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What are the fundamental principles involved in modern textual criticism?

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This clip is from our series entitled, "Which English Translation of The Bible is best for Christians to Use Today? What are the fundamental principles involved in modern textual criticism?
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Pastor Brett (1 month ago)
After 28 years of study in apologetics, textual criticism, NT Greek and theological studies from 3 denominational perspectives, I came back to this truth; namely that the Holy Spirit should be our guide, rather than the cogitations of mortal minds. I am fully persuaded that the KJV Bible is the most trustworthy translation (in English) that we possess today. I have argued against KJV only believers for years, yet I could never get away from the conviction of the Spirit when reading modern translations. I wish I could have sat in on this debate alongside of these KJV believers. I believe they were ill equipped to defend their position. I might also add that it was 5-3 in favor of the modern translations, (6-3) if you count the host. Not fair John!
Thoughtcriminal (3 years ago)
Textual criticism is pseudo science.
cto511987 (4 years ago)
King James Bible is the Word of God to see the deception explained clearly look up Gale Riplinger here on YT. The modern versions are a moving target they are always changing not for the better but to keep the obvious from becoming mainstream. Evolution of the bible is no different then the religion of Darwinian evolution and it's lies.
Chandler Keaton (8 months ago)
cto511987 Lol Gail Riplinger. The woman caught in more blatant lies than any "Christian" writer in history. The King James argument is childish. You're dealing with manuscripts. That means there will be textual variants. Lucky for us God has protected the integrity of all doctrine. There is no reason to believe that the KJV is somehow God's "chosen standard," especially considering it's plain and obvious mistakes.
JoeyD (4 years ago)
I just came back to this and am looking it over and I reread your comment here. So you believe textual criticism is analogous to Darwin's theory of evolution? Crazy! Talk about two different things. Here, now I will be as silly as you. 1. The KJV is the standard. 2. Anything not equal to the KJV is satanic. 3. The ocean isn't the KJV. 4. The ocean is satanic. Mixing categories (evolution and textual criticism) isn't valid. I just demonstrated it to you. And I read the big chicken - GA RiPlinger - still refuses to do debates or give talks if she isn't allowed to approve the questions she will be asked beforehand. KJV Onlyism at its best.
cto511987 (4 years ago)
+JoeyD Wow, an unbeliever telling christians how it is. How sad.
cto511987 (4 years ago)
What a load of fertilizer, this so-called scholar/expert in this video is charged by the powers and principalities of evil in high places to "GUESS, what the scribes are likely to do"??? What boloney, is he really so super intuitiveley trained as a scholar to tell us mere mortals what the TRUTH IS! Modern scholarship for the most part is the NEW PRIESTHOOD! We peasants can't know the truth unless they spoon feed it to us and this is tragic indeed because the ACTUAL TRUTH through the Holy Spirit is side lined by this most diabolical deception! Go to Jesus, and study the Word and arguments which are put out and see that the Lord Himself will guide you to all truth. Praise the name above all names Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords my Savior and God.
JoeyD (4 years ago)
I have founded the Old Apostolic Baptist Church of God and Gail Riplinger. Join me in affirming our Declaration of Faith: 1. We must agree and go along with everything Gail Riplinger says. We must agree to never check her "scholarship" or doubt her words. Those who do so will face excommunication. 2. As she is perfect and is under the authority of her husband, Hank, we must worship him and have portraits of him in all our churches. He is to be referred to affectionately called The Hanky Tank Man. 3. We must agree not to learn koine Greek or Hebrew. Anyone who does is to be repudiated and turned over to satan for implying doubt upon Gail Riplinger's work. 4. To mimic Riplinger and get a proper knowledge of the bible, we must study home economics and interior design. Even men! 5. We must agree to be fundamental, KJV only, soul winning, devil hating, gay bashing, science denying, Dennis Corle quoting, Riplinger worshipping, southern fried chicken eating, smart people scoffing, foam at the mouth lovers of Riplinger's New Age Bible Versions. 6. We accept New Age Bible Versions as the 28th book of the New Teatament. On a serious note, GA Riplinger is a deceiver. You can prove it to yourself by reading the small print in the back of her book where she finally tells you that the things she says about BF Westcott, the translator, are really about WW Westcott, an unrelated occultist. That's deception. She only tells you it in the back of the book to avoid the charge of libel. GA Riplinger is a MF Liar. And this is coming from an ex- KJV Only guy. Check it out for yourself. And do watch on YouTube the 1995 appearance of Sam Gipp, Joseph Chambers, and Thomas Strouse on The John Ankerberg Show. Watch Gipp and Chambers make fools of themselves. It's funny...sad but funny. Strouse is somewhat better. Gipp and Chambers come off as jackasses and I'll use the word because of how much he and Chambers revile perfectly good bible translations and how their stupidity feeds into an idiot like Stephen Anderson burning bibles online.
kenomy66 (5 years ago)
He truly is a scholar of the highest rank
egwpisteuw (6 years ago)
Nice explanation of Reasoned Ecclecticism. However, when all is said and done, we still do not really know for certain which readings were a part of the original autographs so we need to take them all as possible. Any doctrinal position that demands one reading be taken over another is unwise.
Greg Settle (6 years ago)
Very great explanation. Dr Wallace is amazing!

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