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Top 10 Summer Fragrances / Colognes 2013

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Designer Section - 02:37 Niche Section - 14:23 Designer Top 10 10.03:41 9. 04:58 8. 06:02 7. 06:58 6. 08:13 5. 09:14 4. 10:27 3. 11:15 2. 12:27 1. 13:26 Niche Top 10 10. 14:46 9. 16:03 8. 17:04 7. 18:29 6. 19:34 5. 20:56 4. 21:43 3. 22:37 2. 23:41 1. 25:08
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Text Comments (184)
orozco lucio (10 months ago)
Who in 2018?
Burhan Yanik (2 years ago)
How is issey miyake nuit in comparison to the original ?
PurplEDC Reviews (2 years ago)
What do you think of the original guerlain vetiver compared to the eau glacee verion you talk about in the video?
Alucard 303 (3 years ago)
If you had to pick one summer fragrance which one would you pick? I'm looking to invest, one for every season. tanx!
orozco lucio (10 months ago)
Alucard 303 Laputaquetepario Parfum, amazing scent and nobody talks about.
Mridul Sethi (3 years ago)
Nice video... Thanks... Your Views on Chanel Allure Homme Edition Balnche pls
Eddie (3 years ago)
I don't know about that Guerlain Vetiver man. Sampled it out of curiosity. Definitely not my taste. It smells like a scent for much older mature people if you ask me. But then again I am 25 yr old who can be content with bottle of Bleu for the summer :)
MrBluesnbot (4 years ago)
How many perfumanias do you own?
orozco lucio (10 months ago)
MrBluesnbot Uno pendejo de mierda.
firzenfrenzy (4 years ago)
Ive been looking at that jar of peanut butter near the window the whole time
Loner (1 year ago)
Minh Kha (4 years ago)
Bleu de Chanel vs Nautica Voyage, which would you choose if you could pick one?
Kyle Farmer (3 years ago)
+Dai Hoc Ngoai Thuong Khoa Quoc Te by the smell dummy. just because one is cheaper or more expensive than the other, doesn't mean it'll be worse or better. retard
Minh Kha (3 years ago)
Price doesn't really mean anything. I bought Bleu De Chanel, but at first I tried it and didn't really like it because it was clawing. Over time, it grew on me. But when I first tried Nautica, I thought it smelled really good. The only reason I didn't buy it was because it reminded me of warmer weather. Bleu De Chanel is versatile all year round.
dracdoc (4 years ago)
+Minh Kha personally I like Bleu better
VS Orlando (4 years ago)
I haven't tested Eau Sauvage yet.  And I know you did this video in 2013 but how does it compare to Christopher Dior's - Extreme?
VS Orlando (4 years ago)
ugh - I actually think it's Tom Ford - Extreme.  I can't remember the Dior blend I sampled at Sephora; it had notes of whiskey.  But anyway, nevermind!
Andrew Scott (4 years ago)
Cory:  could you let us know what you think of Tom Ford's Oud Wood?  Thanks. 
alex Johnson (4 years ago)
Did u review orange sanguine??
dracdoc (4 years ago)
+alex Johnson Not yet, I will though
chuck norris (4 years ago)
you should get a refrigator for all your perfumes, and i feel  like it smells fresher ,and it doesnt get old so fast.
James Log (4 years ago)
what about green irish tweed?
James Log (4 years ago)
thanks for that astounding video....and, i find you've rated creed's aventus lower than millesime imperial even though the former is much more expensive. any particular reason!
John Smith (4 years ago)
SONICE69 (4 years ago)
Yeah Cody, you aReally really have to. For me, it's the "Holy Grail" of citrus frags... It was on sale at Min New York for the longest time when they were having a clearance.... Too bad for me, I missed out.. A great place to buy it tho (reputable & classy ) is a place called Parfums Raffy in California.... You can't find a 100ml ANYWHERE... I grabbed the 50ml at Raffy for $260 less 10% discount. Great place!!!
Mr. Scent (4 years ago)
Hey Leute, wenn ihr auf der Suche nach deutschen Duftreviews seid, schaut mal auf meinem Kanal vorbei! https://www.youtube.com/user/misterscent Ich bin neu auf Youtube und würde mich über Tipps und Anregungen freuen. LG Mr. Scent
Stephanie B (4 years ago)
arrr who is the girl version of your channel
cassiano medina (4 years ago)
Was up yo!!! This question is really out of the topic. Im repainting my living roon I wanna know the name color of your wall? Thank you
Kyle Farmer (3 years ago)
+Nicolle you must be getting some rotten ass avacados😂 that looks nothing like the inside of an avacado. olive green is a wayyyyyy better answer!
Colle S. (3 years ago)
i think it's more of the inside of an avocado green than olive green.
always always (4 years ago)
+cassiano medina is olive green
cassiano medina (4 years ago)
+dracdoc thanks alot bro!
dracdoc (4 years ago)
Haha, would Love to help but I have no idea.  That's my old place.  It was a slightly lighter shade of Olive.
Eduardo V (4 years ago)
I've never liked L'eau d'Issey, too powdery. Makes me think of a citrus fruit that isnt actually juicy :(
Guinea54 (4 years ago)
Have you ever tried the issey miyake yuzu?
laxm0nkey (4 years ago)
I need a summer fragrance, one with great longevity and sillage. i work outside in the summers in 100~ degree Fahrenheit weather.  I would like it to be able to get me noticed. price is of no issue. i like fresh spicy's. aquatics dont mix well with my skin. any suggestions?
laxm0nkey (4 years ago)
+flygande grisar i tried tommy hilfiger and it smells very weird to me. i will have to try out armani code
o WaKanda z (4 years ago)
+flygande grisar Its not a case of liking the fragrance its how it will react to to temperature,I live in Ireland so i couldn't suggest a fragrance for hot weather :) 
flygande grisar (4 years ago)
you can try out hilfiger by tommy hilfiger or armani code by emporio armani. i like those two very much.
eromattiffarg (4 years ago)
kinda curious about that bergamote 22 no homo
Quis Ut Deus (4 years ago)
.... whatever, Aventus..... great comment!!! hahaha
Jac Miler (4 years ago)
Hi,  Dracdoc  I am a perfumer in Chicago and I would like to send you some of my copositions... love to hear what you think...jaki
nightfall (4 years ago)
Get fired? Aventus. Tying your shoelaces? Aventus. Jump off a building for no reason whatsoever? Aventus.
Shawn Swain (4 years ago)
Where is the best place to get Creed fragrances at a good price? I live in Austin, TX. 
JDx94 (4 years ago)
That's for Millesime Imperial by Creed
JDx94 (4 years ago)
I get alot of samples from this seller online...legit and packages them well http://www.ebay.com/itm/261409494719?var=&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
jcb0920 (5 years ago)
+1 on the Eau Sauvage...if you want to smell like a "classic man" (Think Mad Men on A&E), this one is for you.
Lone Wolf (5 years ago)
Wanna murder someone and smell good doing it? Aventus. 
Jonas Fransson (5 years ago)
Hi there! I'm looking for a perfect night club scent for SUMMER nights. It's very easy to find good ones for fall and winter but for summer I've not really found that special one. Looking for a elegant, sexy, standing out fragrance. Not D&G The One, already have it :) Regards Jonas.
Vernon Potter (5 years ago)
Great review I'm getting heavy into colognes so looking for so good scents to pick up
jincuteguy (5 years ago)
I thought Aventus would be your #1 Niche? but it ended up at #8?
Michalis Koutalianou (5 years ago)
where can i get creed perfumes shipped internationally because i live in greece ??
dracdoc (5 years ago)
I have a video out regarding this.. buying fragrances
dracdoc (5 years ago)
Dang man, that sucks
dracdoc (5 years ago)
Musc Ravageur . Go out in style
Yeg'r (5 years ago)
what cologne wud u wear if it was your last day on earth?
Tom Hines (5 years ago)
Eau Sauvage turns fecal on my skin in about 5 minutes. I really liked the smell on paper (at Sephora), but it produces sadness when worn.
dracdoc (5 years ago)
I stop wearing it come summer
Rdog785 (5 years ago)
Oh yea, I was wondering what kept 212 off the summer designer list. Do you stop wearing it, after spring? I thought it would make it, because of its longevity. I have ordered it ( blind buy ), and was hoping it was not too heavy, to wear in the summer. I work outside, as a letter carrier. Thanks again, dracdoc!
Rdog785 (5 years ago)
I would be lost in the Blind Buy Bermuda Triangle, if not for you, Mark, Brandon, and a few others ( CoachRob619 and FRANGRANCEFANATIC ). Thank you for all the help and guidance.
Archi Roy (5 years ago)
i am also considering l'eau d'issey ..you can suggest anything outside but i have serious longevity and projection issue.So please suggest accordingly. p.s: i live in a very hot and humid weather.
Archi Roy (5 years ago)
I also want high longevity and enormous silage.
Archi Roy (5 years ago)
Good job man!you are doing an awesome work.
Archi Roy (5 years ago)
I am going to buy either le male or paco rabbane for summer in india. Please help and please reply soon. All i want to get from a perfume is loads and loads of compliments.I have thierry mugler A*men didn't quite last on my skin during the day may be coz i sweat a lot.
Ruozhuo Li (5 years ago)
Yuzu is a Japanese grapefruit. Its rind and juice is often used as a seasoning ingredient in many Japanese dishes.
andykiwiboy (5 years ago)
how would you rate Black XS, PACO RABANNE?
Prince Debby (5 years ago)
I guess it your skins
Prince Debby (5 years ago)
I personally freaked when you mentioned Issey Miyake. Damn!!! My all time favorite whether now or in the future. That reminds me, i need a new bottle right away.
Prince Debby (5 years ago)
Generally a great review by all standard. With love from Nigeria
dracdoc (5 years ago)
Tobacco Vanille
SuperSniffer85 (5 years ago)
For the winter Andy Warhol or Tobacco Vanille?
Ben Lee (5 years ago)
Great list. I have many, but you've given me a list of new ones to try out, especially the Frapin.
dolphinsattack (5 years ago)
Issey Miyake for me smells floral like rose and tulip pedals in a vase of water. Very damp like in a musky field after it rains. I think Issey Miyake works best on a warm spring and summer damp day. Versace Man Fraiche is best suited for a really hot day in the sun.
southeastblack (5 years ago)
you dracdoc.....can you hook me up with some samples please????
Billy Aiello (5 years ago)
I've used them also and always had fast shipping and legit frags. Make sure to find a coupon if you do shop there.
Daniel Habeke (5 years ago)
Aye dracdoc I was wondering if you could refer me for 2 summer scent colognes I'm in highschool but I'm mature Iive had Versace put homme and allure homme sport previously it would be great if you oils reply thank you
dracdoc (5 years ago)
I've had some experience with it..no problems from here. However its an online retail site so exercise caution
Kelvin Jan (5 years ago)
Been looking around online to buy frags and even went on basenote forums and most people seem to say fragrancenet is a reputable site...what's your take on it? Any experiences with it or heard form anyone?
dracdoc (5 years ago)
I have tried it..however I don't remember much about it..or being floored. I'd have to try it again to jog my memory
J. Beaver (5 years ago)
Love your reviews!! I don't have the Virgin Island Water as I found it similar to MI (one of my favorites as is Aventus). Have you ever trided Creed's Acier Aluminium? I hate it at first but the dry down is awesome for me. I'd love your feedback as will be trying your #1 (Bergamante 22 sadly I'm not too familiar with that one). Thank you Sir!!!
Denishikov Maniakov (5 years ago)
No Acqua di Parma on your list? What a shame!
Good Wife Spoiled (5 years ago)
This is very helpful... Thank you... The Hermeś lasts for hours on my husband... Must be you body chemistry.
Ben Zhu (5 years ago)
I tried out issey miyake l'eau Dissey in macy's but it only seems to last on my skin for 2 hours...... I love the scent but the life span is too short! Could it be that the sample in macys is old or just my skin. Also it fails to project after one and a half hours.
T Roy (5 years ago)
Hey Doc! Keep up the good work. What are your thoughts on Coney Island by Bond No 9? I've always thought this was a classier version of Acqua Di Gio with some cool gourmand elements. Your thoughts on Coney Island or Wall Street? Or can we wait for a review?
antonc108 (5 years ago)
I kept looking at that bottle of... peanut butter on the left side of the screen.
Alexandru Cirip (5 years ago)
Great reviews, man, helped me a lot - thanks and keep them coming! Along the Aqua Di Gio - Perry Ellis 360 Red line, have you tried Paris Hilton Just Me For Men? I know that I might be commiting a les majeste crime here, but to my profane nose, PHJMFM is better than ADG. I also think that ADG is no longer an option, since it was, afaik, sadly reformulated...
Ahmed Alowghani (5 years ago)
Valente Zapata (5 years ago)
That was a great resource. I wrote them all down- thanks!!
Jesters Cap (5 years ago)
Doc, one more question...I'm torn between Tom Ford Grey Vetiver or Guerlain Vetiver. Clearly the Guerlain is easier on the wallet but I've heard that Tom Ford is a more refined, complex vetiver. I'm interested to know, if you could pick one, which would it be?
Jesters Cap (5 years ago)
Yo Doc! Glad to see Eau Sauvage made the list. I was looking for a clean, classic scent that would impart what a "classic man" might have worn in the 50's and 60's. I bought it blind but was certainly not disappointed. There's absolutely something to be said for a woman smelling you and remembering the comforts of her childhood ; ) My biggest disappointment with this scent is its longevity...with three or four sprays, I can't even smell it a few hours later. What's your experience with it?
Azael Pulido (5 years ago)
More reviewers should mention age group.
Jeremy Baehr (5 years ago)
dracdoc (5 years ago)
dracdoc (5 years ago)
Eh.. even if you didn't like it.. its still subjective so no worries. Bleu is an excellent fragrance imo!
dracdoc (5 years ago)
Didn't make the list
dracdoc (5 years ago)
Solid choice!
dracdoc (5 years ago)
Ill take a look at it!
Jeremy Baehr (5 years ago)
Cody, I was wondering if you could review a cologne called Fan di Fendi Acqua. I haven't tried it out yet but I was able to smell it in a magazine. Thanks a lot
RockAngelMusic (5 years ago)
i appreciate a man who know's how to smell nice :) great choices! i love Creed Silver Mountain Water.
blaze dubz (5 years ago)
What about versace pour homme?
Niclas Lundgren (5 years ago)
I really like the new take on your list, excellent job Doc! :)
Niclas Lundgren (5 years ago)
Since it's one of the honorable mentions, I would guess so... :)
TheBatman777 (5 years ago)
I owe you an apology. Lol. I was upset at Perry Ellis red when i first got it because it bothered my nose and smelled like lucas. Wore it today but sprayed very lightly and got two compliments. I guess the trick is to spray lightly. Thanks doc! Next buy is Bleu de Chanel.
vmendonc (5 years ago)
Nice! *Snap fingers* lol
justin55723 (5 years ago)
I was really happy with my bottle of Polo's Double Black and Mont Blanc's Legend. I really dislike powdery feeling fragrances or anything really spicy. Something with a modern feel to it. Never in full suit attire but usually business casual.
Muhamed Yusif (5 years ago)
Thanks Doc , Gr8 List
dracdoc (5 years ago)
I'm actually getting ready to release a review on it.. its ok
dracdoc (5 years ago)
I'm actually getting ready to release a review on it.. MEH.. I think its ok
Cameron Davis (5 years ago)
Cody, have you tried Prada Luna Rossa yet? I really enjoy it in the heat.
muffemod (5 years ago)
L'humaniste is a great scent and very safe.
DMOtron32 (5 years ago)
It sucks for me that I don't get good longevity on bergamot 22. I still plan on getting this but will just have to carry a atomizer.
westbury09 (5 years ago)
I think Andy Warhol can be worn in any season great scent. nice list
SniperZeroXI (5 years ago)
Great video! I personally cannot stand Millesime Imperial, reminds me to much of spicy watermelon flavored lollypops i had in mexico.
Tucktimosprime (5 years ago)
ed hardy villian is such a good alternative to D+G the one,,great logevity..
Azzurri82 (5 years ago)
Cody: just had a question as to how you can tell the batch # on Creeds. Just curious due to the batch issues that have been mentioned with Aventus in particular. Great vid and great pics!
MrVernon437 (5 years ago)
Great list bro!
dracdoc (5 years ago)
dracdoc (5 years ago)
Virgin Island Water and Cartier Roadster are two of my favorite in those situations. Orange Sanguine is also great if you like orange juice.

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