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Bleu De Chanel 1st impression video
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Angelo Sinders (2 years ago)
Al you actually knew diana? I thought it was a random person from the streets. Bring her back.
Yezzrty (4 years ago)
"He thinks this fragrence smells very good." Hahaha
Herdhe Dashi (4 years ago)
The worst out of the Chanel modern lineup
Preston White (5 years ago)
Lmao that first guy was hilarious.
brent0529 (5 years ago)
That first dude was weird. He smelled his wrist ONCE, 0.3 seconds after he sprayed it.And never smelled it again.
Neal Francis (2 years ago)
brent0529 I swear I thought he gonna rob that bottle do a runner
SharkAcademy (4 years ago)
He's not into fragrances that much.
Mantvydas Sil (6 years ago)
Thats the most honest comment i've ever heard. Totally agreed! Bleu de chanel all the way! :D
Clawss (6 years ago)
bleu is better dude, if you want to smell like a 50 y old get platinum egoiste
Lucas Blake (6 years ago)
Diana got that big ass!!!
Aleksandar .Trajcheski (6 years ago)
what's better for a 19 year old guy, this or platinum egoiste? :)
marc anthony (6 years ago)
Whaha stop at 0:00 funny al, like you al, me men :)
Tipstahh (7 years ago)
Love your episodes Al but this one was wack, felt off. Love the series though keep it up.
Michael Tai (7 years ago)
bro!! chanel should be paying u...btw this is my signature scent
jposco (7 years ago)
That chic was bangin..
Reza Farinpour (7 years ago)
hey Al...just wondering....are you standing in front of a bunch of paper? Love Bleu its my signature :]
krzysiok (7 years ago)
I'm surprised that everybody likes it. This the most disappointing masculine fragrance from Chanel. The first impression might be positive but afterwards it is rather dull. The longevity is rather disappointing as well. I rather doubt that this scent will become as legendary as Egoiste or Antaeus. Nevertheles, I really enjoy your reviews. Peace
buckseyboy (3 months ago)
boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy was u wrong lol
Charice Super (8 years ago)
chanel should pay u!
Delancey72 (8 years ago)
Great video Al.Keep up the great work.I sampled that fragrance at Macy's,and my first impression was................I wanna sneak here at night and steal every bottle for myself!! Lol. Chanel hit a grandslam with this latest fragrance.
klystianek (8 years ago)
nice idea but many of them will speak positively :P i bet 99,9% ;p
hifishnpoiboy (8 years ago)
Awesome man, great way to mix it up. Always appreciate ur videos
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@itmllc Thank You John I appreciate the input bro
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@syarrito07 Thanx alot my friend
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@ohhhDude LOL thanx alot bro I have alot more lined up and they will get better
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@codehorror Hey Tony thanx bro I will be doing more of these vids and they will get better
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@kwduhon Thanx alot
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@Frunkinator Great idea I should let them smell Bleu De Chanel after it dries down.
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@CleverDjembe Great idea as I do more of these videos I will ask them more questions and get them more involved thanx
CleverDjembe (8 years ago)
Hey this is great! I don't think there's anybody else doing this. BTW, I'd ask them something like: "how would you describe the smell" or "what kind of images does this smell evoke" to get them to say something more about it.
Frunk inator (8 years ago)
You should have a dry down impression as well. It would be funny to see how many people hate certain Frags after they change in the dry down. See if they even recognize a frag after sitting on skin for three hours. Cool idea, good vid.
kwduhon (8 years ago)
I like this idea; get everyday people who are not really into fragrances ideas.
Al Vo (8 years ago)
thats so fucking awesome man. you remind me of the macys sale consultants lol it is truly a great segment for your channel. GREAT work man. i want more :D
syarrito07 (8 years ago)
Great Idea Al!! Nice New Feature...
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@spanthrax Hey no I did'nt tell them what to say I just want to show how everybody loves the opening of Bleu De Chanel. Thats their 1st impression of this fragrance
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@nick5121 Thanx alot buddy
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@bleachisgreat963 I will tell her that LOL
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@hiroyoruzuka Thanx bro I appreciate the feedback
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@KhmerEnt LOL Thank You my friend
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@Cwenu Actually she did'nt wash it off she loved it
itmllc (8 years ago)
Nice idea al I enjoyed this!
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@640959 Andrew my man thank you bro
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@kirill19902 Kirill my man thank you so much that means alot brother
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@LNACOM Thank You This is my 1st video I will do more and they will talk more. The more I do the better it will get
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@notreveh Thank You I'm glad you liked it
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@Atmosphereification Thanx buddy
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@TheCologneReview Thank You so much
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@blaowbb Thank You the reactions are good I will be doing more of these
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@warriordiscus7 LOL I will do this more and it will get better in time Thank You
STREET SCENTS (8 years ago)
@Allyn223 Thank You
Spanthrax M (8 years ago)
haha its almost like your doing this at work and they are your employees and they are sucking up and telling you what you want to hear. they dont even let it dry before praising it and hyping it up :) good concept though i like it
nick5121 (8 years ago)
love this "first impression" idea
Bankai (8 years ago)
IF diana likes it im getting it
Eric Raymond (8 years ago)
ooo helloooo Diana. lol
hiroyoruzuka (8 years ago)
fantastic idea my man good stuff!
rhaybans (8 years ago)
awesome al. getting the whole warehouse involved. love it.
Andrew Cavazos (8 years ago)
Nice video Al!
Kirill Arzhanikov (8 years ago)
very creative my friend. I really love watching your vids.
Heverton Dutra (8 years ago)
now THAT is a good ideia, my friend!
StrangeDays (8 years ago)
Great idea!
warriordiscus7 (8 years ago)
This is awesome, its like a tv show.

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