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Paris Hilton Gold Rush Man Fragrance Review STREET SCENTS

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This is my Review of Paris Hilton Gold Rush Man. This Fragrance is a 2017 release listed as a Oriental Fougere that should smelllike Liquid Gold. Watch my Review to hear what I think about Gold Rush Man... Shwo Street Scents some Love and hit that SUBSCRIBE button...
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Text Comments (20)
Lorenzo M. (9 days ago)
Gold Rush Man is Coach for Men with better performance...
Lorenzo M. (3 days ago)
+RN Michael Creech YES I have both
RN Michael Creech (3 days ago)
Lee Style&Fragrance (11 days ago)
Never heard if gold rush I like the notes I gotta put my nose on this
Best Brands Perfume (12 days ago)
Remember the old original Paris Hilton Men’s blue bottle and black stripes “hidden Gem”
brandon bentley (13 days ago)
Cool vid bro! Love 1 million but always wished for something similar but not so brutal. Great recommendation.
Danny Kaminski (13 days ago)
Idgaf if it smells like Creed Aventus.....don't come at me as a grown man talking about Paris Hilton......just sayin.
Danny Kaminski (12 days ago)
Armando Molina aww shit....it’s an internet tough guy
Armando Molina (12 days ago)
Danny Kaminski stfu bitch
D. DYO (13 days ago)
Man! Al I was totally on board till you mentioned cinnamon. Can't rock with the cinnamon. I hope you respect that!
Just Add Light (13 days ago)
Nice one Al! Saw this one last year and always wondered what it smelled like. Most of the reviews out there agree. I would imagine it's a great starter frag for the young oversprayer and club-goer. So yeah, not me. LOL Unless of course you spray it 30 times and Paris Hilton suddenly appears. Can that happen? Where can I buy this again?
Thomas Brown (13 days ago)
I always check in to see a new vid Al...it's nostalgia...to me
Alex Contreras (13 days ago)
Definitely Going To Look For It !!!
raidernationcali (13 days ago)
This is one million all the way
FAMOUS JOHNNIE (13 days ago)
Try versace blue jean 👌
Michael Bullock (13 days ago)
Great review and I enjoyed it and I'm gonna try it because I like one million and I give it a nine out of ten and have a blessed day
PUBG gams (13 days ago)
هذا رائع
Mrttech (13 days ago)
this fragrance is fire my wife loves it
Sid Julien (13 days ago)
This is a good frag and performs well. This is in the same genre as Armani Code, not a clone mind you. But it's good. Thanks for reviewing this. It's great when reviewers review good cheapies as well. We need a variety of frags reviewed.
Louis Saunders (13 days ago)
Bro, I enjoy street scents but Paris Hilton fragrances?

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