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White Girls Vs. Brown Girls

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Obviously not all brown girls and white girls act like this, but this is some stuff we experienced ourselves or through our friends! Hope this gives you some laughs on some cultural stereotypes! Let us know if you could relate :) Rachels Channel: https://www.youtube.com/racheldavid BECOME A HOMIE: http://bit.ly/harjitandjaz BEHIND THE SCENES: http://bit.ly/youtwotvvlogs Buy YouTwoTV Merch Here: http://www.youtwotv.com -- SOCIAL MEDIA -- SNAPCHAT: YouTwoTV FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/YouTwoTV TWITTER http://twitter.com/whoisharjit http://twitter.com/sincerelyxjaz INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/whoisharjit http://instagram.com/sincerelyxjaz -- BUSINESS INQUIRIES -- [email protected] -- MUSIC BY SICKICK -- https://www.youtube.com/SickickMusic _ Thanks for watching YouTwo TV! Make sure you check out YouTwo Vlogs for behind the scenes! If you read this far, comment "PEACE, LOVE AND POSITIVITY!" in the comment section below! Lets confuse everyone. :)
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youtwoTV (1 year ago)
Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Don't take it too seriously. We're just having fun. 🙏🏼 SMASH the like button if this video made you smile! 👍🏼
Iyanna Johnson (8 days ago)
youtwoTV g the same thing happened in the past two years ago when the first one went into a fight r the zoo
hi guys, just one request, could you make videos on brown guys coming as student from india and realtion with Canadian brown. like what Canadian brown think for them, how they could date.
Nur Wazwaz (2 months ago)
You guys are you best people I have ever seen!!!!!!
midnight gamer (2 months ago)
youtwoTV ygggggggvg FUCK SHIT BITCH
Yori Grad (12 hours ago)
That's actually Western girls vs eastern girls
Annie Jupiter (1 day ago)
Black girl, I'm all the white girl sides lol
Zarinah Buckner (2 days ago)
I hate yol beaches
Gabriele Chavez (3 days ago)
This is Asian people vs white people
hEyImbOrEd ! (6 days ago)
Imagine being....asian
Ioana Alexa (6 days ago)
I’m white and exactly opposite of what the stereotypical white girl in this video is
Sarah Cornell (7 days ago)
This was so accurate I cried 😢😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Gold Gold (9 days ago)
There is too much variety in the people of different skin tones that I have met for this to be divided into simply “white” or “brown”. I have seen much of the sides flipped often. I much prefer for someone to only speak of there experience as an individual and not on behalf of large groups. It gives the wrong impressions. The human experience is closer than you might think and often people have more in common based on income than skin colors. Best wishes.
Lyfe Boii (10 days ago)
im a brown girl the same as this video
Gurleen Kaur (10 days ago)
This is me when I have a wedding hahahaha
Lisabbonnie (11 days ago)
I would run out of Nutella within 5 minutes of being in the closet 😂
Lia Henderson (11 days ago)
This is kinda offense cause not all white girls parents don’t care what time they get home and that grade stuff is just offense I am straight A student so um yeah
Sayantika Mondal (12 days ago)
Brown girl squad 🙋
sharat paturi (16 days ago)
Half of my life in school the other life without freedom and work
Annie Lisa (18 days ago)
I have brown parents and I could kind of relate
mary pabonngsnshvfns (20 days ago)
Did she go to the store with Tina to take a nap myself because myself and 327-5641 uub
mary pabonngsnshvfns (20 days ago)
I would love you and I'll
Itz_ Dora (21 days ago)
Lol at 1:41 I saw that it was about the history or potatoes 😂
Vicky Kakkar (22 days ago)
the wedding one is so true for us brown girls like if u agree
Jovy Bensurto (23 days ago)
Which one is white there both brown
Savage Dragon88 (25 days ago)
Just saying I'm white and if I got below an A my parents would be Hella disappointed and kill memememe
Poni Lukanga (26 days ago)
That’s a lie black people don’t act like that
Kreshma Abedi (27 days ago)
anime liberty (27 days ago)
You don't look indian
Aj_luvs_the_game _ (29 days ago)
I’m Latino lmao
Dara miah (30 days ago)
1:33 it said history of potatoes
hemal chawda (1 month ago)
No offense to white people but like 95 percent of this is true
Harshad Patel (1 month ago)
rain drop drop top take this comment to the top top!!
Emad Jabakhanji (1 month ago)
Who’s the white and the brown?
Crazy Psycho (1 month ago)
Me: Mom I got a 95 on my test !! Mom: You’re getting it when we go home
Amanda Vlogs (1 month ago)
A bit stereotypical but k
Saff. (1 month ago)
Why is this sooo relateable!!!
Real_Jamal 1 (1 month ago)
As a Pakistani I can relate
aqsa iqtidar (1 month ago)
I am a Muslim too
Jessvlogsandstuff !! (1 month ago)
We are not white we are peach
Caitlin Carter (1 month ago)
I’m black and I’m the white girl
meme god (1 month ago)
XaugustX (1 month ago)
Sad how the brown Girls are relatable
박성민 (1 month ago)
C plus is ok but B plus is a flawless victory
WindyWolf (1 month ago)
Race doesn’t depend. And u both r Brown.
Jessica Abernathy (1 month ago)
I will be there at least you got a pic of the house for me please let me know what time works for yourself and you can come to my house if you know how to spell that right now I don't have any money to do it again lol I'll let me know when you're not here sorry to hear about it and I will be in weeks ago but to get the kids to bed so I can will you please call me when you have a good day and I'll see what I can get done with work at and your girlfriend just need a ride home with you guys but I have like an old man is it possible could I get home from work until the end of this week and next week or so and then I'll get back to you and your family have a son who lives in the shower to go to work and come to the office was closed and
Jessica Abernathy (1 month ago)
Thanks for your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you and the kids doing today and tomorrow an old man is not going to be able to do is do you want to be your friend and I know you are interested in the car you have for me please and thank my brother come to my
German Vlogs (1 month ago)
She should have said C for Caribbean
Pixel Pug (1 month ago)
Lol even tho I'm a boy I can totally relate and this is so trueee... great video !!
ねこDJ (1 month ago)
Im a brown girl but some how is just like the white girl in this video
Springlift 67 (1 month ago)
Nothing relates
Kk’s gaming Channel (1 month ago)
I took this vid kinda offensive but it was still good
Tj The new (1 month ago)
Your wish list
Elisha McDonald (1 month ago)
Ur not brown
Sethani Johnson (1 month ago)
L. Paucar (1 month ago)
Do you mean india people not to be rude i really live you guys
Pily Bran (1 month ago)
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Tío por ahí si yo Sonicaid y ahí viven tienes Berio Berio y tú te estás imperio
Pily Bran (1 month ago)
Moto Moto (1 month ago)
Im latina.... So..... Idk
potato love (1 month ago)
I am white but my life is like a brown purson
Wolves (1 month ago)
you know your 1000000000 percent indian when they tie their luggage with ropes im suuuuper indian and this is me
Faris Hassouna (1 month ago)
noah boy (1 month ago)
Bunch of racists
Kyleigh Mynhardt (1 month ago)
You guys are soo amazing 😉 you guys rock
QFamily TV (1 month ago)
Sukhman Aujla (1 month ago)
Gauri Tasgaonkar (1 month ago)
Are they indian
Serenity withtheflow (1 month ago)
Hehehe I liked this vidiooo
Ben Pham (1 month ago)
jaz you know why you got a b+ at 1:34 because you wrote about the history of potatoes
Ratchet Going Commando (1 month ago)
That “brown” girl is not brown. She is light tan.
noa žēlastība (1 month ago)
im latina and i look very white, pero the "brown girl" is me all the waay
Ava Hunter (1 month ago)
guess what. Read more
Vyond Animations (25 days ago)
Chicken butt
IN CHRIST I LIVE (1 month ago)
1:25, thats me everyday
Mirza Ahmed (1 month ago)
Brown girls are always best 👍💯
Don't mind my profile pic its my sister's
I'm brown and single
Smily M (1 month ago)
What’s the name of the song they have in their Outro?
bwb_ rohans (1 month ago)
So true omg
khyathi sivakumar (1 month ago)
I love your video ending it's so cute. What's the song's name though
Zoya’s World (1 month ago)
Ahhh the brown girl wedding is sooo relatableeee😂
gamer gang (1 month ago)
Marshal (1 month ago)
4:00 Beg
Deepkamaljot Kaur (1 month ago)
Brown parents never kick their kids out of home...even if the kid wishes to get kicked😂
Ethereal (1 month ago)
1:04 jigglypuff
Electrocuted Eggplant (1 month ago)
So true
Kadence Beebe (1 month ago)
3===D smiles for all
F A I T H (1 month ago)
This is so fake
Master MLG (1 month ago)
Kaycee Burris (2 months ago)
Not a white girls life coming from a white girl
/Δ\ (2 months ago)
who's the white girl and who's the brown girl? they're both brown
Taylor Crawford (2 months ago)
Lol even hough I’m black I live that brown girl life and I will cry if I get lower than an A + on anything
Intan Idurra (2 months ago)
Kiki Ottenheimer (2 months ago)
Kiki Ottenheimer (2 months ago)
I'm white but my mom is nutlike that AT ALL
Andrea (2 months ago)
im like. whitest of whites but that sooo not what its like for me bruh xD
Lindsey Gehring (2 months ago)
An example of our BASIC white girls!!!😂😂😂
My Cliche Dreamz X (2 months ago)
I'm mixed but everyone says I sound and act white!: (
Aiden Magana (2 months ago)
I love chameleons and the poster is perfection🤩😍
Niya Vlogs (2 months ago)
I cant relate 😑
Emerson Mermaid (2 months ago)
My mom actually white , but gurl she brown
Moumita Sen (2 months ago)
But its true
Amna Aman (2 months ago)
Hahahaa love from pakistan
Fantastic Fox (2 months ago)
Loll im white but majority of brown happens to me
Brian Barretto (2 months ago)
"Peace, love and positivity" nice video guys❤⚡
Ammnah Khan (2 months ago)
I am a brown girl
Robyn Bolden (2 months ago)
I have black hair
George Svetovich (2 months ago)
1:58 who’s bed is that long
Kieran Rice (2 months ago)
Ariana Mokamel (2 months ago)
i love you show i wish you can give a weeky shout.

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