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How to Modernize Your Suit | Nordstrom Men's Shop

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Modernize your suit. Learn how to get a trim-fit suit and then how to dress it down with an endless rotation of casual separates. SHOP MEN'S SUITS: http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/mens-suits-sportcoats Music by IG88 - http://www.IG88.net
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Ramona Hacking (1 year ago)
So high waters are in now??
Dustin Pappalardo (2 years ago)
Robert Andrews (2 years ago)
the clothing at this store always wears out quickly and has a strange smell like some animal slept in the clothing. Boycott this store because who knows what is in the wearhouse.
Cora Foley (1 year ago)
Robert Andrews for
Mrlolibre (2 years ago)
Suit jacket with joggers..... seriously WTF
Achol Machkuorwel (2 years ago)
These are great suits and well fitted on them . I like it .
JC (3 years ago)
I like the vest on top of the suit......oh no break is just fine. Don't want to appear fuddy dud like some people. :oP
Sagar Goyal (3 years ago)
most of the looks were TOO UGLY! and Without the break its looks like the pants are small also they expose too much legs when you're sitting! ! Break is necessary..dude.
ArianMas (10 months ago)
Sagar Gol Nah

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