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Elon Musk - Work ethics, Principles, Attitude, Failure - Pearls of Advice.

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An analysis of Elon Musk's beliefs, work ethics, strategies. His attitude towards a product, consumers and criticism. His first principles approach to problems and tenacity is worth appreciating. However the highlight of his character is his attitude towards failure. Clips from elon musk interviews, elon musk commencement speech. Thanks for your views guys. Here are my other videos about Elon Musk and his unique brand of courage. Elon Musk : Leaving Earth is the next step in human evolution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qRWS3dbkDU Mars, Cars & Solars : Tribute to Elon Musk and Evoution of life on Earth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTWzzWCxKoU Is Elon Musk the Modern Henry Ford https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSHgz98B0MQ Elon Musk lecture on technical and cost cutting aspects in Spacex. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30SfudJduJU Charles Darwin and Elon Musk : Asking Questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDKuau-490g 10 interesting facts and one extremely awkward question to Elon Musk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZsXhWpuahU Elon Musk's TESLA - Driven by Passion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8w462zJ62yU
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Jaqen H'ghar (8 days ago)
You know it ain't scripted when he stutters
Prince Eugene Of Savoy (11 days ago)
13:37 well played Sire
Thanks just a good cut of elon musk not just another stupid motivation video with a dumb music and random people just the essential thank you!
M (23 days ago)
da fuck is he wearing
Omar Ortega (28 days ago)
1. Work Super-hard 2. Attract Great People 3. Reason by First Principles (Approach in Physics) not by Analogy 5. Take Risks 6. Confident that Good/Service will have High Value to Someone 7. Have a High Pain Threshold 8. Product/Service is Excellent 10. Obsessive Nature with regard to Quality of Product/Service 11. Love What You Do 12. Never Give Up
Eugene Bolotnov (1 month ago)
Eugene Bolotnov (1 month ago)
Jay Magee (1 month ago)
Jay Magee (1 month ago)
you're doing amazing sweetie
Luke Harrington (1 month ago)
(FTEG) CANNABIS stock is poised for a Breakout in Price**And $250,000 profit for an investor that owns 25 Million shares acquired for pennies on the dollar. 25 Million Shares owned times 1 Cent price move up is $250k in Gains
William Leary (2 months ago)
I've never admired another living person as much as I have come to admire Elon Musk. I feel privileged to be alive at a time that he is alive. I truly believe he will be the catalyst that a) gets humans to Mars, b) spurs electric vehicle adoption, and c) inspires a new generation to ever greater heights. Bravo, Elon.
Lets be human (2 months ago)
6:53 - interview was perfect in asking an example. I was about to say the same. Thanks.
Francisco Nieves (2 months ago)
Dis wun
Itsiwhatitsi (2 months ago)
luck is always more important than hard work. Even If to be lucky you must work hard
abdulhaseeb muslim (2 months ago)
He is Super Human. But I’m very Sad 😔 that he can’t encode all his thoughts to us by 100%.
Barbara Brinkmeyer (3 months ago)
Failure is a negative assessment, but it's just part of advancing. We fall, dust ourselves off, then rise above our limitations if we are wise about looking hard at our previous realities. However, work diligently. Work through/past all barriers. Dispell mythology wherever possible, using a hard-core rationale that is repeatedly tested, proven, repeatable, ... & tough-minded. "Take no prisoners" (as in, don't make exceptions for low behavior -- ever).., be heroic. Lead a finer way. Ask others to improve along with you as you improve upon yourself. A fine company doesn't require advertising because, as all work together on progress, evolution, and greatest possible outcomes, results speak for themselves. It is true - don't follow the trend (as that's usually connected to past thought and prior reason). Be unrelenting. Be passionate, and the things that have to be done, do so if it's feasibly decent. You will thank yourself. Do take breaks here and there so that one doesn't lose their wherewithall. (Ok, so I'm an MBA but I'm looking for ways to bridge old and newest realities ... in financial realms, CFP as add'l progress. So that may mean a Ph.D. -- assessing. Goal: Help others grow, retain, and free their earnings fro gov't, long term.) *** One does have to develop far above the norm. *** Be exceptional after plenty of failure. Failure is just part of the process, but failure doesn't define one's sum totality. ***** Never make ethical exceptions, if one can possibly do so. Ask others to hold their esteem and ethics high (if they possibly can). Don't hang around Narcissists who are clinical. Life is too valuable. ***** Constantly seek input, but if it is criticism, show others that they can modify criticism by converting it into adjusted feedback. There is a difference.
kooolman (3 months ago)
Work 100 hour a week for what? Why not be simple, get a balanced job and have life? Why ppl r running after so much success to satisfy themselves when they cant even breathe one hour a week lol. I just dont understan elon musks advise specially after the evident failure of tesla.
H- Projek (4 months ago)
go Elonnn
Salt (4 months ago)
This motivated me to start cooking again and I got better, the smoke didn't trigger the fire alarm and I didn't need a gas mask this time.
Mlaursen47 (4 months ago)
The only way to become succesfull is for others to fail
Kitty O (5 months ago)
I just read that he’s pretty impulsive and fires employees without getting the facts. What’s that costing him??
Łukasz Stanisławowski (5 months ago)
Great man
Dj Death (5 months ago)
i cant hear anything
Meng Sok (5 months ago)
I'm surprised that 18k+ like this idiot speaking. I own a business and so many of my relatives, we work super hard, 10-12 hours/day, 7 days/week, but it's because we work for our own business. Now if you go to work for someone else, $12/hours, 100 hours/week, I bet if you can commit for a more than a few months. The different here is that: you work for yourself vs. you work for other. Elon Musk is working hard for himself, ask him to work for me for $12/hours, 100 hours/week, see if he can change the world with that. Idiot!
Yogesh Kukreti (6 months ago)
Words can't describe this man. sometimes i wonder is he human or not?
s j (6 months ago)
“Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits”
parvin eblagh (7 months ago)
The previous give an 😥😥😥aircraft full of money to...........
drowningblonde (8 months ago)
Working 100 hours a week isn't having a life regardless of if you enjoy it or not. I'd rather be at home enjoying my life than at work.
Richard Phelps (8 months ago)
I love that this video has a 1337 length haha. This video is literally 1337.
Urszula Gromadzka (9 months ago)
Fundacja dla kurwy meskie I zlodzieji
Tandiwe Zulu (10 months ago)
Very cool, thanks for putting this together!
ImagE Native (10 months ago)
Thanks for the appreciation. Do share it with those who deserve and need....
Adriana Adnan (10 months ago)
He really loves couches.
Santa Rosa Amanda Armas (10 months ago)
KJMax (11 months ago)
Is this the guy pushing gambling on line into counties that can least afford it?? No thanks!! Won't watch this.
John McCarthy (11 months ago)
He’s taken Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 rules of success and brought them to a new generation. Go Arnold! Go Elon!
Dan Saver (11 months ago)
‘Pack Your Bags’: Italy’s New Interior Minister Talks Tough on Migrants  http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/06/04/pack-your-bags-italys-new-interior-minister-talks-touch-on-migrants/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=daily&utm_content=links&utm_campaign=20180604
Stole Macukov (11 months ago)
He doesnt stutter, its the way his mind works. Very critical view on things and analyses everything. Every word he uses has a story behind, not in poetic way, but his view on things and the vision he has. He is taking his time to pick the right word in the sentence he is saying so ordinary folk could understand. I am positive that he can rap out what his vision is, just not his style. Talk less say more
Thanks for uploading :)
Prima61 (1 year ago)
These are some of the most honest pieces of advice for success I've ever heard.
Rahel Campbell (1 year ago)
10 Reasons Why Salesforce is the Quintessential Aquarian Business https://hellorahel.com/2018/05/04/449/
AnilaAmitha (1 year ago)
how to convince people to join my group?
Dan Cooper (1 year ago)
Elon: That's how I discovered how to get to Mars in under 90 minutes. See: Trump (via NASA) outed free energy on November 16, 2017. https://www.sciencealert.com/it-s-official-nasa-s-peer-reviewed-em-drive-paper-has-finally-been-published. No president before him, try as they did, were able to do that; though, many have tried. Hillary said that Bill wouldn’t do it because he was too scared. Hmm. On November 16, 2020, NASA will out (release their peer reviews), per Trump’s direct orders, of various free energy generators. On February 18, 2021, at his first campaign rally for a second term as President of the United States of America, Trump will announce that, due to free energy, every American will be employed, every American will receive free and full health care insurance and benefits and, every American will receive (save), at least, $10,000 per year from that point forward. The Democrats plan to counter that with their high end “escort services” fee collection campaign for Stormy Daniels (an, admittedly, high end escort). After all, isn’t she just looking to get paid more for balling Trump, long before he even thought about becoming President. I love high end escorts; don’t you. I just wish I could afford them like Trump can. Stormy’s Storm (her attempt to extort more money for her escort services, she performed for Trump), will only attest to the man’s vigor and vitality. Really? We (us Democrats) need to ditch the old guard (our Democratic Party leadership; fossils, each and every one of them) and replace them with a more tech savvy younger cadre. Heaven help us if we don’t!
Jocelyn Waters (1 year ago)
When you make life ALL about work, you miss out on what is truly important. I’ve never heard of anybody laying on their deathbed and wishing they had just worked harder.....Yes working hard is important but it gets blown way out of proportion.
Dante (1 year ago)
His brain thinks way too fast for a human mouth lol
Randy Jasien (1 year ago)
At 8:01 we get a glimpse of when Elon's vocals match his brain speed.
Tim mi (1 year ago)
thumbs down for the SOUND! you could have fixed that before your upload.
Justin S (1 year ago)
Some people work 40hr's a week to get a project completed in a year ,while If you work 80hrs+ a week and get the job done in 4months.
a Haraldh (1 year ago)
2:06 processed to launch car into space
a Haraldh (1 year ago)
There is one thing that I don't agree with, you do not need a good product, because people are not rational. So many examples of stupid products, or over priced products that made people millionaires.
Kristin W. (1 year ago)
Great video! Amazing concepts!
Marc1142 8 (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/xuR0DqbQGN8 How you doing today? Yeager don't want to know, fuck him. From the heart. A story. Food for thought. Something to say. https://youtu.be/5b58LPOALHw Lance it's that asshole with the roll thing. This is how the dream ends. We will get there. Let's listen to the Future. https://youtu.be/eVTXPUF4Oz4
omegapointil (1 year ago)
So if you put in 100 hrs and the competition puts in only 40, the lazy fuckers, you can beat them down and force them out of business or they'll just have to forget their business because they couldn't compete with your obsessiveness. That's not an ideology for Civilization, that sounds like a republican prescription for a trickle down scam. The NFL, every year has to fire coaches because there's no alternative to the model. Its musical chairs. When you transfer that philosophy to people struggling to make ends meet you'll always have losers. Again no enlightened model for Mankind.
daniel kinney (1 year ago)
WHAT IS IT WITH YOUTUBE AND THE LOUD BANGING ADS that are SO LOUD like 75% louder than the video I am watching IS THIS A FUCKING. TRICK TO GET ME TO PURCHASE THE NO AD YOUTUBE SHIT?????????????  this sucks if you tube is doing this just to annoy the fuck out of a USER to get. me to purchase your $10 a month subscription this never happened to me before you started the money subscription and now it's happening on ever fucking AD that comes up my EARS are blasted.
daniel kinney (1 year ago)
HIS PARENTS WERE VERY WEALTHY.   I would have to see it to believe it that his PARENTS Gave them NOT ONE DIME OF HELP
daniel kinney (1 year ago)
I WOULD LOVE TO SEE SOME HOME FOOTAGE OF HIS LIFE back then when he was LIVING Out of the office using the YMCA now that I have to see to believe NO DISRESPECT Elon Musk I love the guy.
9dcom (1 year ago)
Musk you are a piece of scum...MUSK =SKUM.
Tungstan Steel (1 year ago)
"Personally I'm in favor of democracy, which means that the central institutions in the society have to be under popular control. Now, under capitalism we can't have democracy by definition. Capitalism is a system in which the central institutions of society are in principle under autocratic control. Thus, a corporation or an industry is, if we were to think of it in political terms, fascist; that is, it has tight control at the top and strict obedience has to be established at every level -- there's a little bargaining, a little give and take, but the line of authority is perfectly straightforward. Just as I'm opposed to political fascism, I'm opposed to economic fascism. I think that until major institutions of society are under the popular control of participants and communities, it's pointless to talk about democracy." ― Noam Chomsky
Marc1142 8 (1 year ago)
Jesus knows who my friends are. I don't know who his friends are. His friends seem to me help when I need it. I try to treat people as though they are one of his friends. Whether they are there to help or not.
Marc1142 8 (1 year ago)
As is My custom... This I say, "I am a musk from a different tusk." You my friend may join the political party I civitas-sativici Pardon me for using name recognition to further JCM Industries. That's Jesus Christ Marc, YOUR FRIENDLY AND NEIGHBORHOOD GOD AND MAN JCM Industries A proud supporter of The Built on a Dream Foundation Inspiration Imagination Knowledge/Education The resume. Who do I respect? That kind sir is a very good question and of course I have a prepared answer. As I walk this planet there are only three men whom I respect. We can break the question down into three parts political employment and home life. The first being political... The man whom I respect and the political forum is the Pope. He has attained the highest station possible in the eyes of Rome in the eyes of the church and in the eyes of families he is the greatest and the most accomplished politician on the planet bar none. The second man whom I respect is the man who signs my check and makes possible for me a life where I can appreciate politics employment and home life. The third man I respect is the man who is my father who taught me to work hard love God and never forget son life is what you make of it. He my father gave me life that I might enjoy anything my little mind chooses. Those are the three men I respect. No matter what this man says this Armen Lugo, he's a Madman. this is his accounting department. we love you Ian Leon whatever the fuck your name is, accounting loves you. jcm Industries doesn't live on bread and water alone we need Cold Hard Cash.
EvenStar LoveAnanda (1 year ago)
I have a very low trash-hold of pain and I am not a Sado-Masochist. So I don't start a company and don't hire people. And I keep my problems to a minimum. So I can just be relaxed most of the time. And do what I like.
EvenStar LoveAnanda (1 year ago)
Work Super hard? No thanks. Work Super Smart so you can work less. And have plenty of time for rest and meditation. So I can stay healthy longer. And Eat Super high quality food!!! Quality Food is very important. ALL Organic, mostly vegetarian. So you will have a clear mind. And you wont get stupid ideas like colonizing a Desert planet Millions of miles away. Elon, have you tried test colonizing the Sahara Desert? See how well that goes before you spend Billions to go to Mars!!!!
Arc Kocsog (1 year ago)
EvenStar LoveAnanda There's is truth in what you say.
MiniBoogerx (1 year ago)
Launching a car into space is about the best commercial ever.
Justin M. (1 year ago)
*1/3 of the human race is in poverty and you assholes think colonizing another planet is a good idea, why dont you fix the problems we have on this planet before starting another planet with new problems, Darth Satanic Globalist Elite Elon Musk just wants to be the slave master of mars, because rothschild already get that tittle for earth, fuck you dumb sheep I hope all you hypocrites get what you deserve but you wont.....*
Kirk Kinnell (1 year ago)
This dude speaks truth, carry on Elon, carry on.
9dcom (1 year ago)
Lying piece of scum.....
Rikki Beetge (1 year ago)
Awesome!!! So much respect for this man!!!
Jean Paul Baribeau (1 year ago)
I have an ideal that I am working on it that can change the cars and planes industry like to contact ELON MUSK or any body in the same branch
Sam Fareed (1 year ago)
awesome video i love every details in it
Mitch McCormick (1 year ago)
I love Elon Musk. Crazy smart but also has an amazing work ethic. If you're curious about his top 7 marketing principles, check this out: https://clicktribe.com.au/articles/elon-musks-7-rules-marketing/
Béla Bessenyei (1 year ago)
I think we have quite a big misunderstanding about this Guy. He is not a physicist. Everyone else is working on the projects but him. He put it out as open source.... what? An idea. All the people working on it and he gets rich by that. Its like I tell you the [email protected] and you following it blindly and doing it for free. Instead do it and you will see the Elon's quality of doing is really really low. He is doing projects that are profitable for him not for you... Wake up now! And think through everything. Also he makes these challenges to universities who have to solve basic problems for him, for free. Its a laughing stock. Dont sell your hard earn science to them for free. Ask for serious money!!!
HOWYOUDOIN884 (1 year ago)
Is he still winning ugly guy of the year awards?
brettyboy1974 (1 year ago)
He mentioned that you have to work hard, work from first principles, have a product or service that is much better than what already exists .Yet, both Tesla and SpaceX came extremely close to failure. So, the other ingredient to success is luck.
Victor Kozlov (1 year ago)
do not work hard, but work smart. this is the key. not working 160 hours a week. most people would not survive this kind of rhythm.
ops (1 year ago)
ops (1 year ago)
instead of throwing that money out intyo space to burn in the sun. he should have made a massive mesh network to releave the human race off on the tyrants of ISP. to releave us from our chains of paying 100 a month for shitty internet service and have more regulations applied and lease freedom for the people. SOMEONE HELP START A MESH NETWORK WERE WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE INTERNET AND IN ORDER TO TAKE DOWN THE INTERNET YOU MUST TAKE DOWN ALL 400 BILLION PEOPLE ON EARTH COMPUTER SYSTEMS. MAKING IT IMPOSIBLE FOR GOVERNMENTS AND ISP TO SPY OR TAKE DOWN THE INTERNET ANYWERE ON EARTH
Yoana Dandarova (1 year ago)
Alpha 7 (1 year ago)
Elon musk speeches are not very clear , I watched many but somehow I felt the same every time, is he having stammering problem? It's like not up to the point kind of, I am not in any state to comment on him but I am wondering why his speeches are like that
Alpha 7 (1 year ago)
Great man in our century!
ClassicCartoons (1 year ago)
Another smart guys that see things that most of us don't see.
Fernando Hackett (1 year ago)
Quick View into Tesla. If you're going into sales: Burberry - VP of North American is from there and so are lot of managers and middle management - they are the absolute worst, these vehicles sell them selves and these ppl just make the rest of the sales ppl fear for their job and are constantly changing the bonus structure so no one below them make as little money as possible. Apple - A lot of District Managers and other midlevel managers are from there Hot Girl, good looking Guy that can speak - For the grunt work of being on the floor or any high-end retail Service: promoted from within, Lexus, Mercedes or any other luxury brand for any position that pays above $12 per hour for a concierge position know about the company and their values, office management a plus, expect to be shat on and be overlooked by everyone above you, dont expect to move up or to do anything relevant know one is service does except its one of the main pillars of the company but was always an afterthought until now, even worse for parts department. HR: Stryker maybe not so much anymore since the VP left. Hot girls? Most I know are all hot same with Marketing Anything else that I can think of that pays 6 figures or more please first make sure you are best friends with someone above you, no degrees or even relevant work will be necessary. You will also be promoted multiple times as you make mistakes so it doesn't land on your review and not enough people have the time to reach out to HR. AKA DJ Gomez Program Manager of events and resort sales - BTW that position does not exist it was created by his BF lynn for him, Russ Grantham service manager, Lynn Yeager and so many more! Not that it would really matter since HR is a joke and will forward your email directly to the manager you are writing about. Makes it for a super special kind of work experience SPECIALLY if you are in the midwest and have Heather Wilson as your HR Partner :) Good luck! Here are some salary figures per hour and annual for management - They will fuck you if you are promoted from within. Product Specialist: 12 - 16 Store Coordinator: 16 - 19 Service Assistant: 12 - 15 Know how to haggle! Service Concierge: 16 - 19 know how to haggle! Service Advisor: 18.75 - 25 Assistant service manager: 55k Service Manager: 65k - 85k Delivery Specialist: 16 - 22 Delivery Manager: expect to not sleep 50k - 70k Service Tech Intern: 12-17 Service Tech: 16 - 32 depending on company need, experience and negotiation ability. Sales Assistant Store Manager: 37 - 55 Sales Store Manager: 50k - 75k P.S, This company is disorganized, has incompetent people holding your future on their hands, people that don't want to work, are lazy and protected by the friends and family program. If you want to grow and make a difference don't bother. If you want to hate your job and know its absolute shit but have the ability to create a facade for friends and family that you work for a cool company and do something awesome while you cry in your sleep, go on, apply lol.
Sillyarse Deadeyes (1 year ago)
Another video upload for the psychopath-worshipping whore cocksuckers to drool over, like the sad little people they are.
Thai David Dang (1 year ago)
La Leaf (1 year ago)
Yeah. Big fan of a guy who fired hundreds of workers at the same time to save on paying stock options. This guy is an overrated ASSHOLE!!!
Fernandez Rios (1 year ago)
I Love you Elon Happy Graduate
Nice Blonde Girl (1 year ago)
Working 100 hours will not always get you twice as much done as those who work 50. sometimes you will simply burn out, Elon is not a normal person - he's obsessed and pretty much a genius. Not all too common. But i also slept in my 1st store and worked constantly, till i burned out and had to stop for a while.
Jubin Suresh (1 year ago)
He is brilliant,
Filip Nikolic (1 year ago)
That interviewer at 5:30 sound like she's responding to someone speaking a *different language* ..."ok...great..."
Jack Middleton (1 year ago)
What if you really like games but you hate programming. Or you really like science but you hate math. Should I only go down a path where I totally like it?
Prince Gerald (1 year ago)
why does he stutter?
Panth Vaghani (1 year ago)
keenan forever i think hes thinking way too fast his mouth cant keep up with what he says/thinks
TheBalanceNow (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/NU7W7qe2R0A?t=361 - I have enormous respect for Elon, but it appears that he either didn't apply the first principles thinking while dating OR these don't hold up when it comes to women! :-) That minor flaw aside, what a brilliant man! I hope he lives to be a 100 (at least) and achieves his dream of transforming humanity...
Kiera Mubambai (1 year ago)
If you need Elon to talk like an excited Kindergarden teacher on the first day of school in order for you to fully value his advice, what does that say about you exactly?
Olga P (1 year ago)
Mucho ruido y nada de nuevo! Mucho marketing y está encayado con tesla y sus memes. sólo hay actualmente una mente genial, que está creando un gran proyecto disruptivo transmedia, y es Kijotisma (emprendedor-artista total transmedia español). Todo lo otro repetición y ruiditos molestos.
Dalir Kosimov (1 year ago)
1337- start of the 100-year war This video is 13 mins and 37 secs long Illuminati confirmation.
KADAMASOUL (1 year ago)
Good advices, but if 99%of your potential clients do not believe you, you will achieve nothing. The truth - I had MS, Alzheimer's and Tinnitus and reversed them all in the same year. Talked to over 500 people and only 2 believed me, they no longer have cancer. All for $48 and nutrition information, that's it. Now if I tell you we can right now, reverse every disease and prevent it, have humans live 8% longer 120-140 years old (256 longest) average, regenerate your leg you lost with that IED you will not believe me. Yet it's the truth.
Mr Sunshine (1 year ago)
I like Elon Musk's approach on success - work 80-100 doing what you like and you might have a shot at success. It's just so much better than most of the motivational "follow your passion" blah blah blah. I wish to see a motivator to say from stage something like "Only 1% of people in this audience will achieve greatness. But you know what - that 1% is ALREADY working on something, that will bring them success - if you didn't do anything today that might bring you results in the future - well, you're fucked".
Wayne Filkins (1 year ago)
I can relate to this guy (minus the success of course) I have a lot of really good ideas but when I get on a stage I stutter and fail miserably at delivering them. I am actually finally creating my own business and seeing a little success after years of being unemployed due to stage fright and getting nervous at interviews. I feel like if he didn't become an entrepreneur he would be in a similar situation as I am now, where he has these ideas but struggles to communicate his ideas, or his skills and worth to an employer/interviewer. Lucky for him he chose the entrepreneur route at a young age as I am just now starting it and seeing quick success. If I had started 10 or 15 years ago i'd be doing quite well at this point.
ClassicCartoons (1 year ago)
Bold is a big word for a lot of people.
Another Games (1 year ago)
Such a low volume though.
Nicholas Denittis (1 year ago)
He's a genius.
Sliver1272 (1 year ago)
12:10 someone got quickscoped :D

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