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@JayKarlPranks @kim_pao_pranks Kim's Channel https://www.youtube.com/KimPao Get Featured http://www.prankarmy.tv Warning: These April Fools Hidden camera Practical jokes are performed by trained idiots. Pranks Channel does not condone any action you take upon watching the following video and will not be liable for any losses, damages, or criminal charges received in connection with any reenactments. Joke at your own risk.
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Kunaal Thakur (33 minutes ago)
Wtf, the guy at the start notices something odd about the bear, then tries to find Kim, doesnt find her, and then goes back to his controller to continue playing! Then says "I had a feeling you were in there" Whaaaaaaat!
majid shaikh (1 hour ago)
Juana carolina (3 hours ago)
Jajaja me encanto este vido :v
Иван Иванов (3 hours ago)
Ебанутые америкосы
IcedGunner 900 (5 hours ago)
depressø X_X (5 hours ago)
2:43 literally me when my alarm goes off in the morning
Harold Hoover (10 hours ago)
Gotta say, y'all have one of the best relationship I've seen.
Ariannaly Jimenez (10 hours ago)
XD time to prank mah mom
Armando Rodriguez (11 hours ago)
He’s probably playing GTA 5. It would have been more scary for him if he was playing resident evil 2.
Yog Kumar (19 hours ago)
Without the background music the video was soo dark
Albert zz (20 hours ago)
Pareja perfecta de idiotas que ni saben hacer bromas
mikael karas (22 hours ago)
Vishal Paryani (22 hours ago)
WTF why r u wasting lits of water
MegaAxOn (1 day ago)
Julio Serrano (1 day ago)
Estupido coño
Kaitlinn Higgins (1 day ago)
She’s not ever going to open any doors the same way😂😬 or walk up the stairs without shitting herself
TheBiohazardPro (1 day ago)
this is how pranks should be to have them laugh off and not be mad about it
That was gr8
Pink heart (1 day ago)
0:47 can you see the look on his face!!!!
tech hacker (1 day ago)
Love from India check out my chhanal tooo
The Fire (2 days ago)
Русские здесь?
Jorge Corbacho (2 days ago)
Que bien que se llevan los dos... Y ella q hermosa mujer
jjgrind (2 days ago)
You'll are one sporty couple. Love each other
María Karla Proenza (2 days ago)
Si alguien sabe donde comprar esa ropa díganmeee
Aqustin Shinoda (2 days ago)
Yo la vendo. xdxd
María Karla Proenza (2 days ago)
María Karla Proenza (2 days ago)
Where does she buys her clothes? I love them😍
Cat G (3 days ago)
My kind of people! I love pranks! I’ve played some really good and scary pranks on my daughters and friends😹 hilarious!
Berlos ProAktip (3 days ago)
CriZz DarKness (3 days ago)
7:00 apagá la puta llave si!!! :v
Jaiper Terry (3 days ago)
Pinche gastadera de agua
isildur (3 days ago)
La mujer está buenísima
Kim Soncaya (3 days ago)
*If im in that situation i would jump on the bear*
Sir Shark (2 days ago)
I would fuck em so hard with no reason too . Shheesh
Jason Abbott (3 days ago)
If he would have shot or stabbed the teddy bear with you been prosecuted for murder?
Pi.Gaming (4 days ago)
I'm a simple man. When I see beautiful jugs, I hit like 😊
magui loka (4 days ago)
The Real OG (4 days ago)
That girl looks like Moriah Elizabeth in a way!
SoyVerónica (4 days ago)
Soy el comentario en español que estás buscando..
local & national
TEMPOLIFE L (5 days ago)
Who the fuck pee sitting down
Huyền Smile (5 days ago)
What's your drink milk?
YURI- CHAN (5 days ago)
Por que o Youtube tá me recomendando isso 😂
Emily robles (5 days ago)
How can I get my brother to get chips in a plate and not eat the chips out of the whole bag🤣
Emily robles (2 days ago)
STEFIX wow way too far👊🏻😂
Emily robles (2 days ago)
Soul Profound thank you😂😂😂😂
STEFIX (2 days ago)
Put a mouse trap in the bag
Soul Profound (3 days ago)
Leave a plate by the chips, reward him when he does it.
Rushdan Mati (5 days ago)
@7:40 Well That's Ridiculous.! The Video's Good Btw.
Xavier Broderick (5 days ago)
Who the fuck opens the seat before closing the door
Jacob Johnson (5 days ago)
That guy was not going for a pee ; )
Night Demon (5 days ago)
Why when it comes to hot sauce does everybody go for either water or milk this makes it hotter if you want to cool your mouth down bread is your choice trust me it's soaked up the heat
Night Demon (3 days ago)
+HereChickens and one other thing that I guess I left out you also have to remember everybody's chemical makeup is different so therefore what works for me may not work for somebody else this is why you have to have the experience and not go on what a scientist says no two people are the same this is something that is very important I realized I left that part out that's why I had to come back and say it
HereChickens (3 days ago)
+Night Demon so what do you think is more trustworthy? You eating bread once or thousands of scientists with years of training and studying explaining how this works?
Night Demon (3 days ago)
+HereChickens that's where you're wrong my friend I speak out of experience before lunch when I was in high school one day I was given what was supposed to be coconut turn to find out it was an Indian turnup the heart of it at lunch I was drinking lots of milk didn't help no bread so wasn't able to go that route tried water made it hotter just like the milk I finally make it home my mouth still on fire this was around four o'clock I make it home I eat one slice of bread the burning starts dissipating I eat another slice it's completely gone if what you are saying was true the milk would have helped I've experimented with this afterwards I have yet to find anything to help better than bread that's like milk for heartburn doesn't work drink milk before you get drunk it'll help nope that one's a myth to would you like to try again
HereChickens (3 days ago)
That's not how it works. Milk does help. Casein — the protein in milk —  helps break the bonds capsaicin (the chemical compound that gives chiles their heat) forms on nerve receptors (what causes the uncomfortable burning sensation). It surrounds and washes away the capsaicin molecules similar to how soap washes away grease.
shawn niccum (5 days ago)
When she put the hot sauce on the bottles I would have kissed her afterwards
Levon Abington (5 days ago)
Who else came here and watch this video because the girl is fine as hell!?
AllVie (5 days ago)
Prince Prakuuu (6 days ago)
Kim pao😍
Logan B (6 days ago)
I would probably stab that stupid bear on accident
MARIO SCHNEIDER (6 days ago)
Ronny Eduardo (6 days ago)
JustJoshingYa (6 days ago)
If you're a grown man playing fornite how you got a gf astounds me.
Muito bom
Sofía Gh (6 days ago)
6:45 La mejor parte jajajajaj
scott d (6 days ago)
9:00... wtf!!!!
The Lord of Dance (6 days ago)
The wife with blow dryer prank is Soooooooooooo Damn HOT! 😍
MiKe Van Garreth (6 days ago)
Tirando agua a lo pendejo
Camila Xavier (6 days ago)
Bonni Parker (6 days ago)
Конченые пранки👎
Alexis Ricotero Rosa (6 days ago)
Like si miraste todo el video por lo divina y hermosa de la chica 🤤🤤
Gerald Walls jr (6 days ago)
The hair dryer omfg I died her face
Matthew Vecchioni (6 days ago)
I'd tongue punch her fart box
Bebi Kater (6 days ago)
Could please someone close the fucking fridge really!!
بنوته كشخه (6 days ago)
اكو. عرب. 😂😂بطياره
Philip Berthiaume (6 days ago)
I am a man and I sit down at home and friends, I do this out of respect, it is much cleaner thank you very much,
Philip Berthiaume (3 days ago)
+Jason Abbott thanks for your reply. As a species, we are domestic or we couldn't survive beyond the age of 30. I think wise is the adjective you are looking for.
Jason Abbott (3 days ago)
You've been domesticated
Jesus Bennys (6 days ago)
1:34 y despues de eso, tremenda cojida que se llevó la tía :v
hainsay (6 days ago)
3:30 The half hour before this, please? (If you don't ask, you don't get, right?)
هيثم حسين (6 days ago)
linda fernocio (6 days ago)
Amen happiest family 😍😘
Cam Rogers (7 days ago)
Lucky he didn't clock your dumb ass over the head with the controller dumb bimbo. Let the man play video games and you go back to being glued to your Instagram.
Anshary Dayknight (7 days ago)
1:15 totally scared Hahaha LOL
Ricardo Vega (7 days ago)
No hablo ingles
Jimmyj Irons (7 days ago)
Scary ass
Quem estas vendo 2019?
Lusineide Lima Silva (7 days ago)
Kkkk Very good
01-30-AK EDPV (7 days ago)
You guys are mean to each other 🤣
Itss.ricky (7 days ago)
she's fucking hot
Powerpatriot (7 days ago)
WTF kind of man pees sitting down? seriously
God JUDA (7 days ago)
The first hispanic couple that have a REAL sense of humor 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
Christoph Di Medici (3 days ago)
Hispanic what that means??? I m pretty sure u dont even know
Jdr Drummer (7 days ago)
Grammer Mistake That Will Be Girl Of a Bitch
Mubtasim Nabil (7 days ago)
The first one was insane
mike watkins (7 days ago)
Am i the only one that would have just went up to it and say ha ha not funny the procede to pull the bear off her.
Shawn R (7 days ago)
WTF what male sits when they pee??? Does he also cry after sex
Death Demain (7 days ago)
He is not playing, he doesn't have headphones. Boo
BeeBee Tee (7 days ago)
Es stupido cono! 😂😂😂
BeeBee Tee (7 days ago)
She got him good! Kim! 😯😮😲 Haha!
sharon achieng (7 days ago)
Snake prank???... 😕😕f you try that with me I swear it will be the end of our relationship.
memorylife (7 days ago)
Waste of water
Germino, Alwena (7 days ago)
OMG the Popits were so HILARIOUS!!
kembar lanang (7 days ago)
I can't stop laugh gaes 😁
Lomi Jan (7 days ago)
The snake freaked me out.. omg.. i threw my phone for real.
Epic Channel (8 days ago)
What a Hot Wife!

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