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Mad Men Recap: Season 7, Episode 14 - Person to Person

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This is it! The series finale. Some characters find meaningful connection while others understand that there's only so much of the gulf between them that can be overcome. It's heartfelt and emotional, and as ever with Mad Men, full of nuance. TV will never be the same, and neither will we. Thanks for watching!
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Niall (1 month ago)
After so many years I watch the Finale for the first time. I had avoided it because I knew a show like Mad Men was impossible to be properly ended. Like life itself. So I dissapointed, neither surprised.
Mary Graham (2 months ago)
It WAS a great show that i still miss. You were great in filling in the gaps. Cheers to you!
T (3 months ago)
I'd like to say that this is by far the best series I've ever watched. I've seen it 3 times all the way through, already. I even go to sleep listening to you guys. You've become my family, so-to-speak. I'm going to miss not seeing you all. I love all the characters. With one exception: Duck, and that tobacco man. I can never think of his name. I'm so glad Peggy and Stan got together. So glad for Joan, that she is going to be her own boss. Glad that Pete is reuniting with Trudy, his darling wife and his daughter. Even glad for Roger. He's finally growing-up. Now, Don, hope he finds his way. Sorry Betty had to die. I feel so badly for Sally. She was such a little adult. But, that's life, everything changes. Life goes on. Sometime we are changed forever. I know this show will always be some kind of comforter, for me. I suppose because of the era--it does remind me of yesterday. I will miss you all. Love you guys.
Mohseen Varachhiya (4 months ago)
Just finished watching Mad Men, gotta say this show... was too good to be true. You can relate to sooo many of the different stories that take place in the show to yourself its scary yet satisfying knowing you aren't the only person who experiences things. All the cast and crew did a fabulous job to this show, clearly underrated. Don Draper I salute you for realizing your wrongs and like that we all should. A motivating and thoughtful show, Mad Men. I was clearly in the beginning when I watched Season 1 for the commercials these guys got (DON) but later realized wait theres so much in play, so much more than their work life. Its crazy how many problems a person can go through. INSANE. Loved MAD MEN!
Patricia Kleinschmidt (7 months ago)
The actors were fantastic at carrying out the lines the brilliant writers and directors laid out for the. fantastic ensemble, What do I do now? Guess I'll have to start watching again from Season 1. I am hooked.
amber wave (7 months ago)
Don Draper wanted Coke's account......the writer of Mad Men has said Draper came up with the famous coke ad shown at the ending of last episode....I wasn't clear on that until I heard him state that in an interview.....It has become such a famous commercial ......Mad Men was The Real Thing.
amber wave (7 months ago)
The writer of the series said that Don came up with the so famous coke ad?
Fluffy Dragon (1 year ago)
i felt so bad for don.
Hernan Rico (1 year ago)
Please come back!
hemmojito (1 year ago)
hooked since season 5. I found your reviews by accident and it was a ritual ever since. Thank you very much for your meticulous work. It added so much to an experience that was already sublime
creative+world (1 year ago)
Misdiagnosis on the Coke commercial coup de grace that closes the series... It is ALL about REDEMPTION. Don Draper has gone to the cliff and back (literally in this case to find himself meditating), for the first time Don has seen and felt the truth about himself and found a way to redeem himself by connecting with others in a way where he is vulnerable too. His own origin cynicism was still on display entering the episode but vanquished with a nod to his creator by the ring of a bell and the calm of an ocean-side meditational catharsis by the end of show and series. There is only SO MUCH a human can redeem though, and for Don Draper its still possible to deliver effective advertising with human connection at its heart. Thus, harmony through Coke. This would be Don's way of bringing human connection and redemption for himself by connecting his old trade with a new self consciousness. The meditation foreshadowing was there for most of the series and for Don it would be his redemption in the end.
Christian Foster (1 year ago)
Please do the first 4 seasons :(
Byamba (1 year ago)
u guys totally read bad Richard, the guy is not possesive that's why he said i don't need to marry you, but if you want we can. i guess he's a guy that spend 30/40 years working to get money and now he just wants to live and enjoy life . that's why he always talks about going to new places and try new stuffs. and when she saw Joan plan he already knew that would be impossible
alsdyall (1 year ago)
@Orange Couch.. You guys are the best.
Chris Echevarrria (2 years ago)
where in the fuck is the season 1 recaps?!?!?! its been 2 years!!!!!
irishgrl (2 years ago)
Personally, I'm glad that Don was able to reaffirm his genius and acknowledge that whatever his flaws may or may not have been, at his core, he was an artist, a creative. His success was no fluke, not fake, and he had a legitimate right to stand firm on that foundation. I suspect that had the show continued, we would have seen a very different Don--someone who didn't need to run or hide, with no reason to apologize. In my mind, he could have (and maybe should have) broken away and formed his own company instead of being a thoroughbred in someone else's stables...
Claude Desaulniers (2 years ago)
A 12 cent bottle of Coke.
Julie Erin (2 years ago)
Now it's $2
NADS IQ (2 years ago)
talk about inflation.
Marisol Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Is it just me but I really wanted Don and Peggy to end up together.
Sarah Fox (2 years ago)
Excellent analysis, I've loved having these to watch, I just discovered The Orange Couch for Part 2 of Season 7 and it made the whole experience of watching Mad Men so much more enjoyable, thank you guys so much for doing this! I did want to ask though why you guys didn't address the mention of Charles (Charlie) Manson? The receptionist mentions him as if he owns this hippie compound where Don ends up. This fact definitely makes me think the series ended in a very cynical way as far as Don's character was concerned. I really wish you guys had gone deeper and analyzed the meaning of that very last scene more instead of grazing the surface by referring to it only as "cynical," I think there's more on the table that needs to be said about Don finally finding peace in Manson's compound; a compound that we all know eventually led to a series of brutal killings. So what does this fact mean for Don? I feel like we were given closure on every single character except Don, which I find pretty upsetting that Weiner did that. So I was hoping The Orange Couch would help clear some things up for me like you've done in every other recap I've watched of yours, but this one in particular does feel lacking.
anthonydeandre84 (3 years ago)
So does anyone think the Coke ad was written by Don? As in he thought of the idea while mediating and went back to New York to pitch it?
Nick dominic (3 years ago)
Car in vanishing point was a challenger not charger.
Soldat KND (3 years ago)
Le réalisateur de Mad Men est un véritable rabat-joie de merde qui n'a rien su faire d'autre que de nous réserver une fin triste et tragique pour la saison 7. Non! La série ne peut pas finir ainsi, on n'a besoin d'une suite, avec des miracles si possible car Betty Draper ne mérite pas une telle fin.
sportster1988 (3 years ago)
I don't remember that a bottle of coke was more than 25cents at the time of that commercial!
Katan Cheti (3 years ago)
i think you guys should do the sopranos
MArsy del Mars (3 years ago)
Thank you very much for the great recaps! Greetings for Canada
bgpolak (3 years ago)
Can't watch a MadMen ep without an OC analysis, thanks so much for your work guys, fantastic! ps: Please pick up another show asap!! (GoT videos?? :)
Kela08 (3 years ago)
Thank you for your well-thought, eloquent analysis of Mad Men. I will miss your weekly posts so very much, as much as I miss Mad Men 😢
ATINKERER (3 years ago)
Hi, In your review of Mad Men s7 e 14 you said that the ending for Don D was that he finally realized that he didn't know what love is. Then you said that you thought the coke ad at the end was a joke of some kkindind. I though so too. However, I considered how funny it would be if the real ending was that Don came up with the coke ad. Well, a guy at The Wall Street Jernnal did a review saying that the great coke ad was Dons ending! The WSJ guy didn't even mention Don finally realizing that he didn't know what love is. What a riot! Tony
Asmah Noordin (3 years ago)
My oh my... You can't find this kind of shows anymore... MM was extremely different than others. Very intelligent show other than those overwhelming crap I've seen on TV. I cried too much during that episode,felt more like a lost to me. Like deep inside of me somehow something is dead and gone. Thx for this great show,Matthew Weiner. It's very educational and thought-provoking. Great cast and writing. Changed my life a bit too. And not to mention,greatest MM review I've ever seen so far.
Robert Bruce (3 years ago)
Honestly, the first that popped into my head with the first scene with Don in the car was the Jim Morrison film HWY (1969). The scenary being eerily similiar to the rock star's short film about a lost soul/hitchhiker. Then when he pulls into the garage we hear "hello, I love you" by the Doors.
Robert Bruce (3 years ago)
BigBloo (3 years ago)
I just want to thank you guys for all the amazing work you've done! You guys are awesome!
King Nero (3 years ago)
Check out what Mr. Weiner himself has to say about the ending:   https://www.yahoo.com/tv/mad-men-finale-matthew-weiner-119490567755.html
Mush Morant (3 years ago)
I know a lot of people like this finale, but I can't shake the feeling that it was an unworthy ending to an otherwise generally excellent series. Although the Stan-Peggy development has been foreshadowed as a possibility for a while, I found it hard to see what happened in this episode as a natural or necessary conclusion to that relationship and it seems to have been done simply to please the viewers interested in Peggy's love life (I'm afraid I have never been too interested in any of the characters' extracurricular activities).  Other characters (Joan, Roger, Pete, Ken) seem to develop in a more believable and consistent (though accelerated) fashion in this episode with which I am more comfortable, but the final chapter of Don's development, with the exception of his 3 phone calls, seems to go pretty much off the rails of what was previously constructed.  The suggestion that his "come to Jesus" moments (if that is what they were) may have resulted in his involvement in the production of the insipid and mawkish 1971 Hilltop Coke ad  (or perhaps even a return to advertising at all in the more-conformist corporate atmosphere of the 1970s) is more that a bit depressing both from the viewpoint of the comprehensive story line and character development of the series and also with regard to my view of the creative forces behind this show which seem to have waned from the high water mark of the first two seasons.  If the intro graphics showing the ad man falling from an office tower, presumably to his death or beyond any point of return, are indeed representative of any distinct part of the actual series I would say Don's abrupt departure from the lunchtime Miller Beer meeting at McCann Erickson in "Lost Horizon" is the corresponding moment.   I interpret the choice by Weiner to use the Hilltop Coke ad simply as an expedient means of "killing two birds" by allowing the episode and series to conclude with a relevant song or piece of music (as per usual practice) as well as an historically appropriate (though not appropriate with respect to the history of the series) and iconic piece of advertising.  In doing so, I have to conclude that he did himself and many of his faithful viewers a disservice. I was expecting a finale on par with or exceeding the quality of the season one finale, but I'm afraid we didn't get it--not by a long shot.  Oh well.....
Nick DeCicco (3 years ago)
Marc & Amanda — Thanks for all your hard and insightful work. It's been a treat to watch the show with you. Best of luck.
gdub500 (3 years ago)
Only found our about Orange Couch a year ago, but watched every recap since. Explained everything well, thanks for that. Will keep subscribed and hope you do some more things in the future.
acnn2 (3 years ago)
Yes, please do the first four seasons.
Heinz Raab (3 years ago)
thanks for your great recaps over the past years. greetings from Austria
judedede79 (3 years ago)
I have truly enjoyed your recaps. Please DO go back and make recaps for the earlier series!!!
Freeman (3 years ago)
I'm thinking that yoga teacher's speech is what gives Don the idea for the iconic Coke ad.
Freeman (3 years ago)
Just finished the series. Wow! For the last two years, I've been lucky to have your creative episode analysis along for the ride. Best of luck, Marc & Amanda :)
Jiří Váňa (3 years ago)
Everything has to end, we all know that. And so, Person to Orange Couch, thank you for your work, you were important part of my Mad Men watching ritual and I am looking forward to reconnect with you with some other TV show :)
eohanrahan (3 years ago)
It redefines the meaning of anti-climax because I thought the previous season was an anti-climax.
Kartik Prasad (3 years ago)
I would love for you guys to do the early seasons! It would be great to her your insight.
Alberto Rodriguez (3 years ago)
thank you for sharing your analysis with us, it was a delight
davybaby712 (3 years ago)
so how did MM end?... i didnt hear u talk bout how it ended?... to me, they gave us a Sopranos Ending...meaning it meant differently to all who watched it... for me, it ended with Peggy making that Coke Ad...and Don just re-invented a new name for himself and continued life as someone else... Weiner wanted us to make up our own ending just like the Sopranos did ...☺...
rollinhard7 (3 years ago)
Don wrote that ad. That's why he had that smirk on his face in the end. Not only that, the girl iwth the ribbon in her hair in the ad looks like the woman who checked him in...ribbon in the hair and all.
PaulinaConstain RS (3 years ago)
mathew weiner wrote multiple episodes of The Sopranos final season
michgoblue43 (3 years ago)
Says Mathew Wiener himself ;)
davybaby712 (3 years ago)
+Chimera1591 Says who?... Says You?... u have to look at the entire picture... remember when Peggy was talking to Don in his office and she told him that she wanted to make a Big Ad and be Famous for it... well, that's what happened to her... by writing that Coke Ad... she became the Top Dog in McCann and she changed the way McCann treated all the women in there ...☺...
Chimera1591 (3 years ago)
No way Peggy wrote that ad.
MGMLioness (3 years ago)
i love how Leonard's dream of being a lonely, neglected little bottle of (Pepsi?) in a fridge helps lead Don to the Coke ad :D  ....  his experience at the retreat (which is a real place, BTW, and if you look up a video entitled "Esalen Home Movies 1968-1970", you'll see a familiar-looking balding, bearded naked guy) finally led him to that happiness, that peace that Sylvia said she prayed he'd find... so in my opinion, he went back to being Don Draper, but corrected his mistakes by making something positive of the name... i like to think that he also became more present in his kids' lives after he went back to NY, since Leonard shared about feeling invisible to his own family... remember him glancing at the kids in the kitchen with Betty and Henry, as if he was a ghost? ... i think he also connected to that feeling he had as a child, of being there, but not there or not welcomed, of being neglected... so much healing went on during that retreat, that it left me without a touch of cynicism, but hope... of course, we all know what became of hippie idealism, so it's easy for us in 2015 to look at it that way, but at the time of the story, that idealism, that Flower Power, was alive, well, and strong... i was about to turn 4 when that commercial was released, and it was everywhere, that song... we learned it for our class play in elementary school... and you know what? on another purely personal note:  on my dresser is a small unopened bottle of Coke with a picture of Santa on it with the words "Christmas 1997", the year my middle child was born... i saved it, because "for some reason" (unbeknownst to me at the time), Coke bottles themselves made me instantly happy whenever i saw them *LOL* ....i would always have the same feeling i had as a small child, when the family would gather under a shelter at the park down the street in the summertime, and there were soda bottles and Budweiser beer cans scattered all over the table... so aside from Mad Men mentioning all of my surroundings in Westchester, where i've grown up, and using the music i grew up on, and showing the props that were in my and every  household, and styles that were on every adult and child, it zeroed in on one particular prop, one detail, one aspect of my childhood that has meant something to me and has had a positive impact on me, via a COMMERCIAL... absolute brilliance, and your reviews on here have been a total delight, Amanda and Marc... thank you so much for all your work and incredible insight...  i have one question for you, though:  how in the world did you always know all those literary, TV, or film connections?? .... i mean, in this installment, you're able to take one look at the opening scene and immediately associate it with a B-movie, "Vanishing Point"... you guys are young enough to be my kids, and i don't even know about some of these things! .... how did you always do that??.... did you know a guy who knows a guy who eavesdropped on the writer's room, or something??
cmdny11 (3 years ago)
All other recaps pale in comparison to yours. I will miss this show and your recaps! Thank you for all the time and energy you've put in to this! You've made a perfect show even greater!
ricarleite (3 years ago)
First of all, thank you very much for your detailed insights on Mad Men over these past few years. I've been following you guys since season 5, and the work you guys perform is amazing, it should be included on Mad Men blu ray boxes. Second of all, about the finale. I felt a bit disappointed, because of all of the characters, the one with the least closure was Don - and I felt he was the one that needed a definitive ending, or a definitive change, related to his past as a child and related to his identity change. I never felt they decided if that is Don or Dick now, and although he did have redemption from his fellow soldiers on the past episode (which I felt was a superior episode), he did not change. Still searching for confort with stranger women, still finding himself away from his kids, away from his role in life. And hugging that Leonard character that was introduced a few moments prior to the end of the episode was an incomplete Deus Ex Machina with someone we did not entirely know or care. The rest of the characters had a proper ending, and I'd incluse Peggy and Stan in it. Yeah, their love relevation was rushed and corny, but it links with the speech Don had on S1: love is a word and a concept invented to sell, motivate, control. Their relationship are based on the same shallow arguments they use to sell Hershey or Burger Chef. I don't think they'll end up well, and I think the show sort of implies that. Betty, on the other hand, has undone all she did on S7E13! She stated Sally's life would be an adventure and got control of her own things, but she left her books aside and let Sally do the dishes, putting her in a position of housewife Sally is not destined to take. We did not need that, and I almost think we did not need to see Betty again - except for the phone call, which was sweet although distant, due to both of them being so out of synch. The final ad, in my opinion, was not written by Don specifically, and is not supposed to mean this. It's suppose to mean: there is no purpose. All of these feelings and thoughts are false like the Cocaine (or "coke") Joan took (simbolizing the beggining of the "me" decade). It's all false. It's all prepackaged and sold. All that relaxation and happiness are being sold to Don the same way we were sold with that (and many other) ads, movies, TV shows. Cynical? Yes. But truth. So, at first, I was a bit disapointed with this ending, but it all comes to a final conclusion that actually makes sense (not to conclude Don's journey, but to conclude OUR journey).
MrsBananaPhone (3 years ago)
Besides the fact that one of the greatest series on television concluded, I'm going to miss the Orange Couch's terrific and informative recaps :'( Hopefully you guys will be able to continue creating videos for other shows 'cause it would be a tremendous loss if we were to lose you guys as well! <3
King Nero (3 years ago)
I'll never quite see "Person to Person" as the last episode.   The last episode is really plural as the last 6 episodes was the final one.  Roger realizing he wasn't Burt and could not really run the agency as well meant it was over as a working environment for creativity.  To me anyway, the shots of the Ultimate WASP club known as McCann Erickson was injected in to show how really over it was for this group.   Anyway, good review and nice catch on a favorite cult classic "Vanishing Point".
Vanyda Khiev (3 years ago)
I will miss these recaps! You guys at The Orange Couch have done an excellent job. It took me a while to chew on the series finale to realize that on a surface level, the ending for Don is cynical. However, his epiphany for the Coke ad came from a real and genuine place of true human connection. In the pilot, Rachel Menken told Don she saw him as someone who was displaced, essentially an outsider and she felt the same way about herself. In the moment before the Coke ad was shown, you see him have a moment of peace and oneness with his surroundings (which Sylvia Rosen told Don she prayed for him to find peace and at the series finale, he finally did) which paved the way to the iconic Coke ad, inspired from being in a real place of harmony. A lot of successful, creative works of fiction are drawn and inspired from a real place- a revelation- and I think every time that Coke ad airs in the fictional world of "Mad Men", Don will remember where the idea came from. He'll be "Don 2.0"...a better father figure, an ad man who accepts his role at McCann with the big name clients he no longer has to struggle acquiring, and an overall, better human being who finally accepts himself as who he is.
Juan Brown (3 years ago)
I would like to thank you for your excellent professional analysis of Mad Men over the years. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride on The Mad Men State of Mind Express." I looked forward to your take of the episodes as much as the show. You said so much using little time. You enabled me to look at MM from a whole different perspective than all the other critiques. I will truly miss you both. Thank you once again. You guys are the best!
Seth Fleishman (3 years ago)
Standing O from me for Matt Weiner and co. Great series that will hold up very well to repeated viewing. Can't wait to see what Weiner does next. Thanks for all the recaps!
PeterZeeke (3 years ago)
This show and Todd Vanderwerff were the best commentary on this show.  loved it always told me some thing new.  Please do the early shows, so I can use you guys as a companion to the box set I'm going to buy
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+PeterZeeke Thanks, Peter! We'll definitely keep that in mind. And we'll be watching for a great box set ourselves...
Risky Business (3 years ago)
Not gonna lie, I cried 3 times during the finale. Thanks for everything guys.
AmethystEyes (3 years ago)
+RiskuBusiness **raises hand** me too!
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+RiskuBusiness We were a little choked up, too... [dabs eyes]
vidsantoro (3 years ago)
Thank you both. Mondays just won't feel the same.
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+vidsantoro Thanks for watching, vidsantoro!
Fiddly_Digits (3 years ago)
Thank you guys so much! It was quite the journey, please consider recapping past epidoes. Much love to you guys.
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+72thekel Much love back atcha! Seriously, thanks for all the time to watch and comment -- means a lot.
arthur baldan (3 years ago)
Dont stop to make videos!! I loved the final episode of mad men.. I really gonna miss the show..
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+arthur baldan Thanks, Arthur! For now, you can catch us on Mondays at Slate on Game of Thrones. We'll figure out what's next for the Orange Couch...
bumdog (3 years ago)
Its been great
men0n2012 (3 years ago)
Thank you for the recaps, amazing work. You could do a "Behind the orange couch" with some final thoughts on the entire series!
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+men0n2012 Thanks men0n -- a retrospective interests us, too. Maybe once we've had some distance we'll see what comes together!
Heinkle (3 years ago)
If you guys did go back over the first four seasons, and were able to provide us with your brilliant analysis while also avoiding drawing links to episodes yet to come in later series (difficult, I know), then my respect for the Orange Couch will be forever sealed in the same lofty realm as Mad Men itself.
Heinkle (3 years ago)
+Orange Couch Not much ;)
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+Heinkle Thanks, Heinkle! No pressure, eh? ;)
Mamãe, sou cult (3 years ago)
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+Amanda Vieira We can always hold out hope for the Joan spinoff! (Not really, but that would be awesome).
nonchalantd (3 years ago)
Your reviews were an indispensable part of the Mad Men experience.  Thanks a ton for all of your hard work.  At least I have your Game of Thrones reviews to look forward to on Slate.
Dharamveer Singh (3 years ago)
Thanks for all the discussions!
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+Dharamveer Singh Thanks Dharamveer!
owlbabu (3 years ago)
Amanda and Mark - thank you so much for the brilliant, insightful commentary over the years. Sincerely appreciate it - it's been a great ride!
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+owlbabu Thank *you* so much for watching, owlbabu.
Milivoje Čalija (3 years ago)
thank you very much for your expertise and effort. it was really interesting and helpful to follow your prefectly blended recaps. regards
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+Milivoje Čalija Much appreciated, Milivoje. Thanks for watching!
Love the Peggy and Stan scene Love Don's hug But love your analysis even more Can't wait to see what you'll do
+Orange Couch :") *blows a kiss*
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+Jessica Victoria Carrillo Thanks Jessica!
Schneur Grifkin (3 years ago)
Great recaps but I for one would not be interested in going back and listening to interpretation on the first four seasons. A retrospective is much more welcome
Ringo 45 (3 years ago)
Your recaps are amazing. I actually look forward to your excellent insights so I have been watching his season on Mondays now that you recap on Monday night. I can't wait for you to pop up in my inbox and may even watch the series again just to have your recaps again. Splendid work guys
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+Ringo Matic Wow, thanks Ringo! Hope you didn't have to dodge too many Monday spoilers. ;)
furbylife (3 years ago)
God I'll miss mad men and your show! You guys did an amazing job recapping and analyzing through the years!! Great work!!!
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+furbylife Ack! Thanks, furbylife! We will miss you, too.
John Goodfriend (3 years ago)
OMG. I'm going to miss this show soooooo much as well as your wonderful commentary. It's made me appreciate "Mad Men" on a whole different level.
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+John Goodfriend Thank you so much, John!
Mc Kenna (3 years ago)
I agree.  I would SO enjoy you going back and doing the seasons you missed.  It is inevitable that I (and many others) will go back and rewatch the entire series some day.  To have your commentary to get us through each one - would be a help and a joy. Thanks for your efforts!  Much appreciated!!
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+Mc Kenna Thanks, Mc Kenna. We will keep an eye out for how many folks ask for the past seasons...
aughtnt (3 years ago)
Don't recall how I was fortunate enough to find this but thanks for all the work of serving up a wonderful digestif for my favorite show.
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+aughtnt So glad we provided that smooth chaser, aughtnt. ;)
aditya keskar (3 years ago)
You guys really made Mad Men a complete viewing experience. Some of the interpretations were very helpful in understanding the nuances of a character. A final toast to you!
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+aditya keskar Thanks Aditya. Right back atcha.
Dawn Bishop (3 years ago)
Ive looked forward to your analyzing the episodes week after week. Thank you for all your work and would love early season breakdowns when you feel up to it
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+Dawn Bishop Thank you, Dawn, that means a lot to us!
jlovebirch (3 years ago)
A brilliant series made all the better by a series of brilliant recaps.
Philip Moore (3 years ago)
+Orange Couch great review to a great finale and a great series ive always enjoyed watching your reviews over the years. I will miss you guys and the show its one of my favourite shows of all time
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+jlovebirch Thanks jlovebirch! We really appreciate you watching.
Jeel Shah (3 years ago)
Great video! I wish it was longer though :)
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+Jeel Shah Thanks Jeel! We wrote a LOT on this episode, but sometimes it's best to go out succinctly. ;)
rskissack (3 years ago)
Those of us who have really, really loved this series looked for correspondingly high quality analysis...and you gave that to us week after week, Marc and Amanda. THANK YOU! And oh yes, reviews for the earliest years, should you decide to do it, would be most welcome... :)
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+rskissack Thanks rskissack! We will keep that in mind, for sure.
red (3 years ago)
Orange Couch (3 years ago)
+tyler red :)

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