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How To Pray Fajr For Beginners

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Step by step video on how to pray Fajr Salah
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AshiK Ak (2 days ago)
Verry verry useful 👍👍👏👏
dab vlogs (9 days ago)
May Allah bless you brother 🙏
Wahdat T.v (13 days ago)
Who is listening this in june 2019 Hit like ❤️
Parmeena Pacha (1 day ago)
Elite_King23 (7 days ago)
Wahdat T.v الله اكبر❤️
Masha Allah
ahms laila (16 days ago)
You dint write the last word before we end before salam to both angels what to say there are no words
Saykot khan (18 days ago)
AsiAfs Mohd (18 days ago)
Masha allah
Do you need to reapeed it Every time or is it just in the video
Naina Godale (21 days ago)
Please eid ki namaz ase hi dale
I am Iron-man (21 days ago)
nag hikmat doguparthi (21 days ago)
Thank you bhai
hari krish (23 days ago)
This is wrong method, Please correct it. *SubhanaAllah*
hari krish (23 days ago)
Don't follow this guy's please, SubhanaAllah
Nazeer Ahemad (23 days ago)
I know when i was praying to god it was wrong tnx for sending dis vedio and now i know how to pray to allah because it change my life from bad to good and i like it
Salmo Abdi (24 days ago)
Thank you for your arm cù ples Like KUmnti
Mahnoor Nazer (26 days ago)
Mashallah good bhai
cutiee (28 days ago)
Is Ramadhan Tarawi and this one is same?
Laiba Abrar (28 days ago)
Areeba Javed (28 days ago)
Nargis huq (28 days ago)
mark anthony (28 days ago)
How to bend over and receive anal sex
Kazi Aasif (29 days ago)
Galat shikhana gunah hi
malindu dilchin (29 days ago)
I am newly converted to Islam. This is very helpful.
Haveen Sindi (29 days ago)
It’s ATHeem not Azeem right ? My Arabic friend from Syria who even taught the Quran said it was ATHeem but the Pakistanis say Azeem.
Ramou Kitane (30 days ago)
Macha Allah
KIM BOBBIN (30 days ago)
what is the transliteration in 4:46 before the tasleem?
Nextlife Dreams (30 days ago)
I came to know about qunooth
Yassin Adam (30 days ago)
Hands on the chest not on your stumic the girl stands good
Amira Azmi (30 days ago)
Alhamdulillah sgt mmbantu..
Hassani Mmanga (1 month ago)
gabadha is jecel (1 month ago)
Bnar Azad (1 month ago)
La elaha ela allah😍😍😍🤗😍
Khushi Suvarna (1 month ago)
Thank you so much It make too easy for me thank you very much....😍😍
Sadaf 10 (1 month ago)
Who can dislike this
la merveille bibiche (1 month ago)
Macha allah
Mary Selempo (1 month ago)
thank you very much , i just concerted into new muslim a week ago and am stilll learning how to pray , more so to keep time. i thank God for everything.
jimmy and gems (1 month ago)
Najia Amiri (1 month ago)
Lutfullah Hamdard (1 month ago)
Lutfullah Hamdard (1 month ago)
Lutfullah Hamdard (1 month ago)
You are amazing
Lutfullah Hamdard (1 month ago)
Thank you for all your support
Gazal Khan (1 month ago)
Isha ki full namaz plz isi trha upload kre
Noor 786 (1 month ago)
Wow. Thanks
Joseph Bojtor (1 month ago)
Why has this video come into my recommendations?
Nefi Traoré (1 month ago)
Nuni Ally (1 month ago)
Jazaka llah .....
Husni Masha (1 month ago)
3:30 between the two sujud I think there's something we should recite
Husni Masha (1 month ago)
@khashmee ousside rabigh firlii 3 times
khashmee ousside (1 month ago)
subahanna rabbig'firli (3x) i guess... im also a beginner
Sauda Suda (1 month ago)
Thanks ×💯
Rohit Sk (1 month ago)
javid choudhary (1 month ago)
Masha allha kya baat ha
Ahnasbinraja Raja (1 month ago)
very very useful video
Thintiourita Tra (1 month ago)
qu'Allah vous récompense inchallah!!
Nelly Susan (1 month ago)
Don’t betray allah he hates people who prays Christian.
SBK channel (1 month ago)
Thank you so much
hamzah alam khan (1 month ago)
Cira Konde (1 month ago)
Fiza Jamshed (1 month ago)
Subhan ALLAH
M Rafik (1 month ago)
mariyam fathima (1 month ago)
Do durood padna ? Ya ek b pad sakte ?
Mino Dimasar (1 month ago)
Maraming salamat po...
Eric Mark (1 month ago)
Fanta Guirassy (1 month ago)
Que dieu nous pardonne 🙏🙏🙏
Seenithurai Syed (1 month ago)
Thank u
Zor bolibdi
sk irfan (1 month ago)
Is it the right way to offer namaz for female????
Shiekh Nasir (1 month ago)
Learn from authentic hadiths.. https://youtu.be/GjTIybFQlWE
This is Best to remember salât
Rulla the boss (1 month ago)
The prophet Muhammad (SAW) said ‘pray the way you see me’ so this means male and females prayer should be the same, because according to bukhari hadith the prophet did not show us the ‘women’s way of praying’ so that means we pray the same. I hope this has helped.
No difference the all pray to god
Abdulmajid Tahir (1 month ago)
Masha Allha ☝️☝️
Saba Khan (1 month ago)
Hayat Usman (1 month ago)
과일 (1 month ago)
I love that the video shows both genders. The positioning of the feet and so on.
Suman dolly (1 month ago)
Hii do rakat farj namaz ke liye sukriya. please char rakat our tin rakat namaz ka video download kare farj sunnt naphil & esa namaz ka bhi video download kare. Me namaz Sikh rahi hu aapke video ka tarika aachh h samghne ka please request me
Rahie Rifat (1 month ago)
I love Islam
Abitha Mudavankattil (1 month ago)
sheik faruk (1 month ago)
irfaan Shahensha (1 month ago)
Runa Akter (1 month ago)
Safia khan (1 month ago)
This is wrong!! we dont have to do allah hu akbar with rafiyadan again and again..its done only once at the beginning only.
Yea we say it
sangeetha (1 month ago)
Thank you so much very useful....Aameen
Ayesha Ziaudeen (1 month ago)
For men and women Salah procedure is same only .. there is no difference at all... Plz do not follow this ...
Ms Marum (1 month ago)
Mashallah tabarakallah
Khadiga Omar (1 month ago)
Barak Allah hu feek/feeki
l'homme fort (1 month ago)
Brothers and sisters i need who to teach me goodness pray .i lose my father when i have 11years 😢😢 help me pleasss i need god forgive all our deceased
Fatih Kızıl (1 month ago)
l'homme fort God rest his soul. 24. And, out of kindness, lower to them the wing of humility, and say: "My Lord! bestow on them thy Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood." ( İsrâ, 17/24)
Zaida Latif (1 month ago)
I remember when it was my first time reading namaaz it was a really hard won for me but thank Alla for giving me all the strength to keep and going with my namaaz so dear all that are Muslims in this world do not give up with all your namaaz.....
Zaida Latif (1 month ago)
Mashallah keep it up
Savi Savitha (1 month ago)
አሚናት ዩሡፍ (1 month ago)
جزك اله
arshiya arshiya (1 month ago)
Bahut bahut Shukriya
arshiya arshiya (1 month ago)
Mashallah Ek Baar thajud padke dekhaeya
kousar kousar (1 month ago)
Kapil Assam (1 month ago)
Dear uploder plz 5 waqt namaj ka clip uplod koro.!
Athee Dhiya1989 (1 month ago)
Jazzakalla hairan...nan convert ava poren but kalima soli thernja madhiri tholudhutu thaan iruken ipavum...ipa useful ah iruku...
Ansari Rubina (1 month ago)
Mariam Méité (1 month ago)
shabib khan (1 month ago)
Masa allha
3733750 3733750 (1 month ago)
Thanks so much I don't know this all 💝
Ittasham Mansoori (1 month ago)
Subhaan Allah
Nazish Qamar (1 month ago)
Anisha Jannat (1 month ago)

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