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Michael Winslow and Hjortur Stephensen - Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin cover)

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Michael Winslow and Hjortur Stephensen Play Whole Lotta Love ( Led Zeppelin ) on Logi í beinni Icelandic tv show 2015.
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Text Comments (654)
Reviews Channel (3 days ago)
amazing 😲
nikolas gkekas (3 days ago)
OH MY GOD...crazy cover from Michael!!! Amazing talent of the world!!!
Michael es único, un saludo desde Colombia
William Velasco (6 days ago)
I prefer this version
Sweet Jamz (7 days ago)
Raj (8 days ago)
That was f%[email protected]@$$& amazing, a real maestro of mouth
Ronie castiglioni (9 days ago)
Mano como isso?
I love this man. :-)
andry hendryansyah (16 days ago)
gelooo pisaaan waaah pisaaan
Nysro1640 (21 days ago)
CKY Kimura (23 days ago)
Phenomenal... How can such a creature exist
teguh M (23 days ago)
the master of beatbox.. best of the best...
NinjaKelvin12 (24 days ago)
Master of sounds
asep awaliza (24 days ago)
Thanex (25 days ago)
1:23 when you put it in the wrong hole.
Ocie Lemos (26 days ago)
beat box legend
Ruy Silva (26 days ago)
Stephen Powell (28 days ago)
😀😁😂😃😄😅This guy has me stitches since 1984 .Police Academy bought me here .
John C Antony (1 month ago)
1:25 when your first time tasted pussy
ari poki (1 month ago)
Бесподобно.. окончить можно..
ari poki (1 month ago)
ШЭДЕВР... но...
Eric Hepperle (1 month ago)
Good to see Michael Winslow has still got it! All these years after police academy. You should see his impression of bruce lee.
Skeppyi (1 month ago)
1:06 when i play the game and someone kills me and i get ultra mad
Ataman 41rus (1 month ago)
Классный негр😁👍
Clint Ladera (1 month ago)
Jimmy Graham (2 months ago)
Sad fact is this is better than the real Led Zeppelin.
Marek N (2 months ago)
Led Zep - whole lotta love, none of Jimi Hendrix's, let not confuse nowadays kids|teenagers ( it's a classic, thought)
pinball1970 (2 months ago)
Bloody hell Im a purist but this is amazing
Foxy (2 months ago)
So eu vim pq vi na live do Jovi
KORAY FUAT BENLİ (2 months ago)
Buffalo Soldier (2 months ago)
2:24 michael out *drops mic*
ZAPTRD (2 months ago)
1:23 close your *eyes*
sunaryo eko prasetiyo (2 months ago)
Dancok suangare
Fabio Souza (2 months ago)
It is maguinificent and fantástico
fahmi tyar (3 months ago)
Dibawa ewok???
Rzky _12 (3 months ago)
Fuck 😁
Andrey Alexeev (3 months ago)
Этот нигер сделал мою существование счастливее. Спасибо бро!
Lagenda Menyatakan (3 months ago)
My mom wakeup when she hear 1:24
The EngankOfficial (3 months ago)
Bravo Bravo Michael einfach Super gemacht deine Stimme Ihr Eric Bonn Info www. planet-erdgeschichte-wissen. de
Ary Saad (3 months ago)
Lawd have mercy...😍😘😎
noirsociety (4 months ago)
Mom: "Michael, what are you going do when you grow up?" Michael: "Well, mama… Let me show you." [ begins his incredible performance ] Mom: "Son… You gonna get a whole lotta loving!"
Yogi Renaldi HD (4 months ago)
Ocan Cornelius Cornelius (4 months ago)
thers is not again like him
adriano diass (4 months ago)
Putri Annisa (4 months ago)
Nuryaman Yaman (4 months ago)
bisa kitu nya 😅
Oussama Riahi (4 months ago)
techbah lmandingo <3
Marcio Leão (5 months ago)
Fantástico !!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Anand Kumar (5 months ago)
Damn! They always told me the sound is in the fingers, but this guy doesn't even use his hands???!?!? :)
Imam Supriyadi (5 months ago)
Police Academy???
Paulo Roberto dos santos (5 months ago)
Esse cara é demais é impressionante o que ele consegue fazer com a boca
John Moffett (5 months ago)
This man is doing vocals and lead guitar with his mouth....amazing!!!!
Mathew Cooper (5 months ago)
Best mic drop iv'e ever seen. Self recognition without being a smug turd.
Enrico Santarato (5 months ago)
Michael Winslow is a big of boibox!!! ahahahah Great!!!
Helião Na Função (5 months ago)
Pts mano que dá hora gostei som pezado rook do bom abcs 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Biducka Wakanda (5 months ago)
Q isso mané? O cara e mito
makayla nicole (6 months ago)
Holy fuck!
247tubefan (6 months ago)
That was the Shiznit.
IFAN BANA (6 months ago)
This Is man not man
Очень понравилось!! Я идол и Цеппелинов... весьма крутая группа...даже круче чем (не буду ассоциировать... крутая эти двое сделали отлично!!
KungUn (6 months ago)
The only person in the world who can play an electric guitar without an electric guitar
mijo mcgyver (6 months ago)
How cool is this guy? I can think of no one I'd rather hang out with at a party.
Andor Dénes (6 months ago)
Zaqueu Silva de Queiroz (6 months ago)
o cara é FERA demais
Syahid Jaafar (6 months ago)
Wtf.. He's using multi efx.. Damn..
Péter Szamos (6 months ago)
this is what overwhelms everything
diego diniz (6 months ago)
Jumento 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😲
Tajuar akash (6 months ago)
who still watching this in 2018 ?
Saifdn (6 months ago)
how can all da drums, guitars, bass box n etc can be fit into his throat? whaatt! whaat! hell yeaahh
Earl Murray (6 months ago)
they should've let him do this one at the Kennedy center when led zeppelin was there would've been awesome they've gotta kick out of it👍
Kaan Kocayiğit (7 months ago)
I thought it was playback.
Evanilson mendes (7 months ago)
Why use a guitar?
bayu aji pamukas bàyu (7 months ago)
bayu aji pamukas putus dosa
Sometimes Its hard to differentiate which is plant or cover.
sadin bartender (7 months ago)
Super crazyyyyyyyy YouTube are legend
Юрий Фролов (7 months ago)
Во талантище, непередоваемо!
Hermes Carneiro (7 months ago)
Pengembara Sunda (7 months ago)
Damn legend..who still remember police academy?
Luizpaulosilva Dasilva (7 months ago)
Verdadeiro chow Mem...
Honpai Nekong (7 months ago)
The perfect gift from God.
Michael Barkowski (7 months ago)
Michael Winslow is a big dinosaur in beatboxing.
Andreza Scarllet (7 months ago)
Monstro 👏👏
Fantástico !!!
chocho alfatih (7 months ago)
Diego P (7 months ago)
if this guy start it a Looper carrieer he will be turn into a GOD.
Massa 👌👏👏👏👍
EU ROBERTO (7 months ago)
Hendra Razak (7 months ago)
Crazy vocal...super salute to michael winslow... Best regards from Medan city North Sumatera - Indonesia [email protected]
Чувак крут реально искусник всех мастеров👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Linear State (7 months ago)
still watching this in 2018? XD
Jiwa Kusuma Ningrat (8 months ago)
2018 ???
AMER ALSADON (8 months ago)
I like it
cyborgspfc (8 months ago)
A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!!!!
Newcastle (8 months ago)
Omg my ears must be kidding me

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