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New album 'MOUNT NINJI AND DA NICE TIME KID' out now! Get it here: https://dieantwoord.lnk.to/mountninjiYD. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/dieantwoordyoutube & Spotify: http://smarturl.it/dieantwoord_spotify. ON TOUR: http://www.dieantwoord.com/ Follow DA on: Facebook: http://smarturl.it/da_facebook Instagram: http://smarturl.it/da_instagram Twitter: http://smarturl.it/da_twitter ZEF GRAFFITI based on the work of ROGER BALLEN. CREW: Director - Ninja & Terence Neale Producer - Julia Schnurr Line Producer - Pia Caverni Production Co-ordinator - Bernice Ferreira Assistant Director - Wendy Alport SFX Supervisor - Darren Macpherson UNIT: Unit Manager - Jason Van NiekerkUnit Assistant - Lincorn Mkhabela CAMERA TEAM: DOP - Sebastian Wintero Focus Puller - Maciare Cox Loader - Walter Nothling VT Operator - Luke Gordon DIT - Alex Jones GRIPS TEAM: Key Grip - Willem Daniel Du Plessis Best Boy - Shannon Van Aswegen LIGHTING TEAM: Gaffer - JP Du Preez Best Boy - Jacques Germishuizen Spark - Brian Nkosi Spark - TBC Genny Operator - Fanie Manganye SOUND TEAM: Sound Recorder - Jordan Adelson ART DEPARTMENT: Art Director - Kezia Eales Prop Master - Shaun Baskind Props Runner - Sandile Maseko Wardrobe - Gabrielle De Gersigny Make-up Artist - Alex Botha Make up Artist - Charl Bubb Hair Stylist - Saadique Ryklief SFX - Gerhard Van Der Heever OTHER: Prod. Assistant - Phila Ziphila Prod. Assistant - Tito Balata Medic - Jim Masinga CATERING: Team Leader - Greg Abeil Craft - Marvin Van Wyk SECURITY: Sandy Mathebula CREW AGENTS: Exposure Crew - Daphne Top Techs - Lindi CAC - Sandi Book Them Crew - Fran KrewKut - Saskia ASC-VFX POST: Lead Compositor - Andre Bustanoby Compositor - Tim Fescoe Compositor - Tom Heddell Compositor - Adam Stern Rigger - Adam Nixon Prod. Manager - Mauricio Van Hasselt Lighter - Steve Suh Lighter - Richard Bailey CAST: Gretha Fox (Ma) and Gerald Dudolf (Pa) Dorah Mbokazi from Doras dancers and Entertainment agency Siphokazi Mbokazi Siphelele Mbokazi Phumeza Gxagxisa Oom James Acid Girl - Ana Livieres ART: Mica Alexanda Mc Kechie SFX Makeup / Prosthetics: Jason Hamer WARDROBE: Sandra Smith Lenny-Dee Doucha Thanks to Lenny's gran Arlette Lass for the been SFX SUPERVISOR: Darren Macpherson SPECIAL THANKS TO: Equipment - James Barth and everyone and Panlux and Panvision Grade - Tom Pool & Clare Movshon from Company 3 New York The Fietas residence and Ebotzi Jozi, her family and Bernice Marilyn Neale for the tea set DJ MUGGS for being our Guardian Angel
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Text Comments (38463)
🌀 (56 minutes ago)
te ano
me dicen Del (12 hours ago)
4:15 WTF!
Michael Anderson (16 hours ago)
what's up with all the missing front teeth?
Michael Anderson (16 hours ago)
"Jesus is die antwoord" ...epic!
Sara Lauren (18 hours ago)
Anyone know what the tune at the end is?
Sara Lauren (18 hours ago)
So cute when he cuts her hair for her
bogdan bogdan (18 hours ago)
car? subaru wrx?
Istvàn Resszer (19 hours ago)
Chris Burns (20 hours ago)
Deiei r sh Kai l
Mianna Soso (1 day ago)
Are the parents dead or asleep?
Emily Bfmv (1 day ago)
Ana Livieres<3 2:31 😍 yolandi Uff! 3:14
Akira Regendof (1 day ago)
So, um why does Ninja get out of his car on spring legs?
Juan Solis (1 day ago)
Really fuck and pussy
Carlos Henrique (1 day ago)
sempre quis atirar em radares de velocidade kkkkkkkkk principalmente aqui na minha cidade
Loverly Peace (1 day ago)
4:23 a dick?
GARROTE AL FRESS (1 day ago)
Subscribed in my channel please
Carlos Cartagena (2 days ago)
ta bian sii
Ghost 270 (2 days ago)
Captain Awesome (2 days ago)
So these are the guys from chappie right?
Kabuto Gamer (1 day ago)
yo pues quién más (2 days ago)
Alta banda weon
Carlos mjaxd1 (2 days ago)
Canción más rara won
gracie barton (2 days ago)
who also notice the cross was upside down
Erimyth (2 days ago)
this song is for shuffle right? the original one....
babaheyoo (2 days ago)
4:14 :))
Bohdan Vitruk (2 days ago)
nick bailey (2 days ago)
come on barbie lets go party?
MrHappyLlama (2 days ago)
ooooohhhhh chappie
erfolgreich (2 days ago)
Is there an official name for the track heard from 6:10 to end?
HAPPYBEAR HD (1 day ago)
idk but i wanna know
Rex Pepper (3 days ago)
lol wtf is this trash?
fernando ontiveros (3 days ago)
god bless the THC
Rodrigo Olascoaga (3 days ago)
ღKinen_Chanღ (3 days ago)
2019 ?
Pato del army (3 days ago)
Que pedo?
А при этом здесь "Банановый мозг"?
Jared Martinez (1 day ago)
1:39 The alien i rescued from Area 51 inviting me to his UFO.
Van Galaxy (1 day ago)
blank (1 day ago)
You mean 4:24 right?
Aivan M. Vaughn (1 day ago)
When people start meming it on youtube comments you know theres going to be a big group of shinobi there in september
JTMVision (2 days ago)
These fucking alien memes man
Hasso (2 days ago)
OVNI is UFO in english
Фред Крюгер (3 days ago)
Прикольный видос
Roman BOLSHOY (4 days ago)
Дегенератизм в чистом виде.
James Clouse (4 days ago)
Yep, sums up the current morality of "Great" Britain.
Я одна здесь Русская?
Jacob (4 days ago)
Hello South Africa from Austria 🙋
MicrosoftWorld (3 days ago)
a Östereichen Kengoroo riding bastard watches this?
Peter Vlčko (4 days ago)
If this is done by The Prodigy everybody licking their TVs and monitors...
MicrosoftWorld (3 days ago)
Pero i have no fuckig idea what you are talking abauth
oklahomaDARK (5 days ago)
MicrosoftWorld (3 days ago)
Vodka i love Vodka
† Genocider fox † (5 days ago)
my heeeeeeer
Ewe ASMR (5 days ago)
Ale to jest zajebiste!
Mick Kane (5 days ago)
great tune but Dark Oscillators Stereophobia ?
Cassable • (5 days ago)
Mike Rivera (6 days ago)
I wish i was ninga
Mike Rivera (6 days ago)
This song lesbian the other girl 💋 kisd her fruity 👧 girl
La loca de BTS!:3 (6 days ago)
I love you voice Yolandi! ♥
Mea Dominguez (6 days ago)
This bitch doesn't age! I love her so much!
valeria marulanda (6 days ago)
Dylan Milner (6 days ago)
What in the crispy Kentucky fried fuck did my eyeballs witness some nasty looking asian girl and some crack head looking dude and some hot peace of ass kissing that fugly lookin girl
T0BIF0X (6 days ago)
Oh- take my bananahat
Ano' Nim (6 days ago)
ferit ban yemek istemedi
TR - PreFal (6 days ago)
ferit izlmedi
ısb4t The Creator (6 days ago)
Feritten Amcığı görmeye geldik
ısb4t The Creator (6 days ago)
Yok kanka
Ano' Nim (6 days ago)
ben göremedim la nerde
Eness AA (6 days ago)
wtcnden sa xd
Viper61rus (6 days ago)
Йоланди, будто же ты, сука, постарела. Я в страхе.
brawl zaimer (6 days ago)
Легальное порно на ютубе
Lee Dewit (7 days ago)
Die mense so common soos gras
Reptiliano Amable (7 days ago)
Estoy tan adicto a esta mierdaaaaa
Nancy Lazo (7 days ago)
My mom is gay 🤬
владимир я (7 days ago)
Max Oley (7 days ago)
Ну хоть где-то Ниндзя не запорол 1-ый куплет)))
FlameSp33y AMV (7 days ago)
Lol anyone notice the blatant upside down crosses and 666 everywhere :P
MrHappyLlama (2 days ago)
It’s all Masonic imagery lmao just look it all up, it’s all an agenda
MicrosoftWorld (3 days ago)
Those bastards saw 2 croses that were right thoe
Kredvakiller14 TeeBee (7 days ago)
Only thing I like on this is the Subaru Impreza Wrx Sti
Comrade2face (7 days ago)
Is that roiboos red bush tea she is pouring?
Death Scope (7 days ago)
ok, now i have to try lsd
Judith Saucedo (8 days ago)
Which song is the last?
steve bardill (8 days ago)
Them naggas bad
Atom The Giant (8 days ago)
Nobody is going to say anything a out that sick Subi?!!
Emari Green (8 days ago)
2:31 Justin Bieber with ultimate cheekbones
Bere Cruz (8 days ago)
No les etendio nada pero la cancion ta bien chingona
Джек Шок (8 days ago)
Блядь конечно это говнно даже дасмотреть несмог
Джек Шок (8 days ago)
Фуфушка. Для малолетнива развода.фу фу и нахер
Kilolo (8 days ago)
Especially the lyrics are about best friends but in the video it doesn’t look like this 😂😂
Ебало пиздец ужасное
MicrosoftWorld (8 days ago)
marvelous music untill he started singing
ougibbons (9 days ago)
Here are all the latest updates and news on Die Antoord - http://watkykjy.co.za/category/die-antwoord/
RoseKindred (9 days ago)
I'll take a cuppa, please.
They were married before all of this and had a kid....
Caz H. (9 days ago)
Remember when Die Antwoord used to have credibility! We were all fooled.
eisblock (6 days ago)
Explain pls
Настя Хмель (9 days ago)
Oh... her hair...
Thats Damian! (9 days ago)
CringeFest (9 days ago)
Anyone who likes Die antwooord check out a Russian group called: Little Big. LMAO
Raffa Bintang (9 days ago)
That Impreza is crazy 😂
DeezMiZzY (9 days ago)
Heard this yesterday for the first time and I was high af, just... the weirdest but best combo ever
Banana una na
Jade Grisby (10 days ago)
This is a cool song
Jess Bitton (10 days ago)
That ending runaway scene look back and when you reach the door hallucinations reach an all time high while alone in your roo
Angie Sosa (10 days ago)
The Feva (10 days ago)
wow, that was absolute garbage. 90 mil views. Tis a Clown World after all.
MILENA PATALLO (10 days ago)
Mano que música doida ,mais que batida boa
The Obvious (10 days ago)
i like this
kinjiraretaken (10 days ago)
what's the tune in the credits?
Casey Jones (10 days ago)
Anyone els see Camera Team DIT is Alex Jones....hmmm
kim seokjin (10 days ago)
Iconic bop
PAUL THOMSON (10 days ago)

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