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10 Items That Make Men Look FEMININE!

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Text Comments (6329)
Joaquina Cardoso (10 hours ago)
What about uggs neumel those don't look feminin
Chief Goose (13 hours ago)
Did I miss it, did you do this video without mentioning the “man purse” ?
Michael Knapp (17 hours ago)
Just unsubed getting tired of all the shilling for one brand or another.
Fake Japanese Gamer (1 day ago)
Fuck your Italian American twisted fashion standards
isaacsac5 (1 day ago)
Uggs are not feminine. They were for men first.
Shogo Kun (2 days ago)
Logo belts
Shay (3 days ago)
I'm a 5ft 2 guy. Every jumper is oversized on me 😂
Christopher Wilkins (3 days ago)
Dude you already look feminine
flurrymcflufffluff (3 days ago)
I you love watches buy a real watch.
M&N Distribution (5 days ago)
There is everything wrong with it lmao
Dave Brakefield (6 days ago)
Earrings make guys look gay.
Mehregan Karimzadeh (6 days ago)
Did you say no homo after?
enrique C (6 days ago)
Fuck other people...
Lee Harvey Oswald (6 days ago)
Lmfao this dude made this video cause he knows he gay for checking out a mans ass
Matthew Stanton (6 days ago)
Im a somewhat feminine homo and i thought this video would make me eye roll... it didn't. I agree. I'll still be wearing a ring or 2 and the occasional pair of pants that are a size too small
Setä Julius (6 days ago)
I dip my balls in Tiege hanley
Benjamin Castillo (7 days ago)
Dillon K (7 days ago)
This video is hilarious. U e gay as fuck. U ok like a chick.
Dillon K (7 days ago)
If it doesn’t matter then why the fuck u mention. No one wears earrings since the 80’s. You r proving u r an ass and old
Atomic86 (7 days ago)
Ad ends on 6:06 thank me later
Christine Zamets (7 days ago)
You're one of those evil people
brian gleason (7 days ago)
super skinny guys
Jacob Browning (7 days ago)
Why is this on the internet 😭 it doesn’t matter if you look fem, masc, or idc even neutral, just be you 😂
Toxic Masculinity: a guy who tries too hard to fit in the "masculine" standard.
William Arenas (8 days ago)
Since you have a cell phone why you need a watch? really? I'm wrong?
StrasbergProtégé (4 days ago)
- Watches are also accessories that can make even a dull outfit look more professional and stylish. - Watches are much easier to develop a history with. Phones get replaced constantly. - It takes less than a second to check your watch while taking some time to find your phone, grab it, and press it. In addition, it's easier to hide the fact that you're checking the time with a watch compared to a phone, and checking the time with your phone can get mistaken for you not being interested in your surroundings rather than keeping time. - Watches have been associated with businessmen, military men, and generally mature and professional men. Phones are associated with modernity, the younger generation, and (ironically) lack of communication
I am Jason (8 days ago)
I hate today’s generation
eclips e (9 days ago)
oh my god he got trapped...
StarOftheAngelworld (9 days ago)
I’m a girl but is it strange I like guys who look feminine and are straight ?
antoillne (9 days ago)
Wow, judgemental much?
scRam Jet (10 days ago)
theres are two things you forgot to mention. Acting gay and dumb
No Feeling (10 days ago)
Shaved legs Ear rings Short socks (to the point where it looks like you have no socks on) Multiple rings Shorts that show your knees Pants that show your legs Nose piercing Shoes with no shoe laces Eye brows just do what this guy said don’t do anything to the top just the middle and bottom
GRD62 (10 days ago)
How about those STUPID manbuns?
MDKVideo (10 days ago)
Earrings make men look Feminine
alhalhalal1 (10 days ago)
Earings on men have an expiry date at about 35 years of age...after that, it's time to grow up!
Zookee The Hunter (11 days ago)
4:24, WTF!!!!! Uggs with a suit?! What the hell is wrong with you ben!!!!
don wilson (11 days ago)
This just in....watches are not sexy. It's a watch that's it.
don wilson (11 days ago)
You could have told your story without admitting that you were checking out some dudes ass. Too much information. Some things you should just keep to yourself. Don't think I'll be referring to you as Alpha anything.
Ty Nguyen (12 days ago)
He didn’t say no homo tho
yoc influence (13 days ago)
Who gives a fuck about what people think they ain't paying my Bills wear what you like
Ian Butler (14 days ago)
You know looking at that dude's butt means you are gay now, right?
chris (15 days ago)
I'm a male and wear a dress. Glad it was not mentioned as feminine.
Logan Johnstone (15 days ago)
Aaron gay confirmed, his marriage is a lie
Ali Abbas (16 days ago)
"There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking feminine" really alpha !? Cut that politically correct bullshit and just keep it real bro
jamesinkeys (16 days ago)
Yes I do indeed , earrings on a dude.. Earrings on a dude sends the signal in the S.F. Castro District you are available .......
Erick Guaman (16 days ago)
You're a legend Aplha, but I gotta admit I bought uggs, and they're comfortable as shit lol. You should try the Ugg neumels, they're dope
dixie belle (16 days ago)
I was ready to roll my eyes and be miffed af, but wow this was great! Love you dude, good vibes
Crooked Star (17 days ago)
Lmao gay lol?
Kris Grotowski (17 days ago)
Have I just watched a watch ad?
Sergio Martin (19 days ago)
If you didn't say no homo I have news for you.
The Anomity (19 days ago)
Most of these are my style 😂
George Mason (20 days ago)
Wearing earrings is feminant than why are u wearing a pair of earrings.
RAIN CLOUD (20 days ago)
My guy has zero hair on his body
Diggz11 (20 days ago)
Had earings, took them out and took alpha male to the next level
kolton ruvalcaba (21 days ago)
Videos go strong untill you advertise something then I just thumbs down and leave
Mandy Luider (21 days ago)
imagine looking feminine, how scary. so bad. guys cant be feminine thats a crime you get locked up. you have to be able to lift 25-pound pitbulls with both hands at the same time or else you cant call yourself a man. total accurate representation.
AllanBro (22 days ago)
Alpham: [shows his ring on his finger] Me: [sees the watch on his wrist] Me: *here we go*
David Reese (22 days ago)
Nigga you gaayyyy!!!😂😅
Billy Yank (23 days ago)
#11 shaved legs
Ric Ferr (23 days ago)
Two hearings ...... ?...
Eduardo Loepfe (24 days ago)
Masculinity so fragile...
Nexoner 5 (24 days ago)
Spicy senõrita use Tiege Hanley - become alpha man
marky mark (25 days ago)
why am I watching this!? IM GAY!!
MÛŠÏÇ Plus (25 days ago)
@1:00 trying not to get pussies butthurt
Steven Encinas (25 days ago)
Ya’ll missing the most important part. Confidence.... you can look manly asf but if you insecure then you FEM asf.
Mike Byson (25 days ago)
who listens to this clown?
King Fredo (25 days ago)
rompers are quite feminine but i like toms
A Fuller (26 days ago)
I would say plum smuggle skinny jeans a hipster beard and earrings *hint*.
Haden Firlej (26 days ago)
boat shoes are a no go!!!!!!!!!
Killakobes3 90 (26 days ago)
The intro is r/suddenlygay in a nutshell.
Dr. DaYEETbruh (26 days ago)
You already look feminine so it's a no brainier you feel that way. Those shoes do not make a man look feminine. If a man looks feminine then ok but shoes are the last thing to make a man look unmanly 🤣🤣🤣what a joker 😂
Carlos Dyer (27 days ago)
LOL ! Oh this is great man ! I actually did laugh out loud a couple of times it's funny ,and true. Certain haircuts and styles, are my pet peeve. Man- buns and braids in my opinion look pretty strange on guys. ( not to mention the little rubber band with the single pigtail on the top of the head that make guys look like little toddler girls.
Francis Yan (28 days ago)
Lol I guess you are kidding me
Michael (28 days ago)
Noted: and saved in my to do's (I already do most of them and like that style coincidentally
Snitchery (28 days ago)
god forbid you wear 2 rings on ur hand.
Marcus Marquez 97 (29 days ago)
I'm a very feminine looking male . Sure anyone would classify that as me being trans ( which I'm not .) Or being defined by my sexuality I don't think it's a bad thing for guys to look feminine . Some guys suit it . Most don't . There are even some guys I have seen that are prettier than women !. But I understand that if guys want to look more masculine.... Then yeah Ditch these items that won't do you any justice lol .
Dorfler (29 days ago)
I hate skinny jeans, but now every single store is selling them and they have eliminated traditional boot or wide cut.
RampagePoker (29 days ago)
that story in the beginning was faker than alphas smile 😂
javier josefides (29 days ago)
You look FEMENINE with those EARRINGS.
EricaYE6 (30 days ago)
Guys who bleach the tips of their locs. That's super girly and they don't even know it. lol
incaeagles (1 month ago)
Apple Watch makes a dude looks like a chick.
Kat Parks (1 month ago)
A lot of native men wear earrings and wear more than one ring on their hands. They don't look feminine to me, they look sexy and handsome. Some of these looks may look feminine on some men, but on some men it doesnt. I have a friend that wears a lot of goth items and wears a lot of bracelets and even eye liner but he doesn't look fem at all!Skinny jeans look terrible on really skinny men and women.They make them look like a twig and anorexic looking.
chris boyd (1 month ago)
V-neck tees , skinny tank tops aka girly spaghetti tanks &last but certainly not least the " MAN BUN " Or as it's also known as " the gear shift "
Monopoly Billionaire (1 month ago)
Male suicide rates are the biggest killer of men 20 to 40 not cancer. Dont let anyone make you feel you have to change to fit in. Fucking NOBODY.
Monopoly Billionaire (1 month ago)
I'm sorry to burst your bubble but being subscribed to a male grooming channel would be feminine. Blue blooded males just dont care that much which is actually what females fine attractive. If you spend time doing you hair an moisturizer then your all ready "fem".
cecille benoza (1 month ago)
Men those items were korean men trends...guess men from korea want to look fem...
Spectre Clan Falcon (1 month ago)
My boi alpha trying to be conservative but doesn’t want to offend his viewers😂
yassine Chbihi hossni (1 month ago)
Gay people i see you
AudreyDurden (1 month ago)
men are seriously wearing ugg boots now. wow. world fail alert
Steven McKinney (1 month ago)
Man... Cool it with all the sponsored products. Ill be watching you. But, as much as you’ll deny it, Those sponsorships trash you’re credibility.
VogelKlein (1 month ago)
I would like to see soyBoys fight :D
Biotuned Music (1 month ago)
Am I the only guy that thinks that wearing super skinny jeans feels super satisfying for some strange reason?
freakquent (1 month ago)
Fragile masculinity at its finest
Vincent Janggang (1 month ago)
Sleeves that are wayyyy tooo short
gio cd (1 month ago)
I think it doesn't have to be either full feminine or full masculine... why not mix it up? it all depends on how whether you LOOK (not yourself) is more masculine and rugged or a bit more delicate or fashionable... I personally think that timeless is best and just go with what makes you feel good... masculinity is a thing of attitude, not clothing!
Mezan Miah (1 month ago)
The best way on how not to look feminine is to listen to a feminine looking guy. So listen carefully to this guy fellasl
bently629 (1 month ago)
He talked about that watch for half the video
bently629 (1 month ago)
“He was dressed so feminine, it caused me to check his ass out”...nah you’re just gay
Amara Baker (1 month ago)
Why was this in my recommended? I’m a lesbian...And this guys an A-Grade prick.
jamie (1 month ago)
I'm watching this dude although I'm a female and I've used some of his tips tbh but he comes off as douchy..
Sheggy Doncula (1 month ago)
>Starts the video by coming out of the closet.

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