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Dating Tips for Men : How to End a Relationship

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In order to end a relationship, the most important thing to remember is to be honest, to have concrete reasons and to be clear about what is being said. End a relationship kindly and politely with tips from a professional dating coach in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: www.newyorkdatingcoach.com Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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CGkam (6 years ago)
@ioknlaz My ex came running back to me after 3 weeks. If you say the right things they'll want you back. Watch this video and learn >> bit.ly/RUB22y?=djxdlf
Danny Nichols (6 years ago)
how many 'dating coaches' are there?
iitzNetwork (7 years ago)
Ok so this girl broke up with me cause she was scared that I was going to hurt her and that I didn't love her but I just found out that she still likes me and she knows I like her but I dont know what to do
mack awack (7 years ago)
I find shitting on their chest in a seedy hotel room then high tailing it outta there like a crime scene is the best option. really gets the point across I find.... closure is important.
LaurAgony (7 years ago)
@bavmysta First of al its the dumbest way to brake up...
JunkyardKid (8 years ago)
@DiceEsque you said it all.
MateGrinder (8 years ago)
No man should take advice from a woman as to how to end a relationship. It's not the same thing.
Stephen Girgis (8 years ago)
Wait... did she say reproductions or reprocutions?
bavmysta (8 years ago)
I broke up with my ex.. It was so easy Be gentle? I've never gone back, never had them as friends.. just went straight to the point. ''Get your ugly white face off my porch. I don't wanna see you again'' So Simple yet so effective. Works every time!
Muffinfordinner (8 years ago)
Sounds like a reasonable way for reasonable people to conduct themselves. In other words, no one's going to listen to you.
Agent1W (8 years ago)
@NattHrafn I've been rejected many times with girls before a relationship ever began. That's certainly more of a good thing, although at first I felt bad from being incapable of holding a relationship. If I can't give what a woman wants, then there's nothing else about it. I could give things other women do want, though. Take it or leave it, I suppose!
jusitke07 (9 years ago)
Okay gotcha....here I go.....maybe tomorrow.
CyanoticFuture (10 years ago)
End a relationship with honesty,respect and politeness?HAHAHAHA Like when my one gf decided she was done with me out of the blue by crawling all over my best friend in front of all my coworkers(bout 200) and a bunch of my friends(bout 10) at a company party I brought her to? Yea ok,how bout i just do unto others whats been done to me?
777appleguy (10 years ago)
I like the, it's not you its me routine.

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