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‘Black Sails’ Star Toby Stephens Talks Flint’s Gay Romance: ‘He Became Himself’

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The Starz pirate drama’s lead actor reflects on his character’s big reveal and what it means Read the Story: http://goo.gl/TrMcj0 Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1cASiEi Follow us on Twitter @thewrap Like us on Facebook: fb.com/thewrap
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Text Comments (369)
Tattaglia Crime Family (19 days ago)
He looks different
TylerNOS386277 (2 months ago)
A unique and secret past or side to a character, makes them interesting. A bleeding-heart, respectable gay man hiding behind the facade of being this cut-throat, murderous pirate: becoming the last person he'd ever what to be, just to prove he's anything but what he really is, in the attempt to please the society around him. That's a story worth telling; and worth listening to/watching. - It'd be like a story about a Black man in South Africa who has the persona of being this self-less Superhero who saves the lives of anyone in distress on the surface; but in truth, is a callus, murderous racist who hates White people. A man who has become this beacon of justices for the oppressed, is actually trying to deal with his own internal moral battle; as part of him justifies his own mass slaughter of people simply because of their skin color, and an unquenchable blood lust driving a longing to kill many of those poor Whites who he saves regularly. He has to hide his true self to please the cultural taboos of his society, until he finds fulfillment in life, and eventually becomes the true villain he was born to be, by standing up for what he believes in, no matter what others may think of him for it. - We need more characters like these; who can give audiences a truly memorable experience, and not just blank/bland characters. We don't want these 'normal' women who magically get the perfect man of their dreams, as if fate just dropped him into her arms by design; or insanely macho men that are one-man-armies, who are trying to just live 'normal lives', and yet can single handedly take down whole gangs or military camps the moment they decide to.
Fantaghiro (2 months ago)
American actor: better not play a gay role it could damage my career and people might think I'm actually gay British actor [finds out about his character's relationship with another man]: it was the coolest
Art Vale (2 months ago)
He puts on a very good american accent in Lost in Space.
Richard Smith (3 months ago)
I enjoy the show and have nothing against gay people, but I do feel there’s an agenda here and it’s used way too much. It’s not even gay, it’s a fucked up mess of bisexual weirdness that we are being forced to think is normal. My gay brother almost dry heaves when thinking about sex with a women. Just make them gay or a lesbian, quit with all the bs. The LBGT thing is just being used way too much in shows now, it’s over done and has no real bearing on anything.
ibn Saeed1 (3 months ago)
Fuckin hell the most badass pirate takes a dick in his ass . That's ridiculous
Alice Zecevich (6 months ago)
Answered a lot of questions about Flint, I would jump him if he was gay or not!!! Lol😉😄
Alex Smith (6 months ago)
Vote Toby Stephens to be the best Geralt of Rivia actor
bashpr0mpt (6 months ago)
When you pay the Soros Marxist shill brigade too early and flood your comment section with reactions to comments that don't even exist.
Phillip Kennedy (6 months ago)
They didn't have some political agenda here. Making Flint gay made the show and the character so much better. Don't make this political because its not. Nobody was complaining when Barca was gay in Spartacus where they? Same Network. Nothing Political. Just an awesome story. If you're made that Flint turned out to be gay its because you really liked him and you obviously have some insecurites about your sexuality after they dropped that bomb on you. Awesome show, fuck the haters.
pedersenist (6 months ago)
This interview show how much he is captain Flint. His voice and body language, make me think of Toby Wil kill the interview for asking to many questions.
tremere26 (7 months ago)
This show is pure art, the dialogue, the emotions, al so very well written and acted :)
leaiplussize (7 months ago)
His storyline was one of the best stories on Black sales , I enjoy it.
Chuy Ruiz (8 months ago)
I don’t care if Flint is gay, he is the best.
Vape Naysh (8 months ago)
I get that everybody is super proud that he turned out to be gay..but it killled the series. You know this, right?
Carlos Clavijo (7 months ago)
You really weren't paying any attention to the series, right?
James Q (9 months ago)
I'll be completely honest i knew nothing of Toby Stephens prior to watching Black Sails, but he was brilliant in it. What a talented, talented actor.
Kibo Mandzaro (1 year ago)
If you don't like it, simply stop watching. We should tollerance people of different orientation. No one likes it, I know, but Flint/Thomas relationship(in my opinion) is really unique and interesting.
Ludwing Montero (1 year ago)
Qué manada que pusieran al personaje de flint gay neta era buena serie hasta que la cagaron así
Stephen Fry (1 year ago)
Capt Flint just totally rocked but to be honest I haven't gotten over him turning out to be gay! Now he will forever be the Back Door Bandit! One wonders what other things went on.... there is no doubt he loved John Silver.... did he fantasise a lot about bending him over also? He bent him to his will in so many other ways..... Maybe I am too old fashioned but it's just a little disappointing.
SallyandJohnny (5 months ago)
Let me disappoint you further by telling you that it was actually Captain Flint who did the bending.
Louis van der Merwe (1 year ago)
Guess that explains his gay stride.... - So it's a story of a guy hiding what he is, thus making it a bit fake for me since back in those days and especially being a pirate I do not see him getting that far being openly gay. Anyhoo - Seeing flint getting a Angry Pirate face is now vomit inducing... - The ending makes no sense whatsoever. Never was places where gay people were sent to work on farms in Carolina...what? Especially not people on the British most wanted list. Now the series could just as well have played out as space pirates. Then it could have made sense even though I would still hate it. Reflecting back I now see an entire new-age libtard vibe on the series. Not gonna go there completely, but you know what I'm talking about. From Bananas, to demonizing the British Empire, to gay twists that are as subtle as a fist up your ass. But why? Fuck your lessons in morality because regardless of what some eggheads will say, I think there was intent from the creator to help speed up the modern enlightenment of the homophobic caveman. This is not just a story of a gay dude. This is planed (controversial) marketing BS at the very least and at worst "enlightened libtard" ammo. - Learning at the end that Superman is a compulsive mastrubator, I'm sure there will be people that relate and appreciate that, but most, including most gays, will just find it fucking weird. Hypocrites. Some people find gay shit obscene. lol...some...Majority of the planet feels weird when there's gay shit going on okay. Why do I feel baited by this instead of just taking it at face value that this was just a gay pirate king? Was I just borne this way, like Flint?
jganaut (1 year ago)
The Omar Little of the high seas
Karen Jadie Connors (1 year ago)
Jesus this beast never looks crap! Bloody drop dead lush!!!😍🇬🇧🔥😍
ChthonicRemains (1 year ago)
This is by and large Toby Stephens's best role to date IMHO. He should've won all of the acting awards in the world for his impeccable performance as the fearsome pirate Captain Flint.
leaiplussize (7 months ago)
I agree under rated as a actor he shined in this role
Robin Andrew (1 year ago)
My God, I LOVE Toby Stephens!! Black Sails would be nothing without him. He was so perfect!! I got really crazy after watching behind the scenes and he said he was getting killed off, my God I cried everyday, I created graphic memorials for him, I was loosing my mind till Silver said he "unmade him" to Maddi. Whew!! I told my boyfriend who I turned this on to "dude you gotta be free that night to babysit me" and he said "I'm not going near you all day are you kidding??" I thought that was pretty selfish. I also know this dude had a serious case of jealousy if ya can believe this. I dubbed his vehicle "Sir Thomas James Hamilton" & threw rose petals from the front. (I name all my cars - his needed one) The bastid made me watch it alone!! But next I saw him & gave him ver badum on the steps at my doorway the entire episode then made him watch it he was "ok, it's safe to come in".
Robin Andrew (1 year ago)
Hola Amiga!! (no, I'm Irish and Portuguese & other stuff...just talking to my Spanish friend; who knows? Maybe I have a leaf after all!) Even my mom's all over him - lol!! I got really crazy with the preview vids, till it dawned on me OMG, this is a Prequel to Treasure Island. Where are they going now? They need to make a Treasure Island Series. Will they do it? One can only hope. But how can Black Sails just end? ~> It CAN'T!! You can't put Flint & Hamelton in a subdued work camp some dude said, the two of them together?? Like It's all gonna be hunky dory?? It won't take them long to overtake the world!! ~>Stay in touch!!
Sofia Giaccone (1 year ago)
Gotta love all the males poisoned by toxic masculinity that say flint being gay ruined the show for them. Cry me a river, mofos. You don't deserve to enjoy anything, ever. I hope all entertainment gets ruined for you, until you die alone along with your medieval opinions. In the end, lgbt people got a marvellous four-seasons show and you got nothing, like it should be.
Just Me (4 months ago)
Sofia Giaccone And still people support your cause... You're a complete psychopath!
Illuminati (5 months ago)
I wonder who is being toxic here... :]
Dan Stark (6 months ago)
Im going to assume this was out of a place of logic, yes men can be discriminated against, and in my opinion have some of the most agregious acts committed onto them but i hate to break it to you that gay people exist throughout history. The two most 'manly' cultures were gay as hell (Romans and Spartans) they frequently had sex with each other as part of their lives and even training.
bashpr0mpt (6 months ago)
Toxic masculinity is code for "I'm going to be sexist, and justify it with mental gymnastics that make no sense to anyone who isn't deranged." generally. It's like the claim white people can't be racist when the R1B haplogroup only makes up 1.04% of the global population.
Great Heathen Army (6 months ago)
Toxic masculinity doesnt exist.
Alexander Fender (1 year ago)
i love seeing all the homophobes lose their shit like yes fuck off go switch off your tv and hide from the world you don't deserve good things like this in your life
Zebaa (1 year ago)
almost every character in the show does gay stuff so that is what hollywood wants people to see..
Zebaa (1 year ago)
all the gay supporters just shut the fuck up. Now when u have the right to marry ur gay partner now u think u have more power, maybe u enjoy it buy its ur problem dont get involved to other peoples thinking, dont fuck these little kids mind cuz nowdays in school people will be showing a lot of gay stuff and i know this world is going Full of lies and all the righteouness that we once practiced will be gone soon.
Zebaa (1 year ago)
im not mad of it, im sad how so many people has been manipulated in this world so badly.
Jaron Talotta (1 year ago)
Ha, you are mad because you know your demented way of thinking is going extinct. And FYI, the gay relationships in Black Sails are beautiful and add value to the story.
Brock lesnar (1 year ago)
I'm shocked about the whole gay issue I mean look at Tobi or C.Flint he's a total personification of the manhood not the manwhore
Ellen S (1 year ago)
Hilarious that people think the Flint & Thomas Hamilton story line was "shoehorned in" and an "attempt to be modern" like LGBT people haven't existed since the dawn of time. We were always here, y'all, we were just too scared of ending up like poor Thomas Hamilton to be honest about it before.
Kayley Schurman (7 days ago)
Basically the only thing that has changed about LGBT+ individuals throughout history is the terminology.
Tattaglia Crime Family (19 days ago)
JedemPoKucama looool
JedemPoKucama (1 month ago)
The word queer suits your kind better than LGBT...
Stormchoirs (1 year ago)
"I’ve never cared about two consenting adults and who they go to bed with.” -General Mattis
I love acting this guy's shame that he does not get more interesting roles because he wastes his talent
keri caye (1 year ago)
I love Toby...always have........always will
Becaangel PR (1 year ago)
This man is beautiful !!! OMG!!!!
ThePeoplesChamp (1 year ago)
Fucking disgusting. Ruined the show completely
Jaron Talotta (1 year ago)
ThePeoplesChamp sure it did, if one has the mind of an ignorant child.
Ray Paul (1 year ago)
is the actor who plays Flint a pole smoker in real life
Jun Kurosu (5 months ago)
Sarasti S (1 year ago)
the homophobes in this comment section are hysterical 😂
USSOCOM (3 months ago)
+Dan Stark "Pretty sure" So, youre *not* sure. Thank you for proving my point. "due to the vast evidence into his male relationships" Well of course, "Due to the vast evidence" that you listed none of. There is no evidence, *zero* Alternatively, dont switch the topic because it doesnt fit your agenda. PS: Listen, Ive debated with plenty of people like yourself, you will only make yourself look dumber and dumber the more you talk.
Dan Stark (3 months ago)
+USSOCOM Pretty sure its not made up due to the vast evidence into his male relationships. Alternatively I could just point out that a huge part of the Spartan Agoge was the gay relationships between the elder and young soldiers?
USSOCOM (3 months ago)
+Dan Stark I'm sorry to inform you, but he was not a captain. There are also no reliable sources or documents directly suggesting he was bi *or* gay. It's a merely a "theory" made up for gullible people like yourself, that are too lazy to do research themselves.
Dan Stark (3 months ago)
+USSOCOM You've heard about Alexander the Great before right?
USSOCOM (3 months ago)
+Dan Stark A "tough gay captain" obviously fiction, we know that.
megh (1 year ago)
this show has changed the lives of so many queer people so... im pretty sure thats more important than straight homophobic men feeling tricked because their fave turned out to be gay. the amount of times that us queers fall in love with characters that turn out to be straight yet you never hear us complaining about it. and i know these are just fictional characters but STILL?? this show is the reason i was able to come out as bi!! to have the main character of your favourite show revealed as queer.. that rarely happens. especially in a show of THIS quality. it is a blessing for us, to be able to identify with a main character, with someone as incredible as james flint. also lmao @ all the people saying that flint's sexuality and love for thomas is unnecessary to the story. its the reason he becomes a pirate and declares war on civilisation. these straight homophobic men that rid him from society just because he loved a man, they are who flint is fighting against. hes fighting for freedom. to not have to hide in the dark. to be able to kiss a man he loves without fear or shame, in daylight. anyone that would deny him of that because they are 'disgusted', those are the people that go against everything this show stands for. because in the end it was never truly about the fighting that came with piracy. it was about fighting for love, and the freedom to love. and if thats not your thing then this isn't the show for you.
Dan Stark (6 months ago)
Pretty sure this person isn't insecure, they've just read the comments unlike you. Read the replies under the top comment, they're disgustingly homophobic.
Great Heathen Army (6 months ago)
I see no comments that describe what youre talking about. Im straight and conservative and Captain Flint is still a badass. Stop projecting your insecurities. No one has to like you or anything else just because youre gay.
cassi lakin (1 year ago)
was an awesome show. glad he got to see his lover again. he needed some happiness in his life. loved every season
Lala Lulu (1 year ago)
I think the matter is not if he's gay or not, the beautiful thing is what he did because of love, it doesn't matter the gender
deviija (2 years ago)
Absolute best captain character, best relationship backdrop, so many layers, fantastic show.
JustAnother Human (2 years ago)
Making Cpt Flint a homo ruined the entire series.
Carlos Clavijo (7 months ago)
Awww you poor little insecure thing, did your genitals fell off when you saw them kissing?
PinoLove 802 (2 years ago)
he reminds me of Jason ellis...he is handsome ...my my oh my
Antonio León (2 years ago)
too much fucking 21st century, fuck this gay agenda, fuck the inclution and shit, I'm not homophobic but come on, Flint, the most badass pirate has to be gay? fuck this series, I'm not evento finish season 2, I'm going to watch fucking vikings or something else
Vinny Pestana (1 year ago)
Yeah, that was frustrating.
فهد ،، (2 years ago)
The best
Geralt of Trivia (2 years ago)
Thought it was such a beautiful twist. Since i'm straight, gay romances in films and such never really make me feel much, as I can't relate. This, however, was completely different. Adds so much beauty to the show, its unreal.
Joy Gill (2 years ago)
SMH why is anything sexually oriented an issue anymore. Big effing deal. It's people. It's not important about who you choose. Love is love. I love the softer side of Flint hidden because of the secret. Very tragic.
Great Heathen Army (6 months ago)
Because the only comments on here bringing it up are Leftists. People dont have to like you because youre gay. People dont need a reason to not like you either. That is the way people are.
Fanny Merlino (2 years ago)
Agree. And that was the most beautiful thing they made on that show seriously..
JoeMoe Moe (2 years ago)
I never saw that coming. No pun intended.
Chaz Brennan (2 years ago)
Only weak men are repulsed by sex between men. Revulsion is a form of fear and fear is weakness.
Victor Mclean (1 year ago)
RenoJackson (1 year ago)
Victor Mclean even when animals do it that still doesn't justify it 😑
Victor Mclean (1 year ago)
Um... yes animals do. And anything nature does is natural. What planet are you from?
RenoJackson (1 year ago)
Male with male ? Even animals dont reach this level 😂 Stop defending gays because it is not a natural thing 😑
Stephen Fry (1 year ago)
Nah just sometimes​ you just love women and the thought of sex with a man turns you off!
phdragon34 (2 years ago)
Good job at promoting degradation.
Becaangel PR (1 year ago)
Exactly! That turn them on,I guess....
Princess Jellyfish (2 years ago)
phdragon34 how is a love story between two men degrading, but the lesbian prostitutes in the show aren't
Danthehorse (2 years ago)
He sounds a lot like Hugh Grant.
Jane Warner (2 years ago)
Came here after watching 2006 Jane Eyre and holy shit he looks so different
TheSunMoon (2 years ago)
amazing character, that captain flint. I thought the actor was the same one from band on brothers lol. they look kinda similar
Eduar Torrealba (2 years ago)
So, from what I've seen in the comments... Nobody hates gays or bi people. As long as they're not men, main characters/important people or tough characters... Got it. Yall are a bunch of hypocritical assholes. Lesbians are ok, but having a main character, a violent and already proven leader been revealed to gave always been BISEXUAL and having had a true love relationship w another man in the past... Wow, that is shoehorned bc we all know gays were only born after de 80' and they're all soft and girly. -_-
Sabrina Krohm (2 years ago)
+RagnarTheRed erm you are aware that Flint is a fictional character opposed to Turing, right? And also Flint had always had been written this way (as we learn in the interview).
Aiki Kana me (2 years ago)
Well, for starters this is a show about PIRATES, and it is pretty well documented that homosexuality was very prevalent amongst them, especially since they were away from women for months on end (I'd suggest you having a quick google if you don't believe me). In this context, homosexuality on Black Sails is pretty underrepresented compared to how it was IRL. Secondly, Alexander the Great was bisexual, bisexuality (or wakashudo) was a very common practice among Samurai warriors, and also amongst the Spartans who are manlier than any of us on here will ever be. There are gay infantrymen and Marines (one a good friend of my father who served), who have served and died fighting for their country and the fact that they fell in love with men does not lessen their bravery under fire and the ultimate sacrifices they made. And while there are effiminate gay men, and gay men are more likely to display non gender conforming behaviours in their childhood, this is not true for all of them; there are plenty manly gay men (see above). Clearly Flint is one of those, as his actions prove he is the Agron/ Omar/ Alexander the Great kind of gay?bi, not the Kurt Hummel kind of gay. Therefore his love of this one guy is not evidence of him being more effeminate, anymore than Russel Brand's rampant heterosexuality makes him any more manly. And FYI I've met quite a few of the type of gay men you are referring to and most of them don't care about their nails. I'm guessing you might be young (most likely American too), and haven't properly hung out with many gay men. I could go on, but this comment has gone on long enough and I'll leave it for now. Have a nice day.
AfekasiFab (2 years ago)
That is the dumbest untruth that any retard has ever come with FCW.
James Goodhew (2 years ago)
No, It's because the majority of the world is straight. Film is over representing the gays. Flint being gay was unnecessary, the majority of straight men don't want to see gay-romance scenes because they can not relate to it at all. And lastly it takes the masculinity away from Flint, this is not homophobic at all simply biology. Gay men have low testosterone and generally care about their nails more than being a man.
RagnarTheRed (2 years ago)
Not really. I don't hate gay or bi people. Still I don't see the need to change an already existing character's sexuality for the sake of it or to please a certain demographic. There's a difference. Same goes the other way around. If you made a movie about Turing and he wasn't gay in the movie, people would be pissed because he was gay. I doubt you'd be saying they are all a bunch of hypocritical assholes who hate heteros. Funny how it only works one way, huh?
Blanche (2 years ago)
The love for Thomas is poignant and told with delicacy and sensitivity. The chemistry with Rupert Penry-Jones is perfect and and we see all the steps lead Flint to live fully himself and his feelings. Flint is fighting, not for revenge, but for love, particularly for a dream he shared with his great love (Miranda is more a mother than a mistress, she tells him in the third season). In a series that could only be "noise", they managed to create an intense, three-dimensional character who often drives the audience to tears. And Toby Stephens is masterful: he switches from Henry V to Macbeth, from Hamlet to King Lear. I hope the Emmys will reward this giant next year.
Bill Ill (2 years ago)
spoiler alrert: Flint got the booty
fluffsnake (2 years ago)
After all the uninteresting (to me) lesbian shit, I really really needed this and you can't imagine how happy I was for James x Thomas - as much as it lasted ;_;
Tran Dang (2 years ago)
Cruellest plot twist ever :((.
bara siddiq (2 years ago)
was flint +ve or -ve really ??
Star Blaze (2 years ago)
Note: this comment is not mine. Its a Duncan Smith's review. Feb 19, 2016 It can be found at google reads."Treasure Island is an all time classic so I will be a hard marker of any spin off. The author has put a lot of love and attention into this, and has succeeded in many respects, but he has made a couple of major blunders which detract from his book. The main problem is the characterisation of Captain Flint. In Treasure Island, Flint never appears but his fearsome shadow hangs over the entire voyage. The author of this prequel tries to make out that Flint's violence stems from sexual impotence and / or repressed homosexuality. I find this a fairly trite psychological theory, but more to the point it belittles Flint and is blasphemy against Stevenson's creation. How dare he take such liberties with the character? There is no sex in Treasure Island, why must it intrude here? Then there's the violence, which in this new book is fairly explicit. While times have changed since Treasure Island was published, Stevenson's great strength was conveying menace without such heavy handed measures. Mr Drake has succeeded in some ways in re-creating the world of Treasure Island, but fails in others. The Flint issue is the main problem. Once again, I am a hard marker. Then again, there are few authors who could possibly live up to the standards set by the great R.L. Stevenson."This comment says it all.
Dino pointeur (2 years ago)
I didn't know this actor before I watched Black sails and I can say the  truth I felt in love with this guy (in my dreams of course) and was glad to see in season 2 thathe was in love with thomas so I loved him more in my dreams alwayes!!!!But after I figure out that he is straight happilly married and maybe good father so I kept loving him and I hope in season 4 he will be in love with Billy because I watched many videos where we see flint and billy beig attracked by the forbiden love.
Graphic Jack (3 years ago)
I would assume that most pirates would have a strong reason for choosing to be outcasts from "decent society". For one reason or another, they chose to rebel against queen and country. Probably many of them were poor, but others were possibly outcasts for other reasons. It makes sense that gay men and lesbians would chose piracy when society rejected them as "degenerates". After this scandal broke out and Flint lost his position in the Navy, what other job prospects would he have? He was also disgusted that his lover was sent to a mental institution by his own father, and his rage turned upon the society and class system that allowed this to happen.
leaiplussize (7 months ago)
Amen Amen !
cresdolls (3 years ago)
How is it that people can't just enjoy a good story? Black Sails is great fun to watch. So the fuck what if Flint is bi/gay. Really, it's part of who he is but not the only part. There so much to him and people are now somehow turned off just because he's bi/gay? And if you say it's just a matter of preference/interest, then no, it isn't. If it destroys the series  and makes you lose interest then you can't accept it. Which, for 2016 standards because really now we should be more advanced than this, makes you narrow minded.
TheSkipRow (2 years ago)
+cresdolls except this show has no good storyline .
Nikola Avramov (3 years ago)
+cresdolls Of course. That's why I'm taking your word for it, having not watched the bulk of the series. Really? I though I've heard a lot of noise in heterosexual relations within the stories in popular culture. Not with that tone, but still with the same topic. Those bore me to death as well. From "why did Leia kiss Luke" in SW, to who fucked whom backstage, on stage or in the story, who should hook up with whom and alike. I disagree about acceptance. But beyond that - it's mind-numbing how important it has been made, while it's really not. I'm ranting because I don't care, while it's been trusted upon even pirate stories, now. I have no doubt that some pirates were gay. The point is: when I watch a pirate thing - I want to see backstabbing, cutthroats, wits being matched and adventures about the l00t. That's what it's all about. Arguably, based on pilot - it is delivering just that. I ranted on the comment section here because I'm annoyed by the pressure to constantly talk about gays in any fucking public space.
cresdolls (3 years ago)
+Nikola Avramov Okay, well... you know that it's very unlikely you'll get to know the characters after one episode right? If anything, the pilot is a mere introduction and Flint's relationship came into play in season 2. So I had no idea that Flint was gay the first season and I still didn't notice it until they showed Flint sharing a kiss. So they downplayed it. It wasn't a big enough storyline to deflate or distract anything. It was part of Flint's motivation to do what he did but like I mentioned in another comment, if it was a female that drove his motivation, this wouldn't be a topic. Personally, I don't even know why sexuality is even a discussion anyway. It's not like we are talking about OH MY GOD DID HE JUST KISS THAT GIRL WHAT IS HAPPENING? We don't bring that up and it's not a topic UNLESS someone is gay/bi/les. And then we have an issue. Homosexuality shouldn't deflate anything. It should be accepted just as hetrosexuality is and shouldn't be made a topic to discuss about in the first place. Life is too short to talk or worry or make an issue about two men or two woman loving each other. I wish people could be more accepting of something that is absolutely normal.
Nikola Avramov (3 years ago)
+cresdolls Having only watched the pilot - I'll take your word for it. I was ranting in general. Forcing sexuality upon a story that's about something else steals from the genre, in my opinion. How is listing elements of a set comparable to me with exactly what I'm complaining about a comparison of an element with the set itself? Maybe it's deflating only for some people. Sorry to say it - but we're no inferior species that's irrelevant. Personally, I say that in many genres sexuality plays exactly no role and forcing it into the foreground distracts and often removes from the qualities that are out there.
cresdolls (3 years ago)
+Nikola Avramov But it wasn't for not reason? The actors knew of the script and the story and it was part of Flint's character from the beginning. So it wasn't unexpected or for no reason. Also not to mention you're comparing sexuality with a foot fetish. My point is his tale, his past, is a part of who he is but that isn't all. And him being gay doesn't change the fact that he is a badass and a great character. Now if people could get over the fact that he was gay, none of us would be having this conversation. The story and character only deflates for YOU because it's how YOU look at it. I'm not bothered, I'm sure other people aren't bothered and it's because it really doesn't matter if Flint is gay or not. I appreciate a good character regardless of his sexuality.
Well, the Flint being gay thing kinda ruined it for me too. First of all because, gay or not, Flint ended up being motivated by a stupid lost love of some sort. He looked stronger than that, now he just has a stupid alibi for every time he acts, uhm... stupid. Also, for people calling out other people who didn't like that "Flint is gay/bi" thing, here are some thoughts: It's a story about PIRATES. Yes, I do see where the lesbian sex, boobs and fights fit in the story. But THE central male character being gay and acting out of love, no. I can't root for that, and it's not a racist thing. If it was about some weird artist who was gay among other things, ok. It goes well. Realistically. But suddenly watching a show about a gay PIRATE captain, I just can't root for him. It definitely looks and feels FORCED. Now I feel closer to Anne actually, lol. :)
+Clemens Stubbe i am not a homophobe, and i am 34 years old. I have the right to think that my main character being gay in a pirate series, seems off and promotes an agenda. So if i want to NOT be called a homophobe i have to accept my favorite male movie characters being gay? My comments about me not rooting because i am not gay or that Rackham would be more suitable for a gay character seem to go unnoticed. I mean what's next? A Robocop film where Robo is gay? A Dumb and Dumber film where Loyd and Harry are a couple? Just because i don't see the "gay" element fit everywhere doesn't mean i am racist about it you insulting prick. Read my comments again.
Clemens Stubbe (2 years ago)
Your "undeniable" facts are complete bullshit, and not really an argument for your opinion. Fact of the matter is, as cresdolls already wrote, that *you* have a pre-conceived notion that is messing with your enjoyment of the show, and that notion can in no way be the fault of the show. I'd chew you out for being such an awful homophobe (with regards to pretty much everything that you write), but your comment also seems to betray your age, and I'm not one to make a kid cry online. I hope and truly believe you will grow out of these childish, vile sentiments, and that your opinions will be challenged and changed once you mature and start hanging out with more reasonable people your age.
Princess Jellyfish (2 years ago)
Nτινος Σταματιου because pirates can't be gay 😂
danii (2 years ago)
I stopped watching after i found out he was gay. I also wasnt down with his lover being a slag too. A real shame as I was enjoying until that point .
+José Zanuto Yeah I know. Now everybody waits for the moment he kisses Silver though :P
Blue Sky (3 years ago)
Such a fantastic twist. Brilliant storytelling, brilliant acting. I honestly can't say enough good things about this show, but its representation and treatment of LGBTQ characters is top of the list of why it's superb, and MY GOD why aren't more people watching this show
mahmoud talaat (3 years ago)
Vane is my fav character now and lets hope he stay that way ...PLS
Federico Eiriz (3 years ago)
Haha im shocked too, such a corny plot twist
mahmoud talaat (3 years ago)
+Federico Eiriz fuck the world
Federico Eiriz (3 years ago)
not sure if for the win or fuck the world
mahmoud talaat (3 years ago)
+Federico Eiriz ftw if they did
Federico Eiriz (3 years ago)
+mahmoud talaat Maybe after that last scene with Vane and Flint brawling with a knife... They just drop the knife and start kissing each other
mahmoud talaat (3 years ago)
The show and the character was just perfect to me untill the moment it turns out he is a fucking gay .... Lets be onest it ll never works i wont get the same feeling agian about flint he is not brutal or scary captin any more to me he is just a fucking gay senstive gay iam really disappointed
cresdolls (3 years ago)
+mahmoud talaat uh, seriously, when the fuck were you born? So all gays are sensitive? And what is wrong with being sensitive btw? By the way you're reacting to Flint being gay/bi, you're the one being seriously over-sensitive. Who gives a fuck if he's gay. Jesus christ, the amount of racist homophobic idiots on this planet always leaves me stunned.
Irina Petrescu (3 years ago)
you must also consider the time and the world they all lived in.
Irina Petrescu (3 years ago)
everyone is focused on the fact that Flint was gay but what you're all missing is the big picture. If you all paid attention to the plot you could have realized that the gay one was actually Mr Hamilton and that his wife knew and didn't care. James or Flint as you may call him simply fell in love. That's why when he died he was heartbroken and turned to piracy and that's why he and lady Hamilton shared a deep connection. The feelings he had for another man tore him apart, he was fighting his daemons.
José Zanuto (2 years ago)
+Graphic Jack Mother/wife/lover that's kinda weird. I think he loved her as a wife but I respect your opinion :v
Graphic Jack (2 years ago)
+José Zanuto yes, I saw further into the third season and it seems his relationship with Miranda really affected him, but as she said to him in his subconscious, it was more of a mother relationship than anything else, and that's what he was mourning
José Zanuto (2 years ago)
+Graphic Jack In the third season after Miranda die, Flint show his feelings for her and how he was mad about her death. Flint also says that he got worst with her death than the death of Tomas
Francesca Tosolini (2 years ago)
+Graphic Jack He wasn't bored, he was mad at her cause she had read "their" book to Mr Guthrie, it's pretty clear in the next scene.
Graphic Jack (3 years ago)
+José Zanuto flint looked really bored having sex with Miranda who is a pretty beautiful woman and he's never shown being happy with her or any other woman like he was in those flashback scenes with Thomas. I would consider someone as bi not just if they have had sex with both sexes but more what is their sexual and romantic preference. In that sense, it's more factual to state he's gay.
Valeria Trípodi (3 years ago)
Pippo 077 (3 years ago)
Cant see him in modern clothes... Lol
Potato Bag (3 years ago)
i dont like him no more
Lucimyr (2 years ago)
Double negative. So you like that gay ass then? Alrighty.
Nancy V (3 years ago)
I made a mistake when i wrote that I will keep watching this as I will not ever again and its not my style and most likely never was as i just got caught up with the pirate thing and not paying a close look at what I know is in my heart and soul of what God has taught me. Amen Praise the Lord
sixx87sixx (3 years ago)
+Nancy V FAGG!!
Nancy V (3 years ago)
Well the writers did not have to put in this homosexual into the story and as for me Black Sails is not out of my viewing ForEver. Sorry writers only HollyWood would FUCK UP A GREAT FUCKNG SHOW GOODBY
Princess Jellyfish (3 years ago)
+Nancy V so the lesbians in season one didnt ruin it for you, just a man who had a love for another man..?
Vin Diesel (3 years ago)
Oh look, another loser and hypocrite. I'm very much straight but, "homo shit"? You homophobic piece of garbage?
cherie pynk (3 years ago)
+Vin Diesel you have no right to insult people because of their views/opinions...so rude...if you like seeing homo shit Thats up to you...who is the retard? Smh!!!
Vin Diesel (3 years ago)
+Nancy V This show is above you anyway. What a retard...
Judith Feyas (3 years ago)
Rupert Penry Jones (Thomas Hamilton) should have a mention. He is one of the very best British actors. (Married to Assumpta from Ballykissangel!)
Hansi Baumgartner (3 years ago)
Flint is so bad ass. Toby is Maggie Smiths son..wow
AlienMagi (1 year ago)
JustAnother Human You have a shit sense of humor.
JustAnother Human (1 year ago)
If I was any more relaxed I would be unconscious.
Sarasti S (1 year ago)
Just Another Human Being sarcasm is difficult to read over type but i was more referring to your second comment not your first. i dont actually necessarily disagree with you on some points, but actually i think you might be reading a little to deeply into a fictional character having a same sex relationship on a tv show. like i said it was common among pirates and is not a political statement. if every character was gay on the show then i might be suspicious, but one guy, no way. also, who he bangs really doesnt matter at all, hes a cool character and is bad as fuck and the fact he can get ass from both sides only helps his hardcoreness.
JustAnother Human (1 year ago)
I'm too old to be OUTRAGED about anything unless my family is being hurt.....As far as my original comment....I was trying to use shocking humor to be funny.....Obviously I really don't picture two men having sex together....Apparently you have no sense of humor and you think way too depley into things....AND you are missing my point i think. But I'm ok with that....I'm just expressing my opinion about a subject I think is pretty sad.
Sarasti S (1 year ago)
Just Another Human Being look i get it i hate pc culture too but you really need to chill. it seems that the people who dislike outrage culture seem to be the ones who are the most outraged about everything. relax. the left has made gay people a political issue when "gayness" should never have been politicized in the first place. its a characteristic, no different than skin color. and it should be our job as non leftists to depoliticize it, but instead people like you get upset about a bisexual character on a show about pirates (bisexual activity was common among male pirates). relax. no one complains about female homosexuality being represented (and freankly represented inaccuratly), so we shouldnt about male homosexuality. and like i said if the first thing you think of when you see a gay guy is imagining him getting lucky, you might be gay, or at least bicurious, even if it makes you sick, because most straight guys dont think about gay sex when they see a gay guy. i have tons of gay friends and i never think about them having sex, and frankly if they were to talk to me about their sex life, i wouldnt be disgusted. everyone has sex, its not a big deal. so long as i dont have to participate without consent, gay sex doesnt really bother me or gross me out at all
vasil1406 (3 years ago)
One of the fewest plot twist on TV that I trully never expected
cherie pynk (3 years ago)
+Jojjohorse i was raised Catholic wtf does it matter... the bible tells u whats what...i don't give a fuck what people do...i don't need to see that nasty shit in my face every day i turn around
Jojjo (3 years ago)
+Yhasheba Fuller No, you need to grow up because you're an immature idiot. I'm not sure if you're trolling or whatever, but tbh I don't care.  Not to be like that, because I have no problem whatsoever with religion (unless it gets pushed down my throat), but I have to ask, are you muslim? It would explain your behavior and narrow-mindedness. People don't seem to have problems with same-sex relationships unless they're religious so I just had to ask.
Jojjo (3 years ago)
+Yhasheba Fuller Well I suppose dumb people believe themselves to have a quite happy life since they don't know any better. Grow up.
cherie pynk (3 years ago)
+Jojjohorse i have a good life...happy...and homo free
cherie pynk (3 years ago)
+Runcibus Arse-Weasel lol....you are very funny
MeerAria (3 years ago)
The writers told Toby Stephens and Louise Barnes (Miranda Barlow) Flint had a relationship with Thomas Hamilton even before they took on the roles. AS TOBY HIMSELF SAYS HERE. So they could act accordingly. They were going to reveal it at the end of season 1 but decided to leave it to season 2. It is no big surprise or forced agenda. And I don't see anybody complaining about Anne Bonny and Max here. Even though Anne was a real person who escaped execution because she was pregnant with Rackham's child. Why no forced agenda there? Flint is fictional and doesn't even appear in Treasure Island only mentioned. So don't act like you've been betrayed or something. Even Toby says here "When you go back and think about season 1 again, a lot of things will fall into place and you'll go OMG that's what was going on." So he knew, writers knew and now we know. Grow up.
ChthonicRemains (1 year ago)
Homophobia is a disease that needs to go away and every homophobe in this planet should be exterminated. You're all going to be irrelevant and obsolete in a couple of years anyway.
Zebaa (1 year ago)
oh dear u should wake up this is what the companies want us to see and make people adapt to gay/lesbian things. Just say whatever u want cuz i cant change ur mind anymore its hard to get away from all the brainwash what "someone" stuffs in our head.
JustAnother Human (2 years ago)
i completely agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!
udala mandi (2 years ago)
You caaaan watch Blaack Sails hereeee https://twitter.com/e89cf85f1943e93b8/status/824452559402262528
Tickled (3 years ago)
So : In order to be Straight,I have to be Gay first ? (to 'unlock' my full potential o.O) lol. That was weird,this whole Gay-Community BS that's going on in 98% of the Shows is really annoying. I don't mind Gay People (couldn't care less in fact) ..but those Story-Plots don't fit MOST! Characters m8 ..especially not someone like C.Flint,lol.
What the hell are you talking about? No where is it Stated to be straight he had to be gay. He fell in love with Thomas. Gay or straight isn't related... those are terms silk nascent as of the 1900s. Miranda and Flint shared a bond over their love for Thomas.
cherie pynk (3 years ago)
Julian Sontowski (3 years ago)
I think its a great series
K-Zone Official (3 years ago)
if flint's last words in the show aren't "Darby M'Graw - fetch aft the rum...." im gonna stab somebody
Targaryens&Lannisters (3 years ago)
So James Flint is bisexual right, because he was lovers with both Miranda and Thomas right?
cærla c. (1 year ago)
he's gay.
cherie pynk (3 years ago)
no...he's gay dude
G W (3 years ago)
That is correct
Geniscan (3 years ago)
Well, as for me it was really unexpected and out of character because Flint's image is a very special one. He had always been an example of a masculine, strong and rough man and there's no place for such things as "gay romance". But now it doesn't matter at all because here in the show he's still this very brave, harsh and clever captain we all knew - so we just can put his past aside and enjoy his present state.
snake1mi (3 years ago)
Not everything has to be sex or perversion. There can be love between two people no matter what gender, but that love doesn't have to end up in bed.
RenoJackson (1 year ago)
Gekkou Le Vagabond (3 years ago)
Flint is one of the most deepest main characters ever made, and i didn't speak of his anus.
WondeR Plays (1 year ago)
Haha :p
cherie pynk (3 years ago)
okazaki fragment (3 years ago)
they messed up his hair... big time ............
K R (3 years ago)
I just love when my comments are deleted because they were actually insightful and respectful yet differed from the usual "why gay? we don't need that here" comment.  Really mature, deleting my words because you know you were wrong. Stay classy everyone.
shadowskater11 (3 years ago)
the truth is that more peopel in the world are bisexual and gay but they dont showit,i think capitan flint is not gay but bisexual thats a big difference,but great show i lovit i cant wait for blackbeard.
cherie pynk (2 years ago)
+travdye347 kmft...you are gay
travdye347 (2 years ago)
This just felt so tacked on to me. Nothing wrong with gay or bi relations in my view but it felt like it was just tacked on for shock value and in hopes of appealing to the lgbt community. As I have heard from most gay men I've talked to, you don't just turn gay, you are born that way or discover it very early in life. It is very possible, having experienced it with many men myself, to love men and not feel sexually attracted to them. Still a good show so far though
cherie pynk (2 years ago)
+Denelva Pikku wow...i don't care...get lost
Denelva Pikku (3 years ago)
+shadowskater11 If you notice his face during sex with Mrs. Barlow, it's clear that he's not enjoying it. He does it for her and she is the active one, while he just seem totally uninterested. He loves her, of course, but he is not sexually into women at all, that's obvious.
cherie pynk (3 years ago)
+shadowskater11 i do....but still gay to me...just living a lie...and they are the worst in my book...if you want men....just do that...don't lie n confuse ppl and yourself...hello
ThatUJohnWayne (3 years ago)
Honestly it's retarded to make the main character in a guys show gay way to isolate your fans for some SJW headlines. That being said Omar on The Wire was my favorite. I feel like this was such a ass pulled move that was just for shock value and made Flint less of a character. Not for being gay mind you but his movies were always hidden, he seemed like a very 3D character and now all the lives he took, all the people he screwed over was for his dead gay lovers memory.
ThatUJohnWayne (3 years ago)
+Madame Lucifieur That's a valid argument and I can see your point. I still don't exactly like how they did it but you get a 1+ from me :) 
Aaron Boone (3 years ago)
+ThatUJohnWayne Several levels of stupid.
K R (3 years ago)
+ThatUJohnWayne who says this is a guys show? Im a woman and I watch it.  Why should it only appeal toward men? What about women? What about queer men? What about queer women? Why should this show only cater to straight men like you?
Alessandra (3 years ago)
The only problem I have with this interview is that his luscious locks are gone. Brilliant actor on a great show!
yeah.i stopped watching this crap For fucks sake cut all the crap about gay people.Its not ok to be gay.youre all trying to be free open mind people.BULLSHIT.Its not ok if you see two guys kissing in public.you wont say oohhh how romantic.Its not ok if a guy dresses up like a girl.All these shit media throw directly into your mind and you just buy it.gay parades and shit.naked people on the streets shouting and fighting for what?you re gay?sure man you can do whatever you want in your bed.but you have to understand that its not something normal so keep it for yourself.its ok to be different.the definition of normal?normal is a guy with a girl.Not a guy with a guy not a girl with a girl not a person with an animal not a person with a dead one.Its fine if thats what you are but dont pretend its OK.do it for yourself not for the eyes of the people.just to show you re different...generation after generation people are getting more idiots and more controllable from the media etc...For the classic youtubers.No we wont kill gay people-no we wont hang them. And believe me if one day you get in your son's room and see him getting fucked in the ass from another guy you wont say OH SON IM SO PROUD OF YOU
drepop803 (2 years ago)
it seems he's losing his hair. yes he's a bad ass character. he has a cool voice to.
Boyka (2 years ago)
Gotta say, short haired flint looked much more badass than I ever expected.
Black Light (3 years ago)
Yes he plays the role best as I can imagine flint. I must admit I mainly watch black sails too follow flint personality and the way actor plays the role.
Geniscan (3 years ago)
+MrsWonKa Yeah that's truly disappointing they made him shave his head :( He had such a beautiful hairdo!
taylorlake (3 years ago)
Dame Maggie Smith's son.
Bettina Lehmann (3 years ago)
+Luckystreak Yes Toby is son Maggie Smith!!!
jamie toh (3 years ago)
Kenny De (3 years ago)
Is it a sign of intelligence nowadays when people write the words no homo over and over and over and over and over and STILL over and over and over again? Insecure much? Overcompensating much? I cant wait till the day comes when being gay lesbian bisexual or transgender are looked at with a it doesn't bother or impact or affect me in any capacity to begin with so why does it matter to me to begin with attitude? Note that was meant above to be IRONY for people who don't grasp what I just did there.
TheCCCKKK (4 years ago)
Why do people keep saying gay even though he is bi.
Stephen Fry (1 year ago)
+TheCCCKKK because he loves TheCCOKKK!
[REDACTED] Lexmond (1 year ago)
I personally see Flint as gay. Did he have a sexual relationship with a woman? Yup. But a lot of gay men do before they realise/come to terms with their sexuality. James loved Miranda without a doubt, but I don't believe he was in love with her the way he was with Thomas, and even Silver, later on.
Rusty LH (2 years ago)
+Sabrina Krohm I don't recall ever saying there weren't. So what's the point you are stumbling to make?
Sabrina Krohm (2 years ago)
+Rusty LH I didn't know there were no straight male characters in Black Sails... maybe I got something wrong?
cherie pynk (3 years ago)
he's gay....because he f men...you get the side eye!!!
bububububak (4 years ago)
I like how most people just blindly focus on something as unimportant as where his character likes to put his private parts, when there are REAL and SERIOUS problems in this world, the biggest one being this fucking haircut which I'll never be over. He could screw his bloody boat for all I care, but this... this is a crime, I tell you...
shanzfendi (2 years ago)
ahahaha too funny
drepop803 (2 years ago)
well it's not his fault, he seems to be losing his hair. at this point we'll call his character flint bisexual.
cherie pynk (3 years ago)
+Gwendoline Sutcliff fuck the hair...he looks good either way to me
Joshua Ebel (3 years ago)
+Gwendoline Sutcliff ...Yes, Gwendoline, very bad descision to cut off the bad ass hair. I DO believe that a buzz cut was seldom seen on pirate's in the 18th century! :(
Gwendoline Sutcliff (3 years ago)
I'll mourn after his hair the whole next season through 😭 seriously I loved the plot twist...in contrast to that hair decision, art directors (or whoever did this) what did you think?? 😥 ;)
Fringyrasa (4 years ago)
Honestly, I'm dying at all these people bitching about "The Gay Agenda" for all the shows with gay characters, most of those characters are supporting, almost never the main, and every single show has straight relationships. God forbid. And no one seemed to bitch when there were lesbians on the show, but got their panties in a bunch when someone like Flint had a relationship with another man. The hypocrisy is unreal.
Sam Shorto (2 years ago)
I for one am glad people like you tune out and go on live your sad little lives engrossed in your PC screen. Makes the experience so much better for the rest of us who are happy and comfortable seeing any loving relationship on TV.
Sabrina Krohm (2 years ago)
+Rusty LH Vane and Flint? You're more imaginative there than the most of the shippers, mate ^^
danii (2 years ago)
His lover being a hoe was strike 1 . i dont like playing games with hoes in real life let alone watching it on tv. strike 2 i found he was gay and deleted black sails off my computer.
Rusty LH (3 years ago)
+Storyteller Thank you for making my point.  As I stated above, straight men no longer have programming that they specifically want, unlike other demographics. However, make no mistake that this was directed largely at straight men.  Not straight men exclusively, but that was the main target audience. However, you would be dishonest if you didn't admit that the homosexual stuff was slipped in, in a very sneaky way, and this was by design.  I know many men who were totally taken off guard.  And let's be honest, this was the only way they could do it without losing the majority of that straight male audience.  If they had shown that kissing scene in the first episode, straight men would have changed the channel.  You know that...or at least, you should know that.  If you don't, you are in denial.  Those who created the series know it. Furthermore, Black Sails would be failing miserably at this point had they not done it exactly as they did.  In other words, once the homosexual relationship was revealed, the story moved away from that pretty quickly and on to what straight men came to the series for.  The Pirate action. Watch and see.  If Flint becomes involved in an active relationship with another man, such as Vane, you will see the series crash and burn.  And frankly, I won't put it past them to do just that.  Why exactly did Vane save Flint in the manner that he did?  And Vane is also severely snake bitten over women after what Eleanor did to him.  So I will not be surprised if they have Vane and Flint end up in bed.  But, I also know that when they do that, the ratings are going to fall.
cherie pynk (3 years ago)
+Storyteller you must be gay!!!
Colin Derek (4 years ago)
Wow, I did not get that he was "gay" but that he fell in love with a man. Look around an you may actually find that it happens more than you care to realize. I think it comes from loving someone who represents what you admire but do not have the capacity to become. Usually it is one way and thus it is never "consummated" but;    What happened here is that they both fell in love with each other first from respect (first element), then there was interest (second element) then there was desire (third element) now you have a desire which you want to express and being physical beings it is a natural thing to become intimate.   Today unfortunately people only know of "sex" and as a result they are not being intimate derived from a foundation of respect, interest and desire. Thus the fucked up society of no respect, no commitment, no intimacy no fulfillment and no true happiness. Instead we have a society based upon surface things, sex, appearances, political correctness and complaining without doing anything about it. all orchestrated by the moneychangers who control the media, schools curriculum, governments, wars, Hollywood and the money which the people have made their God.   In my observations and knowledge and first hand experiences; For whatever reason I have managed to avoid or refused to engage in physical acts which for me I have no desire and I also know that I would not forgive myself had I and I know all too many people who are physiologically scarred for life as a result; Which we see the tensions here.    What I love about this show is that they address these very real issues so openly. After all it is his "shame" that causes much of the tensions and then there is the public perceptions that caused the destruction of someone he loves male or female. After all he destroys all those other people and the whole town because, as his new ally so well spoke that they choose to believe the true "civilized" monsters; as today people continue to be go alongers to get alonger, which maintains the control over every facet of our lives including those who want to be free form those chains.. 'people become used to horrors that they end up supporting them' or better said "...all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to rite themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed."  (The Unanimous Declaration of Independence).
kristian valchev (3 months ago)
Colin Derek are you crazy this shts too long soz mate
SallyandJohnny (6 months ago)
I love this comment <3
drepop803 (2 years ago)
Colin Derek i completely agree. i never thought of him as gay just that he fell for a dude. he had sex with atleast one woman on the show. i dont care what he is. he's a badass character
Errhka (3 years ago)
+Colin Derek I need to frame this and put it on my wall
Dalal Mansour (4 years ago)
I think he is SO PERFECT for this character whether he became gay or not.
yeah.i stopped watching this crap For fucks sake cut all the crap about gay people.Its not ok to be gay.youre all trying to be free open mind people.BULLSHIT.Its not ok if you see two guys kissing in public.you wont say oohhh how romantic.Its not ok if a guy dresses up like a girl.All these shit media throw directly into your mind and you just buy it.gay parades and shit.naked people on the streets shouting and fighting for what?you re gay?sure man you can do whatever you want in your bed.but you have to understand that its not something normal so keep it for yourself.its ok to be different.the definition of normal?normal is a guy with a girl.Not a guy with a guy not a girl with a girl not a person with an animal not a person with a dead one.Its fine if thats what you are but dont pretend its OK.do it for yourself not for the eyes of the people.just to show you re different...generation after generation people are getting more idiots and more controllable from the media etc...For the classic youtubers.No we wont kill gay people-no we wont hang them. And believe me if one day you get in your son's room and see him getting fucked in the ass from another guy you wont say OH SON IM SO PROUD OF YOU
Kath P (3 years ago)
Flint is obviously bisexual. He is awesome any way!
L.J.G. Tolentino (4 years ago)
It all boils down to this: Flint is angry with the world for not letting his boyfriend's pole spit juice in his @ss and live happily everafter.. I don't how such a motivation is entertaining..
ACAB (4 years ago)
for me...he being gay makes him more cool...also now all those flasshbacks make sense

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