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SHUHO is a dancer who performs in NY and other countries and belongs to an international dance team named "House of Ninja". He, as known as "SHUHO NINJA" performs amazing NINJA DANCE! This is a brand new dance movie that is performed with Japanese scenery and music! Location:KOSHIGAYA NOGAKUDO Shooting cooperation:KOSHIGAYA film commission ニューヨークでの活動を始め、世界的に活躍するダンサー・SHUHO。 現在、世界各国で活躍するダンスチーム”House of N2015-10-282015-10-28inja”に所属し、”SHUHO NINJA”の名前でも 活躍するSHUHOが、本格忍者ダンスを披露! 日本的な空間と音楽で繰り広げられる、 新感覚のニンジャ・ダンス・ムービー!
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Dariia Sologub (6 months ago)
Hello, music is so amazing, how can i get it???)
GTSKA (1 year ago)
Second time in years I neeeeed it to login so I can give a wonderful like for this... and yes.. is funny as hell!! :)))) BUT in a good way ;)
Stephenie Tsundere San (2 years ago)
omg that's so funny with the smoke ball

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