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Creed Millesime Imperial Fragrance Review from The Creed Boutique NYC with Luis

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Millesime Imperial was released in 1995 by Olivier Creed. This Fragrance is great in warm weather a Citrus/Fruit Salty Sea Breeze Signature Scent Worthy for sure. I want to Thank My good friend Luis from Creed its always a pleasure filming at The Creed Boutique. Look out for The Real vs Fake Creed Green Irish Tweed Video with Luis in the Near Future........RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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Text Comments (148)
Virgil Hammond (1 month ago)
Thank you Al for doing these Creed videos, I have learned a lot. I have Aventus, Silver Moutain Water, Himalaya, and Millesime Imperial.
Hussein Ali (3 months ago)
Hi another great video thanks. Please review Erolfa.
Darin Auvil (6 months ago)
Al...step up your dress game brah...can’t take you seriously.
Shaf Serious (8 months ago)
You @ the fucking boutique again!
TheClipperKing (8 months ago)
Millesime is actually french for vintage
Omar D. (9 months ago)
Just bought it at the Creed boutique and I swear I can’t smell on me after a couple to 3 hrs . Considering returning it . So far I do a spray on on left and right of neck and one on chest .. I haven’t got any comments :( should I spray much more? This stuff ain’t cheap ! Haha
al capone (1 year ago)
I just got 30 ml for 60 bucks
Jenny Salinas (1 year ago)
What website can i order authentic creed colonge thanks?
Micholas Nitchell (1 year ago)
"It lasts on the skin, you don't have to worry about it"
Jose Ochoa (1 year ago)
I also get 6-8 hrs of longevity! ;-)
BuddyVlogs410 (1 year ago)
Next time I go to NYC I'm going to this boutique
Coop (1 year ago)
Bring Louis back!!!
Pardon Me (2 years ago)
He forgot to mention that just before bottling, it is gargled by an angel and spit up on the the pinky toes of many Cuban virgins, followed by being crop dusted over those very Sicilian lemon that are part of this royal composition.
shaunxk8 (2 years ago)
Think of a classier version of Hugo Boss for men made with better ingredients and for me that's M.I.  all in all a very nice fragrance.
M V (1 year ago)
shaunxk8 not quite
Bombasticated 2 (2 years ago)
the Saudi guy paid with bar of gold for it and he probably ordered some unlucky person to be executed sideways
TFlorida1 (2 years ago)
??? ??? (2 years ago)
lol at the western belief that middle-eastern countries don't have actual currencies or banking systems.
Yacob 99 (2 years ago)
the media ruined ur tiny mind
Said Mansoor Wahab (3 years ago)
On my skin, this smells like the most generic cologne. It smells exactly like "Exceptional because you are". Disappointed.
Tony O'Shea (2 years ago)
Lol damn i will have to test this in a few days when i get my Mi sample to see if they are the same.
spiros botos (2 years ago)
+Said Mansoor Wahab sucks man sorry to hear that, i had a few colognes i loved!! but they stunk like shit on me its so fucked up, its like loving a girl and her not loving back lmao
Eddy Moscardi (3 years ago)
the legend says that he sleeps under that table inside the boutique
Guc1001 (2 years ago)
dexxhunt (3 years ago)
At first,I was skeptical to purchase it because of what I heard about the longevity.Turns out MI is a absolute savage beast on me man lol...I'm talking after getting home from work and being out ALL day,I can still smell it on myself,not to mention,you might not believe me,but in my bathroom that I sprayed it in...the very next day I could still smell traces of it.At the end of the day,everybody has different chemistry.
dexxhunt (2 years ago)
+00asha00 haha!
dexxhunt (2 years ago)
+spiros botos LOL
spiros botos (2 years ago)
+dexxxhunt good shit MF'R, go out and win
Mr PSB (3 years ago)
Great video but what's up with the sunglasses indoors? Not a good look! Hahahaha
nls8520 (3 years ago)
+Paul brayshaw I think he said he suffers from allergy's and his eyes are puffy.
brent0529 (3 years ago)
2009 Millesime lasts like a mofo. It seems a little more floral than my 2012 bottle and my buddies 2013 flacon. 2009 is not as salty, even though I don't mind the salt at all.
xdonnyboyx (3 years ago)
Hey Al +FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 is there anyway to get just a cap for a bottle of MI? I recently purchased a tester and I'd like to get a matching cap, thanks!
brent0529 (3 years ago)
 I need one also for Tabarome. Which Millesime and Tabaromes caps are close enuff to be interchangeable.
classyfrag (3 years ago)
6-8 hours? Even he knows that's not true. Luis...not you Al.
DMaster81 (3 years ago)
I love MI and even I about laughed out loud when I heard that.  I like these videos but sometimes it comes off more as advertising for creed than truly informational.  then again, what sales assoc. is gonna say "well the longevity could be better"
F. Scott Fitzgerald (3 years ago)
If you're new to Creed, Millesime Imperial is definitely a superb fragrance. Creed Santal, Green Irish Tweed, Aventus, and Silver Mountain Water are also excellent choices to complement your collection. You can't go wrong with any of these. They are all pretty well universally liked by women and men.    
dachucktaylor1 (4 years ago)
Great video, and the creed sales associate broke it down about the prices
netweed09 (4 years ago)
Wow, fanatic look into the House, great work, thanks!
moonc4lf (4 years ago)
sunglasses indoors....don't be that guy
cohibadad (4 years ago)
Millesime Imperial and Al and Creed Boutique are all fantastic
Jovi Lim (4 years ago)
I just subscribed to your channel. well done 
romaczech75 (4 years ago)
$275 for a 2.5 fl oz spray? Uh, no thanks. $100 is my limit for anything that is that size or less. And I'm REAAAALLLLY going to have to LOVE it for me to buy it if it's in that $75 - $100 range.
VT 24 (5 months ago)
romaczech75 lol, enjoy your Curve and Axe. Life's too short to not Creed it up... **orders Original Santal @ full retail**
흰손 (1 year ago)
I hate for those people saying it only last 3 hours or some shits like that just because they are used to strong winter scents and can't really pick up the smell of summer fragrances and claims that it only last 2 or 3 hours Lmao. Also if you are a millionaire, you won't care about the longevity since you can buy a lot of them. It just seems like you are having hard time with your living with the minimum wage lol
DMaster81 (3 years ago)
+romaczech75 just do like me and get in on splits.  I have literally never spent over $100 on any purchase.  I wouldn't spend that much on a bottle either, but when you can get a split for like $50 for 30mL it makes it more affordable  
romaczech75 (4 years ago)
+DGRWPF Dude, even if I was a mult-millionaire I still wouldn't buy that stuff. From what I've been reading from various online reviews the scent only lasts 2 - 3 hours anyway.
DGPF (4 years ago)
Creed is not for poor people. Go back to le male and coolwater! 
Talented Skull (4 years ago)
The best review on Millesime Imperial ...!
sbkarmen sbk (4 years ago)
what do you guys think about buying from overstock.com??
boomy818 (4 years ago)
Just doesn't work on me 3 hours later.... disappointed with this one.
Nicky T (4 years ago)
MI is a great scent indeed, longevity is deceptive on my skin.  I can't detect it on my skin after an hour, but I have gotten some really good compliments after 4-5 hours... so it does last.
kenlab77 (5 years ago)
I was lucky enough to acquire an un-used 4.0 oz GOLD bottle of MI. Some powerful stuff compared to the newer version. No longevity issues with this one. A bit more of a salty vibe for the 1st 1-2 hrs, then the melon notes bring it home till you wash it off. Gorgeous stuff!
brent0529 (5 years ago)
2009.Mega floral, low saltiness...I liked it better than my 2012 which is heavy salt.
boomy818 (5 years ago)
ive actually started to love git! git is third now!
Burninmyleather (5 years ago)
Hey @AL guys which batch of MI is the best one? im looking for the panty dropper batch
Revengeofthestorm61 (5 years ago)
Hi Al, i always believe in Creed MI so i wanted to test it, i stopped 50 women in london streets and i made them compare aventus vs MI. Guess what happened? Creed MI crushed Aventus 41 to 9. there was no even a contest, Creed MI is the king of Creed
OdinIsYourFather (1 year ago)
Congrats, you have my applause!
brent0529 (5 years ago)
These are the exact 4 that I love and will always own,no other creeds.Id get royal oud for fall/winter if it was not over $300...I have aventus,git,millesime right now...Silver mntn water is next in a month or 2....My rating list is the same as urs,except maybe git,silver mntn water may be reversed,idk yet.
boomy818 (5 years ago)
millesime imperial is the best. compared to the other ones. i kinda didnt like green irish tweed. it was a little too strong. but i got millesime imperial and the little travel bottle aventus he gave me as a gift!!!! thats 155 right there for free.. millesime imperial is first for me aventus is second silver mountain water third and green irish fourth. idc what you say as that is my nose. tell me what you think though.
silverss onyoutube (5 years ago)
the sprayers on these creed bottles are putting out like 15PSI lol they spray too strong , 1 spray is like a shower .
silverss onyoutube (5 years ago)
wow sales guy own bottle wrapped in gold and al almost knocked it off the shelf LOL at 0:22
William Grand (5 years ago)
I wish the lady at the local department store where i live knew this much about fragrances.
Nik Trader (5 years ago)
Hi From Russia! Thanks for vid, man! Respect your vids and reviews!
Anthony Castro (5 years ago)
lmao al almost knock some of those creed bottles at 0:22
nickdzioba (5 years ago)
First time checking out your vids, but I love this scent and love this video. Great job Al!
Mike K (5 years ago)
Luis sure kept his calm when that golden bottle got knocked at 00:21 lol.
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
I think this person was talking about like stores only though so that's why I came up with these places.
Spiteful Hopes (5 years ago)
FragranceNet also has free shipping on orders $70 and up, which if you're looking for Creed, you qualify lol. Good prices for Creed's there as well.
Spiteful Hopes (5 years ago)
Sucks for you, Millesime Imperial lasted me from 10 AM till 8 PM last week, was surprised my friend asked me what I was wearing. Didn't think it'd last that long.
Brandon Falco (5 years ago)
suckers speding 200 for a low end designer smellng fragrance that last 3 hours. suckers haha
InTheAir1122 (5 years ago)
The street scents series is the shining star of your channel! :D
FoxxWorthi (5 years ago)
I fell in with the majority of people that get 2-3 hours of projection.. lets see how it does in the extreme heat which is the reason I bought it.. it is a great scent for sure....
Omar D. (9 months ago)
Just bought it at the Creed boutique and I swear I can’t smell on me after a couple to 3 hrs . Considering returning it . So far I do a spray on on left and right of neck and one on chest .. I haven’t got any comments :( should I spray much more? So far nobody has commented :( lol
adil sultan (5 years ago)
The gold bottle we have them in UK
Mikey Teflo (5 years ago)
Al.. from Chi-Town, Ur the shit my Brutha!!!! Keep up on keepin up! Love all your Vid man!
qaylin (5 years ago)
MI, GIT, Aventus, and VIW... My go to Creeds.
aucfan (5 years ago)
Creed Millesime Imperial is a great introductory scent to the house of Creed.. How can you not like this scent... One sniff and you'll be hooked on The Creed House..
Nicky T (5 years ago)
Luis is a great guy, I usually speak to him every other week,
Jermel Kidd (5 years ago)
Luis is getting very good at reviewing. I could see him doing his own thing. Great vid as always.
DanStarbuck1 (5 years ago)
MI reminds me of a business man opening a briefcase full of money, nice crisp fresh notes! You feel like a bossman wearing MI. My SOTD! :-)
Faizwellcomesyou (5 years ago)
Great vid al
Bigwave2003 (5 years ago)
Olivier Creed must be having nightmares thinking about Al as the YouTube ambassador for Creed's elite line of royal fragrances. 260 years spent building a corporate image, gone.
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
Just got my Golden Flanker from in the mail and sprayed it and already it smells stronger as expected. Not mind blowing strong but stronger.
kermit1 (5 years ago)
hey Al, would love to see you do a video from one of Bond No 9's boutiques in NYC
VirginiaMist (5 years ago)
Thanks for the video, Al.
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
Saks 5th avenue, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Dillards if you have one near you. The first 3 though are the main ones.
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
Lol just scored on one to Rob. The juice in those are way better and a bit stronger than the current version
Mike K (5 years ago)
Need 4 Creed (burnt rubber, oil, leather, pine tree) Creed - Assassin (incense, rose) Please Creed, gamers want some quality juice too!
ABRA KADABRA (5 years ago)
The first of the video was informative to me. Always great to hear more on this frag house.
jposco (5 years ago)
Luis is a G..
CoachRob619 (5 years ago)
I want that gold bottle!!
DG27x (5 years ago)
Awesome video guys & can't wait for the Real vs Fake video, besides buying creed cologne at there boutique what other stores can I buy the cologne in NY ? Thanks
VikingShaver (5 years ago)
Regarding Creed Himalaya. I own both Himalaya and Paco Tabanna XS. I know everyone says Cool Water reminds them of GIT, it does but GIT is a far better composed frag. Mont Blanc Individuel reminds me of Original Santal, but still OS is a bit better - but they are close. However Paco Rabanne XS actually to my nose is better than Creed Himalaya. If Himalaya was not a creed, every youngster under 30 would call the scent of Himalaya mature, dated & pretty mediocre. Just being honest. Claus, Denmark
Patrikduke (5 years ago)
Luis and Al - you guys do rock! Awesome!!!
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
Looks like a found a site with that flanker too.
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
Should do a video comparison though between the juice in that Gold Flanker and the new version.
hollywoodrdscholar (5 years ago)
When does himalaya going to get any love.IT is NEVER mentioned in any creed videos!
ahmed Gamal (5 years ago)
This. I heard MI + Spring Flower is amazing!
lionofgod9 (5 years ago)
are u going to review some shit?
Madahz Badzaiye (5 years ago)
I hear ya bro!
andgar923 (5 years ago)
I guess this will be my scent of the day!!!
VikingShaver (5 years ago)
Lasts 3-4 hours on my skin. EDP concentration, yeah right ;-)
AP0LL0edc (5 years ago)
I love MI but have been reluctant to buy my own full bottle. Do you think the current batch available is as good as the original/vintage version?
The Dumb Reach (5 years ago)
Live these, Al. Great vids.
fcknfrank (5 years ago)
this was crazy informative, my love for creed frags continues. thanks al & luis
Aymanali Jumma (5 years ago)
Didn't the king kill Creed after 4 hours of the fragrance's longevity?
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
Umm Millesime kinda does smell like Unforgivable a bit I can't deny but it does have a bit of a better smell though.If you buy something from the creed store, that should be one of the samples that they will give you. Also of course, you could buy a sample from ebay as well. G.I.T. does smell like Cool Water a tiny bit but way better and also of course, depending on the Batches, you'll get others that will smell closer to Cool Water and others that won't seem too. All and all it's way better.
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
Depends, look at the Seller's Reputation
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
Green Irish no matter what Batch you have. Millesime just doesn't last. The best longevity you could ever get with Imperial is like 5 hours and that's with that Gold bottle there which is the vintage in which is pretty much impossible to find.
Mrod Ant (5 years ago)
For fragrance reviews this is the only channel I go to. I like how there is a variety of shows, that's what a channel should be! So one show you might be at home another you're on the street asking random people what they think, and then you got your shows in a boutique setting with a sales rep. Keep doing what you're doing!
Mark G (5 years ago)
Too bad mi doesnt last, he should have talked about that!
Sumeet Lal (5 years ago)
Millesime Imperial or Green Irish Tweed?? Which one has better projection and longevity??
DMaster81 (5 years ago)
me too, lol
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
Want to find that Gold Flanker
UFG8tersKJ317 (5 years ago)
I feel like a real BOSS when I wear this!
Kaws Troop (5 years ago)
al is there a website where i can get samples from colognes
Thomas Oldenbeuving (5 years ago)
Great video man. Love the creed boutique videos you know. You get to know something about creed every video. But did Luis just say that you can put the atomizer in your wallet? Lol. I know my wallet ain't that big! Keep it up man
Redolessence (5 years ago)
My first Creed as well. Thank you for the video, Al!
QWERTYOP80 (5 years ago)
This video should've been on QVC.
QWERTYOP80 (5 years ago)
I lol'd hard when the Creed guy said "it lasts on the skin".

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