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Colors Compilation for Kids | Learn Colors for Children | Color Crew | BabyFirst TV

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BabyFirst TV brings you a 90 minute colors compilation of all the colors for children for your kids to learn colors. Each color lesson is instructed by the infamous Color Crew, a box a of crayons who enjoy coloring in pages with their respective colors. At the end of each color lesson, the Color Crew finish up with color songs for your kids to learn colors. We hope you enjoy this colors for kids episode and we'll see you in the next Color Crew Episode! Subscribe to the BabyFirst TV for more children videos and videos for babies: http://www.youtube.com/user/BabyFirstTV?sub_confirmation=1 Hope you enjoyed this colors episode on BabyFirstTV! For more learning videos, click here: http://www.youtube.com/user/BabyFirstTV?sub_confirmation=1 About BabyFirst TV On BabyFirst TV, your baby can learn everything under the sun, from ABC to Animals, colors to shapes, and so much more! Our programming is among the best at helping children learn education basics before entering the school environment. Here we house one of the internet’s largest collections of educational resources, nursery rhymes for children, and cartoons for your baby. Check out some of our favorite programming, including the Color Crew, Harry the Bunny, Rainbow Horse, Vocabularry, Notekins and more! Our content is intended help grow with your child. Enjoy our huge collection of nursery rhymes for your children, that you and baby can sing together. From teaching your baby color recognition, to helping your child learn socialization with toddler games, BabyFirst TV, will be here. Make sure to subscribe to check out the latest from BabyFirst TV!
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Text Comments (382)
Meme Lord5 (9 days ago)
Kathryn Curry (13 days ago)
Gia L (26 days ago)
My baby cousin likes it
Damn the nostalgia i’m crying😭😭
Joshua Golden (1 month ago)
White And Yelow Are my best friends ever
Montana Stewart (2 months ago)
My birthday is in 21 days I'm turning 9 and I still watch this with my baby sister but I'm more entertained than her
Grace Fun23 (2 months ago)
Ola seniority jem a pel grace
Lulu Choj (2 months ago)
ant are you
Brittany Prude (3 months ago)
Nova love yalls Videos
Kathryn Curry (13 days ago)
Love her too
gacha girl (3 months ago)
Why the heck am i watching this ...... oh yea my dad made me put this on for my brother
reaneatha blue (3 months ago)
madelyn trepka (3 months ago)
I'm 13 why am I watching this
Maximum God (3 months ago)
Y am I here?
richknight123 (3 months ago)
My baby loved it so much she made this face 🤗
Jamie Lee (3 months ago)
Baby tv❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜
Nevaeh Markos (4 months ago)
Our family likes so keep it up thumbs up I like it my brother Jojo I like it baby like who does not like the first XOXO my brother Jojo everybody in my family loves it I love it he loves it the cartoons really a miracle camp you dream color proof is this is that is that can you ever like stop like watching this does not work for it because I want to block you and Pinocchio music please show and OK if you why is his nose clip for now OK so it’s OK his nose lips but it actually moveHis nose grows very very very very very very very VERRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYVERYYYYYYYYYYYYY row row row row row row row row row row row row row row row row row that’s what my brother Jojo likes the
If this show had Season 3, I think Grey and Tan would most likely be part of "The Color Hat Game".
Chemere Dwarika (4 months ago)
My brother and little cousin watch this favorite peek a boo and my brother have a pilot harry plush toy
Maria Serna (5 months ago)
Im gonna say the "N" word
Jewels Dehoyos (4 months ago)
Maria Serna ?
Jesslyn Escobar (5 months ago)
m kapu
Jillian Noel (6 months ago)
I used to watch this when I was younger and I had the song stuck In my head for some reason 😂
Lauren Bond (27 days ago)
Mary Ann Morilla Paloma (2 months ago)
Color Crew Ideas
Joshua Leyva (6 months ago)
O,i j.p
Nicesonn Bowers (6 months ago)
Type of
Jess Love (6 months ago)
My baby brother love it
Ravashn (6 months ago)
Madeline Espionoza (6 months ago)
i am showing to my sister now
Rodney Dunn (6 months ago)
Rodney Dunn (6 months ago)
Sarahi Solorzano (6 months ago)
Esta en ingles
Emily Salcedo (7 months ago)
I love this show
Van Kids TV (7 months ago)
Van Kids TV (7 months ago)
Ethan Sullivan (3 months ago)
Stanley Broomfield (7 months ago)
Stanley Broomfield (7 months ago)
Stanley Broomfield (7 months ago)
Hi]]]) pi moo
Stanley Broomfield (7 months ago)
Goa o.o
Stanley Broomfield (7 months ago)
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Stanley Broomfield (7 months ago)
Stanley Broomfield (7 months ago)
Stanley Broomfield (7 months ago)
Stanley Broomfield (7 months ago)
Stanley Broomfield (7 months ago)
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Deirdre Tejam (8 months ago)
Something much better than this kids is the color song Gachaverse
Adyme Toomer (9 months ago)
0:29 4:36 9:03 13:20 17:51 26:12 30:44 34:48 47:42 51:54 56:27 1:00:33 1:04:48 1:09:16 1:17:38 1:29:14 Colors is Red Blue Yellow Black Brown Orange Pink Purple Crashes DreamWorks BabyFirst Disney Junior NickToons
Chery Rose Maquinto (9 months ago)
Chery Rose Maquinto (9 months ago)
I love this soooo mush💓💓💓💓💓💓💜💛💛💚💚💛💜💝💘💗💞💟👍👌✊✌✋👊👏
DindyTV (10 months ago)
Love it!💖💜❤️💛💙💚
Taneeka smith (10 months ago)
i love the video thanks a lot
Kyle Seepaul (10 months ago)
Herry Cano (10 months ago)
Jana Kay Miller (10 months ago)
My baby loves baby first
Alejandra Hernandez (11 months ago)
My baby loves this cartoons
Adena Ross (11 months ago)
Ayla likes the music
Elba Mares (11 months ago)
its the best show
Rebel Spit (7 months ago)
Elba Mares sssjfosjtoruyigjy
TheStreeters AreHome (7 months ago)
Elba Mares q
ES GEE (8 months ago)
Geri Whavers (8 months ago)
KElba Mars
Kids Town (1 year ago)
My daughter loves these videos! We watch them EVERY SINGLE DAY! I hope that my channel will be as influential as yours is in teaching children! Keep up the great work!
Color crew is mess up at the picture
Presley Gager (1 year ago)
it is good for my 1 year old little sister now she nows all of her colors and it helps her go to sleep at night whoever made this is a life changer
Carissa Scott (1 year ago)
spoiledmirage (1 year ago)
binhterry1 (1 year ago)
Magiis Hernandez (1 year ago)
Gremar Peralta (1 year ago)
Annmarie I just bjjbjuubbcbb n. Hell o
Isaac Savage (1 year ago)
My little bro loves baby first and he is really getting calm watching these vids
Amanda Zilla (7 months ago)
Cre ggddxsgy the o b hbjll0ldplp asparagus UAra the a a a a aa my a are 0p up p0pp0p0pppp ok qkqp11qqqq 11q to asàà
77TWIN (1 year ago)
Nick (1 year ago)
More like Cringe Crew
Hugo Martinez (1 year ago)
I'm showing this to my little brother
Deidre Philyaw (1 year ago)
Mlj'. p , , Please
Gacha Peyton (1 year ago)
My baby sister love love this show she got this show from me she laughs at show show and she the goo goo she laughs to and I used to watch it but I’m to old I’m 9 I use to love it my fav is gray
Indira Mojica (1 year ago)
Zaki Anwar (1 year ago)
michelle Stennis (1 year ago)
Ear r q
Dotto Haruna (1 year ago)
I like Baby first because my baby sister likes it she is watching baby first
Pierluigi Di Iorio (1 year ago)
I didn't know red and green make brown.
KeniiiaJiimenez (1 year ago)
Me and my family all are stuck on this and babies first
Bimbola Bolaji (1 year ago)
Krista Hebda (1 year ago)
Gabe Ferrari (1 year ago)
Pericolosi (1 year ago)
I love baby first in TV and in youtube!!
yo girl the DJ (1 year ago)
My nefew loves baby first
Christina SM (1 year ago)
Your vioeds are asome
Christine Brown (1 year ago)
When my baby brother cry i make him watch baby first tv. Tump up to the people who made baby first tv well done guys... To make the little ones watch it👏👏👏👏🖒🖒🖒👏👏🖒😄😄😁😊 my baby brother love the colour like brown , yellow , blue but not pink
Christine Brown (1 year ago)
Christine Brown (1 year ago)
Wow 😃
Susi Macias (1 year ago)
G a 🇿🇲🇻🇦
Christine Brown (1 year ago)
If i show this he become like th8s👏👏😃😃😃
Cleva Fayza (1 year ago)
Oh good i miss this when i was 5
jasmine mullins (1 year ago)
i'm 18
Christine Brown (1 year ago)
Who want a jokes
Christine Brown (1 year ago)
I am 10👍👍
ASMR_queen1011 Dawson (1 year ago)
I love it for my baby 😘😘😘😘😘
Tevion Lindsay (1 year ago)
Mac Sauce (1 year ago)
its fye
Katelynn Rubrecht (1 year ago)
My sister loves this show so I go on this channel sometimes to show her some stuff
Crab and Luigi (1 year ago)
Same thing with me and my baby cousin ack
Katelynn Rubrecht (1 year ago)
Myrtha Vital that makes no sense at all can you clarify on what you mean by all the emojis
Myrtha Vital (1 year ago)
Super Sisters rtyetreertchcfy ..m🎗🎟🎏🥇🎐🎟🎗🎁🎉🎏🎐🎄🎃🎃🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇to 8th to 5tr
topper tech (1 year ago)
topper tech (1 year ago)
aliciarenee8416 (1 year ago)
Jessan loves that show😁
Panda Go syndicate (1 year ago)
I'm so fucking high xD
krookedcash (1 year ago)
D1T_M0B1ŁÉ ! (1 year ago)
Please tell me I'm not the only 13 year old here
Christine Brown (1 year ago)
Wendy Arreguin (1 year ago)
Vdhbebdynh rdz fog cimmgcq Cafbhmfhs gha dj F face hrbgdcsh sh shah Dbsnuffnhf
Wendy Arreguin (1 year ago)

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