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100 Years of Fashion: Men's Swimwear ★ Glam.com

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Since 1915, men have been stripping down for the sake of a swim. Tune in as we highlight the best men's swimwear - and abs. ★ Go to Glam for videos: http://www.glam.com ★ { Model } Matt https://instagram.com/matty_watts/ ★ { Music Tracks } on Premium Beat - Pulp Story by: Francesco D’Andrea Highballers by: Gyom Havana Club by: Notes Production Rasta Man by: Olive Musique Yes by: JAM Studio Visit http://www.glam.com Visit us for more! http://www.glam.com Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Glam Friend us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/byGlamInc Check us out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/you.are.glam/ Get inspired on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/glampins/ Add us to your circle on Google+: http://bit.ly/glam-googleplus”
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Text Comments (9501)
Laís (4 hours ago)
mas q homao
THE UNNIVERSE! (20 hours ago)
interesting but... wtf did I just watch at 12:59 am
Darren Farion (1 day ago)
If I wasn't gay before seeing this I sure would be now..lol 😍😍
Tounge Lasher (1 day ago)
The swimsuit style didn't change much from 95 to 2015 .
ree ree (1 day ago)
So much thirst in these comments, I'm resepectful I just kept looking at the parts that were covered 😏
Alex Smith (1 day ago)
I need him inside of me.
Eggnog Hot Fluff! (1 day ago)
Adrian Garcia (1 day ago)
Show his dick
Tre McCloud (1 day ago)
I was straight
Paulet Ardavin (2 days ago)
Algún latino que haya visto la sorpresa que se carga el joven? jajaja
andr4h4 (2 days ago)
I would have shown them naked... :-) As you can see I think that nudity is a normal thing
Puny PumpkinG (2 days ago)
I love his little dance in 1975
Shoaib malik (2 days ago)
thank god i born in 1998😜
Shoaib malik (2 days ago)
thank god i born in 1988😜
el d 1955 esa moda debe d regresar xq esta muy bien eso para la playa
asterixxer (3 days ago)
Must be american, here we wear slip like ones in the 80s and 90s
Anurag Kashyap (3 days ago)
James Sunix (4 days ago)
In other words swimwear went from exciting and stylish to boring as hell.
Pedro (4 days ago)
I'm here because of him, I don't care about underwears
Sandhy Arisandhy (5 days ago)
I dont like with the short..buts l am like with the mr. P...oh my god its very good
Danny Griffith (5 days ago)
No speedos? He could have done them justice!!
Rolando Jr. Antonio (5 days ago)
1955 underwear is the best
Claire Defresnes (5 days ago)
For swimming or sunbathing, what's the utility of a swimsuit??? From the origins of humanity until quite recently (the swimsuit has been invented in the 19th century), people all over the world used to swim naked, only naked. For swimming or sunbathing, relaxing, walking in the nature etc., what’s the utility of a swimsuit ? It’s unpleasant, and nudity is nice. Why is nudity so often forbidden? Frankly, seeing something indecent, sexual, offensive, just in the fact of swimming naked, sunbathing naked, walking naked etc. requires having serious mental and sexual issues.
Boom Baam (6 days ago)
1975 <3
byakuya98 (6 days ago)
If i have ovaries they woudl've bursted by now. DAMN!!!
Johnny Aingel (6 days ago)
Wow he is very sexy matt watts i think his name is and that body WOW amazing
Tonino 8 (6 days ago)
nah! the speedos are the icons, where are they
benedict peralta (6 days ago)
HE'S SO CUTE... 😍 😂😂😂
gnilttbs (7 days ago)
I was genuinely interested in the swimsuits, not in him. And I'm bi with an unquestionable preference for men. He's just not my type. Impressive testicles, though.
I’m a gamer (7 days ago)
1945 when lifeguard movies started 1955 when they stopped
N.C.K BR (7 days ago)
Marcin B. (7 days ago)
Fucking handsome.
anime weeb (7 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I clicked for the thumbnail so did you
Zinnie Boy (7 days ago)
HOT DAMN!! I would love to have been the camera man... lol
Mr Lechero (7 days ago)
So true, the 2015,.,pink .daisy dukes, now ppl wear w/e they like..slowly started in 2k
happy traveller (7 days ago)
miss speedo in eighteens
mrb18us (8 days ago)
Lawd mercy who is this man...that moose knuckle he has in some of those has me all verklempt....
krishna Love (8 days ago)
OMG....that camera....
Linda W (8 days ago)
Where's the Speedo?
FelixFace (8 days ago)
0:00 I knew they put the text there just to censor the penis.
Finni (8 days ago)
Oh no, he's hot!
unbrightly precious (8 days ago)
let us see his cock
I'm Gay (8 days ago)
why didn't they take the creative license to make up a 2025 look? missed opportunity..
Spilled Tea (8 days ago)
*I want his dick*
League of Memes (9 days ago)
Small Dick...
Kanna The Dragon loli (9 days ago)
Steven Quartz (9 days ago)
Admit it ... Y'all just came to see the hot men
R-Jay Ramos (10 days ago)
nice undeerwears'
Freezy (10 days ago)
What’s his name???
Carlos Ribeiro (10 days ago)
Sorry! I am from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. It was ok until 1975, after it is totally wrong.
Pɣȶȶɛʀ Gαrcια (10 days ago)
What man😍
Ela Łabaj (10 days ago)
filmi-masala Bollywood (11 days ago)
Kingsley Guo (11 days ago)
That’s a nice bulge
브렌트코리건 (12 days ago)
존나 야한데.ㅎㄷㄷ
Suharinos (12 days ago)
Where are jocks, and strings ? aswell ball bags ?
perth45 (12 days ago)
stunning, even has nice feet....
Thierry Mansour (13 days ago)
No speedo at all ? Come on this is not a real 100 years evolution.
Evgeny Zak (13 days ago)
Why is it so long after 1975? Everyone is surfer now?
John Doe (13 days ago)
Bring 1975 back! Stop sexist and homophobic male body shaming now!
roger dou7 (14 days ago)
That guy looks good in swimsuits from every decade. I mean how could he not with that body & those incredible legs. I gasp every time he strips (thinking I'll see something extra!)
Exstella (14 days ago)
The camera man must’ve gotten a good eye shot, 😝
Gintoki chan (14 days ago)
I always want to try 1915s swimwear ;(
Johnathon Spade (15 days ago)
I sware to god that is not 2015. No thank you. Matter of opinion. Not what's in. NEXT! Lol
kudos2ya37 (15 days ago)
they forgot when men wore speedos & speedo thongs
More2327 Gamer (15 days ago)
, well . and for nude beaches ?
Black ChanZX (15 days ago)
This Guy Can Change In Front Of A Camera While I Can't Even Change In The Locker Room
Chase Liu (15 days ago)
my nose would bleed if i was the camera man
Jose Blog (16 days ago)
all came here to not see his under wear XD
Peoples Choice (16 days ago)
dude is hoooot ... im crying
Luka Jakob (16 days ago)
*I would give everything to be this camerman* 😂
Clay Crei (17 days ago)
I thought I was straight. Now I can go 360.
Tahmina akhter (18 days ago)
show your penis
Javi Ruiz (19 days ago)
Best video ever
Apirak Paenmunin (20 days ago)
I like that bulge and I want to play with his balls at the beach. Lol.
Alexander Lukin (20 days ago)
Did you really look at clothes? ))
Viral Videos (20 days ago)
Viral Videos (20 days ago)
Ženia Freebie (20 days ago)
Wow, horrible you dont cover the nipples, just like the females have to. shame on you
s b (20 days ago)
I was just here for his changing beard and hair. Style... I swear
Sater Draj (20 days ago)
It seems to have got less interesting with time. I felt that the 50's 60's and 70's were more fashionable.
Resident Baker (20 days ago)
why is this music in zombie catcher?
Alex Givera (21 days ago)
What no baywatch?
AOT Alemán (21 days ago)
Small package
Hako2004 (21 days ago)
1955 and 1965 for the win.
Via Niken (21 days ago)
Bisa di sedot aaaaahh
Via Niken (21 days ago)
Kontrolnya kurang jelas di lihat biar aaaaaah
Via Niken (21 days ago)
Model2 celana Kurang hot kontrolnya tak kelihatan
Dylan Eren (21 days ago)
Can we please make Speedos a thing?
John Doe (13 days ago)
homophobes don't want it probably.
Patius (21 days ago)
I guess this video does not apply to Miami
The Shelbeth (22 days ago)
This is borderline pORn
adam ramirez (22 days ago)
i perfer 1925
Miquel Aparicio (22 days ago)
great 30/09/18 1:25, and I'm begining to feel bi. Thanks Youtube
Avi Gupta (22 days ago)
Wow hot n sexy
John M (23 days ago)
This did not need a video.
Angela Salazar (23 days ago)
Boy I wish I was that fly on that wall checking all this out
Angela Salazar (23 days ago)
Come on guys don’t be greedy help the needy
Eres Hartanto (23 days ago)
He looks good in 95 up
trudy medina (24 days ago)
Seriously the weird camera angles are ruining this video

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