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Mass Effect Trilogy: Best of Grunt and Funny Moments

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Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbEKoKJnvYAj0qo4FxqC3_ByfP300HscK Mass Effect Trilogy Best of Grunt and Funny Moments from Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. Including most of Grunt best lines.
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"killing the thresher maw has produced several breeding requests for Grunt. And one for Shepard." Only makes sense if Shepard is a man (male Krogan aren't making requests, they're desperate to get at the few fertile females.) Those are fertile female breeding requests. BroShep is canon.
Iwo DEU (4 days ago)
10:12 Headbutt an Idiot to show you´re adopted krogan Son that you´re a cool Mom.
Allison James (11 days ago)
Grunt is my son and I love him.
21:21: Grunt: "HEH HEH HEH!" Brilliant, never gets old, every time.
Big mention of the legendary and seasoned actor, Jim Cummings there, I think, as the voice of the Patriarch, Aria's oldest friend and Krogan on Omega. They had to cast him of course, the Skyrim voice of many elderly characters, such as the old wizard, respected Dark Brotherhood Assassin, Festus, also, many famous Disney characters, from Ray the Firefly in Princess and the Frog, to well, any of them, that I will admit I'm ashamed to admit, I honestly can't recall, still, no matter, yeah, big and honorable or something mention there.
Despite Grunt's answer back to her, it still is great to have a moment there from Morinth if she becomes a part of the team after Omega and all. I wish she was written in as a survivor after M.E 3 and the War with the Reapers, despite being Aradt-Yakshi like Falere and Rila, regardless, she has to be the coolest Asari ever, after or even more than Liara and Peebee. But, Morinth, still has the sexiest voice ever, more than Liara's voice as well. Quiet, Bewitching, Soft and Slow, that is quite the turn on. Top Tip to keep her post-Collector Base, despite losing someone else on the 2nd stage, if you do, The Long Walk bit, have Miranda defend them and not her, then you will have her for Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC and anything else before the 3rd game. Personal Note: I would love, regardless, to have Morinth as a BFF alone outside of Mass Effect, at school first and afterwards to the the present day now. She totally rocks, beautiful, dangerous, hardcore and badass, proud of her gift as the woman she has become since she was just 40 yrs old in Asari years, plus, an ace fighter at your side. All in all, just as a friend, nothing more of course, considering various reasons or factors we all know, but, I won't bore anyone with the details, still, who wouldn't wish that about her, right?
John Doe (14 days ago)
Grunt's loyalty mission always struck me as highly amusing -- Uvenk was a hilariously ineffectual bad guy. Wrex: *Headbutt* Shepherd: *A for effort* Grunt: *HEADBUTT* "Your job is awful."
A Darndest Lamprey (15 days ago)
Grunt is just a giant baby of destruction and I love him
TheLionHammer (1 month ago)
36:06 lol a reference to Grunt's voice actor also being Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop
sebster555 (1 month ago)
36:49 “I’m sad hanar can’t wear sweaters.” -Urdnot Grunt, 2186
Carlo Martini (1 month ago)
Anathema Nu (2 months ago)
Grunt has a crush on Liara! Ha!
Anathema Nu (2 months ago)
24:28 Holy hell, I was laughing for almost the whole clip! That was GREAT! I have never seen that before!
Julia Maaño (2 months ago)
"Shepard is my battlemaster. She has no match." Translation: My mom's the best.
Rokkfel (15 days ago)
+Sean Higgins its a shotgun meant for krogans to combat the thresher maws so i had it custom made for you all the power without all the kickback good right?
Sean Higgins (2 months ago)
I can honestly see Grunt giving FemShepard a Mother's Day present. "This human soldier I met while recovering at the hospital told me that there's this day where you're supposed to give the human female that took care of you a gift, so I got you a new shotgun."
IceCream Fox (2 months ago)
16:20 patriarch sounds like Pete from Mickey Mouse
IceCream Fox (1 month ago)
Ninjasparagus now all I think of when someone talks about patriarch is Pete lol
Ninjasparagus (1 month ago)
That's because it is. It's Jim Cummings, the same guy who voices Tigger and Winnie the Pooh
The Infinexos (3 months ago)
Does Grunt have the genophage too? I forgot. The fact he got breeding requests is hella lit though
ACOG GAMING (27 days ago)
Also no all Krogans have the genophage. Except for that one female who is healthy.
ACOG GAMING (27 days ago)
The thing is Grunt is not immune to the genophage. But the Krogan scientist that made Grunt used the best genes out there that belonged to Krogan. So Grunt is a natural prodigy when it comes to Krogan instincts of violence.
The Infinexos (28 days ago)
+Sean Higgins Ah, thanks mate
Sean Higgins (28 days ago)
He does (all krogan have it) but the genophage doesn't make krogan sterile, it just makes the odds of conception and birth really, really low. Grunt's odds wouldn't be any worse than that of any other krogan.
Max Caulfield (3 months ago)
I'm just playing my 7th or whatever playthrough and got the "Drop the gun lizard" for the first time. Couldn't stop laughing for good few minutes.
Smelly Guy (3 months ago)
Wrex= the head-butting uncle you never had. Grunt= the mega super duper badass son you never had.
Cratous Girtin (3 months ago)
For some reason when Krogans smash their fists together they kinda look like football players in some way.
Nem Wed (3 months ago)
Wrex and Grunts drunken Shepard fit was the best XD
Minecraft 99 (3 months ago)
Note to self bring zieed and grunt to Garrus’s rucute mission
Grom76300 (3 months ago)
14:26 "begone thot !"
WolfkinNorthclaw (3 months ago)
The Patriarch Krogan, his voice sounds very familiar, like some of the older Nords and elves in Skyrim, such as Elgrim in Riften.
WolfkinNorthclaw (3 months ago)
Wrex is awesome, but Grunt is making me giggle.
Brandon Painter (3 months ago)
And then andromeda came along and fucked everything up
Sean Higgins (3 months ago)
I, too, feel sorry that Hanar can't wear sweaters 00:36:46 ...
Sean Higgins (3 months ago)
Probably the biggest laugh I had in the game comes at 00:14:10.
Josh Siebenthall (3 months ago)
Kyra (3 months ago)
Grunt is my son. I don't care I'm adopting him.
perfectlight (3 months ago)
My only complaint is that you didn't get the other tank bred krogan
Illusion King (3 months ago)
Grunt is the best. Too funny.
Jan-Vincent Sieh (3 months ago)
So Grunt had a crush on Liara?
Rokkfel (15 days ago)
Aww its adorable
French Doge (4 months ago)
14:11 It's a classic for me.
sami Nat (4 months ago)
Grunt is like the Man-Baby Krogan Everyone loves XD
Nuno XVIII (4 months ago)
if it exists he problably wants to shoot it
Man Wolf 79 (4 months ago)
This Idiot is no challenge to anyone... Lmao
Cain (4 months ago)
*What are clowns hiding?*
Nogitsune (4 months ago)
"I don't need luck, I have ammo." *BOOM*
Mous3 (4 months ago)
Grunt: *Sees noodles* "Is this what passes for food for humans? Looks like worms; dead ones." Also Grunt: *Sees a pile of burning bodies* "Anyone else hungry?"
4DARKEST (4 months ago)
The Unknown (4 months ago)
2:18 I didn’t even know that was a thing wow
Klaw Schafer (3 months ago)
It's not by default. A lot of stuff was switched around so a lot of characters have dialogue for missions that you don't have them at yet. Legion, for example, has dialogue for almost every mission.
R4geMe (4 months ago)
10:51 is that the Normandy SR-1 flying over them or am I just retarded?
MUH Geschichte (4 months ago)
it's so wholesome to see grunt to grow into his ancestral cutlure nd making a name
Michael Relaford (4 months ago)
Grunt: I am the law! Me: was Grunt watching old earth movies?
lone reaper (4 months ago)
I love grunt, fucking brilliant character
Mr.Monster 1 (4 months ago)
My favorite krogan
Tyranosaurus Rex (4 months ago)
35:18 Don't get Eaten.
Tyranosaurus Rex (4 months ago)
30:42 "I am confused, why are they saying my name over an over again?" Pondered in Shepard's mind.
Zerro Defex (3 months ago)
Feels like a reference to that one scene from Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Nathan Cochran (4 months ago)
I love grunt. I love wrex. But grunt needs to back off mah Boi wrex before he gets wrecked. Wrex would waffle stomp the shit out of grunt.
Aeolwn (4 months ago)
Aeolwn (4 months ago)
Aeolwn (4 months ago)
Aeolwn (4 months ago)
Zaodin (5 months ago)
wrex and grunt are to much, i cant stop laughing with that DLC
Ryan War (5 months ago)
What is the next series u gonna do in the Channel??
Ryan War (5 months ago)
+Jaguar550 yeah i just see u brefly on PS3 playing ME2 half a hour
Jaguar550 (5 months ago)
Don´t know yet. I´m not done with Mass Effect.
Kiwi82245 (5 months ago)
Grunt: You sure? It's pretty ugly out there. Shepard: I'm sure it's not that bad.. Crowd: Oh my God it's Commander Shepard! Shepard: ... Keep up the good work Grunt. Funniest dlc moment lol
xXDrunkTOTALXx (5 months ago)
Grunt, Sheparrrd.
Michael Relaford (4 months ago)
Joshua2High (5 months ago)
Hey Ray, Congrats on 10K subscribers my dude, I was with you every step of the way watching you grow and loved your content every since, We're old school my dude we never change, Carry on being you because your taking this channel to new heights✌
JC Denton (6 months ago)
my precious dinosaur son
Private Weaver (6 months ago)
Why? Why all krogan characters in ME are so awesome? Still can not make myself to destroy them in ME3.
Dutchman (6 months ago)
Thank you for your hard work making these videos.
Str8 Deaths (6 months ago)
30:45 LOL you can’t be serious! They did this?!....it’s official, Mass Effect is the epitome of fan service. And I love it.! Pretty much spoiled myself before I get the Citadel DLC myself but...screw it. SHEPARRRD!!
Ryan duron (6 months ago)
Is that Worf going from Klingon to Krogen.
Michael Relaford (4 months ago)
Yup. That was Michael Dorns voice. He also did one of the voices in Gargoyles the animated series (not one of the Gargoyles,a different character).
Aeolwn (4 months ago)
Bulldogs 2020 (6 months ago)
Heeeeh heeeh heeeeh -Grunt, 2012
6 Dog (2 months ago)
Heeeeeeeeeeh Heeeeeeeeeeh heh
spiderbite49 RLSH (6 months ago)
Zaeed: Is there any smell that doesn't make you hungry grunt: I don't know yet
spiderbite49 RLSH (6 months ago)
Drop the gun lizard 😂
Arphalia (6 months ago)
24:28 Ah yes, mama Shepard and her adopted Krogan son lol xD
Zerro Defex (3 months ago)
In this sequence I can't decide if Shepard has become his surrogate parent or is filling the role of the older, more responsible sibling.
Sean Higgins (3 months ago)
Love the section at 00:27:00 where Shepard treats Grunt like a she's picking up her kid from the school principle's office...
Illusion King (3 months ago)
Lol that's funny
Arphalia (4 months ago)
That a Warhammer 40k reference? I think it is lol.
Andrea Ariza (4 months ago)
Well, rite of passage notwithstanding, he still is a kid XD. A big, brutal kid.
Stranger Akari (6 months ago)
Finally, my favorite krogan!
I’m irrelevant (6 months ago)
Stranger Akari yes
Nakmor Vorn (6 months ago)
Okeer Is a Very Old Name. A Very Hated Name.
QDSGames (6 months ago)
+Nakmor Vorn One of my favourite lines from you, Wrex ^^
Nakmor Vorn (6 months ago)
Of Course. Your With Shepard. How Could He Be Alive.
QDSGames (6 months ago)
He's dead.
I’m irrelevant (6 months ago)
Grunt is awesome

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