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Girls Hostel E04 | The Best of Friends || Girliyapa Originals

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Richa and Mili are tired of being bossed around by Jo and decide to get her out of their room and back with Zahira. But in order to patch things up between the two, they first need to know what happened in their past. Why did they fight to begin with? How is Ramya Mantri involved in all of this? And who will tell Richa and Mili the truth? They decide to find out but little do they know that they are in for a huge surprise. #Girliyapa #GirliyapaOriginals Follow Girliyapa on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/girliyapa/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Girliyapa/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Girliyapa Want more awesome original videos? Head to https://tvfplay.com/ Download TVFPlay now: Android: http://bit.ly/tvfplayandroid iOS: http://bit.ly/tvfplayios Credits: Written by: Ashish Manchanda, Chirag Ratnasingh Directed by: Chaitanya Kumbhakonum Edited by: Akash Bundhoo DOP: Ashwin Kadamboor Cast: Ahsaas Channa, Srishti Shrivastava, Parul Gulati, Simran Natekar, Shreya Mehta, Tithi Raaj, Khushbu Baid, Trupti Khamkar, Durin Das
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Text Comments (13411)
Dipanwita Mukherjee (18 hours ago)
Iske baadka episode kanha hai
Heena Shaikh (1 day ago)
I love jo😍
Heena Shaikh (1 day ago)
I am wait 05 season
Ashish Kumar (2 days ago)
Well, guys which character would you like most??
Ashish Kumar (2 days ago)
Hey, i am waiting for the new episodes of girls hostel.. Please..
Preethi Preethi (2 days ago)
I couldn't understand these language bt I loved it... I saw last 3 episodes also.. It's a marvelous acting each nd every second... Lubb u lotzzz... Btr u can do universal language that's means everyone can understand easily... Anyway superb...
Ankit Singh (2 days ago)
Jo is ak47💪💪👌👌😀😀
Saloni Diwakar (2 days ago)
10 year and same suit 😂😂
Pink Dangmei (3 days ago)
Jus wow n rocking jo✌️👍
Rajeev Ranjan (3 days ago)
Heath Ledger!🙌
Kaushiki Agarwal (4 days ago)
Gurpreet😍😍😍😍 im in luv with you yaar!!!
Why are juniors calling seniors by their names??
leah marco (4 days ago)
Where is the nxt episode?????
Rajveer Singh Chauhan (4 days ago)
I want a hard blow job from richa😁😁😁
Gaurav Singh (5 days ago)
The lady playing warden's role is such a fine actress. 👍
Monster Tutorial (5 days ago)
Who love mili??
It'll be cool if it turns out that zahira and Joe are in love with each other. I mean it would be good if they are gay. They even look the part. Joe is the badass chic, while zahira is the girly bitch. Kinda like Toni and Cheryl😍❤🤘
Shruti Khanna (5 days ago)
Pubg theme in starting 😂😂
Peu Roy (5 days ago)
HuM vi hostel m tha..or hamlok vi app jeshe 3frnd tha .😘😘😘yaar hostel life bahat acche life . I miss u my 2 frnd and my hostel😢😢😢
Peu Roy (5 days ago)
Yaar nyc vdo 😘😘
Cherry Shirè (7 days ago)
Okay this wasnet definately uploaded in the first week of feb
samrudhi speaks (7 days ago)
Plz second season suru karo yaar i really Miss u guys I am also doctor a student ...
Dinesh Sharma (7 days ago)
Episode 5 chaiya
Nabanita Paul (7 days ago)
Tithi Raaj(gurpreet) was fab...she is so amazing.I loved her character.Now she is my girl crush...💕
Safala Bista (9 days ago)
I’ve fallen in love with this series and it’s actors. I regret ignoring this series whenever it was recommended to me.
Na Beatbox (9 days ago)
Spritual Thought's (9 days ago)
Gurpreet look like Deepika ❤
White Line production (9 days ago)
Shloka Pote (10 days ago)
Where is final season???
Hunting Doc (10 days ago)
Nice one team.....but tum logo ko itna jaldi Rubics cube solve karvana tha to 3x3 lena tha...4x4 leke south wala feel kara diya😆😉
sejal patel (10 days ago)
I love this song..... Banke andhere me base hain played in the last segment 😘😘😘
Shabana Anvar (11 days ago)
Ramya looks like priya warrier.. lol, 😂
Freyah Ehzin (9 days ago)
So you don't even see priya.
Amit Pawar (11 days ago)
Are yaar part 5 nai milra hai
kamal maheshwari (11 days ago)
Warden would be the best cast for Mayawati's biopic... 😂😂
harshit krishna (11 days ago)
Icse board 10th tak best board hai
HAKIM SHEKHAWAT (12 days ago)
Grupreet is beautiful than anyone.....
HAKIM SHEKHAWAT (12 days ago)
Jo is best
cutie shaikh girls (12 days ago)
Make another part of this
Mithu Barman (12 days ago)
Isn't that cube solving part too fake
Did anyone knows the song in the last ??
Rebal G.M (12 days ago)
piles next video uploaded
Teja rokalla (13 days ago)
I need gupreet to come back nd joe nd zahira nd gupreet frnds nd asusaul again
Neha Kumari (14 days ago)
Eagerly waiting for season 2
Đïpă Pąwáŕ (15 days ago)
Aapka new ep kb aayegaa😔😔😔
Teenage news (15 days ago)
Next episode kbh ayga bhay w8 kr kr k thak gya
Teenage news (14 days ago)
+Bodhisattva episode 6
Bodhisattva (14 days ago)
aa to chuka h.
Rubina Sharma (16 days ago)
I feel sooo much connected with this series.. it just exactly represents my 6 years in hostel life.. we were 3 friend in hostel.. and incidentally the jo character represents me and moreover the Hindu..the Gurpreet represents my little love baby the Sikh and my bff the Muslim and moreeee coincidently we possess the same qualities shown in the series but fortunately nuthin bad happen and we are excelling into a fields very well.. just nostalgic ❤️
Blue Star (13 days ago)
Rubina Sharma wow
Sahana Krishnamurthy (16 days ago)
Fast continues this waiting for this
Arvind Sooda (16 days ago)
AK THE GAMER (16 days ago)
Oh! Good point
mukesh jain (17 days ago)
Next videos
vijhay kumar sharma (18 days ago)
The Jodi of three frnds is very nice
Sukriti Sarawgi (18 days ago)
want someone like jo and zahira in my life
Rose Rose (18 days ago)
Fast fast make season 2
Mrityunjoy Das (18 days ago)
Jo and zaira kuch bhi Karne ke liye taiyaar thee gurpreet ke liye ,aww
Rasna Gavande (19 days ago)
Second Season kab aarha 👦
Rasna Gavande (19 days ago)
Second kab aarha he
Priya Singh (19 days ago)
6 part bhi hona chahiye
Khagendra Karki (19 days ago)
Its wrong
Aashna Jain (20 days ago)
u all use very good songs
Sucheta Chhimpa (21 days ago)
Are next vdo to upload krdo ...inke bad wale
rutvik rana (21 days ago)
I wonder how she solve 4x4 in seconds. It should be a world record 😂
vikash Kumar singh (21 days ago)
Are you making fool everyone
vikash Kumar singh (21 days ago)
Why you are not coming next episode
Shehzad Tech (21 days ago)
i just love Simran Natekar <3
shifa marva (22 days ago)
innayat shaikh (22 days ago)
yaar episode kab aaye ga
did the songs release yet i cant wait to listen to the one at the very end
All in one dap (23 days ago)
I am waiting for episode 5 so please make it
Lavesh Rock (23 days ago)
Episode 06 kb aayega
Priti Tinna (23 days ago)
When Wardon says good point😂
Anil Bhandari (23 days ago)
Gurpreet is so beautiful.
Anil Bhandari (23 days ago)
" Jo aur Zahira k bich kuch chal rahi tha " I thought they were lesbian.
Subhashree Garnaik (24 days ago)
Next episode plz dijiye
Meghna Joseph (24 days ago)
Woahhh!!!! I literally feel like whistling...
Abdul Wasay (25 days ago)
Warden was so ☺☺☺
SupportTxT! (25 days ago)
If you didn't ship Zahira and Jo at some point, then you are lying
Brojen Kalita (7 days ago)
SupportTxT! Me too
Lina Dvrma (26 days ago)
I love Gurprit's attitude
pratiksha choukade (26 days ago)
Warden best hai
Dr. Mayuri C (26 days ago)
shristi Shrivastava is my favourite
Viral Videos (26 days ago)
Mili I Love You Soo Much 😍😍🙈🙈🙈🙈
Viral Videos (26 days ago)
Yr koi please mili ki Instagram ID Dilaa Do please
Kareena Gopaul (27 days ago)
Good point😂
Kay Rai (27 days ago)
Yaar kahan se shuru kar ke kahan pahuncha diya. Nothing like dental college or hostel. This was pure bullshit.
Ally Hills (28 days ago)
Can anyone plz tell me the song's name which they used in the last plxzzzz🙏
Shreya Jaiswal (28 days ago)
Gurpreet is too cute
Sacktic Saikia (29 days ago)
Final song name please
animenotenemy (29 days ago)
This episode in specific was no less than any movie
RM Musik (30 days ago)
Plz do check this out My version of baalin song Here is the link #RameshMishraRM https://youtu.be/0hxEYJdQAuo
Kritisha Deka 12 (30 days ago)
1:30 *so arts lene wale bike dhote hain??*
Er Sanchit Sharma (30 days ago)
which song is in last section @girliyapa
Ashna Saluja (30 days ago)
They should create a season 2!
Aman Raj (30 days ago)
how did drug pill fell out of the cube? who hide's drug in cubes?😂
Aman Raj (30 days ago)
+raj modak i am saying that hiding drug's in cubes is not a very common thing
raj modak (30 days ago)
smart person who have mind its her planning otherwise no one can find that or even think about that thing
fun with kids (30 days ago)
Gurpreet 😘😘
Mona Saini (30 days ago)
Start season 2 I want more of shrishti as jo
Mona Saini (30 days ago)
Pls season 2
sufiyan khan (30 days ago)
Waah....bc yaha par medical ki seats bik rahe hai......ham to chutiye hai NEET ki tayaari kar rahe hai.......😂😁
Jaya Surya (1 month ago)
Milli is soooooooo funny😚😙😂😂
Aanchal Mishra (1 month ago)
https://www.facebook.com/427682870621819/posts/2294446330612121/🔥do watch this
ashu dubey (1 month ago)
i like ahsas
Prakhar Guleria (1 month ago)
4x4 cube kar world record bana diya bandi ne

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