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Russian way of playing accordion

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http://www.videobash.com After seeing the gimmick and then seeing how much time was left in the video, I was sure it was going to lose its humor soon. I stand pleasantly mistaken.
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Rogue Beast (2 days ago)
Russian scum
The Caprisun Demon (18 days ago)
Caravan jazz, tocatta and fugue bach, and national anthem of America I heard.
Daniel Stump (1 month ago)
The Russians seem to easily amused ...
Daniel Stump (1 month ago)
I wonder if he can walk and chew gum at the same time.
IGOR (2 months ago)
putinowskie menele ...
Arif Akyuz (2 months ago)
In Russia, accordion play you! No need for work, you can even drink vodka!
laura müller (2 months ago)
Please Comrades, give me the Song of 1:23.
Feuerherz55 (4 months ago)
does anyone know what song he is playing at 3:24? :)
Gaming Accordionist (4 months ago)
What was the name of the song at 00:32, I forgot what it was called
Petru T. (2 months ago)
Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho9rZjlsyYY
mpelalidiko (4 months ago)
Kameron Becker (4 months ago)
Very cheeki breeki
It's a not accordion,it's russsian analog of austrian accordion "Bajan" or "Bayan"
MCsetup (5 months ago)
Можете ли вы написать мне песни, которые пел этот человек? :)...Я - словацкий, и я их не знаю. :)...
The Twins (5 months ago)
Amazing 👌🏼
Mark Karasek (6 months ago)
Very good, love it.
ph0sph0r (6 months ago)
How he troll usa anthem lol nokia
Natus Vincere (7 months ago)
Thomas Müller??
Tobias Eriksson (7 months ago)
song at 3:24 please ?
Loskamilos2 (10 months ago)
1:27 this should be in thumbnail AWESOME TITS!!!
Atul Bhatnagar (10 months ago)
good better very best extreamly best
S Sharma (11 months ago)
Fantastic Sir ! Simply loveable ! Regards.
_egas calybird (11 months ago)
i was happy to hear cem sorok for a few seconds before the national anthem of america (i think?)
Gone Bad (11 months ago)
cant sing for shit but can play funny
Сонь Ка (1 year ago)
4.06-4.09 the most clever man on fuc..g planet.. Anatoly Aleksandrovich, suka blyat', russian-(so-called "ukranians"(there's no such a nation)), jew.. VASSERMAAN!!! Hurrah!!!!!
Сонь Ка (1 year ago)
Watch Hrustevich! That's a highest level!
Trinity Limelight (1 year ago)
Slavic way of playing accordion
Adine the Wyvern (1 year ago)
Can we please get an English translation for the song
ese kruzz (1 year ago)
this is hilarious. that look on his face when he realized there's no more alcohol
Hosts are two jews, main producer is also a jew. Just FYI.
magic the gatherer (1 year ago)
Vadym Stanislav (1 year ago)
Juan Monsalvat (1 year ago)
Lost in Sauce (1 year ago)
Russians understand humor? I thought they only felt anger?
Slwan Kadbeh (1 year ago)
how did he fill the cup at 4:00?
Slwan Kadbeh (1 year ago)
what is the name of the man at 2:10??
Slwan Kadbeh (1 year ago)
Alex Alex thanks very much, he looks very similar to someone I know.
Alex Alex (1 year ago)
Slwan Kadbeh His name is Sergey Bezrukov.
GG mi amico (1 year ago)
Stinking love this
cisto ruski izum hahahaha
Commander Greenback (1 year ago)
Oh, 2013. I time of the "Trolololol" song. Oh how we hated that.
N A (1 year ago)
4 years later and this is still my favourite video to watch
jbmjbm21 (1 year ago)
what's the name of the hot girl at :08?
H W.Wissam (1 year ago)
Fidel Castro (1 year ago)
1:22 what is the name of the song
Alex Alex (1 year ago)
Fidel Castro Течет река Волга (The river Volga Flows). Try find on youtube:)
Зяма Иванов (2 years ago)
Там, где дело идет о бухне, никто не считая российских на главенство притязать не может. В любом жанре.
Yaroslav (2 years ago)
примітивненько якось
naturacurat (2 years ago)
Best moment! 02:58
Cheese .EXE. (2 years ago)
where is his gun and why isn't he fighting?
Arshak555ful (2 years ago)
Сколько дебилов в стране
Donald Meinshausen (2 years ago)
ROTFL, who is this guy?
Seniore Booze (2 years ago)
everybody is like: Мудак
Bobbys Beats (2 years ago)
Hahah, absolutly great :))))
Kajetan Rozwadowski (2 years ago)
what is the song starting in 3:23 ?
Alex Alex (1 year ago)
Kajetan Rozwadowski - Hava Nagila - jew's song:)
falconoilcompany (2 years ago)
Nice to see the Russians have a sense of humour
MrTiti (2 years ago)
360p is perfectly fine for TV and that hot woman
2003 Kz (2 years ago)
3:25 musick name? pls
David Monk (2 years ago)
1:28 Less than impressed.
Mr Bonos (2 years ago)
gotta love the russians
TheOriginalMakaaka (2 years ago)
Celebrity DoppleGangers: 2:10 Hugh Jackman 4:15 David Carradine
Kutulue (2 years ago)
Barthoization (2 years ago)
Welcome to late night Youtube...
Jimmy Pain (2 years ago)
what is the song that starts in 3:45?
Anton V. (2 years ago)
Nova Frostwalker Ovan (2 years ago)
*searches darude sandstorm but midi* *gets this* Hey, that's pretty good
Valtsu100 (2 years ago)
Whats the melody when he blows the bottle? Sounds so familiar but I can't catch it.
Hell Raiser (2 years ago)
Im Ivan i love you man, Greetings from POLAND :)
Time Manipulator (2 years ago)
Roman Jastrzebski (2 years ago)
Śmianie się z własnych słabości pokazuje, że się ma nad nimi przewagę. A do tego naprawdę ubawił wszystkich. Mnie także. Pozdrawiam z bardzo daleka.
John Bryan (2 years ago)
There really is a Mighty Mouse in Russia....he's on steroids!
samili (2 years ago)
died at 3:37 😂
P I L O S O P A U L (2 years ago)
I like the part where he goes _I'm blue daba-dee daba dida daba-dee_
Smikkelbeer (2 years ago)
Jogan Sibastjan Bach
Maria Lourdes Borja (2 years ago)
new way of drinking vodka. haha. and i like their dark humor though
Penguinexpress (2 years ago)
Who claps to the beat of trolololololll?
Russians.People of my nighmares.
zymelin21 (2 years ago)
dobra gospodin!
Cotty (2 years ago)
1:27 id love to motor boat those boobs
theflaviosoul (2 years ago)
Matthew Javier (2 years ago)
Manuel Lindner (2 years ago)
that was awesome XD
Berliner Stadtschloss (2 years ago)
Sogar Grandseigneur Michael Bojarskij sitzt im Publikum und amüsiert sich distinguiert .
Denis paul regnier (2 years ago)
géniale il joue super bien de l'accordéon parce que ce qu'il joue là se n'est pas des connerie
Roester (2 years ago)
Nokia tune! Genius!!
Ilya Panferov (2 years ago)
This is not accordion, though.
rent a shill (2 years ago)
and then someone says fuck russia
yeah CJ (2 years ago)
is this the Russian version of the german ARD channel logo?
MrAwsomenoob (2 years ago)
i would learn accordion just to do this XD
zeetwo mood (2 years ago)
Zion creciendo lo que te amo
Darell Rules (2 years ago)
я российский
reddy (2 years ago)
That was awesome
Wilm Wilmink (2 years ago)
Russen haben Humor !
abukamoon (2 years ago)
A talented musician with a drinking problem? No, he has no problem.
Arunabha Das (2 years ago)
he is good
David Vivsik (2 years ago)
Lady at 1:28 was not impressed
LB2007 (2 years ago)
I wonder what would happen if we stole all vodka from Russians. Would they be completely docile but boring, or would they be out of control in every way, for better or worse? I assume the latter...
Okar44 (2 years ago)
Na zdrowie,do dna.Serdecznie też pozdrawiam.
Thuddy Waters (2 years ago)
0:09 He spells his last name with a 3!!!
이용복 (2 years ago)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (2 years ago)
Thats good. Softcore english russian humor
Jelly Man (2 years ago)
3:30 Russian guy plays USA's national anthem.
Javier Solis (2 years ago)
How did he refill the cup?
Joseph Douglas (2 years ago)
Magic, duh.
onemonkeyboy (2 years ago)
brilliance in one Russian package don't forget how genius that accordion player is for doing the alcohol on the accordion and pouring it using the accordion, this guy isn't a musician he is a comedian

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