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How to make a modern Magazine Rack

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Learn how to make this modern magazine stand using a few pieces of wood, some steel rod and about a yard of fabric. Materials can be found at most any hardware store and fabric shop. Visit http://www.diy-modern.com for a FREE detailed plan. Our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/DIYModernTwins
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HomeMadeModern (3 years ago)
nice work!!!
DIY Modern (3 years ago)
+HomeMadeModern Thanks Ben!!!
Make Something (3 years ago)
Sweet project and vid!!
DIY Modern (3 years ago)
+Make Something Thank you David, that means a lot coming from you!!!! You and Bob and Jimmy are the reason my brother and I started our channel. We love everything you guys are doing (your channels & "Making It" podcast are really fantastic), you are our inspiration. We will be posting regularly.

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