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Armani Code ULTIMATE by Giorgio Armani Eau de Toilette Intense "STREET SCENTS" The Series

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Armani Code Ultimate by Giorgio Armani STREET SCENTS The Series. released in 2012 a sexier version of the Original Armani Code lasts a long time and will get you noticed great for the cooler weather. RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE.....Check out my Armani Code Ultimate REVIEW THE LINK IS BELOW THIS....... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhATdWdsM0Q
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Text Comments (90)
Liev EDP (6 months ago)
Street Scents = Occasionally noisy background, always quality guests.
JESUS KING AND SAVIOR (8 months ago)
thats my scent right there. it is a going out cologne and its a good summer/fall cologne I think.
Stevo Atkin (11 months ago)
One word.. Tits.
kev2coy (1 year ago)
she's hot.
robes08 (1 year ago)
Great episode, thanks Al!
Sasha V (1 year ago)
Lovely girl , nice smile , confident nearly perfect ......... maybe just maybe transsexsual
Joy Amin (2 years ago)
she reminds me of mileena in mortal kombat, in a very sexy n sensual way....what a beautiful gal
simpa256 (1 year ago)
Finish her!! Fatality!
LadyGambit Ronin (1 year ago)
Joy Amin thanks so much
S XB (2 years ago)
very masculine scent
Suadeira Fria (2 years ago)
If i put that in my dick is she gonna suck it ?? thats the only way im gonna buy it...........
S XB (2 years ago)
idkman. try!!!
Stridex Rain (3 years ago)
where the hell was this video shot? looks like the slums
Rafael Bittencourt (3 years ago)
Good video, congratulations.
MACETON (3 years ago)
dang AL! you should of let the camera roll while she walked away that would of been the perfect ending to this video.
Luis Lopez (4 years ago)
Yo al let me get a street scents shirt hmu bro out here in fl
Luis Lopez (4 years ago)
She is soooooooo sexy
chigaderu (4 years ago)
Al uses shades so his eyes can freely look to other places. Just sayin' Man.
Patrick Stevens (4 years ago)
Qué ricas esas chiches ;) A friend told me that means nice woman in Mexican.
Frank Martinez (4 years ago)
She got me horny
Jajaja, sexy!
DoorsFan91 (4 years ago)
Hope to see her back soon
LadyGambit Ronin (4 years ago)
I had so much fun doing this video
The TaylorMade Man 100 (4 years ago)
Shereen is adorable. Hope to see her more on your videos. 
cjewe1z (4 years ago)
Shireen is the beautifullest Youtube video guest of all times and the cjewelz is going to favourite this so I and my fans can admire her beauty over and over again.
Russ Rulesall (5 years ago)
She looks like she wants to eat out of Al's ass.
kron1270 (5 years ago)
I have never been a scent cologne guy but THAT shit smells good trust me
MrBjp001 (5 years ago)
Dejuan Green (5 years ago)
She was flirting wit al the whole time
Christopher Henry (5 years ago)
I want to suck on her tits
omri K (5 years ago)
love this scent! awesome
420Lovermusic (5 years ago)
TougodTV (5 years ago)
Keep doing ya thing man, your the only channel I go to to hear reviews on cologne that I'm interested in, keep up the good work!
eternity90s (6 years ago)
hahaha you never know
Lucas Blake (6 years ago)
White, black, puerto rican, everybody freakin freakin!!!!!
me (6 years ago)
where do u get these samples from
Lambo BigBrother (6 years ago)
If you think thats a dude... Man you got issues. That is one sexy latin mama, all female baby!
aLeX v (6 years ago)
sorry for my ignorance bro but is there a difference in the smell between the regular one and this "ultimate" one??tanx
martinaee (6 years ago)
Damn that's a WOMAN. I love how she said definitely in the beginning. So feminine and sexy :)
Acerez (6 years ago)
no offense but you sound gay.
DoorsFan91 (6 years ago)
Is this exclusive to Macys?
Jimblob’s (6 years ago)
Asking a hooker if she likes Armani code, hmm. lol.
MysticMon13 (6 years ago)
Thanks al for the Reply! What would you suggest...just off of the top of your mind, as good fragrances for the hot/humid weather regardless of price? If you don't mind.
protectedsugar (6 years ago)
Great review...more of these kind...
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
It would do good but would be great for the fall that Tonka bean Vanilla cocoa will shine in the cooler weather
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
No it was'nt a dude
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
This is off the main street less car sounds I know it looks trashy in the Background thats what STREET SCENTS is all about you never know what your gonna get.
unfaithfully yours (6 years ago)
No offense but i think thats a dude
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
Certain citrus scents or fragrances have that smell that do better in warmer climates. The climate may bring it out more or make it dissipate better. Examples Yves Saint Laurant's Libre, and L'Homme, colognes, Bond no.9's Brooklyn, La Male by Jean Paul Gualtier , Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche and a few others man.
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
I may try this cause I hate the regular Armani Code. I sold that crap so fast after I wore it
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
Lol you took one of the finest girls you've ever interviewed and placed her in the trashiest place
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
Man she is sexyyyy damnnn
VirginiaMist (6 years ago)
Nice video review.
elusivehigh (6 years ago)
She needs to be a regular.
CQBad1 (6 years ago)
Great episode with a great girl who obviously enjoys being on SS, you should bring her more often !! :)
Bruno Confortin (6 years ago)
Finally a decent stop Al :D
MysticMon13 (6 years ago)
How do you think it would be in warn/humid climates?
mannyb332211 (6 years ago)
The wink at 2:37, she's sexy
ChilledPint (6 years ago)
Lol , Al at 2:23 asks her " What was I saying again?""
Nerve Salad (6 years ago)
Another great video... thanks again, Al!
DrRexalicious (6 years ago)
Fernando J.S (6 years ago)
Beautiful and sexy girl...
Dunamis (6 years ago)
i think shes puerto rican
razscott (6 years ago)
Lookin chilled in ur blue S.S shirt man!! Code Ultimate? Is this fo real? Great episode Al, i need to check this out.
razscott (6 years ago)
I would for certainly have a good go on those
TheFashionbugs (6 years ago)
Thanx Al u tha man! nice view!
jamin4gt (6 years ago)
Awesome AL.
Juan v (6 years ago)
thats cool bro, and it should be easy for you too because you seem like such a cool dude lol anyway thanks!!!
Eturnal 718 (6 years ago)
Great review and a cool lady right there too. Not only that but she didnt rub it in...the lady knows her stuff XD
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Yes check out Macy's
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
YSL L'Homme for the warmer weather and Armani Code Ultimate for the fall and winter
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Soon lol
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
From the department stores I become friendly with everyone and seem to get my hands on all kinds of samples
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Thanks alot
Patrikduke (6 years ago)
Great episode Al, your videos are just awesomeeeeeee !!!
mindofigor (6 years ago)
nevermind the cologne, where do i get a sample of HER?
StrangeDays (6 years ago)
Great vid Al. Is the fragrance already out?
tombarber21 (6 years ago)
Hey Al - you're wearing my shirt! Nice job again.
Aaron Curry (6 years ago)
La nuit de l'Homme hands down
Baiser le système (6 years ago)
Al tell me, YSL La Nuit de l'homme or Dior F Absolute or Armani Code Ultimate for fall and winter?
theLupeXperience (6 years ago)
Oh boi! She was so smooove with that, she just waved her arm to let it breathe & she gently put it up to her nose to smell. No aggression; just a smooth, calm lady. She didn't rub it in! Now, I can respect that! Great stuff AL, this was a real good episode.
DoorsFan91 (6 years ago)
Sephora does not have this yet.
raidernationcali (6 years ago)
alrite guys here we go... looking to sell or swap a bleu de chanel 1.7 oz with cap and box sprayed only 3 times. anyone interested drop me a message.
indivent (6 years ago)
Nice. You should ask the guest if they have any shoutouts!
raidernationcali (6 years ago)
Al can u get martika on street scents?
wagsbass (6 years ago)
nice Al
Juan v (6 years ago)
where do you get your samples
Dunamis (6 years ago)
First!!!!!!!!!!!!! Al love you bro! I would like to send you something. Please send me a message. Thanks.

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