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NEW Zach King Magic Vine Compilation 2018 | Best Magic Show of Zach King [Funny Vines]

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NEW Zach King Magic Vine Compilation 2018 | Best Magic Show of Zach King [Funny Vines] I hope you enjoy this videos! SUB New Channel HACK VINES: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeapxN9CyFv6p2-FvpuPZMA?sub_confirmation=1 ----------- Watch Next Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzsvA6dQ3CoC9lmRtQ6GRsgrM3HBM44vf&disable_polymer=true ------------- Thank you for your watching, Please sub us for more videos
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Text Comments (2618)
Saro Karazi (19 minutes ago)
Uhhhhhhh ITS fake it cant be real
DenGinity (20 minutes ago)
I live in Finland! :D
What the how can Zach king get the tree in the phone is he in the phone
Robert s (5 hours ago)
Zach King? can you disappear and not turning back?
Jdjdjd Orifjfh (8 hours ago)
Carrot one wasn’t magic it was just wrapper
Xen Lim (8 hours ago)
Blueberry rain xD
Linh Tran (12 hours ago)
Jackson Roberts (16 hours ago)
4:13 why is there a foot under the stool, also zach’s foot disappears as the man walks by
Selma Akbal (17 hours ago)
I have that korn flakes _(ˇωˇ)
lefoufurieux (18 hours ago)
Que des placemant de produit like si toi aussi tu pense pareil
Oemer Oral (1 day ago)
Ему убирался нелень?
At 2:45 who saw Ted the bear
Amazing Corgi (1 day ago)
Maher Hilmy (1 day ago)
German caption
jugi h (1 day ago)
I speak a finish finland
Hi Hello (1 day ago)
I saw the gum wall on the thumbnail....
thebloxer_ boy (1 day ago)
How many freakin sponsers
Valentin Santillan (1 day ago)
He's a wizard harry
beto c bernal (1 day ago)
beto c bernal (1 day ago)
TheDinodude (1 day ago)
Ranvir Jarif (1 day ago)
Funny video
Ian Rapp (2 days ago)
if people think this is "real magic", they are 5 year olds or doesnt know what video editing is.
Brad's Verbal Vomit (2 days ago)
Can you imagine how rich this guy is because he edits so well?
Przemysław Michalik (2 days ago)
This video isnt even funny
Ephraim Ibizi (2 days ago)
Ian Rapp (2 days ago)
are you speaking emoji language?
Ephraim Ibizi (2 days ago)
Ian Rapp (2 days ago)
Ephraim Ibizi (2 days ago)
Ian Rapp (2 days ago)
Ephraim Ibizi (2 days ago)
Ian Rapp (2 days ago)
Glowing Circles (2 days ago)
Not now 👿
Soccer ReactsPlays (2 days ago)
Soccer Is The Best Sport In The World
Draco (3 days ago)
I was in Seattle last week :3
Marina Glinca (3 days ago)
Русские кушать???
Aden Gonzales (3 days ago)
Spot The Diffrence 🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓 🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓 🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕒🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓 🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓 🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓🕓 Look For This: 🕒
AJ Bffs (3 days ago)
Can u do a vid of ur fails?
Ozan 34 (3 days ago)
Makayla Cahill (3 days ago)
This has been on my recommendation list for 5 months liked it
jitendra ira (3 days ago)
The food looks so delicious
David Crnec (3 days ago)
i like zach king :)
0:51 what is that
حمود نايف (3 days ago)
Moostic YT (3 days ago)
1:28 who noticed there readed Ruis (For the people who are not finnish it mean bread in finnish)
Gareth Kennedy (4 days ago)
definitely fake
يا عرب وينكم😯
Manish Rathour (4 days ago)
How to make this video
Rafique Mohammed (4 days ago)
Play 0:54 in 0.25x speed! Bad editing! Fading effect seriously? :-/
FoxyJr 12 (4 days ago)
Ocean mommy Delacruz (4 days ago)
Anim Torez (4 days ago)
Who else gets soo hungry when you hear him crunching
Lucas Souza (4 days ago)
WOW "MAGIC' really its obiously fake
SWQ19 Hagahj (4 days ago)
great more edit but If you see him doing magic tricks or if this is edit8
Factory5 Pixel (5 days ago)
Factory5 Pixel 3 months ago Boy: this is the moment. Girl: will you ever leave me? Boy: of course not Girl: will you ever kiss me? Boy: every time I get the chance! Girl: will you ever hit me? Boy: never! Girl: will you hug me? Boy: yup! Girl: will you cheat on me? Boy: never had! Girl: you love me right? Boy: Yea Girl: Babe NOW READ IT BACKWARDS!
Barbie Ward (5 days ago)
These are camershals
janusz 100% (5 days ago)
I like it
thomas buckley (5 days ago)
I wanna be magic becaus i eat serial every morning
Karina Wang (5 days ago)
How did u do it? U guys might say: editing duhh bitch. Truth: it’s by magic editing Lol idk 😂
Reese Reid (5 days ago)
His editing is amazing
Zach king is the best :D
Dro Fro (5 days ago)
if this was real ☹️
rano man (6 days ago)
Editing skill pro.he just pro acting.and me pro for watching hehehe
Rossen Rivera (6 days ago)
All Edited!!
jimmy laermans (6 days ago)
OTSO Taiminen (6 days ago)
Ootko suomalainen
Nara Elka (6 days ago)
The power of ending ...
Nara Elka (6 days ago)
Osbert Tan (6 days ago)
Look its a bird,no a plane no it's superzack
Shaad Amin (6 days ago)
nice video editing... :)
Ty Hardwick (6 days ago)
This is all fake magic
Ana Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Stop saying o
Julian Barrios (6 days ago)
tos videos son falso
BiGBoI (6 days ago)
Zach became a sell out
Hassen Ahmed (6 days ago)
Meme Man22 (6 days ago)
7:46 fortnite
Amazing 😰
It's just Emili 121 (7 days ago)
Lol so fake
王筱玲 (7 days ago)
Matheus Oliveira (7 days ago)
Retro Gamer 56 (7 days ago)
If that’s jelly bean punch, then how did he even get the punch in his cup?
Brennsky Almario (7 days ago)
Whats the music in 8:48
Gladis Betancourth (7 days ago)
Ensellame como hacero
Suleiman salum (7 days ago)
you are lie
Viktor Kav (7 days ago)
i think the appeal was that it was home made, with huge budgets you can achieve pretty much anything
MXWGAMES (8 days ago)
Editing pro best 👌
cassiopea Thunder (8 days ago)
Eshan Pawar (8 days ago)
Good editing in video
Deepa Deepa (8 days ago)
tricks or magic
magic1 boys1 (8 days ago)
Everything is replay and replay and replay!!!
Angga VLOG (8 days ago)
What mintus 0:56 ghost
Faizal Arbi Wiratama (8 days ago)
Nice video 👍😆👍😆
ItzCork (8 days ago)
Wtf guys did u saw that the table was wet at 2:06 😂
Ian Rapp (2 days ago)
ItzCork (8 days ago)
Holy cow Zach, the same bread as here in Finland, "Taika Ruis" 😀
pixel fox (8 days ago)
Behold! The master of editing and PS!
At 0:53 he said MMM.. again LOL 😂 😂
Salman Farisi (9 days ago)
ayoub el (9 days ago)
ksa 2018 (9 days ago)
this is too hard
Dog lover 9 (9 days ago)
1 of your f2f os on tv

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