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Laughing Song With GooGoo & GaaGaa Baby | +More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs & Kindergarten Songs

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Hello Kids! Welcome to the laughing song with the funny babies Googoo & GaaGaa. The 2 cute babies just can't stop laughing. Sing along with us and don't forget to laugh! Subscribe to the BabyFirst TV Youtube Channel for more children's shows and cartoons for kids: http://www.youtube.com/user/BabyFirstTV?sub_confirmation=1 Hope you enjoyed this episode on BabyFirstTV! For more videos for toddlers click here: http://www.youtube.com/user/BabyFirstTV?sub_confirmation=1 About BabyFirst TV On BabyFirst TV, your baby can learn everything under the sun, from ABC to Animals, colors to shapes, and so much more! Our programming is among the best at helping children learn education basics before entering the school environment. Here we house one of the internet’s largest collections of educational resources, nursery rhymes for children, and cartoons for your baby. Check out some of our favorite programmings, including the Color Crew, Harry the Bunny, Rainbow Horse, Vocabulary, Notekins and more! Our content is intended to help grow with your child. Enjoy our huge collection of nursery rhymes for your children, that you and baby can sing together. From teaching your baby color recognition to helping your child learn socialization with toddler games, BabyFirst TV will be here. Make sure to subscribe to check out the latest from BabyFirst TV! #babyfirstsongs #laughingsong #googoogaagaa
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Rodrigo Aviles (17 days ago)
Hilda Cruz (19 days ago)
蕭裕泰 (1 month ago)
Endfinity Eggs (1 month ago)
Wheels on the bus trap remix amirite
Endfinity Eggs (1 month ago)
If the eraser is the mom... Is that basically confirmation that the pencil is the dad and they are gay parents
Monica E. Ceballos (14 days ago)
WoW! Smh
Endfinity Eggs (1 month ago)
Why does the grumpy shark just look like an angsty teenager
Softy Berry (1 month ago)
Endfinity Eggs (1 month ago)
Rudianto Gunawan (1 month ago)
ange crizaldo (2 months ago)
(lohll Mt y5 .omm5 lll j
sara mcneil (3 months ago)
Marie Arredondo (3 months ago)
cheyenne caballero (3 months ago)
Jazmin Molina (3 months ago)
Beautiful song
Isabel Rios (3 months ago)
N. N n n n n m.
So stupid this show sucks
Ingrid Kaushal (4 months ago)
antoinetteblagrove05 (4 months ago)
Niya Tv (4 months ago)
Tabetha Malhotra (4 months ago)
vacuum cleanersvacuum cleanersvacuum cleaners
don flaco (4 months ago)
Arcello Nathanael (1 month ago)
almin habibovic (5 months ago)
Princesstee7👑 (5 months ago)
Need more videos my son loves goo
Leann Tyler (5 months ago)
My baby sister crys if we don't let her watch baby first
A Z (5 months ago)
Kirby one-up sound at 1:54
Sidra Khatoon (3 months ago)
Aaron Zechmann Post
lps angel (5 months ago)
I can't watch it if my 3 month old sis keeps moving and touching the screen😑😑😑😑
Ayak Kongor (8 days ago)
0po99 9
Jacob Magno (19 days ago)
Same but i cant hear cause my baby brother screams😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Alejandro Gutierrez (5 months ago)
We love goo goi and gaga
Jaunita White (5 months ago)
Alaceyia Holloway (5 months ago)
My lil dude just turned one and some days I catch him dancing singing lalalala lololol. Its so cute. He loves the laugh song.
Dawn Nelson (5 months ago)
montero princess (5 months ago)
princess prince (5 months ago)
My sister love baby first she's always watching it every day thank you we love baby first she loved me first and we didn't have you we will be bored forever thank you we love babies and first
Geetika Gupta (1 month ago)
Lucia Gutierreoolu
Kiky Fatmawati (2 months ago)
Lucia Gutierrez l
Lucia Gutierrez (2 months ago)
princess prince b
Ulises Rodriguez (5 months ago)
My baby laughts so hard that he just loves your vid!
Xhemile Murseli (5 months ago)
@ g
ghostface 555 (5 months ago)
Regine Blanchard (5 months ago)
It's amazing
Sarah S (5 months ago)
this song goes hard
riahasays (5 months ago)
A AQ wSszxx🙌🏾🇬🇬😝😿
Ioanna Mitaki (5 months ago)
Είναι πολύ ωραίο. Ο μπουμπού Γκάγκα είναι η αδυναμία της εγγονού λες μου.
Koy Koy (6 months ago)
What is the first song title? My baby like it very much.
Katrina Romero (6 months ago)
My baby starts dancing when he hears the first song he loves it...yeaaaaa more goo goo and gaa ga😍
sloweddd2009 (18 days ago)
Katrina Romero ',L
Fenty Chintia (21 days ago)
Intanamanda Riant L KLknl
Christine Wambui (4 months ago)
Katrina Rom
Handy budhiarto (4 months ago)
Johzeel Dumpit tytttlagu
Handy budhiarto (4 months ago)
Katrina Romero Laguna Ana's indonesia
tgw179 (6 months ago)
Awwww so cute my baby loves it
Maria Hernandez (1 month ago)
Megusta ver q esfeliz el bebe
Sabrina Trezzo (6 months ago)
Edith Otabor (6 months ago)
Oh baby baby my dearest baby mommy here don,t be afraid
kimberly cleveland (4 months ago)
Edith Otabor m
Andrea Líf (6 months ago)
Nameless URD (4 months ago)
Andrea Líf O
Andrea Líf (6 months ago)
+Sterling Peterson what!?!??!?!?!!??!?!?!?!!?!??!?!
Sterling Peterson (6 months ago)
Andrea Líf has c
Andrea Líf (6 months ago)
+SiennaXcess what do you mean!?!?!?
SiennaXcess (6 months ago)
Andrea Líf was pv
Ashlie Arenas (6 months ago)
Brooke Lieb (6 months ago)
im 12 sitting with my 2 year old bro he loves this
Kiruba Nachiyar (6 months ago)
Super my baby is very enjoy this video's
Ashley Celaya (5 months ago)
Aliviah Campbell (6 months ago)
Kn iruba Nachiyar m nl 0 0 mmmlkll L Man mm,m,l
Cassandra Sosa (6 months ago)
Kiruba Nachiyar ?.
Gail Woodberry (6 months ago)
Kiruba Nachiyar polka ,funky.
Azka Nera (6 months ago)
Santos Family (6 months ago)
I just love the gaagaa character, My daughter loves it so much, hope to see more series with the duo googoo and gaagaa
WILL 505 (4 months ago)
Santos Family sM
iamyazminn (4 months ago)
Santos Family w. %x.
princess prince (5 months ago)
My my sister love baby first she always watching it she's always laughing I love baby first and Sheila baby thank you we love you❤❤❤
marwa marwa (6 months ago)
We need more googoo and gagaa videoss please my son is obsessed with them
Kary Fuentes (4 months ago)
marwa marwa ioo990ipooop0
gloria escobar (5 months ago)
Anurag Sharma revmjlmkop
Pro Bullet (5 months ago)
teairamayes kus
Princesstee7👑 (5 months ago)
marwa marwa mines to he smiles every time he sees him
Pro Bullet (5 months ago)
marwa marwa NO
Awwe a girl goo goo
Taghreed Zer a
THALITA BASTOS (4 months ago)
Taghreed Zer (6 months ago)
jacqueline solorzano (6 months ago)
The new gaagaa
Joel Hayden (5 months ago)
I love Goo & gaa
argentinianmind (6 months ago)
E eww... . . The kkk2kqoooo
Gabriela Yzaguirre (6 months ago)
Is that a new song?
Laura Kristina (6 months ago)
Gabriela Yzaguirre aeee2
Laura Kristina (6 months ago)
1WwGabriela Yzaguirre
adriana molestina (6 months ago)
Gabriela Yzaguirvv=
Gabriela Yzaguirre (6 months ago)
Steven Reed ok...
Great video !
Avril Flores (4 months ago)
Ingri Sanchez (5 months ago)
Kids Colors Learn with Fun kk junto g Gaby guay hbyh hoy ubim
Amanda Land (6 months ago)
097 plu111 we1
Kids Colors Learn with Fun hu
Caroline Castillo (6 months ago)
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