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Text Comments (7455)
Daniel Partida (1 hour ago)
9:01 i'm dead😂😂💀💀💀
Frank Fogue (14 hours ago)
Respect for the white guy
Glock Nyneteen (1 day ago)
Twain and swenson? No wonder.
NNOYED 1 224 (1 day ago)
The most messed up part about this situation is nobody not even a boyfriend decided to take the 🍟 off her forehead🤦🏾‍♂️ I cant watch the rest 🤦🏾‍♂️
krlm2280 (3 days ago)
I'm a black man and I would have rocked that niggas jaw for doing that lady like that and white dude spoke some truth and this cameraman ain't as bright as he think he is he never got it went over his head
Ndeh Moma (3 days ago)
The white guy really deserves better people around him.i really apologize about what happened.
Janet Yovonne Stuckey (3 days ago)
All it takes is a TRASHY WOMAN!!!!! to make a MESS OF OTHERS!!!! She is a fine example just listen at her talking......
richard snell (3 days ago)
And please no comments about the white mans system keeping black people down..because I'm white and the system is built to keep poor white people down as well ..belive it its true!!!
richard snell (3 days ago)
And it's not white people sticking together it's good people sticking together and fighting bad people..to keep other good people safe..its not white folkd fault that black culture is extremely violent..it black end up in jail and not as lawyers..
richard snell (3 days ago)
No ..you are retarded..and stupid..im white and not a dumb bone in my body..the truth about cops killing black kids is because half the black kids in America carry guns..!!!!!! And dream of catching bodies because that's what hip hop and rappers tell them is cool to do..so yea when a black man or young man seems aggressive..black men and young black men die..and the prosecutors..well they know exactly what I'm talking bout..so yes they stick together..
Don Borracho (3 days ago)
That girl is pure trash.
Janet Yovonne Stuckey (3 days ago)
No doubt!!!! Just listen by the way she talks.
John Smith (3 days ago)
The fact of the matter is this video doesn't do credit to either race. The white guy too worried about being called a racist to stump the little punks ass. the little pussy assaulted the woman because he's jealous that a white guy took his woman he should be arrested for assault.#Trump 20/20
youbg Youbg (4 days ago)
how in the fudge did I end up here I was watching a cheaters video thanks youtube for sending me down a tunnel of never ending nonsense bull shit videos that inspire me not to get drunk and associate myself with drunken white girls with cheese fries spilled on their chest .
Zohar Modifier (4 days ago)
3 drug addict... feed them to cows. Simple more water and food for people in africa.
I kinda thought the guy in the thumb nail was Zillakami
Pepe (4 days ago)
“He had a knife I asked him to stab me He chose not to Because he’s a bitch”
Kenya Sallis (4 days ago)
"Cash me outside how bout that " I know I'm not the only one that hear that when she talks 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♀️
Kenya Sallis (4 days ago)
This dumb ass girl gonna really walk around with the chilli cheese fry DEAD SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF HER FOREHEAD THO 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♀️
Black ppl hate white ppl. Plain and simple. Ain't nothing a white person can say or do to ever change that. Whites need to stay as far from blacks as possible.
Nic Neighbors (5 days ago)
Blacks stay wit blacks .......Woody u saying that shit like y'all don't do the same shit
Josh Westrope (7 days ago)
When a dumb guy tries to be intelligent
Jeff Harrison (7 days ago)
The cat widda dreads bread ain't hardly done.The cat widda camera and the white dude had it together Not sure about the chick lol hope. she likes fries.
Raphael M (7 days ago)
This is a sad fucking commentary for the general state of affairs on am3rikkan streets! Every fucking person in this vid needs to go hug a fucking tree & breathe some clean air! The camera man is obviously trying to protect the idiot kid with the dreads! And the White guy is trying to articulate while shit faced!!!!
KC BOY (8 days ago)
i feel bad for her you people have no heart
KC BOY (8 days ago)
im black and even i know the black guys were wrong idgaf if you white purpal or black touch my sis or girls friend you getting fucced up
VINYL SQUAD (8 days ago)
Azz Seu (11 days ago)
She’s a fucken dumb dawg anyway listen to her speak
Robert Visser (11 days ago)
The Brand (11 days ago)
White dude should've cut the bitches throat and been done with it.
Jesus Martinez (11 days ago)
This fucking idiot keeps going back to the race thing like it matters. Dumbass should've been protecting his girl instead of Talking BULLSHIT
Anthony Ballard (12 days ago)
I thought the cops were coming? Oh well anyone want some fries to go?
Guess Who (12 days ago)
And his dad didn't make him call her that word. His dad said. Oh call Jasmine a [email protected]@a. He did it on his own. Camera man allowing him to defend his racist ass by using dad as an excuse
Ny'Ja Robinson (13 days ago)
Black bull acting like a nut and over dat plain bitch that mothafucka would kill everybody if he got cheated on by a real bad ass bitch
Dapper Dan (14 days ago)
If blacks don’t want to be called the N word, they should stop using it themselves.
Robert Raw (14 days ago)
That’s what white women get for dating black fools
Robert Raw (14 days ago)
Bitch get that French fry off your forehead
Della Senpai (14 days ago)
And this is why I date white guys!
Irena Pressley (15 days ago)
Blacks should stay with blacks hes right
king Dee (15 days ago)
I can tell that she still kinda likes the black dude.
utubeornotube (15 days ago)
Maury! Maury! Maury! Wait 4get that... Dontae! Dontae! Dontae!
Cidalia Perez (15 days ago)
What's ur other channel???
DJ Distinct (15 days ago)
Cool "slightly" intoxicated white guy: "The fact of the matter is thisssss..."
Shin Chan (16 days ago)
Honestly u can’t be too mad and the white guy because he was raised that way and I don’t think he was trying to be racist
Daniel Montano (16 days ago)
If he says FACT OF THE MATTER IS one more time.. OMG SHUT THE F UP
Kalis Bilando (16 days ago)
Dirty whites, back to Europe
Shad Chollack (16 days ago)
It boils down to these 2 whiteys are drunk and about to drive!!!
M Rodriguez (16 days ago)
Ol' girl needs to go to rehab!
Chris Ortiz (16 days ago)
The ass wasn’t y’all that at the end
Mariam ndungu (17 days ago)
Brother hood
theworld begoinup (17 days ago)
The white guy fr a tru mvp
MadDM (17 days ago)
JokerSF SF (17 days ago)
This guy doesn't represent white people and his story isn't right with white people. Racism exists because of the way most black people act. It's their actions, over and over, that create racism. Because it's the same behaviors over and over a person can reasonably assume that when they see a black person they too will have the same behaviors and actions. Prejudice = prejudging someone. It's black people that are not being true to themselves. Stop blaming others.
Patriot Ghost (17 days ago)
Trump 2020 💥pow 🤜💥👄mother FUCKER
Chris Creaser (17 days ago)
- Far Tooo MUCH pressure is put on white women to go with black men, by the evil,racist,left-wing,Brainwashing MSN ... :(
MrDeefer (17 days ago)
Drugs. Plain and simple. Fuckwits.
mcClouds710 (18 days ago)
I dont give a fuck I'll beat that black guys face in its black guys like his punk ass who gives black people bad names
Willy Gwaltney (18 days ago)
White man is way more patient than I ever would be....
nancy cordero (18 days ago)
fook. so sorry that blacks will play race card above chinese,or Jews.. sorry obama didnt do shit.. Trump will fix.. im voting again for the 'Donald'
nancy cordero (18 days ago)
ask any black person, if they assault a white person, it's ok...always blame 400yrs of slavery but hispanics were slaves waay before africans ever left Africa
Patti D Best (18 days ago)
Never fight over a woman. Never get into a racist argument. If this woman is wanting this black man, let her go. If your trying to protect her, call a cop hahaha, yeah right a cop.
Justin Jones (18 days ago)
yo the video went from day to night it took so long
Dime Bag (18 days ago)
Stupid ppl all
DaRealJay 2x (19 days ago)
Robert Rstw (19 days ago)
should be put brick upside the black dude head
Chastidy Merrell (20 days ago)
Black boy dead wrong.That girl probably had good reason to leave him.
Jeff Chandler (20 days ago)
Dude that girl is nothing but trouble Let Her Go...
drop_thebiscuit 98 (20 days ago)
That skinny black guy ain't shit
kieti Theodore (20 days ago)
the guy with dreads is an ASS . am with the WHITE GUY
Ambishun Tha Don (21 days ago)
The white guy should have asked "does it make him a racist if he was forced to say things at a kid". This guy isn't racist, I've seen some racist white folk. Shit young black kids do need another guidance source other than athletes, rappers and dope boys.
Cordney The baller (21 days ago)
Metta world peace
Joey Barz (21 days ago)
Fuck dontaes boxing nation and this interviewer.
Joey Barz (21 days ago)
The camera mans a racist loser.
N'iveah Serrano (21 days ago)
I know exactly where tf they're at 😂😂😂 they're in Orlando on international drive and kirkman at the hotel behind the days inn
nitalovly (22 days ago)
Coke heads
Lakisha Smith (22 days ago)
The black guy with the dreads is mad at the white girl talking shit about her but he was dating her lol
Robb Valentine 99 (22 days ago)
Why cant we all just get along as 1 unite as 1 race
Robb Valentine 99 (16 days ago)
ARIDIA LOPEZ (23 days ago)
I respect the white guy 🤷🏽‍♀️
Mr man Mr man (23 days ago)
Talking sometimes got you badly way stop 🛑 talking and go home 🏡
Saul Herrera (23 days ago)
Dan Zarvas (23 days ago)
Both dudes are crazy for fighting over rotted gash. Maybe the coating of chili cheese fries will hide the smell of festered fish. The white dude's the kind of guy you force to watch when you're smashing his girl, who is AKA "anyone's girl".
skepticmk (17 days ago)
the white dude's like you then
steve graves (23 days ago)
White dude is a liar . Jew trying to play the Blackman
Dee Turner (23 days ago)
Gosh the way the ex boyfriend putting his hands on her now u know he beat women up disgusting
Castle Müller (23 days ago)
All my respect to the guy talking on camera. He is so cool. I have learned from him to still remain calm in front of adversities. Big thumbs up bro!
**white guy sneezes** Angry black guy: That's racist, man
Tena’s Batcave (24 days ago)
Yeah this situation is sad af! He’s young And ignorant af! I feel for her and the white guy! Hope he don’t stab her next time he sees her
60707 (24 days ago)
Looks like she and him both took too many of those anti anxiety pills. Nobody in this video has half a brain cell from the camera guy to the girl with the french fry on her forehead.
de sm (24 days ago)
He’s NOT A RACIST BRUH! AND IM A AFRICAN AMERICAN SAYING THIS. C’mon man! Be a little more of an intellectual
Daniel Seaman (24 days ago)
I hate blacks 100 not 1 i like
Sergie Vestil (24 days ago)
1990 and UP... He knows what's up after 1990 the kids were a complete waste of time and none of them can do anything on their own and they all think they're 10 ft tall
Rahshan Paige (25 days ago)
Im also am a blackman myself and us as black ppl we gotta start paying attention and stop quick to call all white ppl racist..cuz all white ppl is not racist..i can tell just from what this white guy saying , his father tried to turn him racist but its not in him to be that way good dude👍
Jared Oesby (25 days ago)
He’s not racist
Knewt Knight (25 days ago)
10:15 "That's all you do is talk about Donald Trump." Thank you Trump.
Knewt Knight (25 days ago)
Legend has it, this is how whites and blacks became mortal enemies......over a white woman.
Knewt Knight (25 days ago)
Legend has it, she ate the fries on her head.
Knewt Knight (25 days ago)
Trump voters are so disgusting. All these comments on here are from "blacks for Trump" and Trump supporters.
Christopher Garcia (25 days ago)
She’s still smashing
Mr Ace (25 days ago)
She sucked the shit out of that black guy dick
GG_ world (26 days ago)
oh well fuck that whitee whore
Jennifer Taylor (26 days ago)
i think ppl who do gay stuff is not automatically gay. i feel like to really consider someone gay theyd have to actually living the gay lifestyle like actually dating other gay ppl on the regular not just one or two years of some girl having a gf or something lol idk
Carolina Trucker (26 days ago)
So what ended up being the “ fact of the matter “?

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