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Beato, Youtube and Bebop Criticism

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A re-make of my classic film criticising Youtube guru Rick Beato, As with all re-makes it's not as good as the original Rick Beato Videos 1. Principles of melody bebop lines 1 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMCgkU68jys&t=796s 2. Principles of melody bebop lines 2 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAp2X_E-p9M&t=52s 3. Principles of melody bebop lines 3 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjTshS6qOZc&t=28s 4. How to solo on Rythmn Changes = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc4tVxAiEjs&t=142s
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Paul Max (1 hour ago)
Beebop review,I didn’t ask you to answer. I’m sure Rick knows the difference between bebop and hard bop but his vid wasn’t about the difference beetween the two. Like I said you are like many jazz fans...a music snob.You are a special case ,because I’ve never seen such jealousy and snobbery. You must be in a constant disgruntled state because no one knows as much as you and you can’t wait to criticize. Arrogant sob you are.
Paul Max (3 days ago)
What your saying is that if you like anything but bepop you are compromising. Rick has a wide range of music taste. That is not a bad thing you know. You also object to him using bebop as a label when you think he should have called it hardbop. You are being ridiculous.You are like so many people on social media,quick to criticize any and everything. What are your qualifications? Rick has been a working musician,producer and teacher. He has degrees in music including jazz guitar. I think you sound pathetic,snobbish and jealous.Btw it was Americans who developed bepbop yet you even manage to criticize that. You are an insufferable snob
Bebop review (7 hours ago)
You are a bore. He has degrees in music but doesn't know how to write a key signature. He has degrees in music but doesn't know that playing the root on a major seventh chord is not good. He has degrees in music but says that Alt chords derive from melodic minor scales 1/2 step below the root of the given chord (now if that is not ridiculous I don't know what is). He has degrees in music but (like you) doesn't know the difference between hard-bop and be-bop. Go away I have better things to do than answer crass comments like this.
Adam Levine (1 month ago)
Jazzers-especially those interested in the invention of Bebop of the 40's, I found this to be a worthy go. I love Rick Beato, he's one of my favorite YouTube educators but I think this guy is correct to inform and educate us to what REAL Bebop is. I learned a lot and actually found it inspiring. I wish I knew this guys name but I think he got slapped on the wrist by YouTube for what went on between him and Mr. Beato and he posted this somewhat incognito.
wormtownpaul (7 months ago)
Rick Beato goes far to unlocking the mysteries of bebop. He is to be applauded. You, sir, haven't done jack shit.
Bebop review (7 months ago)
You don't know! Typical! You say Beato unlocks the mysteries of Bebop then you can't explain to me what these mysteries are. I think Beato knows very little about Bebop. He doesn't even see the voice leading he's stolen from thoes Parker lines. You keep watching thoes Beato bop vids- best thing you can do for me because I'll have great satisfaction in knowing you are just wasting your time!
wormtownpaul (7 months ago)
Your question makes as much sense as your video.
Bebop review (7 months ago)
Such as?
Jay Foster Guitar (9 months ago)
I'm American and I use key signatures, always. :p sheesh
Bebop review (9 months ago)
I wish all Americans were like you!
Edgar Romero Guerrero (9 months ago)
I love Rick Beato and all of your videos too, you are awesome man! thank you for sharing such great knowledge!!
Mark Tierney (11 months ago)
You’re obviously extremely passionate and knowledgeable about Bebop. I’ve watched lots of your videos that are critical of other books etc, why not focus more on the resources you think are great learning material?
Fusilli Jerry (1 year ago)
The ad hominem attacks in the comment section are hilarious. "You need to stick to engineering"... wtf does that even mean?
adam radwan (1 year ago)
Could you do an analysis on Charlie Parker's solo on Moose the Mooche. I have transcribed it but don't really understand what he's doing in the bridge.
Damon Cook (1 year ago)
hahahahahahaaha wow what a joke
Adam Neely (1 year ago)
"Americans are bad at communication." Ooh! Do me! I want a rambling, pedantic critique about me and my channel!
Cock Cockson (1 year ago)
Rick can't really deal with criticism, and have lately been quite sensitive regarding critic and comments. He blocks and bans left and right, and strikes down on anything remotely resembling critic, so don't feel bad.
Cock Cockson (1 year ago)
Hey Adam! Surprised that an intelligent and amazing teacher, such as yourself could sound so petty.
Fusilli Jerry (1 year ago)
Not an argument
Bebop review (1 year ago)
Yes you are right I do like Beato and Neely. However, you are wrong I am not jealous of the fact that they may make more money than me. You should listen to Charlie Parker a bit more to appreciate what a really great musician is. I'm simply pointing out what I see wrong in what Rick says. My demeanour may be a little harsh because he pulled down one of my videos, but it needs to be said - or do you believe that such people are immune from criticism?
Bebop review (1 year ago)
Sorry I actually like your channel; and you use key signatures hurrah! However, if you want to do a Rick why not pull down my video on David Bakers 'How to play Bebop' because I stole part of one of your videos. Hey look everybody I'm famous Adam Neely knows I exist.
Axe Man (1 year ago)
Oh look, a whinging pommy cunt what a surprise, never seen them before.
onlyinasheville (1 year ago)
Moses Ramirez (1 year ago)
I watched this video because I was curious why +Rick Beato would report this guy's video when Rick himself uses musical examples of others' work in his own videos. It seemed hypocritical. After just a bit, though, I see why he did it. This guy is a mess. Aside from all the butthurt ranting at the beginning, three things stood out. * "You have to put up the key signature because makes it easier. Without it, it's difficult to see tetrachords, and if you don't do this, you don't know what you're doing." (Paraphrase) He then goes to say that Rick simply gives the root chord as G major. If this isn't enough info to know the key signature immediately, I immediately have to question anything this guy says. I didn't see one musical example, either, so he just sounds like a know-it-all blowhard. * "I don't know what it is with Americans--they don't seem to have this emphasis on good communication." This guy reminds me of the engineer from Office Space, saying he's good at communicating while berating the people he's talking to. Two examples of people not using (written) key signatures equals an entire country not people who can't communicate? The arrogance of this guy... * "Rick keeps mentioning you have to subscribe all the time, like all he care about is making monay [sic].” (Paraphrase) First, Rick actually keeps his "subscribe" pitch short and sweet. If anything he could stand to do more of it. There are countless channels that hit you over the head with the promotional pitch before they even deliver any content, and that content is frivolous. More importantly, if you're content with only having 10 subscribers, then by means, keep doing what you're doing. In the meantime, Rick's subscriber count went from 75K to 107K since the time this video went up!
tronlady1 (1 year ago)
You're a grown man n this is playground revenge. Bloody typical proud, stubborn yorkshireman....grow up honey
tronlady1 (1 year ago)
Stop it! Grow up! N move on andy
Dan The Man (1 year ago)
do you like Charlie Parker?
SpoonWood Gennaro (1 year ago)
You really need to film in a different room.... this one is distracting from what you're saying. From what you've said, bebop is an era , it will never exist again. The best that can be done is a facsimile. That leaves a lot of ground for interpretation.
Calvin Wells (1 year ago)
Stumbled on this ludicrous video. Rick claims to love to teach. And he's very good at it. He provides a ton of great info on a wide variety of musical subjects. Criticizing Rick's playing is to miss the point of his youtube efforts entirely. So is nit-picking particular details of any particular video. Well, that's enough time wasted commenting on this bizarre rant.
KorewaKrusader —Kun (1 month ago)
No he is not. Everyone who I have talked to about music theory who said they couldn't understand it despite trying, coincidently, WATCHES RICK BEATO. Rick Beato is terrible at visualizing information. He is essentially the opposite of 8bit music theory. 8 bit music theory makes videos without 20 unnecessary minutes of him just listing off the names of modes or random unimportant shit to make more money off of ad revenue. Rick Beato used to literally make his channel a vlogging channel. 8 bit music theory creates accurate transcriptions that are so valuable, that they make the videos 20x more valuable. Beato only talks about music theory, not that he is good at that either.
Nick Yelovich (1 year ago)
This guy isn't attacking Rick, people. Stop being so defensive of Rick. This man is simply a bebop purist. He mentions this too. He is just critiquing Rick's general analysis from a strict bebop analysis. Just a different way of thinking.
KorewaKrusader —Kun (1 month ago)
Strict bepop analysis in every world works better for analyzing bepop. It isn't just different ways of thinking, one is clearly better than other for analyzing bepop.
Calvin Wells (1 year ago)
Well, of course he is. There's little purpose behind this video other than to attack. It's not a straight-forward correction of info as the reviewer sees it, but rather it's accompanied with criticism of Rick personally. He's criticizing Rick's entire youtube efforts (criticizing it as a money-making venture), criticizing his playing (even though Rich has never held himself out as some great jazz artist), picking apart a particular video for whatever perceived mistakes (some of which aren't mistakes at all, and demonstrate the reviewer's narrow and very unpractical view of the subject matter), and so forth. Doesn't mean anybody has to react with anger, but of course this guy is attacking Rick.
Impromptu (1 year ago)
A little unfair I feel and perhaps slightly biased towards bebop purism. Which you admit, of course. You also acknowledge that Rick is a generalist. Certainly is. Yes indeed, they did tend to think in terms of tonic sixths rather than sevenths - basically because a seventh in the harmony with a root above is either a semitone or a minor 9th. They did mostly regard ii-V-Is as V-Is (with the ii as an optional or implied elaboration), and it was all about sinuous rhythm, rather than ting-ting-ta-ting swing. But you have to start teaching from somewhere. For Parker, the dominant alteration of choice was the 7b9. Put the 6th and 7b9 thinking together and you've got Barry Harris' way of conceptualising it. See also, to a certain extent, David Baker. And Diz was a tiger for tritones all over the place. For my money. hard bop (so-called) was a reaction against the ornate and rather (as you put it) patterned fury that bebop became. To this day, I hear people playing strictly bebop and it's like listening to someone assemble a jigsaw very quickly. It's very accomplished, but it can sound a bit uninspired... It can become a game of "spot the lick". Play what you like, that's fine, but there's more. And I honestly think if Parker had survived he'd have been into doing more. Hard bop also revisited the raw blues sound that bebop had rather left behind. Of course you have the Miles "ing" albums at the time too, which are a bit of a transition - I usually start students off on them, because they're more graspable than the earlier stuff. What came out of all that in the '60s could maybe be described as pseudo-modal or post-bop. I confess that's my favourite hunting ground. And I'm not going to mention any names, nor is this aimed specifically at Rick, but very often a teacher demonstrating a concept can be fairly plunky. Done it myself. And I'll freely admit that I teach stuff that I get, but I'm not too hot on myself. Having said all that, I do think it's a bit precious to issue a takedown of criticism on the basis of copyright infringement... Was there anything in that remedial course of yours to do with "fair usage"?
Impromptu (1 year ago)
Update. I happen to be in contact with Rick (casually, not often) and I've now found out about your original video. He was perfectly justified in asking for it to be taken down. For many reasons, but at very least because you can't just release a film of yourself watching large chunks of someone else's content and commenting on it - whether positively or negatively. Anyway, regardless of positive or negative, it certainly wasn't fair usage. And I for one only found your channel because of the connection to him. I regret making my final comment above based on taking your downplayed version of events on trust.
John Gault (1 year ago)
You have 155 subscribers Rick beato is giving away his extensive knowledge for free in àrr fashion which even I can understand He was a professor What's your cv like ?
pete coutts (1 year ago)
Jealousy gets you nowhere, and that's exactly where you are, and where you are going.
Mark Rossi (1 year ago)
The mere fact that he IS sharing high level music theory videos for free qualifies the value of his contributions. There is no need to launch an attack on anyone else that is freely sharing information on You Tube. I didn't see your original video, but if you were critiquing his teaching methods while his video was playing, that can be considered as an ad hominem attack, which should never be deemed as acceptable. Even if your musical critiques possess validity, you should continue doing your own thing and have the sensitivity not to aggrandize your knowledge by bashing someone else.
Irish Muso (1 year ago)
So you can't criticise anyone about anything on the basis that it would be an 'ad hominem attack'? Seems a bit limiting.
Chad Higgins (1 year ago)
Rick beato has been a huge inspiration to me and has taught me alot.I can't believe the content of this video. I would have pulled your video down too if I was him. fuck you
Wallace Llewellyn (1 year ago)
you are correct in what you say, especially about it rhythm. but like the omni book he is opening up the world of bebop to a lot of people. a few will pursue it .thank you for emphasizing that analysis is much enhanced by key signatures.the most important thing is to listen and get as much as possible by ear. I learned how to read by using the omni book. I was an ear player. Vernice "Bunky "Green's ii V I book shows the importance of key signature. I learned a lot from your critique of Beato and Harris and will subscribe to your channel. I am older and only just got on internet. all of Parker 's contemporaries learned be bop by ear. few rock players will be able to do it. I applaud and appreciate any one who says "listen to the be bop masters" they should name 20 at least fats Navarro, stitt , Powell, sonny Criss, Little Pony, Red Rodney .and of course everyone who ever worked with Diz, Yard or Bud. thank you so much.
Allyn Johnson (1 year ago)
You need to stick to engineering man....
Antarblue (1 year ago)
Rick Beato is very learned but many of his videos are not helpful; they rarely deliver what they promise in the title. I suggest that Rick post some performance videos if he wants to demonstrate his abilities.
Davy Strangename (1 year ago)
In my opinion an altered chord is based on the altered scale in quartal harmony. Like in G you get root(1),3(b4 diminished fourth),b7,#9,#5(=G7 #9,#5.Or if you suspend some notes a G7b9b5 etc),
Calvin Wells (1 year ago)
You seriously make this video criticizing Beato, and you don't know what an "alt" chord is? Any decent jazz musician knows instantly what "alt" means, and understands various contexts in which to use such a chord. Jack explains some basics below.Rick also has at least a couple videos where he explains this stuff. He doesn't try to squeeze every little detail of every chord in every video. Nor should he try.
moskii 1958 (1 year ago)
for someone so proper and critical, why don't you learn proper grammar, you seem to be stuck in the 4th  grade..what is "why their there ?? you must mean "why they are there or proper contraction.."why They're there"  . " their"  is possessive  (also called a possessive pronoun) ..ie  .."music is their life".. no ticket this time..just a warning.."The Grammar Police"
Jack McCabe (1 year ago)
An "alt" chord comes from the "altered scale" or "super locrian" which is the the 7th mode of the melodic minor scale. It is called altered because every note in the scale is altered besides the root, 3rd and the b7th. The scale is 1, b9, #9/b3, 3, #11/b5, #5/b13, b7. So a typical 7alt chord voicing would be a dominant 7th with a #5 (b13) and a #9.
Bebop review (1 year ago)
I think he plays to much and explains little. I have trouble with his 'bebop' videos - I actually find them difficult to understand. If any of Ricks fans are reading this can they explain to me what an alt chord actually is Historically? Beato puts a lot of alt chords in his music but doesn't tell you what they are or why their there.
Antarblue (1 year ago)
Rick Beato has never answered any of my comments or PMs
Jesús A. Yanez (1 year ago)
you know he has answer to me in a couple of questions and even elaborate in one in a live stream but in others there was no reply, later on I notice that my unanswered questions were explained in other of his videos, maybe that's one reason he wont reply.
Rick Danner (1 year ago)
he has never answered any for me either
Bebop review (1 year ago)
None of his supporters have bothered to answer my criticisms either; just abuse.
James Andrews (1 year ago)
who fucking cares if Beato makes money... seriously, you're a hater of the worst degree..
Brandon Toney (1 year ago)
how dare Rick try to capitalize on his knowledge.
SpoonWood Gennaro (1 year ago)
Odd choice to criticize . Beato is a educator. He's knowledge is stunning and it's instantaneous. Plus, your not saying he's wrong. Would love to hear a discussion between you two.
Bebop review (1 year ago)
Can people please restrict their comments to the video in question. European facal .... has not answered any of my criticisms bar one. He states that Beato channel is not about making money, then claims he would make $20 a video which seems to confirm what I said.
jackie chon (1 year ago)
alt is enought for jazz musician , it means you can alter the nine and the five and it goes to super locrian X 7 -9 +9 +11 13 b
Bebop review (1 year ago)
Thanks for your comment. I'm going to make a video based on what you've written and try and answer your criticisms. I'm interested to see what people think.
cole ashmore (1 year ago)
Bebop review An alt is short for altered chord. It is a dominant 7th chord with a flat 9 or sharp nine, or a flat 5 or sharp 5. Traditionally in jazz you can alter the dominant chord is functioning meaning it's resolving to the tonic chord. I'm no jazz expert, but I am a music teacher who teaches privately, and I enjoy many of Beatos vids, as I do yours that being said, I don't think Beato is as much of a stickler for tradition as yourself, it seems he is trying to teach all levels of musician about music as a whole. Not to dive deep into bebop. I do enjoy your videos and insight, but why make a video criticizing a popular Youtuber if you are not trying to get hits and revenue based on his work? I'm not saying that is definitely your intention, but it's something to think about. Also, he is putting himself out there by playing on his videos, opening himself up to criticism. And your are giving him your fair share which is your right, but maybe it's unfair to do so, when you aren't willing to play on your own videos. I do enjoy your insight on Jazz and like watching your videos , maybe less critiquing, and more actual musical substance would make your vids better. Why not try and and demonstrate how to do it better, if you are gonna critical. I would hope you would have respect for all educators teaching Jazz of all kinds, as it is a dying art form. Also, it's not super realistic to expect everyone to play bebop as well as Parker is it? Keep up the good work and thanks for the vids
Marcelo Danza (1 year ago)
I have never seen Mr. Beato playing an entire jazz tune (improvising ecc...). There is no video on youtube with him playing for true. He may have a huge theory knowledge as he shows on his videos but I ask myself about his abilities as a true jazz musician (I'm not the only one). By the way, I agree with you, the best way to learn bebop is listening to Charlie Parker and others bebop masters. Cheers.
Ki-hong Jang (1 month ago)
+Calvin Wells I think the problem is too much generalization of a specific style of music in this case bebop which can mislead the information.
Calvin Wells (1 year ago)
What difference could it possibly make just how great he is as a performing musician? He doesn't make any claims to be a great jazz artist. What he does claim is a love of teaching. And he's good at it.

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