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Keep 10 Fragrances for Life -Designer (Bonus bottles too)

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Keep 10 Fragrances for Life -Designer (Bonus bottles too) https://youtu.be/P-mvPQZrZ0s Tag video from the channel All About Fragrance. Video below: https://youtu.be/fTjUwasJ27w Tagged: Ben Daniels, Your Two Scents, & Lanier Smith. Pass the word.✌️
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Freddie Nose fragrance (3 months ago)
Thanks bro. Nice list
ShaveNontheDarkside (3 months ago)
Thanks Freddie 👌✌️
Yo did you see the fragrance Runner video about the way he does not like Jeremy fragrance his channel is called The Fragrance Runner
ShaveNontheDarkside (5 months ago)
Sup Obie! Lol 😂 I saw it, but I'm cool with him and Jeremy. They both are good reviewers. But he was going in on Jeremy 😂😂
He mention your name
Dukeoden7458 (5 months ago)
Good video boss
ShaveNontheDarkside (5 months ago)
Many thanks for supporting 🙏
NICE VID AS always.... I'm hoping you'll get back into your reviews... ?? If you had 150 bucks to spend on 2 fregs for this upcoming fall-winter What would you purchase. Thanks
ShaveNontheDarkside (5 months ago)
I be back Obie! For $150 talking cold weather, I would get lancome hypnose (Woody caradamom) & Dior farenheit 32 (sweet vanilla orange blossom). This should leave cash left over for something else. Please don't spend $150 thinking I will get something stronger or better for the price. I made this mistake time and time again!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Jim R (6 months ago)
I can't believe I missed this video...was on back-to-back business travel and trying to push through some allergies/bronchitis at the time, I suppose. Anyway, top-notch list and I look forward to your upcoming videos. Just some odds and ends: - How are you experiences going with Rasasi Hawas? This elixir is my most worn and complimented fragrance, by far. I recently purchased a couple more bottled and these were from 2018 (still have a couple from 2016). They smells the same, and I've received compliments from the 2018 formulation, but I'm still testing to see if performs as well. - I recently purcahsed Armaf Ventana. It's an inexpensive Dior Sauvage..lighter/brighter opening, but drydown the same and not as good of a performer. I prefer paying the money for Sauvage but those looking for a cheapie may consider this one Oh, it also has a bit of that Armaf The One Presitige (1 Million) DNA. I also purchased Armaf The Warrior, which is supposed to be a I Love New York for Him clone. I've never tried this Bond No. 9 fragrance, but I didn't really care for The Warrior fragrance. -Picked up bottles of Ferrari Radiant Bergamot...brilliant citrus fragrances, but it's linear and I'm not a huge citrus fan - but it's really nice; Ferrari Silver Essence - which I find to be a really nice gentleman's lavender/office type of scent (bargain at $20); Dunhill Icon Racing - love the bottle (and have all the Icon flankers) but this one was a meh...kinda like Sauvage, Bleu de Chanel and all the popular department store colognes tossed into one bottle...but the bottle is awesome - just regret paying $60. Cheers.
Jim R (6 months ago)
I purchased a bottle of Opus Homme last year (April 2017) mainly because quite a few reviewers compared it to Edition Blanche, because the bottle look tacky and cool at the same time and, of course, it's cheap. IMO, this fragrance smells almost nothing like Edition Blanche. I've had Edition Blanche EDT since April 2014 and it opens with a lemon pledge vibe and quickly transitions to creamy-lemon-sandalwood-pie kind of vibe before drying into a soft citrus-sandalwood-aromatic. To be honest, it's never been a favorite but I do enjoy wearing it in the high daytime heat of Summer. Opus Homme, to me, is a synthetic, fruity-sweet, aromatic, fresh-spicy kind of a scent. It's generic and has those baloney-cologney qualities - hard to describe, smells like others and yet unique...but I freaking really like (almost love) this stuff. It opens with a fair amount of alcohol, and seems like a fairy soft sent, but the alcohol quickly burns away and Opus Homme projects extremely well for the first couple hours and lasts a solid 8-hours on my skin. In all fairness, the drydown does become a bit more like Edition Blanche...but it's a very different fragrance. Although it doesn't smell the same, to me in the in the same vein of a less sweet/less juvenile Thallium Yves de Sistelle, if that makes any sense. The only reviewer who nailed the review, in my opinion, is FlexYoFaceChase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8E8jeaJ0N8 Just my two-cents.
ShaveNontheDarkside (6 months ago)
Hey Jim! Yes, Hawas is at the top for me too. I am looking at Armaf Opus. Is that any good?
Joy Amin (7 months ago)
fantastic list brother :) if you are using fb please join my fb group...would love you to share your awesome videos with us :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1721430791491588/
Joy Amin (7 months ago)
thank you so much ben :) im so happy to have you in my group...i feel honored :)
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Thanks so much Joy. I just joined. I'm ben rich on FB. Chad is my middle name 👌
Rob DJ Ville (7 months ago)
Nice list. I am so late but I might knock one out.
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
most definitely do one!
Mystic Mac (7 months ago)
Ha! old skool Joop! still overpowers any other fragrance
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Yes sir!!! One spray lasts all day..FACTS!!!😂👍
maxigama ndossi (7 months ago)
I loved the list
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Thank for watching ...more to come 👌
Daniel Brennan (7 months ago)
Unique choices, nice
Joe Cochran (7 months ago)
Your video was quick and to the point, I really enjoyed it - great choices!
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Thanks Joe, more to come 👍
Spartan08 (7 months ago)
I’ve heard of almost NONE of these wtf
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Thanks for watching. More under the radar to come👍
EHDDyce FC (7 months ago)
I've watched a lot of these videos, I haven't heard of many of yours at all. Thanks for being completely original!
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Thanks for watching! Yeah, it hurts the popularity but i like them. Much more to come 👌
David Lee (7 months ago)
very unique list dude...haven't heard of many of these gotta get my nose on them! much props! :D
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Much respect & thanks David. More to come!
Leon Duhaney (7 months ago)
WTF...Damn it youtube, i don't get updates/alerts when my fav channels upload a new video. Nice video brother . All hail Chocolovers & Joop! BTW make more videos Chad.
ShaveNontheDarkside (6 months ago)
lol 😂
Leon Duhaney (6 months ago)
One month later(meme voice)...No new videos ;-(
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
LOL 😂. They coming. Stay tuned
2 Scents Worth (7 months ago)
Subbed man I also had Jacques Fath on my list , great list bro 👏🏻
ShaveNontheDarkside (5 months ago)
Thanks my friend. Totally missed your comment. Checking you out and subbing back!
TheCriticalVirgo (7 months ago)
Love that you broke out the thallium!
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
LOL 😁, I wore thallium under grad to grad school... And I am STILL wearing it. So glad a lady with good taste noticed it 👍👍👍👍
Ellie Smells (7 months ago)
Fabulous to see you back and a brilliant and unconventional list!
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Thank you my lady😉. Much more to come.
J Copeland (7 months ago)
I dig the list man!
J Copeland (7 months ago)
ShaveNontheDarkside exactly!
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Thanks Jay! You know, "we" say what we love and always will have, but the juice level is the acid test 😆
Ben Daniel (7 months ago)
My man Chad...nice to see you bro! Great lineup and thanks for the tag...will definitely work on my video. Take care buddy and enjoy those lovely frags!
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Thanks brother! I know your list will be worthy of making a purchase or 2 😉
Jeremy Harris (7 months ago)
Where you been, bro.??? Glad to have you back!! Dope list, by the way......
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Hey Jeremy!!! Crazy at work but I am always around😉
Mr. TopTenScents (7 months ago)
Great video man. Just subbed
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Thanks! Subbed back to you as well!
Kingdom Athlete (7 months ago)
Nice to see you still at work brotha. Dope unique list✌
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Much respect my friend! Stay tuned.
Professor X (7 months ago)
Nice to see u back, Chad! I just got Jacques Fath Lhomme the other day with the original Kiton Men. That Jaques Fath is definitely backup bottle worthy.
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
What's happening Xavier!!! Good pick ups. Jacques Fath is just a straight steal! Kiton reminds me of a distant cousin of GIT.
DrMatt357 (7 months ago)
Nicely done and to the point Chad!
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Much appreciated Dr. Matt😉
Just Add Light (7 months ago)
Wow! Now THAT is a unique list. Props brother.
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Many many thanks 😉
Jammin GI James (7 months ago)
Thank you for sharing Bro! Some scents in there i want to try! You had no love for oud! 😑
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Lol, only because it's getting warm. Had to get some fresh stuff in there 🤣
The Scentinel (7 months ago)
Great list my friend. Thanks buddy.
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Thanks Pep😉
AllAboutFragrance (7 months ago)
Yes!!!! I knew you would have a great list man!! Alot of stuff I've never smelled in here! Thanks for doing it!
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Lol 😆😆. Most of them are reasonably priced, but some can be pricey because they are rare.
Tyrone E (7 months ago)
Good list. Straight to the point👍
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 months ago)
Hey Tyrone! Lot of videos to watch; don't wanna take too long bro😆

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