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MILO OBLITERATES Student Who Called Him A "White Supremacist" (WITH SUBTITLES)

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I had to transcribe the poor lamb so his stupidity can be understood by all! TOUR: http://yiannopoulos.net READ: http://www.breitbart.com/milo/ LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/myiannopoulos/ BUY: http://swagbymilo.com/ LISTEN: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-milo-yiannopoulos-show/id1095405552?mt=2
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Text Comments (4403)
Bob Gale (1 day ago)
Great video! Never heard of Milo but that was fact based without emotions. Boom! Great job Milo.
Vedant Padhye (1 day ago)
I felt bad for that young kid😢
One Two (1 day ago)
He made him cry
margie pelcman (2 days ago)
That poor guy is never going live this one down. People need to wake up and learn the Truth about Donald J Trump, Our President!!! How many stupids go to college?
Omar (3 days ago)
lol you can still be racist even if you suck black dick.
larrabeejl (4 days ago)
"Black Dick"😂🤣😂🤣
Eleni (4 days ago)
Is Milo trying to be the younger, gay version of Jordan Peterson....? I haven't figured him (Milo) yet but I have noticed a few common points between him and Jordan. I am a big fan of Jordan, btw.
Vic (4 days ago)
OK, he claims he's not a white nationalist just because he gets drilled in the ass by a black dude. Then: 1. What was he doing with Steve Bannon? 2. What buisness he had at Breitbart (a platofrm for the alt-right- Bannon's own words)? 3. Why he was uptalking Richard Spencer, a white nationalist?
ccmyart (4 days ago)
Milo, we need your help here in Canada for the next election.
Vic (4 days ago)
A piece of advice: A better choice is Ben Shapiro. Much more civilised and smarter then this asshole
Ashish Bisht (7 days ago)
Is he really gay tho?
Vic (4 days ago)
Yes. He even embraces his gayness and behaves like the stereotypical gay person
Michael Mejia (8 days ago)
2:45 best response EVER!!!!!!
Abe Menes (8 days ago)
This looks like gay on gay hate🤣
ShawnDon MMA (8 days ago)
This is how all these fucking moron democrats think, if u support trump your a racist a sexist, shit I’m brown and they call me racist lol
Aydan Deadpool (9 days ago)
He said bbc and he was talking about sucking black penis
Aydan Deadpool (9 days ago)
Milo is funny
I hate MEXICANS! . . . . Because I support Trump! MAGA= MEXICANS ARE GREAT AGAIN! Chicanos for Trump! 🇺🇸 🌎 🇲🇽 Lmfao 😝😜😂
courtney prescott (9 days ago)
Milo I Usually Would Tell You To Say “ Pause “ After The “ BBC In My Mouth “ Line But THAT SHIT WAS GANGSTA ASF ! 😂😂😂😂😂
magdalenojuan (10 days ago)
This guy went into a tiger to be tossed around and be eaten.
BeZerka Viking (10 days ago)
What a dumb ass...
BeZerka Viking (10 days ago)
Racheal Maddox ? R U FUCKING SERIOUS TO YOU MORON.What a fucking moron
Spark Swain (10 days ago)
I bet that twit protesting is a serious Guardian and NYT reader. He left to cry with his mommy.
Matthew Tenebre (10 days ago)
Every now and again, this video pops up on my feed, and it's like a little gift that keeps on giving. I like to imagine that poorly informed young man woke up that morning, put on his favorite thrift shop outfit, and daydreamed about how he would walk into that auditorium, confidently strut right up to the dais, and call Milo out with his nonsense to the cheers and lauding of his peers. The defeated look on his face at the end screams of having no idea it would go that wrong.
Ronda Doolin (10 days ago)
Omg, the media is COMPLETELY CONTROLLED by the rothchilds who is running their agenda and if u don't get on their train they will destroy you.....omg the media is the MOST BIAS GROUP KNOWN RACHEL MADDOW ARE U F%#&KING KIDDING SHE IS SO LEFT SHE'S DOING DONUTS IN A PARKING LOT LEAVING SKID MARKS U HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING
Jason Rees (10 days ago)
Ahhhhh the internet . remember when live tv was really popular . ??
Carolynska S (10 days ago)
This oriental man would not to be called a yellow man. He wants to be taken seriously as a young man...for his intelligence, honesty etc. What if people just focus on his color...one aspect of him.......his skin color.
katy scott (10 days ago)
Todd Bonanno (11 days ago)
Lmao. Calls him disabled and stupid!!! Totally politically incorrect and totally funny as shit. Dont bring and empty brain to a gun fight
Lynn Collett (11 days ago)
Lol...sorry your so stupid !!
jimi barker (11 days ago)
Lol the amount of black dick pmsl
jimi barker (11 days ago)
Who doesn't care what this homo is saying but thinks tht bird has great legs
Matthew H (11 days ago)
Americans finally get to see how the rest of the world views them.
Christopher Bishop (11 days ago)
Milo rocks he needs to get back to the uk and debate and destroy the lefty owen .
Ineedas hower (12 days ago)
U can’t be biased by not talking trash at all, u gotta talk trash about both sides
0786RICARDO (12 days ago)
"I wanna by famous", what a waste of time
Brandon Spain (12 days ago)
If your going to go up against Milo Firstly be educated, then have your facts right then before you open your mouth perhaps realize your angry because you know he's just right , he's like Edward Snowden but hasn't crossed the line yet by exposing the real truth that were just one screwed up human race that ultimately will destroy the planet we live on due to ignorance and religion.
Morty Morty (13 days ago)
Yes he is young and dumb, didn't realize what he was getting himself in for... Well done Milo..
R T (13 days ago)
1:25 As soon as he said 'Rachel Maddow' I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Prashant Shukla (13 days ago)
Watching your vedio just became your fan. The way you roast the double standard blokes👍
Remembered (13 days ago)
Everyone is biased, this young man has no ammunition against Milo whatsoever.
Handsome Jack (13 days ago)
Milo is so fun. I like him.
Samantha Raines (14 days ago)
"I'm sorry you're so stupid" iconic XD
Phil Urbanski (14 days ago)
Paulson Prasad (14 days ago)
the amount of black dick that's in my mouth.. thats Savage
Andrew Smith (15 days ago)
If Asians go to war. This the first retard getting washed the fuck out hahahahaha i could fuck his sister/wife in front of him all day
Andrew Smith (15 days ago)
Stupid Chinese piece of shit
Hello Goodbye (15 days ago)
😘. Greeks are brilliant You are right on point
Claude Gnome (15 days ago)
Say what you want about the guy, but you have to admit he had balls to do that.
R. de Witt (16 days ago)
Just caught this...claims you're using hateful rhetoric while calling you white supremacist. Which is hateful in itself. You are who you are and you've never been ashamed and neither have I. Thanks for all you're doing, Milo. I'd support you financially if I could afford it but hey if you're ever in Portland, OR for a speech you can crash on my sleeper couch save on the motel. Times are tough, Ponyboy, hang in there ♥️
David Karowski (16 days ago)
lolololol called him a white supremacist, Comes back tellin him about how much black cock he's had !!!! THESE Guys are fuckin sheep.
shymickey6 (16 days ago)
I truly felt bad for the Asian. He was brave to go up against Milo...and the entire room. He knew he had no chance, but he had something to say in which he was bullied and humiliated promptly. Milos character was being attacked, i get that, but this is how he is/we are to respond? No one will ever want to speak up. Just quietly follow the masses until its gone too far - again .
HackermanACK (17 days ago)
- Snowflake Melting Intensifies -
L B (17 days ago)
Wow...usually Asians are smart...this one got roasted, toasted, and hung up on a crucifix! Wow does Milo blow you to smitherings if you are a liberal nutcase that spews propaganda, he demands facts and truths...and the liberal had several chances to come up with facts but as usual just couldnt come up with any! I love tge liberals last ditch effort of saying " your a white supremist because you support Trump" ...lol Typical liberal response and tgen Milo rolled his eyes in complete and utter disgust by that answer! Lmao......
emma roland (18 days ago)
hey dis my school! why do I feel weird watching this now... go Redhawks?
captinprestedge (18 days ago)
The Musicmaster107 (18 days ago)
Who’s the girl on the stage?
ThePghost (18 days ago)
Sheila von Hotness
Fraga Gerardo (18 days ago)
Also the look on his face when he said Donald Trump 😏
Fraga Gerardo (18 days ago)
He has done it again
Robert Colvin (19 days ago)
Okay. Milo is just funny as hell !!! And he's far to sharp for an idiot like that.
Hunter Jews (19 days ago)
When he said all the black dick in my mouth
chima chibi (19 days ago)
He’s the only gay man I find cool today.
mdr893 (19 days ago)
"the amount of black dick in my mouth" had me dead
"I think we've had enough fun at the expense of the disabled." Fucking legend.
Faeii (20 days ago)
bruh he's feeling the shame
Ian Dunbar (20 days ago)
Awesome friggin' video.
Jak je ovajj Acc (20 days ago)
I am struggling to think why in the FUCK would you want to argue about politics with this dude..he rocks a fucking zebra suit and he will take you down with words
zzebowa (20 days ago)
He really is terribly funny. :)
steve jones (20 days ago)
Ben Mandeville (20 days ago)
"The amount of black dick that's been in my mouth" Game,set and match. Fuck that asian guy is really clueless.
Imran Khan (20 days ago)
Milo is Bitch
Julian Styles (21 days ago)
I need more of this on my timeline. Im subscribed. But never see videos.
K Monster (21 days ago)
The ownage in this was super high.
Viking Simon (21 days ago)
You sir, are a wise man!
ASM Seven (22 days ago)
This asian. Kah kah kah .
The Original Shakil (22 days ago)
Watch his older videos, he came across as very intelligent and articulated. He argued very well using facts. With fame, he’s just become a rude and offensive troll
The Original Shakil (20 days ago)
Kapitan Dupa Not an excuse to use obscenities to humiliate people in a room full of your disciples. Try doing that amongst people who do not think like you. He would get slaughtered. Gay people, blacks, Muslims, Jews, obese people, the elderly, white people, short people, the disabled etc etc. All these people face the same abuse day in, day out. In other words, EVERYONE gets abuse in one way or another. The way they react is a reflection of their character. IMO Milo’s character is very nasty., and he has developed this ‘act’ to gain celebrity and relevance. This is just my opinion, respect and peace to you.
Kapitan Dupa (20 days ago)
Think for a second, if you were him and constantly had to defend against similarly ridiculous claims for years, how long before you stopped being calm and rational and start making fun of those idiots?
moo cow (22 days ago)
The stupidity of this kid speaks for itself !
KpopWithAsia (23 days ago)
Damn that fuck you tho and his face of shame is amazing😂😂😂
SouthTexasPrepper (23 days ago)
That's right. Give the young man one more chance to totally make himself look extremely foolish in front of GOD and the rest of the World.
regi (23 days ago)
2:20 you can see his dead eyes, poor guy is a programmed NPC
Yorick Westendorp (23 days ago)
Funny stuff trolololol
Anoop PA (23 days ago)
He may be the only gay person that I like
G S (24 days ago)
Why don't we more LGBTQ's like Mr. Milo?
Melia Noonan (22 days ago)
+G S um... think we got enuf confused LGBT....XYZ, but Milo is an exception that's for sure.
G S (22 days ago)
+Melia Noonan I think you missed my point. I meant why don't other LGBTQs are as logical as Milo.
Melia Noonan (22 days ago)
NO thanks, as much as I love Milo, the LGBT....XYZ, have done enuf damage.
G S (24 days ago)
Must be from Malaysia or Indonesia. You won't find any Filipino as brainwashed as these people.
radiowallofsound (24 days ago)
I'm sorry you're so stupid, haha!
Mr. Deaf420 (24 days ago)
What a beta wimps cucks
Destroyer (24 days ago)
Dumbass leftist idiots 😎🍻😂👻👻
Angel Sanchez (24 days ago)
The point to he asked is, should e support our president with all his agendas or just the ones that are risky topics for the public
Mined Phreak (25 days ago)
Milo has had about 3 metric tonnes of black dick in his mouth. Or roughly 5.2 black guys.
Tate Daniels (25 days ago)
3:11 I LOLed so hard at this
Tryuer x (25 days ago)
Why is there an Asian guy speaking lmao, they should just be grateful to be in America. Know your place
de heer stijn (23 days ago)
HijoDePuta (26 days ago)
Milo is a giant asshole.
BigDaddyCool42 (26 days ago)
This was to gay for me.
96battlefield (26 days ago)
3:27 Weird flex but ok...
Love Dior (26 days ago)
Sucking Black dick does not make you a equalist lmao - Slave owners used to rape their slaves and thought they were worldy masters of the universe.
Sergeant Argubright (26 days ago)
Lol I got a need for impeach ad while watching this wtf
Meidach Nate (26 days ago)
So I did not know Milo was gay until I saw this video just now. Was. Not. Prepared.
M M (27 days ago)
"The amount of black dick that's been in my mouth..." lmfao, loved that comment 😂😂😂
William H. Langeman (27 days ago)
Very very funny.
SupaFun91 (28 days ago)
Marko Tosic (28 days ago)
"The amount of black dick that has been in my mouth" Am dying lmao
John Ashley (29 days ago)
I think he secretly wants Milos D. U can see it in his eyes. Lol

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