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If Google Was A Guy

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Text Comments (13866)
Jonathon The Human (7 hours ago)
Donald trump .v.2 (8 hours ago)
Why he is not straight serching porn?
The Furry Gamer (1 day ago)
Google is a dictionary is it not
999Ez (1 day ago)
*my grandson, Nathan*
Chris Groves (1 day ago)
Poor old Google...
Ethan Courtney (2 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Angela Williams (2 days ago)
The searches makes me angry.
Felipe Santell (2 days ago)
'If Google WERE a guy'. I really don't know! I'm gonna Google it and I'll be back.
Danthood30 (3 days ago)
The guy who is google I saw him in a play
bong boi (3 days ago)
Why would you dislike this?
An Indian guy actually copied this video AND IM DRUNKKKKBWBWJW
Tyler Anderson (3 days ago)
I laughed way too hard at the Boston bomber thing
PillBham (4 days ago)
If google was a guy, he’d be jewish, bald and with glasses 😂
5 years
FB27TM (4 days ago)
Siva 47 (4 days ago)
2019 ??
Mewo (5 days ago)
Lol when the guy said " Round Two" I died lmao....
Illumi Zoldyck (5 days ago)
why he look like the guy from RE 7?
Ahmad Furrukh (5 days ago)
Who knows Karachi Vynz?
T Cenny (5 days ago)
1:38 Is that Nicole Byers from nailed it?
Evan Zieska (5 days ago)
2019. OMG the black man at 0.13 is Colton Dunn!!
Charisse Veniegas (6 days ago)
Colton Dunn :))))
Daniel Wheatley (6 days ago)
How about pictures of biggest drum kit.
Tainne Pereira (6 days ago)
Brian Huskey looks like Osmar Prado.
Michael Barrett (7 days ago)
1:11: woah this the guy from Flaked with the long red hair and beard - also was the Mayor of Whatever USA
Michael Barrett (7 days ago)
were, not was
max young (7 days ago)
There needs to be a sequel for his twin brother. Incognito.
MS Reaction (7 days ago)
Alexzander Gumbat (7 days ago)
I really bad fall for Google now
John Ortiz (8 days ago)
He would be in antifa
glz1 (9 days ago)
Haaaa Haaaaaa
Fuzzybucket (9 days ago)
remember when collegehumor used to be funny?
Tiger Whitten (9 days ago)
Zwiadowczyni Curàre (9 days ago)
*RoUnD TwO*
Reanetse Moleleki (9 days ago)
He never mentions how long it takes him to get the results.
Macey Tarena (10 days ago)
At first I thought it was if google was gay lol
TheExoiticThing Qb (10 days ago)
I feel bad for google
Remy Fagerstrom (10 days ago)
Wow. 5 years old.
Starkid 1236 (10 days ago)
Me : ok, Zootopia Google : ok, thats a good movie now let's se- Me : porn Google : OH ! COME ON !
1.5B views (11 days ago)
*where's the pornhub searches*
Coolwithit 25 (12 days ago)
Ross Hurst (12 days ago)
I hafta go Google gross fat butthole dick poop now
LonelyFighter (12 days ago)
*Round 2*
say wut (12 days ago)
What if Google was a femenist?
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (13 days ago)
Lmao dat fat guy was hypersex
SpazNation Inc. (13 days ago)
Ohhh so that’s why 1 google search takes 100000000000 fucking years to load with my 4G... cause I have to wait in line, ugh, silly me completely forgetting about the line
replied Replied (13 days ago)
If google was a gu- Google would be way more advanced.
Amanvir Singh (13 days ago)
0:23 almost got me crying
somed00d (14 days ago)
Jack Reaper (14 days ago)
'Unbuy bitcoin ' i'm dead
p (15 days ago)
Miss Pippy. You mean, "mississippi"?
thesnowbaccagamer (15 days ago)
Whens round 3 at.
Mantap 100 (15 days ago)
Mic Drop (16 days ago)
Back when CollegeHumor was funny.
SOTP PLEASE (16 days ago)
*rembers searching up what's the meaning of midget*
Hassan Mm (16 days ago)
Lol 😂😂
Trevor Birney (16 days ago)
i clicked on it because i thiught it was called "if google was gay"
Its gonna be like Hi Goggle what's my name . . .
Lightningspiner (16 days ago)
Harald Lesch
Koneko Sakura (16 days ago)
Wth 😂
Jood Watad (16 days ago)
2019 ?????
chou tzuyu (17 days ago)
Being Google is tiring
2019 anyone?
Columbus Osa-Yande (17 days ago)
um... wat
Mathis1048 danfan (17 days ago)
That cat totally regret hes search XD
Misdirection Drake (17 days ago)
I just feel so fucking bad for Google lol 😂
Doc Archetype (17 days ago)
This was in my random recommendations WTH
Berke Can GÖKTAŞ (17 days ago)
00:09 General Kenobi!
husain ahmad (17 days ago)
Round 3
Anmol Thakur (17 days ago)
*when this channel was related to humour*
Google (18 days ago)
rezhawa jumamichi (18 days ago)
Round 2 lol
쵸몬도 (18 days ago)
02:03 worst decision ever.
IronMindTX (18 days ago)
Do if Google was a guy.
Raiez njr (18 days ago)
Is that Ryan Reynolds?
Omg that's him in the future lol
Ceren _127 (18 days ago)
Jennifer - from 30 but 17
Exile FalcoNNN (18 days ago)
James C (18 days ago)
If the google most searched words and terms weren't censored then we would know what the "google man" would be like. It says a lot about mankinds interests when u see hilarious suggested search terms.
RobloxGaming556 (18 days ago)
Me: Google Google man : Yes? Me: No i said Google Google man: Yes! Me: NO I SAID SEARCH GOOGLE! Google man : No results found Me : *sigh* search: Google Google man: You mean Goggles Me : GOD IM LEAVING
ダンテDante (18 days ago)
Zain Nadeem (18 days ago)
Mack Ray Paredes (18 days ago)
That poor guy😂😂😂
Dafa Ishraqi (19 days ago)
k de luna (19 days ago)
2019? Anyone?
ana deliema (19 days ago)
they forgot porn
Chinchilly (19 days ago)
*is that what kids are into these days*
Ethan Pham (19 days ago)
I thought that the title was if google was gay XD
lodzio miodzio (19 days ago)
0.35 it's so me
Davron Jabborov (19 days ago)
Round two
PARALLEL PEOPLE (19 days ago)
O M G...All kind of common weird searchers...!!!
Shin Godzilla (19 days ago)
0:29 that kid had seen some shit
Shibu Sien (19 days ago)
Then Google is a perverted old man shush
John Marston (20 days ago)
kakashi hatake (20 days ago)
Steve jobs really looks pissed off here
MacyD's Wifi (20 days ago)
It's drugs... Porn... And Bitcoin... what the cyka blyat is wrong with americans
P65A (20 days ago)
Google is smart guy
Rafael Anunciacion (20 days ago)
I will ask him is he an illuminati
Poop Kid (20 days ago)
Omg is that guy really masturba*ing
sliat1981 (21 days ago)
Dumb fake british accents
Heyy Qall (21 days ago)
Round 2😂

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