahul Kanwar (5 months ago)
Heartiest thanks !
Mukesh Kumar (5 months ago)
Mam in india the Indian universities are repleted with proud and snobbish rather egoistic Professors but they never took the pain to share their knowledge with the masses the common man as you are doing that will really help the Would be aspirants You are a great and fantastic scholar of Englidh Literature for You love English Literature and you doing real service towards the nation for a noble cause Hats off you Respected Mam!!
Babita Yadav (5 months ago)
really gud 👍. 1 req after ur lecture plzz give short note at the end of it ki abhi tk kya kya pd liya is 1 lecture m
Arpita Karwa (5 months ago)
Thanks for the suggestion. We`ll make a video on it soon.
Adil Rashid (5 months ago)
Awesome... Great.... Lecture...
Devidatta Nayak (5 months ago)
Thank u mam
Smile S (5 months ago)
Saharul Jaman (5 months ago)
Wow... Damn satisfied.. This helping hand of yours will surely benefit all of us, thank u for sharing ur vast knowledge with us.... Keep sharing.. God bless u mam
Shraddha tiwari (5 months ago)
Mam plz once again elaborate post structuralism theory
Arpita Karwa (5 months ago)
Thanks for the suggestion. We`ll make a video on it soon.
snigdha mishra (6 months ago)
Plz tell how can I see other post colonial writers name on your website. I tried but failed
Arpita Karwa (5 months ago)
Jalal Akhtar (6 months ago)
Thanks mam
Meer Mukhtar (6 months ago)
No words to praise ur superb explanation...thank you very much mam.keep it up.
PRIYA RAY (6 months ago)
Thank you mam. ....
Sunita Bajpai (6 months ago)
Ur explaining way is very good
Gengam Rolley (6 months ago)
Nicely explained thank you
Zunaira Iqbal (6 months ago)
Its very nice and easy to understand because your language is too much simple so that's why it is very helpful to understand it. Thank you

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