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My Eyes Can Blink | Nursery Songs for Children | Egg Band

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Enjoy a new, original BabyTV kids song My Eyes Can Blink, based on the nursery rhyme Lavender's Blue Dilly Dilly. Watch more kids songs and nursery rhymes from the Egg Band: Finger Family and ABC, Numbers & Colors Songs for Children from the Egg Band https://youtu.be/70I_HrFhLjI 😝 Wheels on the Bus and Finger Family https://youtu.be/rmdY3nrNgEc 🚌 ABC and Numbers 🔤 https://youtu.be/e-BRdUOs6Bw My Eyes Can Blink Lyrics: MY eyes can blink ,dilly dilly, my eyes can blink My eye can wink dilly dilly my eye I can wink My hands can play dilly dilly play hide and seek Look how they hide, dilly dilly look how they peep My hands can tap dilly dilly, my hands can tap My hands can clap dilly dilly, my hands can clap My legs can walk dilly dilly my legs can kick My legs can jump, dilly dilly my legs can skip My ears can hear dilly dilly my ears can hear When you are far dilly dilly, when you are near My nose can sniff dilly dilly my nose can sneeze My nose can smell dilly dilly , flowers or cheese Flowers or cheese Join the egg members of the coolest Egg Band to sing along to the most popular songs and nursery rhymes, such as Wheels on the Bus, Finger Family, ABC song, Five Little Monkeys and so much more! Party, dance and go wild to fun, upbeat versions of the classic hits and enjoy a new and exciting BabyTV 3D animation.
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Gizelda Marroquim (9 months ago)
Não 👎 a
bikinak (1 year ago)
Para cuando en españo!?¿
TOMY TAP (1 year ago)
Kenia Naranjos j
TOMY TAP (1 year ago)
bikinak j9a
Kenia Naranjos (1 year ago)
Cool video

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