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RAYMOND WEIL Watch Review | Maestro Phase de Lune

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Presentation of the Maestro phase de lune (Moon phase) watch - Steel on leather strap, silver dial
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Emil Vassilev (1 month ago)
stunningly beautiful watch ! I have the one with the black dial and black leather band, amazing !
accord536 (9 months ago)
One of the best watches ever made by Raymond Weil, I wish you make more of them. I didn’t like the new Maestro
Beck Stein (1 year ago)
Same manufacturer as frederique constant. Casing, dials, and hands all the same.
TVGameMobile (1 year ago)
beauty @@
Ahmed Aly (2 years ago)
RW-MAESTRO-2859-STC-00659 that is more beauty
Carlos Moreira Cardoso (5 years ago)
It's a very useful video. But it's not a review! I had one on my hand and I was very disappointed with the poor decoration of the movement, and also the fact that the hands are not blued on a traditional way. The dial and the elegance are fantastic! I think it's to expensive!
B G (29 days ago)
Fuck off cunt
Santoryu3 (5 years ago)
please make a video of a black (2839-STC-00209) version. thanks!
TheLMMish (6 years ago)
I think this is a very nice watch with an incredibly fine finish for its price. But can someone at Raymond Weil please tell me why some of the Maestro watches resemble Breguet so much? Thank You.
jason leung (7 years ago)
I love the moon phase and date setting buttons :) why do you have to avoid setting the time between 8pm and 1am though??
Thothamon007 (7 years ago)
I own two other RWs and was going to buy this one too but was surprised there is absolutely no illumination to numbers or hands. If you can't see a watch at night....
Thomas Haug (7 years ago)
Bautiful watch! What type of movement does it house? Raymond Weill modifyed Selita?
rustydog1236 (7 years ago)
Wow, must be expensive; you can't even touch it! Beautiful watch, though.

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