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The best youth volleyball players do a Shuttle Warm Up

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http://www.volleyballdrills.tv/?p=3183 Here's a get-your-feet moving warmup at the beginning of practice or just a way for players to keep getting those repetitions during individual warmups... Grab your two BFFs and start shuttling. Total time: 15 min Section time: 5 min Section 1- Arm Warm-up: This is just a series of basic throws and arm swings. Section 2- Ball Control: Platform passing, hands passing and pass to self/set to partner. you determine when to yell "switch!" Section 3- 3-Man Pepper: The far player is a libero. She can stay or rotate, you choose. The more reps, the better. The girl in the middle is the setter... She can stay there the whole time (unless she's also a hitter)... the other girls rotate in and out. Trust me, these girls do this drill series all the time and they're legit. I mean. They won Crossroads.
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yeet (1 year ago)
setting and talking is horrible
deasttn (3 years ago)
0:30 Ball Control Series is a great drill to get em moving. This is our go-to warm-up drill. None of that 2 person facing each other passing junk where the players hardly move a single foot. Get up, do the figure-9/weave/shuttle drill. Move it, move it. GO!
Claire Thompson (3 years ago)
Great Drills
abdulaziz alshaikh (3 years ago)
Izzy Oss (3 years ago)
Talk ladies! I could literally hear that girl wiping her shoes it was so quiet.
Claire Portigue (4 years ago)
Kathy Dela Rosa (4 years ago)
Too quiet - no one's talking but good drills though.
The buy us uh uhuhn (4 years ago)
I'm team captain of girls Volley ball and my Team Really sucks I'm the only girl who actullay plays
Mattison Park (7 months ago)
The buy us uh uhuhn that’s actually really rude to say that of your own team, u should be supporting them and helping them, what u just said is not what a good teammate says, it’s what a selfish.ayer says 😡😒🙄
kurtis yacyshen (4 years ago)
My volleyball team is first in the province and we run,do standing stretches then we do two man pepper then we do a 5 minute hitting warmup then 1 minute serving then when the other teams hitting 5 minutes of free ball drill and digging
Zee Wagner (4 years ago)
I used this for my P.E lesson . Thanks
miena davis (5 years ago)
I liked it because I used to be on a team and we won. Now that I'm at a public school my P.E teacher has me teaching the class. Girls keep up the food work

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