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Paco Rabanne Black XS "STREET SCENTS" The Series. A great fragrance opens up with a nice Strawberry combined with some Woods gets Compliments and lasts a long time. RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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Freddie Nose fragrance (2 months ago)
Great creative video. Good work
одеколон - заебись. учите российский - педерасты. будем наказывать .
Paul Jason (1 year ago)
the best fragrance ever..Olivier Cresp is the Goat of perfumes
FalconsZone6 (1 year ago)
She is so hot. I love her accent.
She is Latina, most probably from Venezuela or from Central America like from Cuba or Puerto Rico maybe.
duplomacette (2 years ago)
I bet she is a great dancer.
Charles Martin (2 years ago)
Big AL I love that you asked beautiful Women about the cologne. Her response sold me. Great video. Be blessed
Hulk Hulk (2 years ago)
hey al your always standing in the same street same spot just where is that
DCD (3 years ago)
LOL of course it smells better then alot of woman perfumes, woman perfumes are usually much worse.
Callum Conlin (3 years ago)
If anyone has a bottle of the original formulation for sale, please hit me up!
Callum Conlin (3 years ago)
+Callum Conlin i heard the one with a belt buckle is a good shot but i cant find it.
Callum Conlin (3 years ago)
+Mason Jones which one? There are so many!
Mason Jones (3 years ago)
+Callum Conlin Buy the gift sets from 2005. They are still some online.
Philip Earl (4 years ago)
She's Sexy !
alak58 (1 year ago)
I don't think so.
HEIRON33 (4 years ago)
my wife says it stinks,too synthetic.
reizakagouken (1 month ago)
Liaqit Azad im actually sooo pissed off. I bought two over the course of the last month.. thought i simply bought two bad batches cos it just didnt smell the same or last as long... not even half as long. After three minutes i couldnt smell shit!! Had no idea that it was reformulated. And im even more surprised cos just before the last two months, i was actually getting the old formula. The great formula. Which means the original scent was still in circulation all the way up till then. But of the last two months, just bullshit pisswater. So dissapointed. Looking for sources where i can get the original gift set instead now, and praying it wont be this new scent crap
Liaqit Azad (8 months ago)
I’ve had awful feedback too, bought a 100ml bottle over a year ago for a bargain but stinks REALLLY bad on skin
Mason Jones (3 years ago)
+HEIRON33 Yes, it's been reformulated. I saw a thread about it on BaseNotes.
Amish Jebediah (3 years ago)
+HEIRON33 It was reformulated a few years ago and the new scent is definitely very synthetic smelling. I loved the original 2005 formula BlackXS but the new reformulated version is pretty awful
Jonas Fransson (4 years ago)
Can you wear this during summer nights at the club? Im looking for a scent perfect for this occasion. Any tips would be awesome!
Mason Jones (3 years ago)
+Jonas Fransson If you have the original formulation, the dance floor will smell like you! Everyone will want to be near you
brent0529 (4 years ago)
Fuck yes. Perfect.
RKProductions (5 years ago)
It's amazing how different people smell such different things in a scent. Like she says at the start "It's not too sweet". When I first smelt it I felt like I'd been attacked by 10000 jelly babies! :) I do love it though.
silverss onyoutube (5 years ago)
i think she wanted to keep the bottle , she kept looking at it .
Nikola Dodig (5 years ago)
the best...............
John L. Bekus (5 years ago)
Thinking the same thing.
John L. Bekus (5 years ago)
I respect that. Give this man a metal!!
Ahsan Jan (6 months ago)
John L. Bekus Anyone Buy it for me ??? 00923009367885 call me
Jenson Aban (6 years ago)
make a review of paco rabanne 1 million with girls:)
Lucian N (6 years ago)
i've got a friend that has also Black XS and the lasting power and projection is also week , i think this and Rochas man are the two weekest links from my collection :)
kez850 (6 years ago)
I know I'm 6 months late, but have you ever considered the possibility of it being a counterfeit bottle?
BeatRider001 (6 years ago)
not a rubber
llx2o1 (6 years ago)
honestly, i was waiting for AL to give her her that bottle... lol
Keety (6 years ago)
You have to be over 40 to be a milf? You can be a young mom, you obviously don't know what a MILF is. No, she could be over 40...not saying she is but some women look good past their 40s, look at demi moore.
Fredrikw (6 years ago)
She´s obviously under 40. How retarded are you fuckhead?
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
My boy has that and that joint is good. I actually would get that but he has it. Dude bags a lot of females with that . Lol everytime he calls he done met some broad and he's wearing that shit.
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
My boy has that and that joint is good. I actually would get that but he has it.
ash4245 (6 years ago)
black xs owns 1 million any time any day
Lucian N (6 years ago)
I like her , but the fragrance... 0 projection on me , 10 sprays and after 1-2 hours ...nothing.
Fredrikw (6 years ago)
@coatlicue2012 omfg, you obviously don´t know how a MILF looks like
FermentX (6 years ago)
i wonder how fragrance community will review paco rabanne black xs excess... did you smell it?
MikeJustDidit (6 years ago)
@kingice247 it's his signature. he always does
Stu Pidazo (6 years ago)
MILF all the way...way to go Al
escobarstatus (6 years ago)
My man al hit that...
Mikey Teflo (6 years ago)
Would love for you to review this cologne Al, it's a shame such a good cologne never got ur input.
Stu Pidazo (6 years ago)
Al, just a thought...you may want to carry around a few samples of the fragrance you're testing out on the public. The lovely woman on this video would've been very grateful to have a sample of XS. It's great you give them samples, but probably a good idea to have "a" sample of the juice you're actually testing, especially when you get reactions like hers, plus she's adorable. Just my opinion.
slesperado (6 years ago)
@GaeasBlessing WOW! Thanks for the explanation. I'll have to work on that.
GaeasBlessing (6 years ago)
@slesperado When you rub the cologne into your skin, you generate heat from the friction and the heat destroys the integrity of the cologne molecules. Basically, it weakens the scent cloud and reduces the amount of time a fragrance will last.
slesperado (6 years ago)
Hey, Man. Why do you always tell people not to rub the cologne into their skin? I do it with my colognes all of the time. Should I stop? I honestly can't tell the difference between rubbing and not rubbing:(
Flank Perry (5 months ago)
Rubbing in your cologne removes the top notes of the fragance leaving you with the middle and base notes, you should definitely stop.
Jocksson (6 years ago)
Cool I'll buy one I have already Paco Rebanne 1 million ;) I like your videos ;)
silentrich11 (6 years ago)
Yeah Al she's a keeper.
Bankai (6 years ago)
Great Job AL
Kirill Arzhanikov (6 years ago)
Love this juice for sure. Great job AL.
Wiizy23 (6 years ago)
black xs is a compliment getter fellas great job Al
YourFragranceGuru (6 years ago)
Great episode. She's beautiful. Also, Al, you should think about investing into a mic for your camera. The truck at the end was piercing. At least it was at the end though, and didn't ruin the main parts of the video.
wagsbass (6 years ago)
u should consider a career in the fragrance industry Al.
Frunk inator (6 years ago)
Another great Street Scents episode :-)
dlazo88 (6 years ago)
Sup Al, Im a huge fan of your channel.. just getting into frangrances and you have put me on to a few already. however i havent been able ti find any samples or a few fragrances and was wondering if you could help me find them.. Maybe you know a site or even offer to sell them to me. i am only looking for samples of the following. - Creed Santai -creed royal oud -L'istante de Guerlain extreme -Dior home Intense -Gucci Envy -platinum Egoiste Hope to hear from you soon man..
jordansonme (6 years ago)
Great video Al! This is what street scents is all about! I definitely need to check out Black XS!
realmexthug08 (6 years ago)
i used to like this fragrance, But once i walked close to a puBlic Bathroom and a very familiar odor came out from it... it took me a while wondering what it was , then i finally got it: Black Xs By paco raBanne.... nice scent But i dont want to smell like puBlic restroom's freshener
Frank N Scents (6 years ago)
they also have a womens version too...great review dude, on the streets of NY
dean2663 (6 years ago)
Is that in the Bronx?
Derek B (6 years ago)
I hear this one compared to Creed's Himalaya very often. IMO there's no comparison, Himalaya wins every time. Black XS is a good alternative though.
Christopher White (6 years ago)
This has me wanting to smell mine again!
attuso20 (6 years ago)
another great vid al !!! keep it up
TheFashionbugs (6 years ago)
Al Playa!
AGentlemansJourney (6 years ago)
she's highly turned on by her reaction, LOL.
leozito2004 (6 years ago)
This is my number 1 panty dropper right here partner, there, I said it, no wonder she went crazy for it, I wasn't surprised by her reaction, lol.
razscott (6 years ago)
its good stuff this, i swapped mine away but will get a new bottle when i get round to it, way better than the original XS IMO. The North Face of the Eiger!!
CQBad1 (6 years ago)
Nice vid I own the frag it's really nice but somehow I find it very annoying I feel it overly sweet much sweeter than 1 mil, maybe I shouldn't apply this on the neck anymore, you think this would project in the winter??? anyway nice episode keep it up and take care !!!
cerversa (6 years ago)
Way to synthetic for me. Sold my bottle. But she's a beauty. :)
McFake (6 years ago)
Personally, I don't like it. Don't like the synthetic strawberry opening. Do you respect that Al?
hardcoredestroyer (6 years ago)
I see you're putting it to good use. lol. Gtreat vid.

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