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Introducing a new type of video to my channel were i try out products you suggest, and i review them and do a demo to show you guys if they are worth the money & the hype! Comment down below some products you would like to see me try out! :) and don't forget to subscribe! (( Instagram @miamaples Twitter @ivorygirl48 Snapchat @miamaples )) Subscribe and Comment down below! :) rection to wonder wax: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Vq_0sjYYFI Summer videos!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIIekoQqTwo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQASpQ_c6IM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLFtSn0wFTg
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Text Comments (546)
Tolu O (3 days ago)
Shut up amanda Lee
Kairos IN Styles (3 days ago)
I've tried it😲 https://youtu.be/HLrgXBmQw2g
PL brandchina (4 days ago)
I just did a review of this tool on my kinky 3c 4a hair. Video on my channel 😍
Tamara DeLorme (5 days ago)
Maybe try it yourself and read the instructions at least BEFORE you do these! 🙄
Tamara DeLorme (5 days ago)
Do all the hair product reviews! 🙂
Linda De Bruijn (13 days ago)
THIS was so funny
Omecca Steele (17 days ago)
Keep the twist in then undo them in the morning and it will be cute natural curls
Samantha B (17 days ago)
I also see 2003 😂👌🏻
Rosie Brown (17 days ago)
I had one in 2000 and it could both braid and do two strand to FOUR strand twists but I was scared of the noise the machine made 😂😳 Now I want a new one...😍
Katherine Dominguez (18 days ago)
I feel like you can use this for overnight curls
Anais Day (18 days ago)
this is such a painfully white analysis of this tool.... that's clearly a BRAID, it's not a hair curler.
Kassie25 Boyd (19 days ago)
I’m 27 and I would use it I like it
Glamorous Atheya (21 days ago)
1:17 aNyWayS....did you secretly work at troom troom Mia😂
Shubhangi Mahato (26 days ago)
Giant 12 year old 😂
DanaDede (28 days ago)
Claire Cgdashl (29 days ago)
The edited video was 9 minutes but the non edited video would of been 24 hours
Tacos Forever (1 month ago)
Oh I just need a twist
cheysser dawn bayon (1 month ago)
This video is soooooo funny i keep on laughing whenever she twists that curler thingy 😂😂😂😂 but that thing is so useful if your lazy to curl your hair or braid IDK...but its fun watching it
Melissa Shafer (1 month ago)
I was a as seen on tv junky so please please try things from as seen on tv. I always buy and 90 percent do Not work. The new lipstick looking facial hair and body hair remover is awesome. Not made for legs however. Can’t afford the nono so can’t judge that but the yes yes does not work at all. The one hair remover I was speaking about before came out with a eyebrow one too and where the bigger one works the smaller does
Melissa Shafer (1 month ago)
You are awesome as always
Philistia Edwards (1 month ago)
Real Avril Lavigne vibes
Jay Bee (1 month ago)
I use it to make cords and laces!
Moises Franco (1 month ago)
Ive looked through all the comments..no dudes using this? For real? Im buyin
sabrina sunhã (1 month ago)
skhsjdlssj everything you said in this video was white asf. these twists arent just a "fun style for 12 year olds", they are apart of black culture. educate yourself oof.
Amy-leigh Marks (2 months ago)
Can you test the foam rollers?
Никол (2 months ago)
7:45? It screams 2007? Girl it screams 1990’s. But I guess when you can only remember back to 2007. 😂😂😂😂
Michelle K (2 months ago)
The fuck were you crying for? 😒
Mrs Morris (2 months ago)
I had one of these as a kid 😂😂 and legit almost ripped my hair out! 🙌🏻
Christy Cridlebaugh (2 months ago)
Thank you SO MUCH for this review! I have waist length hair, but I don't have anyone to braid my hair. I happened to see this tool on Amazon and I was wondering if it would really work. I'm 53 and a grandma, so I won't be ordering this after all. I agree with you, a 10-12 great old would love this. So- I'm sending one to my granddaughter!!! Gb~♡♡
Malak Dabliz (2 months ago)
You look funny
Alisha Riel (2 months ago)
you have changed so much..omg haahaha
Heidi’s World (2 months ago)
I have got that product too
Bethany Hall (2 months ago)
I had one of these in the 90's and loved them so I'm excited to watch this one.
Moose_moonlight 12 (2 months ago)
3:20 is what u came for
Regan Mellor (2 months ago)
Coppy cat
Raica Adriana (2 months ago)
You are very funny
Emma M_11:04 (2 months ago)
This whole video just made me giggle the whole time ‘um. Let me in, please’ & ‘-so I look like a giant twelve-year-old’😂❤️
Hellnogizmo (2 months ago)
I guarantee if you put your whole head of hair in these in the same size, you would have awesome beachy waves. I braid mine and then spray it with a moose, water solution. ;)
Yeah (2 months ago)
Lol I would NEVER use that EVER
Tipi McRocker (2 months ago)
Aurora gursli (2 months ago)
I see this 3 years after you posted it so it is weird, but you don't look in the camera😂😂😂
Ginisha Jacob (3 months ago)
Is it from dollar store??
Rachael Adam (3 months ago)
I would love to see you do a dhgate wedding dress haul. No-one has done one and I'm thinking of buying my wedding dress off there and would be great to see them tried out.
LaRae Valdez (3 months ago)
lil innocent Mia. 😂😭
Michelle Seguin (3 months ago)
Princesa Amor (3 months ago)
Omg I love you Mia
chondro giti (3 months ago)
U r looking good in twisted hair
Rosario Santander (3 months ago)
I'm 13 and I loved it but they would bully me if I wear those curls haha
Lisa Caraher (3 months ago)
I love these review videos! I have long hair and a Babylis curling wand! I find it so hard to use it and I would love to see you test one out, I'm in love with tight curls 😍😍
Emmaunicorn rainbow (3 months ago)
i just got one for x mas and it works really good. I love it so much.
Just a small town girl (3 months ago)
So did I but was afraid to use it till I seen this. Be perfect for updos now I must try it lol
ღ Bri Here ღ (3 months ago)
Your reactions to this were great😂😂😂
Erin Sullivan (3 months ago)
so who is it for? 8, 12, or 13 year olds make up your mind 🙄
Miss Charlie Aurora (3 months ago)
I think this would be great to use before bed with damp hair to create heatless waves in the morning.
Stephanie Ramsey (3 months ago)
I love her so much 😂😂😂
Jo LAKE (4 months ago)
"Quick Braid" by Conair was sold at a time when the instructions are on VHS tape. The hooks were metal, circa 2001.
Tanya Porteous-edwards (4 months ago)
Hey Mia I have seen this other gadget where it trims just the split and dead ends and wondering if you have ever come across it and if you have have you heard anything about it good or bad let me know please and thank you
desiree martinez (4 months ago)
#miamaplereview slushimagic
Kacy Rogers (4 months ago)
I had a Twirly Curls Barbie in the 80's that had a smaller version of this tool!!
kiana noriega (4 months ago)
Try chi spin and air curling iron
Denise Begay (4 months ago)
Haha I love this video. Made me laugh. Hahahahaha..
KristinLea123 (4 months ago)
This made me so happy🤣❤
lucky mina (4 months ago)
we had this in the 90's it was so dangerous so much hair died lol
thundercaya (4 months ago)
2007? Try 1995. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlXT-VHPIWw
Nazia Nazi (4 months ago)
Price plz
lylia brass (4 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Hunter Stepp (4 months ago)
Can you do straws
Mariellen Anderson (4 months ago)
you can hang your keys on those rings lol
phangirlable (4 months ago)
Lets face it. The racist black people in the comments are just doing this because they are green with envy over her silky shiny blond hair and people with non-nappy hair in general. Hey, jealousy is such an ugly character trade! We can't help it that we were genetically blessed with the most diverse and colourful kinds of eyes, hair and hair types. :) You POCs are your brown and black everywhere. So boring and non-diverse.
Gemma Jowett (4 months ago)
World Entertainment (4 months ago)
Please try eyelash curler.
selena a (4 months ago)
Okay but where did you buy that !!! I so need one of those lol
Jaclyn M (4 months ago)
For the young crowd probably OR for people looking for the hippie style.
Àshley Dauer (4 months ago)
I love it
Jessica McGirr (5 months ago)
I love that you mentioned Bunny!!! You an here are the only YouTube channels I watch! 😍
305yulissa Sosa (5 months ago)
Ohh my lordd i need that only people with curly hair would understand. Thus would make my life doing protective styles sooo much easier. I NEED THIS!!🙏😖
Jaime Navarrete (5 months ago)
That was mean 13 year olds don't do that ok you are stupid
Breanna Anderson (5 months ago)
The thumbnail she looked mixed
xladyvulpix (5 months ago)
I remember having this as a kid.. and I remember being so disappointed that it only twisted my hair instead of braiding it 😂
Vania Ochoa (5 months ago)
TBH! ur my fav youtuber ❤️❤️
sooma ali (5 months ago)
Girl please wash your hair
sami justine (5 months ago)
This would be amazing for kinky hair/ protective hairstyling I feel
Icy Mango (5 months ago)
I actually want that. Which makes sense cause I’m 12 and yea 2007 was my year. (Even tho I was 2. Idk.)
mahaylah Heimamsohn (5 months ago)
Try the diva cup it's for bitches on there periods
Hi...i'm 34 and I used this tool to do waterfall braid
Sharon k (5 months ago)
Guuurrllll😂😂😂😂if you have black friends you'll know this is golden to us😂😂😂😂😂😂 Who is here from 2018😂💫❤❤
Monika Khan (5 months ago)
Hi what model is it please ? Thank you
Monika Khan (5 months ago)
Hi do you think this twister machine is good and worth to buy it ? Thank you
Charlotte Czarny (5 months ago)
I do that myself overnight so that my hairs curly the next day, that tool doesn’t seem very effective if you have a lot of layers though unless you don’t mind a good bit at the ends being natural
Sabrina Chase (5 months ago)
H LaChaPellie (5 months ago)
these twists were the coolest thing ever in Bring it on!!! <3
Nicole shaw (5 months ago)
I wanna see a follow all of my insatagram followers
Emma (5 months ago)
those wings will cut a bitch. xx
Victoria Laessig (5 months ago)
I remember learning to do this with hands in cosmo school. My hands ached!
Daman Batth (5 months ago)
How much does this thing cost ?
can I have the twister at 8:05
Batata Mama (5 months ago)
Im really curious to see what your hair would look like if you wet it, made the spirals and then like, sleep on it and unravel them the next day 🤔🤔🤔
I am 13 -_- I would not use this. No one I know would use this
Luis Megloa (5 months ago)
starts at 3:15...
Jennifer Brandner (5 months ago)
You're so pretty
Beckie (5 months ago)
Eyelashe perm!!!
JC-ADAMS (5 months ago)
Watching 2018 ⛓

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