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STREET SCENTS Hanging Out with Jeremy Fragrance and FragComm New York City

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This episode of STREET SCENTS I'm hanging out with Jeremy Fragrance in New York City with guest Vava Couture and FragComm. I had a great time filming this video Thank You FragComm for all the Support through the years.... My Scent Of this day was Creed Aventus of course... STREET SCENTS T-Shirts are available link below type in promo code AL for free shipping... https://litteeapparel.com/products/street-scents-logo-t-shirt
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Text Comments (135)
manygaga (9 days ago)
I respect your videos man
AL, YR a RESPECTED BROTHER ... becareful of the COMPANY you KEEP...
martin birkenhead (7 months ago)
Two Legends together!
TimoHsu (7 months ago)
recommend add wind filter for ur camera mic
al capone (7 months ago)
Man that is so coool
MessiFanboy (8 months ago)
You are like a southpark character 😂😂😂😂
David Clark (9 months ago)
I think Alan Jeremy both know their stuff and they're really nice people
closinginonclosure (9 months ago)
Let's be honest here. We may have watched a couple streetscents videos here and there. But when it comes to fragrance knowledge and quality of YouTube content. Jeremy is like a designer store and streetscents is Walmart
know body (9 months ago)
Wow Jeremy is so cool. Al is equally as cool. What an awesome experience that must have been for both gentleman.
Fred Garvin (9 months ago)
How tall is Jeremy??
Fred Garvin he is 6.3
Bettayeb Ayat (9 months ago)
Nice vidéo love it
tyo hermawan (9 months ago)
so cringe 0:26 HAHAHAHAHA
R Pro. (9 months ago)
You met the real guru. Not that useless Robes 08.
know body (9 months ago)
R Pro. Ha. That's hilarious. !! So funny. Poor Robes. True tho
PietroFlorian (9 months ago)
A Checker cab in the background, perfect!
Stevo Atkin (9 months ago)
Legendary fragrance guys ..the best on YouTube.
Christy Brown (9 months ago)
That was awesome! Love you guys!
EaZy DuzZlT (9 months ago)
Holy shit Jeremy Fragrance, nice to see him in the states nice vid Al
Ivan Dobrichkov (9 months ago)
I completely respect this video, oh shit!
curtflirt2 (9 months ago)
Well Jeremy could model here in the States I am sure if he really wanted to.
Wilson Myles (9 months ago)
Holy shit!!!
Stroker-P (9 months ago)
Jeremy brought German swag to the U.S. #Great
emtp 101 (9 months ago)
Way cool. Awesome video!
James C. Williams (9 months ago)
That was so awesome. Three of my favorites. Al, Jeremy and Vava.
Andy Arakelian (9 months ago)
Bassline Rally (9 months ago)
Stupid collab with this guy Jeremy. Street Scents is the first fragrance review I saw on YT. Jeremy is a bad idea. He’s Boring but keep up the good work Street Scents AL!
Abel Romo Valle (2 months ago)
Bassline Rally you asshole, love this reunión of these two cool guys.
D Taylor (8 months ago)
You're foolish
R Candelario (9 months ago)
The best. Jeremy.
Ronald Erno (9 months ago)
Gods meets together!!!! Awesomeness!!!!! THANKS GUYS SO MUCH!!!!
Ricky bee (9 months ago)
Jeremy when you get back, can you please do a review on PERRY ELLIS OUD BLACK VANILLA ABSOLUTE please! Apparently there is alot of hype surrounding this fragrance in the community!👌
Perfumezz (9 months ago)
Awesome guys big fan of all of you like Jeremy stuff so much cool people God Bless this is what we love ❤️ fragrances
Mr. Shlock (9 months ago)
Al, RUSHING that group-hug video out ASAP, because... Because!
StangGT Fan (9 months ago)
This was great.Loved it
Ryan Yoder (9 months ago)
So cool !
urbancoyote8 (9 months ago)
You need to go to Germany now and return the compliment! Fantastic country for a visit.
Shaun Hadley (9 months ago)
Boxing Barry (9 months ago)
Guinea54 (9 months ago)
it wouldn't be complete if Jeremy didn't get on street scents... It's almost a requirement for any top reviewer.. Ya gotta get on street scents its a part of history and tradition.. that is cool to see Al and Jeremy together.. very cool. Wish i was there.
C. Breeze (9 months ago)
Kenoji8 (9 months ago)
When legends collide. Now this is part of what makes this community so great, I swear. Glad you guys were able to meet and to have a good time together. Hats off to you both and I look forward to a great 2018 with all the new content you guys are coming out with. :)
David Dixon (9 months ago)
This is dope!!!
Cody K (9 months ago)
Jeremy was hugging you and shaking your hand so many times, that’s respect right there shows how passionate he is as a person. Loved watching this
STREET SCENTS (9 months ago)
I have 100's of Street Scents episodes and this is one that had the most hugs. It's all good that's what it's all about Our Passion for Fragrances and Respect and Love for each other.
Kologne (9 months ago)
Street scents salute!
C0nda EG (9 months ago)
very nice video i couldin't stop smeling .. both of u are great guys .. i know alex very well i know hes personality through hes videos but i am a bit surprised by how simple and fun jeremy is..i would like to see both of u together more than once guys.
Lion Heart (9 months ago)
Daniel Wörner (9 months ago)
High Al! I like your channel very much. Your reviews are real and honest. But the one's of your guest?!?! For me he is just a soulless salesman. Sorry!!!
Rafale Joy (9 months ago)
The giants meeting 😁
Brian Parker (9 months ago)
What a Epic video good to see fragrance community coming together
Rob Lund (9 months ago)
Wow these guys have a fanbase I guess they're celebrities especially Jeremy with all his subscribers like to see when perfumers get together and talk shop
K. dot (9 months ago)
Jeremy.. Vava... On street scents?! I respect that!
Felipe Ramone (9 months ago)
Looks like you really enjoyed NYC! That's really cool up there ("up" since i'm from Brazil). I've been there twice and hopefully I'll get there more times. Nice to see you getting together with the fragrance community.
Holip sism (9 months ago)
AWESOME! I love seeing the YouTube fragrance community come together!
STREET SCENTS (9 months ago)
This is what it should be like. Showing our passion for Fragrances and showing love for each other.
Notes Punch (9 months ago)
That was so cool, enjoyed so much 😊
STREET SCENTS (9 months ago)
Thanks bro.
james hart (9 months ago)
Marz Tuju (9 months ago)
Yay..al..the nyc fam met jeremy..finally..cool vid..
Bigwave2003 (9 months ago)
The Odd Couple.
Jose Vancouver (9 months ago)
I knew it! I knew Big Al and Jeremy were going to meet up on Street Scents! I love it!!!
Herman Goldstein (9 months ago)
This dude jermany a humble ass dude look how he respects street scenes How can u not root for that guy
Herman Goldstein (9 months ago)
Oh snap Hahahaha the king HAHAHAHAHHA
AGentlemansJourney (9 months ago)
I'm rather jealous and envious. I have to wait until next month to meet him and do my video :(
ALPHA ALPHA (9 months ago)
hi al what fragrance jeremy meant with original gangster...Thanks
ALPHA ALPHA (9 months ago)
thanks but he asks him if he smelled ... eau de parfum which means al?
matsern (9 months ago)
the original tom fords
Jeremy Fragrance (9 months ago)
awesome al, you are very legendary thanks for being so cool
Cesar Flores (3 months ago)
STREET SCENTS , thanks for all you do for the fragrance community .. you are awesome sir
Cesar Flores (3 months ago)
Jeremy Fragrance , you are the man. Thanks to your reviews and just watching you do your thing on YouTube i got into fragrances and now I have a collection of over 100 frags.. thank you for being so awesome!
Alvet (9 months ago)
Meeting of the fragrance review legends! I respect that - I rescpect that
Haider Mehdi (9 months ago)
mexighosthunter 86 Naomi
Guinea54 (9 months ago)
Jeremy on street scents.. awesome stuff.. damn too bad ... could have seen Al and the James Bond of Fragcom.
kwaaddo (9 months ago)
I really don’t get why people hate on this man.
M S Fan (9 months ago)
I respect that...
rkp18 (9 months ago)
the Jeremy take over has officially begun !
stantino129 (9 months ago)
Had a great time last night. I just wish it wasn't so freakin cold lol
ShaveNontheDarkside (9 months ago)
Jim R (9 months ago)
Nice to see Jeremy in NYC...wish I could have attended the meet & greet.
Albert Garcia (9 months ago)
Jeremy is very wonderful human being I like him even more after I met him thanks a lot for the video Al 👍
Ecentrik Artistry (9 months ago)
Fun event last night. Jeremy's a cool guy.
RayRay PooteyTang (9 months ago)
Wow...two legends in the frag comm colliding!! THIS WAS EPIC!!
HIELO KING (9 months ago)
So awesome that Jeremy got to meet you Al :)
James Weil (9 months ago)
Yeah al.. say "you will respect my authoritayyyyy".. since you are South Park!
FRAG-MENTAL (9 months ago)
New record for most hugs in a Street Scents video? 😂 Good to see two titans of the fragrance world together...hugging. I'm feelin the love!
sadsazzad12 (9 months ago)
STREET SCENTS (9 months ago)
Yeah this is a new record for the most hugs in a Street Scents episode.
MrConsument (9 months ago)
Smelling Good is Love Peace and Happiness..
Ali Khan (9 months ago)
Joseph Espinal (9 months ago)
Jeremy says he loves the clean air here...is he smoking da weed? NY air sucks! Full of diesel aroma, YUCK!!!!
Jon Sanford (9 months ago)
Epic meet up!
Esi GH (9 months ago)
Yeah I saw you on instgram !
Michael Ray (9 months ago)
Thats Great to see the love and respect everybody has for each other , and coming to see Jeremy ! Fantastic !
keith alexander (9 months ago)
Soooo awesome!! Feel like I'm witnessing sum great in the fragrance community.
Ronaldo Neuville (9 months ago)
namo730 (9 months ago)
Nice bro very nice you all seem to have fun there i wish i could been there with you. Have fun brothers and the ladys as wel :)
RockSClone (9 months ago)
That’s awesome!
Savy Voeung (9 months ago)
Cara LovesFragrance (9 months ago)
Wow what a treat!! Some of my ultimate faves in one vid!! And I totally knew viva would be we around [email protected] Fab :p
Johmathan .B. Swift (9 months ago)
You're looking good Al . Ness and Jeremy too. Good for all of you.
STREET SCENTS (9 months ago)
Thank You bro.
Christopher D.W. (9 months ago)
Awesome, the 2 coolest fragrance youtubers finally meet in NYC, I hope you guys make some legendary fragrance reviews together! Can’t wait to see more! Streetscents forever! Greetz from Belgium
Christopher D.W. (9 months ago)
FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 that’s fantastic news Al, best fragcom collab ever! Great to see how you legends respect each other, I’m sure the streets in NYC never smelled better ;) Respect!!
STREET SCENTS (9 months ago)
Hey Thank You for the kind words. Jeremy is such a great guy as well as everybody that showed up. Me and Jeremy will do more videos in the future I'm sure.
k odu (9 months ago)
Anthony (9 months ago)
Mr Sillage (9 months ago)
Great video Al! So awesome to see that you guys had a great meet up with Jeremy! Wish I could've been there! Keep up the amazing work Al! Awesome to see you got a shout out while shooting! #FragranceArmy
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (9 months ago)
Great to see you last night, and Jeremy of course. Thanks for sending me the pic (sarcasm) LOL
know body (9 months ago)
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover Your a God. Love your channel
Brian Wade (9 months ago)
Nice. It looks like everybody’s having fun. Two fragcomm icons in the same video.
STREET SCENTS (9 months ago)
Hey Thank You for the kind words. Jeremy is such a great guy. I had a great time.
Jr Duncan (9 months ago)
You got Jeremy on here? Ok ok I respect that 👍
STREET SCENTS (9 months ago)
Justin Tackett (9 months ago)
Jeremy going in for the hug instead of the Initial handshake - RESPECT ✊
Ronald Erno (9 months ago)
STREET SCENTS (9 months ago)
Yeah Jeremy went straight for the hug as I was going to do the handshake 1st then the hug. He beat me to the hug and I RESPECT THAT!
STREET SCENTS (9 months ago)
Good Day Mate (9 months ago)
Jeremy fragrance collab. Nice!
Fabier Perez (9 months ago)
Still smashing my head for la nuit. And attacking people with PDM bottles and caps 😅
Mr.Smellgood (9 months ago)
Really cool to see all of you together. You guys make me feel like I am a part of you all just by these videos. All great personalities. Wish I had a channel.
Chinensis .Official (9 months ago)
Good to see you 2 meet!
JubileeGiggles (9 months ago)
Hasib (9 months ago)
Nice to see all hanging out. Seems like Fun. Hope the best Bro ✌🏻
STREET SCENTS (9 months ago)
Thanks bro.

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