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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel todays video in on lightening dark lips fast at home. if like this video please SUBSCRIBE hit the like button and share this video for your friends and family. For personal questions or enquiries, for a quick respond, click this link. https://editorial556.com And I'll be there to answer them follow me on instagram: @is-editorial twitter: @editorialin snapchat: editorial4
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For personal questions or enquiries, for a quick respond, click this link. https://editorial556.com And I'll be there to answer them
Yeremiah Angeles (2 months ago)
+mprecous0 bitch NOTHING.
mprecous0 bitch (2 months ago)
+Yeremiah Angeles then what does?
Shunitha Shunitha (3 months ago)
For how many days I have to do this
Yeremiah Angeles (4 months ago)
Mate, your lips are still dark... 😐 😒 Stop lying to your subscribers and tell them the truth. Because we all know that home remedies don't make your lips lighter. Peace and blessings.
eze Okoh (1 year ago)
Hw are you doing I love ur hand work pls can I no you better ?
K.Drastic Beatz (12 hours ago)
Nice video, very beautiful as well! Nigerian?
Laila D. (16 hours ago)
Do you use something to lighten your skin?
Sabre Springs (1 day ago)
Who here cuz they smoke too much😂🙋
Michael T (3 days ago)
sorry would have been better if light was the same some people lose faith in you with issues like this
GOGO GINO (4 days ago)
Khulekile Khoza (4 days ago)
Do u know what u doin OR Are u just using random things 🤔🙄
Shelby Robertson (10 days ago)
People who did this, did it work????
Maliecha Miller (10 days ago)
Lol her wink
priyanka biswassarma (13 days ago)
Can I use coconut oil?
Majestros (15 days ago)
Does this work on salami nipples?
Rupali Shiralkar (19 days ago)
Realy works . Can u please tell me how to make transparent and water proof nail polish
Chassidity Mcdonald (1 month ago)
Fast forward to 1:15
94Wraith (1 month ago)
You are the man!
Mr Lungs (1 month ago)
Does this actually work?
Varsha Pramidala (1 month ago)
Your braid is just awesome 👌👌
mylene saunders (1 month ago)
My Leeep😂
Yes u have beautiful lips 😘. I love them. I want to kiss u on them. Meet me in SK.
Merih Tekle (1 month ago)
Did you show dis method to ur village also?
Korè Cisse (1 month ago)
Merih Tekle tffff you stupid asf
Louvenia L (1 month ago)
I tried this technique yesterday. I saw results in less than 24 hours!! I wished I would have taken pictures. I will continue to use
WeRepSociety (1 month ago)
Absolutely love love loveeee your accent and this recipe too!! 😍💕
Min Chin (1 month ago)
My leep.
Timothy Walls (1 month ago)
Sexy lip and accent
nickenzio1 (1 month ago)
I don't believe your lips are that soft, I need to feel them with my own fingers lol.
Patrice Mwelwa (1 month ago)
alex mcclean (1 month ago)
Does it work for black men with dark lip
Jacey YT (1 month ago)
In my culture with dark lips is meaning that person smokes.
Raine's Studio (1 month ago)
OMG she look dead on the thumbnail with that super dark lips😳😳
Jean Keli (1 month ago)
Dark lip very nice
Robert White (2 months ago)
I love your accent
Gambiano Camz (2 months ago)
Wish I could kiss those lips. Damn looks sweet
heyitsme. (2 months ago)
I’m here bc I smoke too much weed.
Laurel Harper (2 months ago)
Dark lips or a dark upper lip is a matter of genetics and is common in darker skinned people. It has nothing to do with lipstick or lipgloss. How would that explain this on men?? And this didn’t even work on you anyway.
Precious Smythe (3 months ago)
Your lips cute periodt
Ranjeeth Menon (3 months ago)
That's fine to lighten up your dull lip , your lips looking fresh and better than before I agreed .thumbs up for that , defenetly I'm gonna try this at least once . But I'm looking for a permanent solution . How to keep the lips looking smooth and fresh forever ??? Any tips for that ?
Mariah Francois (3 months ago)
I have natural pink lips but I just lava how you say leeps
Mariah Cruces (3 months ago)
You have such nice lips 😩
Lizay Skyy (3 months ago)
Khan Muhammad (3 months ago)
Thanx mam, I am going to try this method.😃
1/2 ملعقة صغيرة سكر ابيض تخلط مع 1/2ملعقة صغيرة عسل طبيعي و تفرك و تقشر به الشفاه لمدة 5دقائق ثم تغسل و نمرر عليها ليمونة ثم ندهنها بزيت اللوز الحلو وصفة راااااائعة جربتها أصبحت شفتاي وردية و طرية و لامعة👄👄👄
Darl Rapid (3 months ago)
REALLIFETv (3 months ago)
Your music is to loud my dear
F V (3 months ago)
Nice sexy lips 😍😘
Gypse Guera (3 months ago)
Imma subscribe to your channel because you pretty and I like your voice. With yo sweet self.
Adam Tak (4 months ago)
Is this a video to just get views or does this actually work? Please I really need to know...
PourToujours8092 (4 months ago)
Very nice and full lips..u lucky to have tht full lips
terique alleyne (4 months ago)
Am I supposed to use a lime or a lemon ? Someone help please
Calliope Harritos (4 months ago)
You have beautiful lips dear. Thanks for the video. I’m gonna try ... my upper lip is little darker and I don’t like it.. I have a question, what toothpaste do you us? You have beautiful white teeth!!
Ivan sypher Spence (4 months ago)
me love ur lips
Sy D (4 months ago)
What if im scrubbing with toothpaste and brush it?
shiva prasad (4 months ago)
Send my wathsapp Ya plz items name 00971521446851
Sam A (4 months ago)
She actually has very nice lips...not going to lie it's sexy.
Nancy Ojo (4 months ago)
Is this woman really serious???
Jerold Knox (4 months ago)
Well that didn't work. Them light skinned (white) girls though.
WavySanchez (4 months ago)
How often should you do this process
Andale Rich (4 months ago)
Instead of the lemond can we use Lime?
James Williams (4 months ago)
I tuned in to this post because your post wasn't misleading. Usually people will post posts that are dramatically different from the before to the after. GOOD JOB!
Ebony White (4 months ago)
very pretty!
Ebony White thanks
Danial Syakir (4 months ago)
Love your confidence
Birdie, Rico & Friends! (4 months ago)
Your skin is beautiful! :)
Autumn Trower (4 months ago)
Was that a lemon or a lime ? And does it matter if it's a real lemon or lemon juice?
Khathu Musenwa (4 months ago)
You’re South African
Batul Laheri (5 months ago)
You are so cute 😂♥️
annu gupta (5 months ago)
U r cute
Oluwatobi Olurin (5 months ago)
Please i would like to know the soundtrack of this particular episode.... and as for the instructions i would try it out...
Engineer Locs (5 months ago)
Tip #1..stop smoking weed
Alexander (5 months ago)
My lower lip is rosy pink, but my upper lip is a few shades darker, sadly. Meaning I have two natural toned lips. However, I’d like both of them rosy pink, so thank you.
PerplexedSage (5 months ago)
Eh, my upper lip, is just a few shades darker than my natural, rosy pink lower lip.
kluvert b (6 months ago)
We🇳🇬say leep live her alone😂
Sameeha lawal (17 days ago)
kluvert b yeah lmao 😂
Helen Saavedra (6 months ago)
Leymon? Leep?
Dwyan Suggs (6 months ago)
Your accent is so pretty!
chizee 3 (6 months ago)
You are soooo not original. You are only good at copying and pasting what people have said on other videos.
Positive Vibes (5 months ago)
You big mad
VICTOR MOSES (6 months ago)
nice sexy lips they turn me on and Nice teeth
darkliquors (6 months ago)
I love your background music. What is the title and who is the artist?
Zion Hart (6 months ago)
Aw she’s so cute😂
Chini Mini (6 months ago)
Is this results are permanently ?
i love you <3 you look like rihanna
You are so cute...
samuel John (7 months ago)
The before pic looks fake tho
Deqli I (7 months ago)
U really put marker on ur lips for the thumbnail
kimberly robson (7 months ago)
WTF is a “leep” bruh
your mom gay (7 months ago)
Instead of lemon you can just use brown sugar, honey and a little bit of vanilla extract (for smell) and put it on for 1-2 minutes and after make sure you put chapstick then BOOM you have nice pink plump lips 😍
Guilty Shadow (7 months ago)
Can i use olive oil instead of almond oil?
Fluffy Hampton (7 months ago)
I get bullied for having black lips they think I smoke and they pretend their smoking that makes me hurt in side so when I got home later at night I cried and cutted myself because I hate how I get bullied for my lips when I go to school
Fluffy Hampton (6 months ago)
Tawanna Mills OMG THX SO MUCHH
Tawanna Mills (6 months ago)
+Fluffy Hampton Been subscribed
Fluffy Hampton (6 months ago)
Tawanna Mills thx so much I have a question can you plz subscribe to me I want to become a youtuber one day and I want to have a lot of subscribers it makes me feel happy that I have supportive subscribers
Tawanna Mills (7 months ago)
Fuck them. You are beautiful
Yasmine Toeava (7 months ago)
I like the way you say "LEEP" HAHAHAHAH 🤣🤣🤣
Crystal Torres (8 months ago)
My top lip is purple and my bottom is pink
Cushia Alceus (8 months ago)
Would adding a little bit of lemon extract give me the same results. I want to make a mini jar fall so that I don’t have to mix everything every single time I’m ready to scrub my lips
Motion Chemistry Fitness (8 months ago)
What do you think about skin bleaching?
G Jackson (8 months ago)
I’m dark skinned and I put lip balm/chapstick and my the corner of my lips still white how do I fix that?
star boy (8 months ago)
i love you
carima ait (8 months ago)
I like your leeep
carima ait (8 months ago)
Why music whyyyyy
latha chandru (8 months ago)
Thanks for suggestions, it works👍
taekookie (8 months ago)
Stop bleaching your skin it’s not cute
rejenemhay (8 months ago)
girlll,you’re so cute and bubbly! i need to try this soon! and your lips are so nice and your teeth is sooo straight and white omgg
Adnan Dadyy (9 months ago)
So if you are fit naturally that means you can't change it
Ragini Naw Bharat Yojna (9 months ago)
You're beautiful
IslandGirl Studios (9 months ago)
I just use Vaseline and rub my lips with a toothbrush.
Tiffani Garcia (9 months ago)
I call it lemon.. lemon verde.
Uwayo Rebecca (9 months ago)
how many time do we do it in a day?
Wajahat ahmad (9 months ago)
Wao thanks beautiful

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