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Top 10 Best Dress Watches For Men In The World

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Text Comments (160)
marcel fernandez (1 day ago)
Where is Tag heuer?
456swagger (5 days ago)
You left out Timex. They sell many more watches than these companies combined.
김동수 (6 days ago)
Chimino1976 Lazcano (17 days ago)
ugly watches and expensive.
F Sh (20 days ago)
Seiko really ???? Can come even remotely close to Rolex, VC etc.
jac jac (26 days ago)
When you don't know much about watches, at least they left out Rolex
MSM4U2POM (1 month ago)
Other than the Calatrava, there's not a single one here that is a 'dress watch'. It's a subjective thing, I know, but none of these are my idea of that particular style.
Spankfish 69 (1 month ago)
lots missing from this list including the likes of IWC, Bremont, Audemar Piguet all missing! do your homework!
The watches are amazing and so the music .
ВУША (1 month ago)
Seiko 5 7009 3040 f.
David De Palma (1 month ago)
Where is Rolex?
rosshilton (1 month ago)
I started laughing when I saw longines, and all credibility was gone.
Christos Hellas (2 months ago)
Nice video but in top 10 is Hublot, Breitling and Vacheron Constantin. Nice music in video.
hay Patek calatrava mucho mas lindos y ojo donde estan los rolex ?
atd1g08 (2 months ago)
Good video. However you did not dig deeply enough into the watch world. You missed some of the important watches: JLC reverso, Vacherone ... The Chopard brand that you added is not highly appreciated in the watch community. For a non-round watch, I believe the JLC Reverso is more iconic than the GP Vintage 1945. Last but not least, the first picture of the JLC MasterControl is in rose gold and it will not be at the price of $4,500 as you said, should be double of that.
T・ H (2 months ago)
3針タイプの「第3位」に『グランドセイコー』が入った! さすがに、ランゲ&ゾーネやパテックフィリップは別次元だから勝てないけど、コストパフォーマンス的にもグランドセイコーは『実用時計NO.1』だと思う!!
Skincare TV (2 months ago)
The watch is good in the world .
Bjorn Borg (2 months ago)
cualquier ROLEX es superior a todos éstos
Morti Hernandez Mora (2 months ago)
Really casio f91 is good for number1
rick scriver (2 months ago)
Is it true that VC movements are really made by Invicta? It makes sense I guess, my Invicta does keep perfect time.
rick scriver (2 months ago)
Wrong dude! Following the acquisition of Patek and Vacheron. by Invicta, they use the best components of these two brands to make the best $99. watch money can buy. All of their models are guaranteed accurate twice a day, regardless of magnetic fields or polar vortex.
Jared Miller (2 months ago)
What are you talking about? Invicta is crap!
Rigoberto Pineda (2 months ago)
Thanks for not including Rolex. In my opinion, Rolex is the luxury brand for ignorants or "nouveau riche" people.
Raymond Lee (3 months ago)
Never heard of Parmigiana 🤔
Tom Zielinski (3 months ago)
Zenith Elite 670 ultra thin.
Waqas Anwar (3 months ago)
https://amzn.to/2SRRbso The most beautiful patek philpe you can buy in 2019.
John Ryback (3 months ago)
No Cartier 🥺
aj k (3 months ago)
franz zurcher (3 months ago)
never mind the expensive Swiss stuff....get this :Casio Men's WVA-M640D-1ACR Wave Ceptor Analog-Digital Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch for under 100 $ [ google it ] solar powered...dead nuts accuracy..milli seconds...adjusts by radio from atomic time signal clocks world wide...never change battery... it sleeps at night...and just for kicks and grins..has count down timer and stop watch buit in....Tag Heuer can now pack it in !!!
Raff Time (3 months ago)
Seiko really for that amount of money it’s not even an automatic.. sorry it shouldn’t be on a this list
Yves Bugel (3 months ago)
Seiko quartz ? Cartier audemar Piguet vacheron..?
Canon Yeo (3 months ago)
My TOP for 2018 is the Grand Seiko manual winding SBGW231. For all seasoned watch collectors, no matter how many watches they owned, top of the their list would be manual winding watches, and this has to be what the connoisseurs called the True Three Hands mechanism. For those who are new, the True Three Hands has a long minute hand, and an even longer second hand. You have to see the SBGW231 in person to see how wonderful the watch is. The zaratsu finished hands and indices sparkle like diamonds on the equally beautiful custard dial. It runs more than 3 days and only off by a second in that 3 days. We can even take Patek for comparison. The Patek manual winding watches are mostly either with 2 hands or have a sub-second hand. They reserved their Three Hands mechanism for their top most range, and they cost a fortune. The vintage inspired SBGW231 only cost 3,000USD new. That's why it's my TOP watch!!!
Marc No-mad (3 months ago)
"The best" for who, for what reason ? Nobody knows what are your criteria. Just an add-on useless video.
BJ J (3 months ago)
말도 안돼~ 이거 기준이 뭐야? 거기서 세이코가 왠말이냐? 일본놈이 만든 왜뽕이구나~~~ㅋㅋ
Suwit Chart (3 months ago)
I have them all ! My personal Opinion - Breguet is TOP watch, magnificent handcraft, untouchable technical movement and the beauty of the timeless design ! The second is Patek 3919 - the Original Classic Design with the Porcelain Dial with sub second ! Lastly, Seiko Quartz ? So, this video is sponsor by Seiko ???
Tauqeer Shaikh (4 months ago)
I dont understand why it has to be expensive watch to be a best dress watch. I just purchased a Indian brand HmT for 10 bucks off ebay and it looks equal or if not better then some of the so called brilliant watches on this count down....in any case...why are we watching this shit....I am poor anyways...i cannot afford this crap.... Hmt sona...check it out on ebay...
Kleytons (4 months ago)
Bruder Jakob (3 months ago)
You cant be serious.
Reuben Green (4 months ago)
Slow and boring.
Saad diet (4 months ago)
NEW And Fashionable Automatic Mechanical Watch https://www.ebay.com/itm/163397992372
Abe Froman (4 months ago)
Orient bambino. 150€.
Sierv (4 months ago)
Where is the Michael Kors, Bulova, Seiko primo, Citizen eco-drive, Tissot, ah!!!, you're so bias with this unknown brands! 🤨😊
Daniel Berroteran (3 days ago)
They are well known brands, there are others that could be included but it is only a top ten, by the way, the Great Seiko is an excellent watch, but I do not consider it to be competition with the sublime and beauty of these jewels here exposed, I think, and it is My particular opinion that a quartz (without removing its merit) should not be in this ranking.
Herve Lambert (5 months ago)
Musique nulle et chois discutables ...
pg 778 (14 days ago)
orthographe discutable également...
Publius Velocitor (5 months ago)
I would have shown the rose gold with black "starry night" dial for the Grand Seiko... much dressier than the models you had pictured. (Also, the models you had pictured are much less than the price you quoted, which is more in line with the price of the starry night dial.)
Olgierd Karpowicz (5 months ago)
What about IWC?
Arun Kamat (5 months ago)
मै पहन रहा हू ये घड़ी
Jeansieguy (5 months ago)
Where's Casio G shock?
xXxXx (5 months ago)
7:55 - 8:07 is this case and bracelet rosé gold or is it from the light? Kinda confused.
Duquette Beats (5 months ago)
LWS MULTIMEDIA (5 months ago)
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Elpidia Rasulo (6 months ago)
John Olson (6 months ago)
Join NAWCC !
Avg. Joe Watch Reviews (6 months ago)
Nice job. New subscriber. I'm building my channel and would appreciate a subscription as well. Thanks!
kimi DIxon (6 months ago)
Seiko sarb033 Best watch for value and performance, piss all over these poncey well overpriced watches.
Paul Goodier (6 months ago)
vacheron constantine patrimony or seiko?????????????????????????
Aki Hiro (6 months ago)
James Bond (6 months ago)
Ma perché spendere queste cifre per orologi che non sono affatto precisi essendo meccanici? Nessun orologio supera la precisione di un radiocontrollato, magari a carica solare! Un orologio ha il compito di segnare l'ora. Stop. A meno che uno non sia vanesio...
Attila Eden (6 months ago)
+Cristiano ci si lascia affascinare da un orologio,possono essere i materiali,i movimenti,il nome o il design,è uno dei tanti modi che abbiamo,per provare piacere,a prescindere dal costo e dalla precisione.
Cristiano (6 months ago)
+Attila Eden  Attila Eden  Esattamente. E detto tra noi se non in casi specifici, nessuno ha mai acquistato un orologio in base alla sua totale precisione.
Attila Eden (6 months ago)
Con l'avvento degli smartphone,gli orologi non son più indispensabili come strumenti che indicano l'ora:per cui,salvo casi d'uso professionale,sono accessori(abbigliamento),status symbol,oggetti di passione e collezionismo.
Carlos Neves (7 months ago)
Wath about vacheron constantin patrimony traditionnelle ???
fastcougar3200 (7 months ago)
First off, drop Longines. Come on, you can't be serious. Secondly, Grand Seiko, yes, but not calibre 9F because you posted the wrong price. That is Calibres 9SXX High Beat and limited editions. 9F is just 2K and is the sports line so I guess you;re not familiar with Grand Seiko and their dress line at all and you made a huge mistake here. And where's F.P Journe, Audermars Piguet, Vacheron Patrimony, Moser&Cie?
choe69 (7 months ago)
I'm surprised VC is not in the top 10.
Felix T (7 months ago)
Anyone besides yours truly finds the music annoying?
Richard - (7 months ago)
Is it acceptable to wear an Omega gold bracelet watch as a dress watch?
Richard - (3 months ago)
+Bruder Jakob Indeed. Its a legacy from the 1980s and I will be putting it onto a leather strap from the sale of the gold bracelet.
Bruder Jakob (3 months ago)
+Richard - Its still too loud for me to be used as dress watch
Richard - (6 months ago)
I was thinking I would put it ona black or brown leather strap
Frits Burghardt (6 months ago)
No :-)
Vincent Nguyen (7 months ago)
No rolex ? No Omega ?
Marcial Bague jr. (5 months ago)
I guess they did not included the mainstream brands.
alfredo mato (7 months ago)
En Argentina esos precios resultan increíblemente caros. 25.000 U$S equivalen a $ 1.000.000.-!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uno puede comprarse 3 autos Volkswagen Gol = km por ese precio.
Timothy Hirman (7 months ago)
Gawd! This video is crap! So happy I'm not mesmerized by overpriced junk like this. I'll just keep my Hamilton. Thank you very much.
Marc Gratton (7 months ago)
You never no what your getting be very carful
David Thom (8 months ago)
I was amazed at how rough and cheap the Calatrava looked.
Girome Medio (8 months ago)
You're Welcome! :) Zeppelin 7038-1 SERIES LZ129 HINDENBURG - https://amzn.to/2B2xgTf Swatch Men's YAS100G Automatic - https://amzn.to/2MDqkx9 Tissot Men's Le Locle Powermatic 80 - https://amzn.to/2MCAduZ Frederique Constant Men's FC220NS4S6 Slim Line - https://amzn.to/2MkdSFE Hamilton Men's H38511553 Jazzmaster - https://amzn.to/2OsxOU8 Junghans Men's 'Max Bill' Quartz Stainless Steel - https://amzn.to/2KFxEXf Junkers Bauhaus Ref. 6046-5 - https://amzn.to/2AYCI9m Timex Men's TW2R50000 - https://amzn.to/2OtpfIG Orient Men's '2nd Gen. Bambino Ver. 2 - https://amzn.to/2MFK1o9 Seiko Sarb033 - https://amzn.to/2MAMNL6 Seiko Sarb065 - https://amzn.to/2AYD5kg Seiko Presage - https://amzn.to/2MFK8A5 Seiko Sarb017 - https://amzn.to/2KKBT3B
redazi1 (8 months ago)
Every watch is a dress watch bitch
Dick Vermaas (8 months ago)
God which idiot invented the word dress watch. I other words, a normal watch doesn't fit with a Tshirt & Jeans......
Westley Greenhalf (8 months ago)
You introduce the Patek with the present model, 5119j, but the video you've borrowed is the 3919j. The latter is smaller and can be purchased for much less than the stated $23k.
the Watchcollector (9 months ago)
great. now i want a longines. ;)
Nowfal Nowshad (9 months ago)
A lange & sohne ❤❤
Larry Hagemann (2 months ago)
Amen. A beautiful German watch.
Nibras abid (9 months ago)
Sportysport (10 months ago)
Goofy Deal (10 months ago)
===== For Interested Buyers Only ==== 55% Discount on Seiko Men's Excelsior Black Ion Finish Solar Chronograph Watch https://amzn.to/2si6UoA
Hot News (10 months ago)
well presented , keep it up
bikerdude1375 (10 months ago)
$22k for a quartz? What a waste of money.
Azeem Qureshi (10 months ago)
Beautiful .
Top Ranked Brands (10 months ago)
Thanks for the support
Keith Wicker (11 months ago)
A.lange and sohne mens platinum watch https://amzn.to/2jHojTA
gmshadowtraders (11 months ago)
Where the fuck is Seiko??
Donald Evans (11 months ago)
There ain't nothing like a Timex it takes a licking and keeps on ticking..lol
Alan King (1 year ago)
Atrocious video GRAND SIEKO really!!!!! Jeager reverso, cartier tank, Vacheron Constantan . LAZY click bait garbage 👎👎👎
Todd T (1 year ago)
I was expecting a whole pile of crap and Rolex. Not bad. I would swap out the Seiko quartz for a Spring Drive snow flake.
You should buy I timex stupid🙀
Todd T 75
maninthecab (8 months ago)
Todd T That Seiko was confusing; the description was all about the 9F calibre but the first picture was a Hi Beat mechanical , a 9S. I would agree about the Snowflake.
D.E.B. B (1 year ago)
Or, you can wear something unique. A gold case Accutron from the 60's. The one that hums. With a nice leather band. Makes an interesting conversation piece. Uncle got it for his retirement. Son didn't want it, so I got it when he passed on.
Beyond the matrix (1 year ago)
The BEST watch in the world is a smart phone. Everything else is psychological.
Koltov Nissan 1324 (5 months ago)
Its total idiocy ...all you punters having dreams about watches...I am in the trade as all my friends are...All you do is make sure we have a good living...Its all about the money.....It sounds like your dreams are being broken by these comments...they probably are....
Cristiano (6 months ago)
+Todd T Impossibile give a better answer... Chapeau! I totally agree with you. Many thanks from all people who likes watches and knows what... "are" them. Best regards from Italy.
Todd T (1 year ago)
Yeah, umm, I work in -23 degrees weather. Smartphones actually won't last, but that is besides the point. I wear an automatic watch that doesn't need recharging ever. I wear a Seiko automatic diver, daily. Now if you can't understand that these watches are: 1. Useful to tell the time very quickly 2. Artwork/decoration/jewelry 3. Not reliant on electricity 4. Possibly a prestige item 5. Are continuously refurbish-able 6. Can be handed down to younger generations What do you want me to tell you but you are foolish and think you know everything. Why eat steak when you can eat hamburgers? Why eat hamburgers, when you can eat sugary cereal. If your ridiculous comments were true, we would all wear light grey clothing, because it is easy to make, easy to clean and doesn't show when it is dirty. We would take the subway to our boring middle class cubicle jobs and eat bowls of tasteless drool for lunch because it was cheap and will sustain us. Art is a waste of time. Education is a waste of time. Hobbies are a waste of time. Sports are a waste of time. Just go to work and dinner. Eat, work, sleep, repeat. It is fine when you don't understand something, but not OK for comments that prove you are one of those who if it weren't for the rest of us would be quite unaware of options. BTW, I work behind the scenes on the technology you love. I bought one watch 20 years ago and still have it. Do you even have a phone from three years ago? Now you know where I get the money to drop five figures on a watch. Keep thinking you have all the answers, but most of all, keep buying all the consumerism crap and expensive services. I need a new car.
Beyond the matrix (1 year ago)
Go buy a digital watch that the entire face of it is a display that can "simulate" any look you want. It can appear to be mechanical complete with fancy simulated gears. And you seem so gleeful to explain such a good reason to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on something just to check the time. That I hate to spoil your fun. So yah bud I can totally see the need now. way to go!
Todd T (1 year ago)
Smart phones are for people who are never on time or don't need to be. I check the time at least 15 times an hour at work. I work outside and inside in different environments. You don't have the free hands to pull out a smart phone and check it, and it is definitely not as fast a glancing at your wrist. It is most certainly considered rude to be fidgeting with the magical rectangle during meetings and conversations. Not the answer you were expecting with your trolling?
lucpottiez (1 year ago)
Patek Philippe : second (hand) is not centred (hole) !
Major Calvary (1 year ago)
I don’t know that much about watches, but I agree with you number1 pick. I always thought German makes the best watch, not Swiss.
paul goodier (1 year ago)
So.........no vc.....really?
Carlos Neves (7 months ago)
Thats my question: wath about vacheron constantin patrimony traditionnelle
paul goodier (1 year ago)
Croc Jurídico (1 year ago)
Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle 100 times over Seiko
kimi DIxon (6 months ago)
Seiko, Japanese watchmaking at its best.
shaHorology (1 year ago)
great video, nicely done sir! 👏👏
Maxwell Smart_086 (1 year ago)
Seiko must be a joke. Junk watch.
Jared Miller (2 months ago)
I'm sorry- anybody who pays $20,000 on a Seiko is totally mentally retarded!
kimi DIxon (6 months ago)
Seiko, Someday all watches will be made this way.
kimi DIxon (6 months ago)
Seiko, orient, citizen , Casio for ever.
kimi DIxon (6 months ago)
I bet you sit on your computer all day to come back with a comment so fast as that, carry on drooling over the fancy bling you Joke, i'm waiting for my G shock to come from Amazon £66, that will do me!
fastcougar3200 (6 months ago)
+kimi DIxon Yes, you're a joke.
Shaheen Evans (1 year ago)
Nomos Orion datum 38 should be in the mix if not top 5
fastcougar3200 (7 months ago)
You're kidding, right?
Marcus Lau (1 year ago)
So lovely. Nice presentation. May I know what music is this?
Henry Chinaski (1 year ago)
Pure "watch pr0n". The music matches the presentation perfectly. Well Done
bhanu prakash (1 year ago)
This exactly what I was going to say. Thanks for the video.
Top Ranked Brands (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for your spport
TOPEAK Videos (1 year ago)
kmall hy bhai kmall
Hollywood Johns (1 year ago)
Jaeger Lecoultre 4.500 $ ????? Impossible!!
Raff Time (3 months ago)
Hollywood Johns The price is for the steel version not gold ... gold I believe is 10k or 12k
quokka mode (1 year ago)
2nd hand i can find them for 4k
Truthfears Guilty (1 year ago)
Dress Watch Price: under $500
Michael Willems (1 year ago)
Also Hamilton
Michael Willems (1 year ago)
Tissot luxury from Jomashop
Truthfears Guilty (1 year ago)
+james alexander -- waz da matter pops? did i release too much info on ya? LoL
Truthfears Guilty (1 year ago)
+james alexander = besides his undergarment overflowing, his picture reveals porridge leaking from his dentures. all that while he claims to own patek philippe. bwahahahahahahahahahaa
James Alexander (1 year ago)
Truthfears Guilty must be on welfare if you cant afford something decent...😂😂
MrChwiejo (1 year ago)
Cool watches...
Kr M (1 year ago)
hi, only the Longine worth the money, the rest overprices. Better to buy a nice Orient Bambino
Top Ranked Brands (1 year ago)
thank for comment

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