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How to Get HOT Girls To Like You... Even If You're NOT Hot!

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CenaCold75 (16 minutes ago)
"Be yourself". That's the most important thing. Alright. But what if someones' self is the "clown" type, who likes to make fun out of more things than a normal person. Other points were very good but i feel a bit of contradiction there. And by the way who care if she rejects you? There's an old saying: If you don't even try, you have already lost.
Sanu (1 hour ago)
Tips on not being so insecure, not being shy and finding the courage to talk to a girl....plzzzzzz zzz zzz plzzzzzzz
DeAd MeMe (8 hours ago)
Javier Lopez (13 hours ago)
I tried Chassis cus of Alpha M and he was damn right, that sh*t work. Adios stinky balls
TheChosenOne (17 hours ago)
Just have money, personality, and confidence...if you live anywhere except Los Angeles and New York. Those two cities have hot sluts, not hot wifey material.
Batman 1987 (18 hours ago)
simple put tiege hanley on your face and magic happens!!!
Animals lover 012345 (19 hours ago)
dude you are so bad at giving title to video it so stupid "How to get HOT girl to like you... Even if you're not hot" dude everyone one experiment love different way. You can just give ten tip and expect to work it stupid. you are so annoying with your title your video are ok but your tittle suck which if you add ok video to suck title it will equal not so good video. SO FIX YOUR TITLE NAME.
Amit Aryan (23 hours ago)
I admire the hard work you put and that's why I am showing you one douchebag who has been copying your channel shamelessly. Channel name: teachingmensfashion
Almighty Mohit (1 day ago)
Man, your promotions are getting longer than the actual video
powder dem balls like a funnel cake
Supahsneaky (1 day ago)
Thanks Alpha!
MIimo Reii (1 day ago)
This guy screams con artist
Imtiaz Shah (2 days ago)
Why are some of his content revolving girls so cringy🤣🤣🤣
Esporma Chua (2 days ago)
Step 2 really work
Anthony Smith (2 days ago)
I think your beard is what made women attracted to you.
Muhammad Fakhar Usman (2 days ago)
‘’Every woman is attracted to dudes who’s balls don’t stink’’ 2:45 -Alpha 2018
Mihai Oprita (2 days ago)
From where did you buy the jumper?:)
Mynu C. (3 days ago)
I feel like this video was actually meant to be about chassis and the rest was just added on lol.
Zoltán Erik Miglécz (3 days ago)
Okay I get it, I had pretty stinky balls in my life, but that was only when exercising or doing physical work. On regular days I have absolotley no problems with that. Only if I don't change my underwear, which happened like three times in my whole life. If I shower every morning, there is no stinch. But I get it, there are people with this issue but fortunateley I am not one of them.
Rey Gue (3 days ago)
And we did all this to be called bestfriend
Steve Jackson (3 days ago)
Hi Aaron, My name is Steve Jackson and I just wanted to inform you that the girl in your thumbnail is my wife and I don't appreciate you just using her image without my permission. So long story short I would please like you too remove it as soon as possible or I will be forced to take disciplinary action against you. Thanks.
MATi (3 days ago)
Best sponsored video. Ever.
mp 7 (3 days ago)
A lot of hot girls looking at me and even one of these girl bite their lip😂😂😂
mp 7 (3 days ago)
A lot of hot girls looking at me and even one of these girl bite their lip😂😂😂
J - Slim (3 days ago)
If your damn balls stink and sweaty.? Get Chassis!!! 😂😂😂... I can see Alpha closing deals after deals... ... lol.
LJ64 (4 days ago)
What about dogs are they fine (In relation to 1:50)
Oyster Skins (4 days ago)
5:06 Ad ends
Tommaso Zanette (4 days ago)
Be yourself... Bullshit, I think it's better to be who you want
nedza15 (4 days ago)
When I am watching Alpha Ms videos like these. I start by listening to what he is saying and then wait patiently for when the ad will show up and when it does I always get surprised
Sue Duell (4 days ago)
Do more hair vids!!!!!!!!
Anurag Shaw (4 days ago)
Who's the girl in the thumbnail *-*
Mike Mikel (4 days ago)
I'll powder my balls when they freshen their pussies...two-way street ladies
Scott Micale (4 days ago)
So this is how Trump scored Melania!!
my Name (4 days ago)
Alpha M... it's official now... you're a salesman.
my Name (4 days ago)
"To help eliminate swamp ass" 😩😂😂😂
Bruno Vic (4 days ago)
LMAO why are these girls smelling my balls!?
Bruno Vic (4 days ago)
Man I can't even get a girl to like me and I AM hot.
Arivera Arivera (5 days ago)
Aye snack anime and hanging out girls fucking love
deadweight20 (5 days ago)
Footage from a previous video nice lol
Muskateering (5 days ago)
Ok, I'm fucked then :/
I'll show them my Pokemon card collection.
Datingmate69 (5 days ago)
G Bro (5 days ago)
Next up.. Ariana Grande I am coming for u!!!
in trust of you. i watched this video and it is awesome 👍👍👍
Jerry K B (5 days ago)
History of our nuts..... That was funny 😂
Subrota Roy (5 days ago)
I am a student can u help me economically [email protected] I can send my details
madbear3512 (5 days ago)
Actually listen to em. To be honest I not a great listener but just pretend to be. I know it can be hard.
Andy (5 days ago)
You know you've been watching alpha m for a while when the ads start to repeat..
ROCKETRY XZACH (5 days ago)
I just bought the Tiege Hanley level 2 kit a few minutes ago. I used your discount code. Thanks a lot Aaron! I hope it will work as well people say it does.
Hightower One (5 days ago)
I mean.....don't you just hate when a "hot girl" is smelling your balls and your wondering......."how do I get her?" Mad respect Alpha! ✌❤
Hightower One (5 days ago)
I don't know a lot about smoking hot women. But if one is smelling your balls........🤔😊 But yeah........keep em fresh fellas!
Jason (5 days ago)
If your rich ur hot essentially
Blake (5 days ago)
I’m not good looking by any means but I’m not ugly. But I still get women. Some tips for ya ugly big guys, be confident, eye contact, smile.
Johns vlog ZD TV (5 days ago)
Man I wish I was like him LMAO
mohamed Nasser (5 days ago)
What are top topics that excites the girls
Ray kal (5 days ago)
Pussy is overrated ...after my 5 mins all i hear is nag nag nag yall so called men (pussies) made these scuds feel themselves way to hard..
BlaXEя (5 days ago)
This nigga be sayin all the girls he dated out of his league lol, cmon bruh
Jose Madrid (5 days ago)
This exactly what I needed to hear today, thanks Alpha!
That1Gamer ! (5 days ago)
I swear he is so motivational
Luca (5 days ago)
Kept thinking he was going to drink that. I need to go to sleep.
OnyxCobra (5 days ago)
Mfw he used the same powder experiment clip from the last Chassis promo.
Edward James Kenway (5 days ago)
Yeah baby,i am ugly AF,anti social,my dick is in a size of a peanut,bold,one leg shorter than other one.....BUT my nuts smell ameazing,i have been powdering them for days and i am swiming in pussy,some friends even call me Charlie Sheen !!! THANK YOU ALPHA !!!
Jake Segers (5 days ago)
You’re a legend Alpha!! You’ve really changed my view about my myself and helped me through a lot of girl situations!!!
Celio (5 days ago)
Why every youtuber who wants to talk about ugly/cringe guys puts a glass, I need to wear glasses to see things and I fell really bad about that
Joseph Stalin (5 days ago)
Step 1. Send her boyfriend to a gulag
sobster123 (5 days ago)
Ewwww disgusting.. ball powders wtf what a smelly guy
Pearce Robertson (5 days ago)
What if you don’t use social media???
tony spencer (5 days ago)
Alpha is so slick with it. If ur junk smells bad enough for anyone to notice when u meet, u got sum serious issues lol
Damn that sponsor transition was almost as smooth as chasis powder
Cam Jordan (5 days ago)
“Freshly chassised kahoneys” 😂
Ryan Akimov (5 days ago)
Like me as Alpha looks gay!!!!
Michael DeGolyer (3 days ago)
you need to stop with the brainwashing the dudes videos in getting there hope's up for dudes in thinking it works 🙄 and stop always promoting ur over priced over rated hype product of lies beyond enough already 🤡 and always using the same ol' same hairdresser hooches 🙄 who only date for money or dudes with ceo high classy phony ass jobs 🙄 none of ur hairdresser hooches will ever date or marry a dirty ass stanky garbage man grizzly adams jr needs a wake up alarm call to get (real) with ur b/s out of touch sock puppet talk son 🙄 and beyond enough with the raggedy ann half lookin pirate beard already matey 🙄 its gettin ol' like ur big top pee wee big sock puppet mouth videos of lies thats only for the money and you sock puppet mouth about ur wife why don't you show er on a video to prove that shes real the peolple want to see er or you need to stop being a phony pretending to talk about ur little out of ur league robotic blow up doll that is defintally out of grizzly's league truth 🙌🏼 peopla gonna say why 😤 you jealous h8tin on griz because i believe in real not fake new / videos that honestly truthfully only care about is his bank account and no the (real)ity of real serious daily issues / advice for dudes out there 90 % dudes out there will never ever even come close in dating or marring a picky / phony / cold hearted ass f... selfish hot chic out there the hooches will always brush em off like they brush there hair and leave the loose hair ok the brush i see it every single day 🙄
Daniel Lopez (5 days ago)
If you shower regularly like you’re supposed to your balls shouldn’t stink, but anyway, if she gets to the point where her nose is close to your balls I would say it’s too late for her 😂. But stinky genitalia can srsly be a turn off for most chicks, so if you want a next time better get some powder or shower 🚿 regularly.
RaD070 5 (5 days ago)
Heyyyyyyy man u cannot be hot Man's not hot
J7 IT (5 days ago)
Use Tiege Hanley and all the hot girls will chase you
GKrastz (5 days ago)
How can I be funny tho?
Seth Reyes (5 days ago)
"I know it's weird, I can't explain it, but it works" great advice HAHA
JustRandomShit (6 days ago)
Who's the girl in the thumbnail
OneWithStache (6 days ago)
If she's at the point of smelling your balls then I think "getting her to like you" has passed and now it's more like "how to have good hygiene."
Madcorp (6 days ago)
Are you seriously suggesting to work on balls when you're talking about about how to get more attractive ??!! WTF is this bro
JJ Ken-Hay (6 days ago)
Men should go after the most attractive members of the group of women with whom they share the same values and passions and not just the "hottest women." Alpha, I'm worried about ya man.
Simon Diekema (6 days ago)
Someone please tell me where that sweatshirt was bought! I need it
UltimateFreeKicks (6 days ago)
Olgachocolate on insta 😉
Jypae (6 days ago)
I was thinking "fuck this channel" when you said about the pictures with cats. Glad you took that back though, subscribed.
Mutha Flela (6 days ago)
1. be funny. that'S all
Samam Kassem (6 days ago)
Salesman who is trying to sell you balls powder so you can have hot chicks 🤣😂 what a fucking joke
Steve Jobs (6 days ago)
Balls powder?????
Roshaan Ali (6 days ago)
I don't know why you always act like you know everything.. You are perfect in every manner.. You are beyond all the flaws.. In real you need a doctor..
98573617 (6 days ago)
who is tiege hanley can someone please tell me????
Roshan Baig (6 days ago)
Be rich. just saved your precious 7:28 minutes
Manu . I (6 days ago)
I tested everything. I propose so many. They thell we can be good friends
Game Bio (6 days ago)
I have like my youtube family who's there to teach me all this stuff Alpha, my youtube dad Jose,my youtube brother Alex,best friend maybe?
Josh Cordell (6 days ago)
Fresh balls are a major key
Dinesh Kumar (6 days ago)
Does this applicable on American gals only?
Win Kham luri (6 days ago)
How to be hot .......... follow all of the above 😎
Juan Pablo (6 days ago)
Now I see why girls dont like me, its because my balls stink!
Hamster Smash (6 days ago)
I'm to ugly for any of these tips to work
Gabrielle Gurtz (6 days ago)
Sanket Shah (6 days ago)
He should do a video about how to get hot girls smell your balls
Sanket Shah (6 days ago)
I can't believe this guy can even sell ball powder

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