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Multi Style Braiding Tool

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Video Tutorial for Multi Style Braiding Tool
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C Mack (1 year ago)
I'm yeah thanks for recording the audio on a potato.....
Stephanie Shockley (1 year ago)
How do you do a crown braid all the way around your head with this?
Karla Ohanna (2 years ago)
Nora Torres (2 years ago)
could you please give us another example in how to use this tool?
cyndeewi (2 years ago)
You people will do anything but be black
Belen Finocchio (2 years ago)
Esto es una mierda, no se entiende un sorete, ademas...como mierda hace para bajar la plantilla?? Mucha cara bonita llena de maquillaje pero para el video ni se preocupo para que se entiendo. Si tuviera mas opciones pondria 1111111111111 manos para abajo.
вера (2 years ago)
Спасибо большущее за это видео. В магазине мать купила такую спиральку и я не знала будто ею воспользоваться!!!!!!
LindieLee (2 years ago)
The banner is covering the instructional video - it should be removed.
Guadalupe Rodriguez (2 years ago)
muy dificillllll...
Kitcat Meeow (2 years ago)
Sorry, but this is a terrible, "invention." End result doesn't look like much of a braid, but looks MESSY. The tool is cumbersome and gets very poor results. It's a lot easier and much faster to just braid your hair, and looks much nicer. Learn to braid your own hair, just PRACTICE, PRACTICE PRACTICE ! Eventually anyone with two hands and determination CAN LEARN!
Lay Han (2 years ago)
waste of time and energy!
Raiche58 (2 years ago)
I would end up needing to cut this out of my hair with scissors.
vanilla sky (2 years ago)
Yana Vayman (3 years ago)
неясно 😒
Yana Vayman (3 years ago)
неясно 😒
Alina Gohar (3 years ago)
hand braiding is way easier than this
Marcela Victoria (3 years ago)
No entendel una mielda.....
Jolanta Leonk (3 years ago)
And what should I do to do it on the other side of the head? I tried but I think it must me sth different...Can you tellme what to do?
Maria Garcia (3 years ago)
se ve complicado
Iara Olivo de Almeida (3 years ago)
OTIMO  .....
periwinklestars1 (3 years ago)
It would be so much easier to just use your hands and braid it!
ray ban (4 years ago)
https://www.facebook.com/BFandM/posts/353505704858622 found it here for just 1.19 and free delivery
Narek Gareginyan (4 years ago)
It's so much easiers to do this braid without that tools.
Yuki G (4 years ago)
ammaretto (4 years ago)
newfrog sells them for under $2-  i may try it.
wildjenna (4 years ago)
Where I can buy this??? Maybe at ebay?
Yooooo111 (4 years ago)
"Wish" for three bucks.
fayzullinak (4 years ago)
From Aliexpress for example, of from taobao. But hell! It's easier just to make this braid manually 
Karina Vargas (4 years ago)
this is excelent, I tried avon's video but it was just a mess, this is a much more clear and simple explanation, congrats and thank you!
Jacquelina Glycerio (5 years ago)
cool i like very much

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