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My Scent Of The Day - Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Ultime "MINI REVIEW" ... Whats Yours?

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YSL L'Homme Ultime released in 2016 is my Scent Of The Day.... Whats Yours comment down below..... RATE/SUBSCRIBE .... Follow me on Instagram streetscents
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Text Comments (69)
MAS DYN (1 year ago)
My SOTD: Amouage Beloved Man
Alex Léon (1 year ago)
I bought this one today. can't wait to wear it out.
Anthony Brown (2 years ago)
Nautical voyage
OdinIsYourFather (2 years ago)
Most pleasent scent ever made.Performance is bad. Overall one of my favorites.Pussymagnetfactor:10/10. U won't find somebody out there, who dislike this juice!
JAMIL WILCOX (2 years ago)
Tom Ford Azure lime
Joey Rey (2 years ago)
my scent of the day is versace eau fraiche
Abhi K. (2 years ago)
Al where is the history of creed video with Luis and part 5. I've watched the whole part 1 to 4 series 3 times now. Literally beginning to end. Throw some creed content our way when you can bro. Keep up the great videos.
Frank Martinez (2 years ago)
dammmm you still doing videos of fragrances? wow ugh
Lissette Diaz (2 years ago)
My scent of the day is Clinique happy!
The Dapper Don (8 months ago)
Lissette Diaz that one's a good one
Nerdville17 (2 years ago)
My SOTD is Mancera Aoud Blue Notes AL .... Hope you're well ..... NerdViLLe17
Professor X (2 years ago)
Thanks, Al! My SOTD is Success by Donald Trump. From Columbus, OH
Professor X (2 years ago)
Look, I don't know who the hell u are or trying to say, but I like the fragrance even though I don't side with him. If me wearing his fragrance offends u, go somewhere else.
Hope Integrity (2 years ago)
You clearly have issues.
Guinea54 (2 years ago)
sounds good, i need to try this.
Christopher D.W. (2 years ago)
Still need to try out l'homme ultime, seems like lots of great juices all combined in 1. My Sotd is Ultra Zest by TM, definately smelled unique at the office ;)
Nick K (2 years ago)
Chanel PE - all day, every day :)
Varun Joseph (2 years ago)
SOTD : Pure Havane
James Weil (2 years ago)
its weak and awful IMO
James Davis (2 years ago)
I sprayed this on in the Ulta beauty store. fresh fruity with the original l'homme DNA. I want to get a full bottle, and nuit . love your videos Al.
Daniel Duffy (2 years ago)
Hey AL! I shot you a message on your Facebook community page! would be fun to meet ya/go to a creed boutique for my first time! my lady and I are in NYC tonight and tomorrow!
Alhammar Sadiq (2 years ago)
Bently intense
Jimmy V (2 years ago)
Is that a new hat??? Oh wait, nevermind....
Abdul Hameed M (2 years ago)
My SOTD is Bvlgari aqua pour homme.
Frederick Kittrell (2 years ago)
SOTD...Dunhill Icon....cardamom bomb!
TheBarber1974 (2 years ago)
Sotd polo black. Question, have you ever bought colognes from Amazon? I'm concerned about receiving fakes. Thanks.
JAY KAY (2 years ago)
Got a fake from Amazon,never bought from there again. eBay or beautyspin better option and maybe fragrancenet
namo730 (2 years ago)
Nice scent Al my SOTD is Mefisto by Xerjoff ... Sweden
★Mαrc ♪ (2 years ago)
Currently wearing my signature fragrance - Reflection Man. :)
Lanier Smith (2 years ago)
Hey Al! Looking great there buddy. My sotd is Sycomore by Chanel. Vetiver bomb to the max. Cheers !
Jose Ochoa (2 years ago)
armaf tag him 👍 blue de chanel clone
anup kr (2 years ago)
l'homm is pathetic
Adrian Jackson (2 years ago)
Ferragamo F Black
artpipe (2 years ago)
Ultime is great. Today I'm rocking Sauvage.
YouAreDumb (2 years ago)
Al are you Italian or Armenian? You look eastern European.
Bigboy 75 (2 years ago)
Nice choice ya got there, my SOTD: Versace eau fraiche...
FragCentral (2 years ago)
Yes I love Ultime. Super great smelling fragrance. Lots of compliments with this one too. Yes, it is all that.
premo745 (2 years ago)
Lolita Lempicka Au Masculine.
xXxrootxXx (2 years ago)
SOTD- Dior Vetiver ya i snagged bottle of friend who does frag ad/photos,he receives a lot of freebies ,ultime is one that i bought from him for cheap,this i was on fence at first after a few wears tho it grew on me,i really love it now its strong,lasts 8+ hours,projects great.Really amazing scent... of all the flankers ultime strays farthest from the lhomme line but in a good way.Lov it!
gerald hamilton (2 years ago)
My SOTD is Christian Dior Dior Homme
razscott (2 years ago)
Nice one AL, this one is nice, My SOTMORNING was LA YUQAWAM POUR HOMME and my SOTN is montale sweet oriental dream, cool here in the north of the u.k today!!
Robert Armstrong (2 years ago)
Hot day....Bvlgari Aqua Amara.
SugarBear (2 years ago)
I'm wearing the most hated fragrance of all time, Dior Sauvage. It gets me a ton of compliments though.
Unknown Paradise (2 years ago)
it won an award so its ok
Javier de los Santos (2 years ago)
Most hated by whom? You must be subscribed to bad reviewers.
artpipe (2 years ago)
Soon to be the "most complemented fragrance of all time".
Arris Quddus (2 years ago)
Today I'm wearing Pasha de Cartier Noire Sport - Fresh, Citrusy, with an slight slight aquatic background with a woody dry down
Hate Jack (2 years ago)
who gives a shit 😂
jechero4e1 (2 years ago)
sotE: Aoud & Bergamot by Jo malone {and i do get 6-8 hrs and then becomes a close encounter scent but is there even after showering in this NYC HEAT), i guess i'm one of the bless ones with this juice as mostly every one gets poor longevity with it...
jore (2 years ago)
Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb
Jeff Giguere (2 years ago)
JPG Popeye au freiche today. sotn is MFK grand soir
Charles Martin (2 years ago)
Great video Big AL I'm definitely getting this fragrance
Brian Elswick (2 years ago)
This evening, I am wearing Acqua di Gio Essenza from a sample.
Ara Ara (2 years ago)
Ted Lapidus Black Soul Imperial
equizikal (2 years ago)
Guess I'm part of a group of Allure guys I've read on your comments... mine was: Homme Sport Eau Extreme. And got a compli'..
Garth Wright (2 years ago)
Hey, Big Al, I bought Declaration D'un Soir because of your street scents video with the Jamaican Lady. It's at the post office and I can't wait to get it. I was sold on it when she said," This smells good, this smells really good." It better be good😀😀
TARIQ BOUHOUT (2 years ago)
Dior hommesport
EDWARD WADE (2 years ago)
sotd chanel edition Blanche...I need a shirt al!
goldmember80 (2 years ago)
sotd for me is bvlgari aqua amara. you should review that one for me
7 sbank (2 years ago)
What about Guerlain Homme.wasn't it last years?
Louis-Philippe Noel (2 years ago)
burbbery brit rhythm
Fgar NY (2 years ago)
Lasting power is NOT good, but it smell nice.
HENRY VELAZQUEZ (2 years ago)
Dior Homme Cologne
Mark Berger (2 years ago)
Versace - Eau Fraiche
Ivan Gonzalez (2 years ago)
my scent of the day is, CHANEL ALLURE ;)
Demirel32 (2 years ago)
Hey, Al! U had L'Homme Ultime on street scents but you took it off from youtube very fast, when are we gonna see your friend's reactions? STOD: TF Noir Extreme.
Red Salmon (2 years ago)
Invictus!! Awesome stuff. Quickly becoming one of my favorite scents.
rami s (2 years ago)
cool. when i sampled it i was thinking its like l'homme meets sauvage meets allure homme edition blanche. the drydown is close to edition blanche my SOTD was YSL M7 vintage
Richie 3000 (2 years ago)
Me to today

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