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Finding Nemo - Video Summary

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UJJAL ADHIKARY (3 days ago)
Drinka Milosevic (5 days ago)
Melissa garcia (7 days ago)
Muhali Ali (8 days ago)
edrian abatayo (8 days ago)
michael croft (9 days ago)
Nice one mate
Some Random Anime Fan (11 days ago)
Finding..... "Memo!!"
Putra Rifai (13 days ago)
Lk Game (16 days ago)
No sore😡😡
Deedee Zuniga (21 days ago)
Uma S (23 days ago)
wow super moive
Uma S (23 days ago)
wow super
fidela Safa (27 days ago)
Nemo itu gemesiin banget sampai aku ngoleksi boneka nemo 🐠🐠🐠
fidela Safa (27 days ago)
KoOLKiddo313 (1 month ago)
Y do sequels suck I really wanted Nemo 2 to be great. It was ok. How train ur dragon was epic. The sequel sucked. Don't even get me started on Incredibles 2 and they took so long to make them. I would have preferred they didn't touch them at all and leave the dream better than the reality.
Bernard Tan Ah Thau (1 month ago)
Butterfly lovers
Jamie Newman (1 month ago)
Babar Khan (1 month ago)
Best animated ever
Daily Fortnite (1 month ago)
He sounds like Nemo
Arjhie Estrella Peña (1 month ago)
Junet Bagong (2 months ago)
Remie Lagunay (2 months ago)
Teenage Cartoon (2 months ago)
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Pushpa Kumari (2 months ago)
Hindi me please
Raghu Raghu j (2 months ago)
Agus Riyanto (2 months ago)
Omarr Koroma (2 months ago)
Hey little fella
Tiftik Tiftikify (2 months ago)
You decide 🐢
Wear Montgomery (2 months ago)
ELI KIBET (2 months ago)
abdulnaser alsabie (2 months ago)
nice movie
andilon ahmad (2 months ago)
Bagus banget 👍👍👍
Arundhati Srikumar (2 months ago)
In replies in my
Arundhati Srikumar (2 months ago)
I like it you guys also? Write here
Arundhati Srikumar (2 months ago)
Nemo is the best
Arundhati Srikumar (2 months ago)
I like nemo
Signal Abadi (2 months ago)
Arundhati Srikumar
Ajay Ajay Alwi (2 months ago)
Nemo lucu💖🐳🐳🐳
ramesh rock (2 months ago)
Diki Riski (3 months ago)
Love dory
weno chan (3 months ago)
Why the fish blink?
Ahmed Kk (3 months ago)
Dori playing hide and seek https://youtu.be/ZKL_h1FRPMg
tanya deguzman (3 months ago)
nice colorful moive
Ari Prasetyo (3 months ago)
Lukinko Misalko (3 months ago)
Michael Valencia (3 months ago)
Michael Valencia (3 months ago)
zxwm Abcdef (3 months ago)
If Disney wanted to be accurate the woman fish would be the boss and nemos daddy would be the terminal phase male.  Nemo would be an initial phase male.  When you remove the female the terminal phase male changes sex to female and one of the initial phase males changes to a terminal phase male.  Those blue fish go both ways depending on their partner.
Abdulrahman lidasan (4 months ago)
Ta Ta (4 months ago)
Judith Pittman (4 months ago)
love nemo.
andi73c (4 months ago)
Good movie - as good as Disney classic! :)
Kenzo Almoz (4 months ago)
in lucu
Kansa Andrea (4 months ago)
Noah Elliott (4 months ago)
the vid skips
Ihsan Anoja (4 months ago)
Jose Prieto (4 months ago)
Dilla Lestari (4 months ago)
ih kenapa enga ada di tv
Lilis Rismawati (4 months ago)
film nya sangat bagus
DO YOKNOZ DAEZ WAZ (4 months ago)
Shark ate 399 fish
mark garcia (4 months ago)
Flitter and Cloudchaser (4 months ago)
Did you know Flo is named after Flo from Cars
Filip Chudivani (4 months ago)
Víborné ale prečo to je po Anglicki a nie po Slovenski nerozumiem tomu jaziku!!!
guido7095 (4 months ago)
3:26 *Dehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
Sathish A (4 months ago)
B. Please km ZZZzznnhhjuhlcvgr
ZAMRI ABDULLAH (5 months ago)
RISKHA IKHA RISKHA (5 months ago)
Oedug jvug ih kvuxicufvogivv hxyzgaugkgchvicudu😊😊😊😊😊
Cindy Lee (5 months ago)
I love Dory😙
Uscenes relaxing videos (5 months ago)
Good stuff. I think you will like our Finding Nemo inspired video in 4K too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ3jX9jtTYc
Marian Zahoruk (5 months ago)
Here is the cast of Finding Nemo. Albert Brooks as Marlin. Alexander Gould as Nemo. Ellen DeGeneres as Dory. Elizabeth Perchkins as Coral. Willem Dafoe as Gill. Austin Pendleton as Gurgle. Stephen Root as Bubbles. Brad Garrett as Bloat. Vicki Lewis as Deb and Flo. Joe Ranft as Jacques. Allison Janney as Peach. Bill Hunter as Dr. Sherman the dentist. Lulu Ebeling as Darla. Jeffrey Rush as Nigel the pelican. Andrew Stanton as Crush and the seagulls. Nicholas Bird as Squirt. John Ratzenberger as the school of moonfish. Erik per Sullivan as Sheldon the seahorse. Erica Beck as Pearl the octopus. Jordy Ranft as Tad the yellow fish. Bob Peterson as Mr. Ray. Barry Humphries as Bruce, the barracuda, Blenny the worried fish and the anglerfish. Eric Bana as Anchor, the jellyfish forest, the fish group, the various young sea turtles and the various adult sea turtles. Bruce Spence as Chum, the sea turtle that passes on Marlin's story, the swordfish, the lobsters, the dolphins, Gerald the pelican and the other pelicans. Rove McManus as the red and yellow crabs, the whale, Mr. Tucker, Little Davey Reynolds and the patients. Carolyn Lawrence as Barbara. Bill Fagerbakke as Ted the octopus. Clancy Brown as Bob the seahorse. Rodger Bumpass as Bill the yellow fish. Mary Jo Catlett as the chicken fish, the mother yellow fish, the baby yellow fishes. Lori Alan as Sandy Plankton. Alec Baldwin as the scuba divers and Jimmy.
Marian Zahoruk (5 months ago)
Finding Nemo is a Disney Pixar film that was released on Friday May 30th 2003. It is directed by Andrew Stanton, co directed by Lee Unkrich and co written by Bob Peterson. The screenplay for the film is written by Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson and David Reynolds. The production designer is Ralph Eggleston. The sound editors in the film are Gary Rydstrom and Gary Summers. The story is taken place in the Pacific Ocean and at Dr. P Sherman's dentist office at Sydney Harbour.
Agus santoso santoso (5 months ago)
kasihan bapaknya dony terpisah
He touch the butt
đông phan (5 months ago)
i love nemo 💞
Roaa Elhelaly (5 months ago)
Roaa Elhelaly (5 months ago)
I LOVE SHIELA (5 months ago)
Arya Risky (5 months ago)
sol luna (5 months ago)
sol luna (5 months ago)
sol luna (5 months ago)
Hermosa pelicula encantada
Maellemamzelle Louloutte (5 months ago)
Trop nul nemo
Maellemamzelle Louloutte (5 months ago)
완전촌놈 (5 months ago)
Hi😀 👉 this is south Korea Ver. nemo!! https://youtu.be/leVxPRd0a24
Michael Lacroix (6 months ago)
If one of the YouTube users did the entire Disney Pixar 2003 version of Finding Nemo on YouTube in 10 hours, then it would take us all day long to finish the movie. Plus it would also be extremely slow. And the entire thing is mirrored too. For example, here is exactly how we would be able to do it. 1. 0:00:00 - Program start. 2. 0:34:00 - Barracuda attack. 3. 0:50:00 - I promise I will never let anything happen to you Nemo/ First day of school. 4. 1:03:00 - Arrival at the schoolyard/ Mollusk and sea cucumber joke. 5. 1:09:00 - Mr. Ray's arrival/ A class field trip to the drop off. 6. 1:12:00 - Arrival at the drop off/ Touching the boat. 7. 1:15:00 - You think you can do these things but you just can't Nemo. 8. 1:24:00 - Nemo gets captured by Scuba divers. 9. 1:30:00 - Marlin meets Dory. 10. 1:41:00 - Marlin and Dory meet Bruce/ Sunken submarine/ Meeting of sharks/ Fish are friends not food. 11. 2:07:00 - Dory accidentally gets hit in the face with the mask/ Bruce chases Dory and Marlin throughout the sunken submarine. 12. 2:22:00 - Meet the tank gang. 13. 2:57:00 - Dory accidentally drops the divers mask. 14. 3:12:00 - The angler fish chase. 15. 3:28:00 - The tank ceremony/ Mount Wannahockaloogie/ the fish chanting/ Bloat's announcement/ Gill's escape plan. 16. 3:41:00 - The school of moonfish/ Directions to Sydney. 17. 4:11:00 - When you come to a trench, swim through it. Not over it/ Reaching the trench. 18. 4:39:00 - The jellyfish forest/ Marlin comes up with a game and wins the race/ Dory gets stung/ Marlin pulls Dory free. 19. 4:47:00 - Filter attempt. 20. 4:58:00 - The tank gang pulls Nemo out of the filter to safety. 21. 5:01:00 - Sea turtles/ Riding the East Australian Current. 22. 5:09:00 - Kay grab shell dude. 23. 5:18:00 - Dory and the turtles play hide and seek. 24. 5:27:00 - Marlin tells Dory and the younger turtles about the story of his quest to find his son/ the tale is being passed throughout the ocean. 25. 5:32:00 - Seagulls/ Nigel overhears the news from another pelican. 26. 5:44:00 - Your dad's been fighting the entire ocean looking for you/ Nemo successfully jams the filter again. 27. 5:52:00 - Goodbye EAC. 28. 6:01:00 - Dory speaks whale. 29. 6:24:00 - The tank is all green, dirty and covered in algae. 30. 6:45:00 - Inside the whale. 31. 6:58:00 - Not much fun for little Harpo. 32. 7:13:00 - He says it's time to let go/ Outside Sydney Harbor. 33. 7:16:00 - The tank is clean/ Aqua scum 2003. 34. 7:22:00 - Darla's arrival/ Searching for the boat/ Meeting Gerald. 35. 7:25:00 - Pelicans/ Nigel to the rescue/ Seagulls chase. 36. 7:30:00 - Nemo escapes from the fish tank. 37. 7:41:00 - Goodbye Dory. 38. 7:53:00 - Nemo and Dory. 39. 7:59:00 - All right, all right. I'll talk, I'll talk. He went to the fishing grounds. 40. 8:02:00 - Fishing grounds/ Dory and Nemo reunite with Marlin/ Fishing net rescue. 41. 8:10:00 - Dory is trapped beneath the net. 42. 8:21:00 - Nemo swims inside the net to help. 43. 8:32:00 -- Swim down/ Keep swimming. 44. 8:44:00 - Dory and the others are free at last/ Nemo is trapped beneath the net. 45. 8:51:00 - Guess what? Sea turtles. I met one. And he was a hundred and fifty years old. 46. 8:55:00 - Back on the reef. 47. 9:03:00 - Tank escape. 48. 9:11:00 - End credits/ Beyond the sea. 49. 9:33:00 - End credits instrumental music. 50. 9:41:00 - Last few of the closing credits. 51. 9:56:00 - The angler fish gobbles up Blenny. 52. 9:58:00 - Closing Walt Disney pictures and Pixar logos. 53. 10:00:00 - Program finish.
Nilza Alves (6 months ago)
Iza Az-Zahra (6 months ago)
lucu banget si nemo tapi pisah dari ayah aku terharu hhehehe aku nangis😭😭😢😢😟😟😞😞
MassDynamic (6 months ago)
how do they "stay on the bus"?
Patricia Neri (6 months ago)
Wear Montgomery (6 months ago)
%whaysoever:@Neigh borhoodwatch pheelers¥^[pdf.]vlcdashboard
mr saxobeat (6 months ago)
Water frozen in lake to go back to Chicago...
Evelyn Iskandar (6 months ago)
.I’m P.O. )
vishal.r .r (6 months ago)
sme1 can give me the full free link??? thnks
homer bromer (6 months ago)
How long did the camera man hold his breath in the oceon maybe 10 air tanks?
TheDo3boy (7 months ago)
nabila julia puteri (7 months ago)
Aku suka nemo nemo itu ikan badut
Rosemarie Alcantara (7 months ago)
Love songs
awesome fan (7 months ago)
I'v. Never. Seen. That. Movie😮😯😔🤐😖😪😫😑😐😶🤒🤔😏🙄😥😣😅😆😉😡
Anna Floyd (6 months ago)
Daniel Torres 👿😹🧞‍♀️🌕⚾️🥂🥂⚾️🚡🗻🚎🚒⏰
Anna Floyd (6 months ago)
Anna Floyd (6 months ago)
awesome fan 👍🏻😂🙈
Mirian Estrada (6 months ago)
awesome fan whddtswgwfs
علي احمد (7 months ago)
ولله احبه اني
Owen Armstrong (7 months ago)

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