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Make Some Wooden Magazine Files

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To get a little practice with my new bandsaw I made some magazine files.
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Jason K. (3 years ago)
Nice usable project! I also like your no-nonsense approach to videos in that you show mistakes we all make and have to work around. This makes it more realistic. Keep it up.
Let's Make (3 years ago)
+Jason K. You'll love the video where I was making my drill press cart and used the wrong size screws causing me to screw the cart into the top of my workbench. :)
Jemmy Sheng (3 years ago)
Great project!
Eric Lindberg (4 years ago)
I saw a few of these styles, but I just didn't have time the day I made mine. It looks nice though!
Cy's Corner (4 years ago)
Hey!  I have not had good luck with carpet tape, but yours looks different that the kind I used before.  When I pulled the wood apart (very difficult yes)  the tape also came apart and I had a gajillion pieces of sticky tape all over!  Your project was a great idea to try out the new saw and the video was great too!  Oh ya, wanted to say I messaged you about the wood burner. :)
Cy's Corner (4 years ago)
+Got Wood I will have to check out the different types.  The one I used I had found in my husbands miscellaneous supply box.  It must have been really old and really weird.  The one in your video looked like it was a lot friendlier to use! 
Let's Make (4 years ago)
Thanks for your reply about the burner. I have a few project ideas where I could use one.  As for the tape, I got it at Home Depot. There were several different types. The type I used came off all in one piece. It did leave a little glue residue on some of the boards but not much and it was really easy to get off with a light sanding. 
Nicholas Gomez (4 years ago)
Really nice project Steve. I have some cardboard units like this and really could be changed over to wooden ones. Thanks for share.
Let's Make (4 years ago)
Thanks! If you have magazines cluttering up your house like I do you should make them. They're so simple and they don't take long to make. I tried making them out of just 1/4" plywood but they weren't very sturdy. The larger boards on the base and back made them much more sturdy and less likely to fall over under the weight of the magazines. 
Steve Carmichael (4 years ago)
Great project Steve!  Nice video too!  
Let's Make (4 years ago)
+Steve Carmichael After I made these I thought about that. It would have been cooler. I'll have to try something like that some time. 
Let's Make (4 years ago)
+Stanley Pearse Really? I hope theirs were nicer than mine. I just slapped these together with scraps I had laying around. I work for a magazine company and saw some plastic ones that were more angular so I thought it would be neat to make some with curves with the new bandsaw.
Let's Make (4 years ago)
Stanley Pearse (4 years ago)
+Steve Carmichael You can also find it on the Pinterest web site under Wood Magazine. I have been wanting to make these too.
Steve Carmichael (4 years ago)
+Stanley Pearse I will have to look that up.  At first, I thought Steve was going to make one big box, then cut one curve through it to end up with two holders.

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