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Pregnant Dad: Giving Birth As A Transgender Man | Sex Map of Britain

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Dorian has been living as a trans man for 3 years. But now he wants a baby. Cameras follow Dorian to see if it will be as simple as he hopes to be a pregnant dad? -- Click here to subscribe to BBC Three: http://bit.ly/BBC-Three-Subscribe Did you know that we’re up to other things in other places too? Best of BBC Three: www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/tv/bbcthree Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcthree Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcthree Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcthree Tumblr: http://bbcthree.tumblr.com Oh, we’re on Snapchat too - just incase you were wondering… add us, bbcthree. — This video is monetised outside of the United Kingdom by BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes. Service information and feedback: https://www.bbcstudios.com/contact/contact-us/
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Text Comments (9508)
Rachael Daley (8 hours ago)
Baby is confused.
brett hughes (17 hours ago)
Newsflash.your a women. Saying your a dude doesn't make you one. Kind of missing a key part.
magicskyfairy69 (23 hours ago)
from the team that calls the right wing anti-science
Sevy 09 (1 day ago)
When my eyes are open looks like a woman with my eyes closed sounds like a woman so how are strangers suppose to know to call you a male!?!?! 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m all here for you wanting to be happy and I respect ppl wanting to be who they want when they want but make it make sense! I don’t normally do labels but this is a bit complicated!
drew quick (1 day ago)
Psychological and Emotional Manipulation: Psychological manipulation can be defined as the exercise of undue influence through mental distortion and emotional exploitation, with the intention to seize power, control, benefits and/or privileges at the victim’s expense.
drew quick (1 day ago)
Yeah Exactly your NOT a Mother or Mum ! Your a delusional Conartist a Frankenstein
deano2000nz (2 days ago)
Mark Harrison (2 days ago)
It is becoming more and more obvious that we are living in the last days before Christ returns.
chicken little (4 days ago)
Don’t suffer with dysphoria myself, but I’m just simply stating from what I’ve experienced second hand from friends, but this “chest feeding” doesn’t exactly come across as very “dysphoric” to me. The transitioning process from FTM usually stems from the chest area, being one of the main triggers for dysphoria. Not saying that this is the only trigger, or that maybe Dorian doesn’t suffer from that, but I’ve always been told you need dysphoria to be transgender, and he just doesn’t seem to be very dysphoric?? I understand the pregnancy he wasn’t very confident about going out and I appreciate he did this documentary, but it just seemed very off aha
Stewart Ritchie (4 days ago)
That kid is in the shit from the start.
Peter L (5 days ago)
Yooo is that a seahorse
MP5179 (5 days ago)
Couldn’t watch this is fucked up.
impr0visati0n (5 days ago)
Yah but lad looks like woman
Vanessa H. (6 days ago)
Perfect family. Now if only it could look a bit less a mess on paper :(
Jacquan Brown (6 days ago)
I was BIOLOGICALLY born a black man from the US but I have always known that I was really a Japanese man
Faust Legion (7 days ago)
That's a whole ass woman
Luxx (7 days ago)
Am I missing something? She looks nothing like a man lul
Harry Hingston (8 days ago)
Natalie Beardsley (8 days ago)
You are both disgusting and should not be raiseing kids
SMEGY 89 (9 days ago)
you can't be a man and give birth to a child. this is unfactal and not possible
Dylan Woodier (9 days ago)
That poor baby
Dylan Woodier (9 days ago)
Dylan Clarke (9 days ago)
No she is a woman that’s it this video should be 5 seconds
more shark (10 days ago)
Hope see is good
Andrew Blessman (10 days ago)
I am gay, and I respect that she wants to be known as the dad, but she made the egg that created half of this life. There is some degree of science to it, and it is important to know who your genetic mother is....because if you have any kind of inherited matriarchal disease that needs treatment or diagnosis. I think she needs to get over it! Be polite when people make the mistake, and they will be polite back and respect your gender pronoun choice.
z G (12 days ago)
You have female reproductive organs. This means you are FEMALE. Irrelevant to whether you feel male or female. You are a Mother. This madness is not a circumstance in which a child should be born into.
A Bell (12 days ago)
Dew Drop (13 days ago)
Ok then why is she having the kid to begin with if its so uncomfortable? Forcing her family to indulge in her fantasy of avoiding certain words. You were born a female. Can't change the normal function in the body
Amiga Amigo (15 days ago)
No such thing
Gavin Peterson (17 days ago)
Humanity is slowly getting more dumb
Tan Hill (18 days ago)
I'm all for what ever but How can you expect the be called "he" when your pregnant ? 🤔 Women get pregnant not men -_- "he" also looks like a women still! People today are so confused,I feel sorry for the baby :(
wolfiesoft sox (19 days ago)
hahaha literally the only thing was surprised at was when i saw their cat i was like "THEY HAVE A CAT" like i wasnt even surprised when he said cestfeeding or anything like tha but i guess in the 12 years of my life i have grown up around transgender people
Jen Swanson (19 days ago)
Sick people! God will destroy this 🙏
Bernadette Keane (21 days ago)
Lost Soul, Woman pregant wirh a child that will be so confused, stop the madness! The mothers artwork is dark and macabe, no wonder this chick is a mental case! Grow up and stop being selfish, you are a Breastfeeding Mother not a father, you will destroy this childs soul and his future is so bleak..ugh
Kevin Latinski (23 days ago)
Is the redhead supposed to be a man ? She looks like a girl ? I’m So confused
Arden Miller (24 days ago)
Hellllooooo how can they not know that you need to actually BE transgender to say you are transgender on an official form? Transgender is not Cos Play. These 2 are super annoying and come off as spoiled brats who are too young to be procreating.
Arden Miller (24 days ago)
Cute lesbian couple. Hope all their dreams come true.
Arden Miller (24 days ago)
At 7:42 the cat looks as confused as I am feeling.
Meljea Tanduyan (25 days ago)
Her face is ugly
Nicholas Clark (26 days ago)
this is not a Dad giving birth this is a woman giving birth
Francisco Contreras (26 days ago)
that's why the world its going to hell
Shazayum (28 days ago)
Abdirizak Mohamud (29 days ago)
The rainbow community are so desperate to reverse normal gender functions in a desperate bid to promote their filthy illogical unnatural way of life. She wants to be called a pregnant man when in fact she is a woman with a vagina who got ejaculated in on by a man. Anybody who supports this is pathetic
hosebeelion (29 days ago)
She’s actually really pretty.
Slow. Down (30 days ago)
Wtf..nobody finds you THAT important to remember wtf u wanna be called. Its pretty simple boy fucked girl and girl got pregnant. End of story.
Hannah Willow (1 month ago)
Still looking and sounding like a woman with a pregnant bump why would you be annoyed or offended that people think of you as a woman? Why are so many transgender people complete snowflakes they just seem to be offended by any question or any assumption.
Renee S (1 month ago)
Since when was being a woman such a fuckin crime? You say you don't care about your appearances but say your uncomfortable with your appearance.
Lunatic Fringe (1 month ago)
Joseph Garcia (1 month ago)
"Call me a man"..........*talks just like a woman* and is one too.
agirl cameron (1 month ago)
Why would a man with gender dysphoria want to be pregnant? I hear from trans women who would love to be pregnant, have periods etc. This is because they are women, and see pregnancy as female. I have never met any man who wanted to be pregnant. Meet lots of men that wanted to get women pregnant. Not one that wanted to be pregnant. I don't belive pregnancy is Male. So I don't agree with Male pregnancy. I am ok with non binary people being pregnant.
Orange Blossom (1 month ago)
Girl, bye.
Cory Cramer (1 month ago)
Men can’t have babies.
Epiphany Coleman (1 month ago)
As a woman who has had two children and is called mom......I am offended!
Zed DeChant (1 month ago)
I love his mom so much
Sophie (1 month ago)
The fact that they’re more bothered about being called a woman then their child’s safety during the birth shows a lot about their priorities and ego.
ecollins320 (1 month ago)
E A (1 month ago)
All I see is a lesbian couple, not "feminine non-dysphoric trans men".
paul hunter (1 month ago)
does she have a penis?
Alexander (1 month ago)
she aint even making an effort
Aelius Hollows (1 month ago)
The hate Dorian is getting in these comments is so shitty. He's not confused, he's not "entitled", and he's not putting his child in a horrible situation. Also, home births aren't dangerous for the baby, he literally had a midwife (which is a licensed professional). It's not entitlement for someone to ask you to refer to them as he/him. Imagine someone giving you a nickname you hated (and this nickname had bad memories associated with it) and no matter how kindly or how many times you asked them to please stop, they keep saying it. That's what it feels like to be misgendered. Men want children too, it's not just a thing women want or feel. He even said he wanted to transition after having the child so he wouldn't have to stop hormones. People are constantly sacrificing things to have a family, but when he does it he's "confused" or "not really trans".
Stranger (1 month ago)
Z (1 month ago)
Looks like a girl
Tania S (1 month ago)
this attention seeking bullshit has got to end
Wesley Buckland (1 month ago)
Happy mother's day mommy love your bobies Pregnant women are so sexy a mother giving birth so beautiful
Marissa Abernethy (1 month ago)
i have that book with him in it as,a kid i love that book i saved up.for ages to get it in new Zealand
Jovan Janevski (1 month ago)
What's between your legs?
Sara K (1 month ago)
Gender dysphoria is a disease
Eatme Douche (1 month ago)
You're not a man - men can not get pregnant and deliver a baby.
cynical ape (1 month ago)
But this only proves that this person is biologically a female! Has humanity gone insane?
Clavicus Vile (1 month ago)
cynical ape yes it has a fortunately I blame the toxic in urban cities are causing mental illnesses you don’t see these people in rural areas
Jumper (1 month ago)
Wtf you crazy he/she.Dont care what you call your self but a man cannot give birth!!!
Nastasha Smith (1 month ago)
wtf your a woman MATE
Talentsbestm8 (1 month ago)
Wtf how does she think she’s a Dude.
Pyroאull (1 month ago)
That kid’s gonna be so confused.
DIL Rawshan Fakir (1 month ago)
mantaly ill
susan finsterer (1 month ago)
Basically I think you’re both screwed up . And its Greeks like you make it difficult for everyone else. I’m a lesbian and I think you both Are playing games and other people who are transgender will pay the price
susan finsterer (1 month ago)
Mum your art is out of this world so Details and beautiful I’d love to be able to purchase some of your cards and or pictures. Is that at all possible?
Debbie Nsubuga (1 month ago)
You are obviously a girl 🤣
Nomziie (1 month ago)
Dee Jeff (1 month ago)
So they are 2 trans men? In a relationship? So they lesbians, then both do hormone replacement and become 2 men then they are gay?
masterchiefer123 (1 month ago)
Look at these donuts
Andrew Tock (1 month ago)
These people are sick.... I hope they get help
Angie Vano (1 month ago)
Did anyone else feel like they were watching a theater performance everytime they spoke?
Am Pm (1 month ago)
So, she was a boy !!!
The_Rumpled_Book (1 month ago)
My sympathies to Dorian for having to deal with the dysphoria. Hope his and Alex's transitions went smoothly, that they're both happier with their bodies, and that Julian is healthy.
Vey Vey (1 month ago)
When did she decided to use male pronouns.... when she got pregnant?
cattycorner (1 month ago)
What about the baby? They seem more concerned with themselves and their virtue signaling. The child is an after thought. Terrible. Unfair to the child.
Kali Johnston (1 month ago)
I think it’s fine if that’s the way they want to start a family (as opposed to adoption or a surrogate or something) but wouldn’t that cause a lot of dysphoria? There’s no way pregnancy can be talked out in completely neutral terms and obviously you’d be perceived as a woman while pregnant. I just kind of wish that element was addressed
Riley Harrison (2 months ago)
Riley Harrison (2 months ago)
Sound, look, act, pose like a female Want others to call them he/him Become offended when they’re not called he or him?😂🙈 poor boy will have an awful upbringing
Riley Harrison (2 months ago)
What weirdos😭😨attention seeking
La-3lla ._. (2 months ago)
i really don't know why so many people have a problem with this. it's the most inconsequential thing (for other people) of all time
jaywannabe whitebread (2 months ago)
Let us make up some situation that puts the focus on you and makes everyone else conform to your delusion.
jaywannabe whitebread (2 months ago)
Not a man.
unkown ?????? (2 months ago)
Broken Brooklyn (2 months ago)
So “he” looks like a girl, sounds like a girl, has long hair, has lady parts, used to dress up like a girl...and they think there a boy? so excuse me? I mean I’m not trying to disrespect “him” but this doesn’t make any sense. And who got “him” pregnant?
Blu clan 51 hq (2 months ago)
Garry glitters Hairpiece (2 months ago)
Wot goes up his arse dont make my head hurt so it dont afect me
Sandra Smith (2 months ago)
two transmen have a baby, why can't people just say two beautiful men have a beautiful baby. I don't get where genital is so important. Gender is gender no one has a choice who and how they are born by their sex. But Gender is who they are!
martin solano (2 months ago)
Self hating woman.

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