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Kydex Magazine Holders

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Glock Talk Thread http://glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1267097 Mitchel's Email [email protected]
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Jay O (1 year ago)
Extended magazine
Ralph Celia (3 years ago)
Take this video off, Mitchell isn't making holsters anymore. He emailed me and said he's not doing this anymore.
rhey simon (4 years ago)
Thanks for shooting
KX125Ripper (6 years ago)
im sure they can, but can they be worn inside the waistband?
SHOOTINGlead (7 years ago)
Do you know if he makes a double mag for the ruger p-series 9mm
Tyler (8 years ago)
Is that the Cammenga mag? If so how do you like yours?
motuferd (8 years ago)
are the belt clips made of kydex too?
Des420 (8 years ago)
Glad he's making them again...and glad I found your review of them.
dakine425 (9 years ago)
He is very good to deal with, great customer service. which is why i wanted to make the video for him. Glad to see another happy customer. So far i've seen nothing but rave reviews on the thread.
dakine425 (9 years ago)
Glad to hear it, which ones did you get the holders for?
dakine425 (9 years ago)
Lake City 5.56 M855
curtispa (9 years ago)
what kinda ammo do u hyave in ur ar 15 mag in this vid
dakine425 (9 years ago)
Hiya Mitchell, thank you for making such a great product. They deserve it's own video. Just wanted to get the word out, the product speaks for itself.
dakine425 (9 years ago)
Thanks, glad to be back. I just uploaded a video and forgot to give you credit for it. I'll put annotations on the video.
dakine425 (9 years ago)
Yup they're also sturdy and affordable, just how i like them:)
Mitchell Pearce (9 years ago)
Hey thanks for the great video. I didn't know you had one on just my products. Keep up the great work. Mitchell
multicam2000 (9 years ago)
glad to see you back making vids. i like how the ar ones hold pmags.
dakine425 (9 years ago)
Your videos are great too, thanks for sharing the stubby visit. I wish i lived on the east coast so i can meet you guys too.
dakine425 (9 years ago)
Thanks for watching
dakine425 (9 years ago)
Thanks bill, i'll try to get more up soon
dakine425 (9 years ago)
Thanks, i'm in the milatech for stubby club
dakine425 (9 years ago)
Thanks man just wanted to share.
dakine425 (9 years ago)
Glad i could share. If you check that glocktalk thread you'll see he also had one that drops low. Might be something to check out.
dakine425 (9 years ago)
Send Mitchell an email he's great to deal with. The G27 magazine holders should also fit all other .40s&w and 9mm magazines.
DefenderOfFreedom (9 years ago)
Nice gear!

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