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Text Comments (3379)
Christopher Tung (2 years ago)
Hey y'all, I got to spend some time with Connor off-camera, and let me tell ya. He is one of the nicest dudes and is super genuine. He definitely cares about others and treats his fans and the people he has inspired really well. Just thought I'd let y'all know. Keep on rockin'!
adi castano (3 days ago)
Um Connor I'm Gay is that ok?
Rated Games (1 month ago)
Why don't you upload tung
Kanaan Rogers (7 months ago)
Christopher Tung how much were u paid?
JustTnz (8 months ago)
im the 4000th like
Kushal Kulkarni (7 days ago)
You just rocked the gym
Shahd Mohamed (30 days ago)
جمهوريه شادي سرور تعمل لايك
Mhd Izzul (1 month ago)
All videos to take attention? Nope
Game changer (1 month ago)
uʍop ǝpısdn sʇı uǝɥʍ ɹǝʇʇǝq sı ǝɟıƖ
hayden simpson (1 month ago)
She was nice
Johnny Wilkman (1 month ago)
David Jonson (1 month ago)
he ugly
PrettyBoiBozo (1 month ago)
19:29 women are objects
Dark Shadow orbs (2 months ago)
sub to my channle to pls
vijju vijay suppani (2 months ago)
19:20 lifting girl
Michael Slotter (2 months ago)
Personally, I like Conor. I think he’d be a good wingman.
Shakeb Noor Sajjad (2 months ago)
Lage raho bhai
Connor merphy dosen't act proud on his fans he is a funny and a self-confident person. I like watching he's videos.
T ØwL (3 months ago)
dude u look like my grandma when u workin out👍
20:02 is what you can for... Where's my subscribes
Theodore (3 months ago)
His bf is gonna be mad when he sees this!
PurpleSkunkYT (3 months ago)
you inspire me to get bigger before i started watching ur vids i always gave up lifting because i procrastinated and gave up really easy. But watching you and seeing your gains made me realize that if i put in enough effort i can the muscle mass i want and i’ve had a great transformation. I’ve gained roughly 20 lbs of muscle in the past 3 months and i’m really proud of myself
Sample Space (3 months ago)
What is the scret of ur body dude?
Tabby Cat (3 months ago)
Connor murphy:dont mind me,just a buff white man that is using hot girls as weights
puppies lovers (4 months ago)
Sexc Emi (4 months ago)
you need to work out your abs more
people call me DAD (4 months ago)
This guy is super handsome and is really exploiting this for attracting girls.
people call me DAD (4 months ago)
This guy is super handsome and is really exploiting this for attracting girls.
people call me DAD (4 months ago)
This guy is super handsome and is really exploiting this for attracting girls.
Devendra S (4 months ago)
6:11 jfhf
سمو الأمير (4 months ago)
# اكو عرب بالطيارة😂
سمو الأمير (4 months ago)
Partha Ghosh (4 months ago)
connor..the type of guy to bicep curl his wife instead of kissing at his wedding.
Doctor LT (4 months ago)
*7:43** girl ready for Connor*
ashutosh kumar pandey (4 months ago)
you are so humble and generous
Kevin Sukmadipura (4 months ago)
The face like a superman
Anna White (4 months ago)
You spelt ‘at’ wrong in the title
shammi shammi (5 months ago)
Where are you live sir
Subhash Jatt (5 months ago)
please help me
Subhash Jatt (5 months ago)
honourable Sir I want to make phisic like you
Subhash Jatt (5 months ago)
so lovely it is sir
PieterK (5 months ago)
What's the edm song you have as a theme
Kendrick Buzon (5 months ago)
what the hell is her instagram name?
Fire Tech 19 (5 months ago)
Hay bro this is FARHAAN hear I want to be like u .like u r body and u r sweetness awesome and I want to join gym and how to make body like u if u give me some tips it's very use full to me so my inspiration to like u
Francis Ione (6 months ago)
Youre so into yourself. My god, i dont like your body man, i dont fck care if you dont care,just be humble man... 😑😑 my god
Francis Ione (6 months ago)
Youre so not humble😑😑
N J S (6 months ago)
7:51 look at that girl how she checks him 😆😆
Pranav Shedge (6 months ago)
4:19see in baground girl has no head
Minato Namikaze (6 months ago)
whats that belt thing for?
abdelrahman hosam (6 months ago)
You are awesome for letting them pulgin
Chris John Thapa (6 months ago)
bro give some fitness ideas too
ItsJonnyB (6 months ago)
Yo is that ray at 8:59?
Jake Carroll (6 months ago)
That you are sinful and need to be cleansed from the stain sin has left on your soul. Which is impossible to do of works, however what is impossible with man is possible with God. Jesus Christ loved a perfect life free from all sin and then died the death we deserved. Although not deserving of a sinners death, He paid the penalty of Gods wrath that you and I deserve in hell. You are now called to repent of your sins and believe unto the Lord Jesus for the remission of sins and the salvation
Kristiahna Underwood (6 months ago)
I love that you'll actually take the time to meet your fans and say hey. That's awesome.
KaKarot_Modz (6 months ago)
Alex Eaton (6 months ago)
Hay Connor come down to Destin fl and we will go swim 2 miles in the Destin harbor
Rakesh Belliappa (6 months ago)
i dont see picking
Abby Henes (6 months ago)
This dude is obsessed with himself. He should work on his personality as much as he works on his body...
surap shergill (6 months ago)
Your life is set with the last girl
wolf pubg (7 months ago)
7:54 dude oooooooooowtf
GAURAV SINGH (7 months ago)
Hello sir
Willy Smith (7 months ago)
Don't forget your legs bro
Iamyour TugaBro (7 months ago)
How dare you? I wastched this video because I wanted to, not because I saw a pretty young lady on thumbnail. Shame on you....... accusing me of such a thing.
DEMON KING (7 months ago)
smart navy (7 months ago)
Bro which camera using
Connor 😍😎🤑😝👍
LucasBdabest1 • (7 months ago)
1:22 sebastian vettel
JAYGOTSAUCE (7 months ago)
I think college will be cool and highschool
Eric Ji (7 months ago)
J Lareine (7 months ago)
Did any body mention that it look liked he was sniffing around the girls private parts for a sec when he was curling them just saying
pine apple (7 months ago)
Red shirt = dooche
Spike552 (7 months ago)
2:36 begging of their handshake tho😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Brian Pham (7 months ago)
I wonder who has more muscle? Connor or GokuFlex
Big faws (7 months ago)
Natural bodybuilder
Sahimir the gamer (7 months ago)
hey bro...im from india...im a huge fan of u...luv u nd respect u bro...i have already started gym...daily i check ur video....i have already seen all ur videos....
Xtr3m TV (8 months ago)
In mother russia the girls picks u blyat
Michael Wade (8 months ago)
you look like a jacked version of ninja
Alaa Harmoush (8 months ago)
I love to see u in person i am a huge fan
Alaa Harmoush (8 months ago)
Hi plz can u do a vidio in lebanon i love your vidios a lot and i wont to see u
Logan (8 months ago)
Anyone know the second girls Insta
chy (8 months ago)
2:34 the handshake makes me wanna kms
Mikeboy [M] (8 months ago)
Devin Rice (8 months ago)
2:36 worst handshake of 2017
ZipIt pls (8 months ago)
Akkkwaarddd moment where they keep telling each other they are attractive and stuff just go straight for it ask... The gb
lewis greenway (8 months ago)
Looks like he's trying to pick up the men more than the woman haha..
Clayton Davis (8 months ago)
Any notice him check that girls ass out at the end? Lol
Anthony Lembke (8 months ago)
Where do you live at conner Murphy like what state
BeatsforGospel (8 months ago)
6:37 ya know we did that in middle school lol. I was smaller than my profile pick and was right around that bench press weight.
rajan kumar (8 months ago)
Hii sir Can you plz suggest me best drink for workout?
Austin Gabriel (8 months ago)
He kinda reminds me of ninja
Marlox Gaming (8 months ago)
I wish you were my big brother I would get in a fight everyday 😂 And then call you.
Herman (23 days ago)
Apurv Chaturvedi in the real world, there are no weight classes, if you weigh 20kg/45lbs more than your opponent you will beat him no matter his fighting skills.
Arjun Dev (3 months ago)
Yeah he will come and“ Hey girl how you doin can you give your no.. Yeah bye .. XD 😂
Apurv Chaturvedi (3 months ago)
Looking strong and being strong are two different things. One of my skinny friends who is a black belt can throw him out of a room effortlessly. He doesn't even lift. Technique matters
Mike TO (8 months ago)
mindless scientist I have brothers like that... I’m almost 18 and they are 13 and 14 and then they are like fuckin around and getting into these fights and he is like ahahahahah here my brother “fk youuu he Will beat you up” ...
london's world (8 months ago)
My friend said conner is a snack and then i said "no he not he's a meal with his sexy ass i'd love to get freaky with him ooo daddy"
london's world (8 months ago)
Like if u agree
ItzDreams (8 months ago)
"Lower Dash" 19:51
PZG (8 months ago)
Jonathan Rico (8 months ago)
What’s the second girls instagram? She doesn’t say it very well
DaveCSGO (8 months ago)
I love like this guy is copying connor haha like his son
RDW BROS (8 months ago)
Drayton Castaneda (8 months ago)
Bro your ripped, what’s your secret!!
John Nino Yamson (8 months ago)
connor what is your height?
David Sikent (8 months ago)
9:25 yeah shake those tits
Brian Saint-Vil (8 months ago)
he looks like ninja
OtterGod (8 months ago)
"I'd rather look strong than be strong" and there in lies a problem. It has become more about *vanity* than *actual strength and health*
Ms. Kelly T. (8 months ago)
Mary Kate (9 months ago)
you look like Gastón from beauty and the beast

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