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Using a form for a mag pouch

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I'm using one of my forms to wet form a magazine pouch.
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Kelly Sunseri-Adams (1 year ago)
The hardest part for me is going to be making that mould....
Kelly Sunseri-Adams (1 year ago)
Cool, thanks for the tip :)
My neighbor is a woodworker and I gave him the dimensions I wanted and he mage them for me for $15 each. I did have to do a little extra sanding but they were worth it. You may have cabinet shop or something near you that would do it.
AndTheCorrectAnswerIs (2 years ago)
The John Goodman leather working channel. Finally, I know what you do between movies.
I only wish I made the money he does.
Range viper Cobra (2 years ago)
Holy crap you sound like john goodman
Jayo_335i (6 months ago)
Dude i know right. Crazy shit.
ArmchairDiaries (8 months ago)
100% Thought exactly the same immediately.
I've been told that a couple times before but my wife still doesn't believe it.
Don C (2 years ago)
I noticed how much you were struggling to get the top U piece into place and keep the leather where you want it. You should try making another U piece of wood that is a little smaller in the U so its tighter so it will help pull the leather down over the form. Also, for fasteners to hold your forms together, switch to a 1/4-20 bolt and T-Nut inserts. Just a few thoughts, nice work!
I did switch to the T-Nuts, unfortunately when my basement flooded a month or so ago the forms were ruined so I'll try your suggestion on the new forms.
NWIPrepper19113 (2 years ago)
That is amazing. you just answered a lot of questions, but you still have more patience than I do. I have plenty for fishing lol.
NWIPrepper19113 (2 years ago)
Anytime for sure.
I'd have to agree, it does take patience but you know what they say "a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work".
Marsh Rat (2 years ago)
Nice and thick leather.  Looks to be saddle grade.
This is 7-8 oz leather, saddle leather gets into the 10-13 oz range. This is about as thick as I can go for this kind of forming.
Turtle Bushcraft (2 years ago)
Very nice going to check out part two
BenG76show (2 years ago)
Nice work. I gotta try to add wet forming to my leather working sometime.
Certainly can't hurt.
DriveShaft Drew (2 years ago)
you need to get a electric screw driver lol
I'm a little old school in that regard, something about the "feel" of how tight the screw is.
Floyd Bailey (2 years ago)
Forget the wing nuts, use bolts with a t-nut
I've used them in electronics and for electronic door latches, very handy in the right application.
altor23 (2 years ago)
That should work. AS an electronic technician I have built many devices that used press fitted pem-nuts or posts like computer motherboards standoffs.
Gonna epoxy in some nutserts and use bolts.
so steve (2 years ago)
great that you do it step by step so we can follow it all the way atb Steve
I do my best.
smilemoney (2 years ago)
Lots of steps involved and time.
There sure are but a lot of it is drying time.
treesablowin (2 years ago)
Interesting project
Just trying to keep ya on your toes.
AJ Raaum (2 years ago)
scott instead of wingnut and screw use a T-nut and a threded screw
I think I'll epoxy in some nutserts.
Nathan4071 (2 years ago)
That's a handy mold. Goon invention Mr. Tolly.
Not my invention but my take on some others that I've seen.
504 Dirt Dart (2 years ago)
You craftsmen are worth every dollar :)
Thanks, I'm still getting the word out. Hoping to be able to supplement my income a bit more.
Shiny Knife (2 years ago)
Looking good Scott
Thanks you sir.
Scott F. (2 years ago)
Pretty cool but too tedious for me as that is awesome for you to have the patience...
Gotta have patience to work with leather and have it look good in the end.
Stalker Steve (2 years ago)
Great job Tolly...have you tried polyurethane to seal the wood ? thanks
Stalker Steve (2 years ago)
We use spar on our outside doors at work...Good tough stuff
Yep, have two coats on them. I think I'm going to give them another sanding and use a spar varnish on them.
Reg Sparkes (2 years ago)
Why nut use 1/4" NF wing bolts with blind nuts on the bottom piece of wood.? If you're not sure what a 'blind nut' is , just 'Google' this. Basically it's a steel nut that is embedded into the underside of the bottom piece. This should make it a lot easier to 'clamp down' the two pieces.
Planning on using epoxy, I know the wood wouldn't hold them well.
Reg Sparkes (2 years ago)
Yes the nutserts would be o.k except the blind nuts will not pull through. I've had a bit of bother with nutserts when they are used constantly; they work loose and turn, I've found.
I've thought about using nutserts too, just haven't gone to the hardware store yet.
Cmax Arms (2 years ago)
Very cool...but you know it is always harder to do than normal when you are recording! Cmax
Isn't that the truth, I try to keep the camera out of the way. having to check to see if you're in frame all the time makes it harder yet.
TRprepper (2 years ago)
Looking forward to the finished product.
I'll upload it in a couple days, I like it.
MrBulletpoints (2 years ago)
I call my wife "Toots" for a completely different reason.... JK... That is really cool. You make this stuff look like fun. Greta work.
Used to call my son "tooter" for ... ya know. Now he's bigger than me and it hurts more to show him who the boss is.
YoderTexas (2 years ago)
I think I'm getting inspired again. Have you done any with two magazines, side by side? I was wondering how you handle the gap between.
YoderTexas (2 years ago)
+Mr. Tolly (AKA: fatmantolly) I'm wanting to make one to slip in my back pocket to hold two spare magazines for my shield.  I think having just one spare mag with only 7 rounds is a bit weak. I originally wanted a mag holder for the pocket because I wore holes in two pair of jeans, then I realize that there is room for one more mag.
I haven't done a double yet but it's on m mind for sure.
MCK (2 years ago)
isn't leather just great
I do like working with it.
Crypto BirdDog (2 years ago)
Great Project!
Thanks, they are a pain to make but I still like to make them.
Marc Grecco (2 years ago)
Get a large food dehydrated, it cuts the time down to hours, not days. You can set them at a very low temperature and it has a fan so very little shrinking. Marc Grecco
I've thought about that, just don't have the cash. I usually have enough projects going on at the same time that it isn't a problem to let them air dry.
Marc Grecco (2 years ago)
Good tutorial Mr. Tolly. I enjoy wet forming leather. I make my own forms. I am a carpenter. My next one will be for my compass for my Bush craft belt. Enjoy, Marc
Very cool, I've been approached by a couple officers about handcuff pouches.

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